04/30/18 – Facilities sends final listing of 2019 Project Request Estimates to GBBN.
05/02/18 – IPM sends SOSS input to GBBN.
05/03/18 – GBBN delivers SOSS to Facilities.
05/11/18 – GBBN receives SOSS and Purchase Order from Facilities.
05/14/18 – IPM begins User Group interviews on appropriate Estimate Requests.
05/30/18 – GBBN meets with JCC Building Manager and Sheriff’s Office to discuss Estimate #1953 on overhead door replacement.

06/12/18 – GBBN meets with the CAB Auto Title Department about Employee Restroom Estimate Request.

06/13/18 – GBBN meets with Rick Hoffman and Greg Brufh about the estimate request for the Courthouse Room #315.

06/18/18 – GBBN holds telephone conversation with Electric Power Doors, the original installer and manufacturer of the four-fold hydraulic doors.

06/19/18 – GBBN holds telephone conversation with Overhead Doors of Cincinnati, the current maintenance contract holder.

06/20/18 – GBBN requests information and pricing from Pinnacle Engineering related to ACM abatement scope of work.

06/25/18 – GBBN receives Security Glazing input from Tony Matre and Geiger Construction Products.  Sheriff confirms overhead and four-fold hydraulic doors are not required to be ballistic rated.
06/26/18 – TEI has finished fieldwork on all cost estimate. Vendor quotes have been received where needed and coordination with partners has been an ongoing process. Most estimates are entered and ready for final review by TTC and MB. we are shooting to be complete by the end of June on this project.

06/26/18 – GBBN receives estimating input from the four-fold hydraulic door vendor.

07/06/18 – GBBN completes all estimating and reports the same to Facilities.