11/30/19 – Worked with County to add IGS accounts for gas accounts.06/24/20 – Lots of work on Archibus this month. We’ve trained Sharon and Ryan to help with bill entry. Added the missing constellation bills to 264, 1033, 2611 accounts from the CCAO change. Fixed a myriad of IGS issues from missing accounts and bills. Reconciled the JC account from a missing gas bill in Nov 2019. Fixed 250 WHT from estimated electric bills that showed up in May 2020 for March and April 2020. Provided the regular monthly reports for Bert and Tim.
12/27/19 – Finalized bills and updated monthly reports.
01/31/20 – Finalized bills and updated monthly reports. CH gas has some issues.
02/28/20 – Finalized bills and updated monthly reports.
03/31/20 – TTC working more on Monthly reports and Archibus due to Covid. final reports sent to Bert late.
04/30/20 – TTC continues to work on Archibus with Bracken due to Covid. Final reports were missing data, ttc updated and re-sent reports to bw.
05/27/20 – TTC working on Archibus approval all month. TTC and BDS working on CH gas issues for Dec 2019 and Feb 2020, data and bills need to be updated.
06/24/20 – Archibus was updated this month. We spent time getting up to speed on the new updates, we spent a good deal of time manually creating header blocks for the Bert monthly reports due the Archibus update and we trained some additional people in Archibus usage. A&D and 250 WHT have Covid related billing issues and Comm Center was found to get missing IGS gas bills entered.
07/29/20 – The DOC addin is not online yet so we updated headers manually this month. The A&D was finally reconciled so we will need to input June bill and then unarchive April and May so we can fix these bills. The good news is that the County is getting money back. Courthouse IGS and Duke IT rate bills are goofy but we will figure them out.
08/26/20 – All estimated bills are corrected. Tim contacted TEI about adding the SPCA to the Archibus list of buildings.
09/18/20 – TTE owes county SOSS for SPCA, Courthouse EDI bill messed up again. AD building was estimated.
10/28/20 – Archibus is up to date. 222 Water estimated, 230 water is estimated, Courthouse Water is estimated, JC water is estimated, 800 gas estimated, 2611 Water missing, 2611, 2377, 264 IGS gas August missing. Bert monthly reports are ready for review.
12/10/20 – Archibus reports are being sent out on a monthly basis as usual. The Courthouse gas is being switched to the FT account and should start coming in on the regular IGS bills. several water and gas accounts are estimated presumably because of Covid. This month’s bills are caught up in the queue, several water bills are estimated.
12/28/20 – Monthly Reports sent to Bert.