07/16/18 – Facilities emails listing of 318 Project Request Estimates.  Request is made for SOSS for the Binder Assembly

07/24/18 – Facilities confirms final count of Estimates, number of Binders and delivery date of binders to Facilities.

07/25/18 – GBBN submits SOSS to Facilities.

08/02/18 – GBBN receives approved SOSS from Facilities.

10/22/18 – GBBN is completed with all Project Request Estimating printing.
01/29/19 – GBBN recieves Facilities final binder Summary Files for printing.
02/08/19 – GBBN transfers empty binders from Courthouse to GBBN.
02/14/19 – GBBN bundles entire printing files, on CD, along with empty binders, and past years’ binders for pick-up by ARC Reprographics.