02/02/07 – DK has submitted all final paperwork on this job including the final pay application. TTC believes it is okay.

01/17/07 – Debra-Kuempel called the County because they are not turning in correct payapps. TEI will called and send over the final correct pay application for them to turn into TEI for approval. TEI has faxed a final version to DK for use. Alberta received it.

01/10/07 – Project completed in 2006

10/30/06 – Request to cancel change order was accepted. NR returned pay application #5 because of discrepancies in pay amounts. Final pay request should be for the remaining $4,711.14 with no change order.

09/11/06 – TTC contacted Steve Kallmeyer about change order cost on this project. We are trying to get all change order within the $5000 allowance.

07/06/06 – Close-out meeting held on location. DeBra-Kuempel still needs to put the new panel schedules in the panels; the old schedules are to remain in the panels. There were no other open issues. DeBra-Kuempel provided a CD with the panel schedules on them. I will have the drawings together within the next 4 – 6 weeks. TE will have (3) full sized sets delivered to Hamilton County Facilities (Attn: Bert Watts, Jim Eby, Joe Merkt). TE will make (3) binders of the panel schedules and deliver them to Hamilton County Facilities (Attn: Bert Watts, Jim Eby, Joe Merkt).

06/21/06 – I spoke with Steve Kallmeyer about devices that were not identified. He is sending an electrician out to the jobsite on Friday, June 23, to finish the identification. He is to call me on the following Tuesday to set up a close-out meeting.

05/09/06 – DK sent application #2 with wrong numbers in contract. Job is being closed out this month.

01/09/06 – DK began working on device study in building.

11/15/05 – Contracts have been submitted.