1/18/11- Kick-off Meeting with Bill Scholl. Photographs taken. Work to be performed by the Hamilton County Trades.

1/19/11- Issued sketch to ThermalTech

1/25/11- Bill Scholl confirmed existing conditions dimensions requested by GBBN. Revised sketch along with modified owner’s scope forwarded to ThermalTech.

2/1/11- GBBN submitted SOSS to Bert Watts.

2/18/11- Amit Ghosh of the City of Cincinnati and he confirmed this project will require a building permit, plumbing permit and an IBI electrical permit. GBBN reported this information to Facilities and TEI. Permit drawings were begun.

3/3/11- Submit Building Permit Application to the City of Cincinnati.

3/23/11- GBBN pays for and receives Approved Building Permit. Permit delivered to Bert Watts.

4/28/11- SOSS for additional services delivered to Bert Watts at monthly partnering meeting.

6/17/11- Bert Watts requests permit be cancelled due to conflict with new building code for Pump Rooms. GBBN leaves voice mail with City Permit Desk for instructions.

6/20/11- City returns call and instructs GBBN to author letter requesting permit be cancelled. GBBN authors letter and mails.