A&D – Electrical 1st Floor Electromagnetic Investigation

03/24/21 – HCFD requests SOSS from TEI for an Electromagnetic Investigation of the first floor of the A&D building.  ThermalTech soliciting venders to provide us a quote to measure the EM waves in the area, and will submit SOSS once we receive the quotation.

04/28/21 – TEI submits SOSS to HCFD.   Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.

05/26/21 – TEI receives signed SOSS and PO.  Study phase started.


Arc Flash – Heliport, P&D Garage and Records Center

03/24/21 – HCFD requests and TEI submits SOSS to provide Arc Flash Electrical System modeling and labeling at the Sheriff’s Heliport, the P&D Garage, and the Records Center.   Project Pending SOSS approval and PO.

04/28/21 – Project Pending SOSS approval and PO.

5/26/21 – TEI receives signed SOSS and PO.  TEI scheduling kickoff meeting with JN to begin field investigation and calculation phase of the study at all three facilities.


Animal Shelter – Kennel HVAC Modifications

03/24/21 – AKM requests SOSS for the installation of mini-split HVAC systems for (2) kennels.   TEI is authoring and will submit by end of the day 03/26/21.

04/28/21 – SOSS submitted.  Project completion pending SOSS approval.

05/26/21 – TEI receives signed SOSS and PO.  TEI completes drawings and submits to IBI for Plan review.  Plan review approved and TEI applies for permit.  Installation work to be coordinate with Trades and building manager.


800 – Elevator Monitoring System Upgrade

03/24/21 – HCFD requests SOSS for project.  TEI submits SOSS and receives approval of the SOSS and the PO.  kickoff meeting with facilities and building manager to be scheduled week of 03/29/21.

04/28/21 – TEI and HCFD meet with building manager and kick off design of the project.   Project in design process.

05/26/21 – Project in process.  TEI to confirm pathways from machine room to machine room, and then will submit review set to HCFD for comments.


237 WHT – HCPHD – TB Clinic Entrance Security Access Control.

03/24/21 – HCFD requests SOSS from TEI for SD/Estimating.   TEI and HCFD conduct phone call with Greg Varner of Public Health to clarify scope on 03/24/21 and then TEI will finalize and submit SOSS.

04/28/21 – TEI and HCFD meet with Greg Varner and walk the space.  TEI authors and submits SOSS.   Project pending SOSS approval and PO.

05/26/21 – Project pending SOSS approval and PO.


TPC – Elevator Modernization 2020

12/09/20 – TEI submits SOSS for approval from HCFD.  Project to commence upon receipt of approved SOSS and PO.
01/26/21 – TEI receives signed SOSS and PO for project.  Project kickoff to be scheduled with facilities and project work to commence.
02/23/21 – TEI requests times/days to meet and have a design kick-off with HCFD and Champlin.  Meeting to be scheduled as soon as availability is coordinated.
03/24/21 – TEI meets with Champlin, HCFD and building manager.  kick off the meeting.  lobby beautification project to determine the interiors for the elevators #2,3,4, and 5.  project in design phase.
03/25/21 – We talked about phasing of the elevator work and TTC shared the HVAC smoke evacuation procedures for this building as they may be related to the work being done on the AHU, elevators and fire alarm systems.
04/28/21 – Project in design process.
05/26/21 – Project in design process.  Interiors shall be coordinated with the lobby beautification project.


CH – Fire Pump Electrical Investigation

12/09/20 – Fire pump and fire alarm are having multiple trouble signals (excessive amount).  HCFD had SA Comunale investigate, and also JCI/Simplex, both stated that their systems are working correctly.  TEI suggests that a logging meter be installed to determine if it is an incoming voltage issue to the fire pump since the alarm is a single phase alarm.  Meter on pump and more data to follow once results from the metering are reviewed.

01/26/21 – Meter data indicated voltage variations and excessive rapid voltage changes.  TEI reported to facilities the voltage issues.  Facilities requests SOSS for study to determine options for power quality correction.  SOSS submitted and approved by facilities.  Study in progress.

02/23/21 – HCFD sends TEI email stating that the existing phase loss monitor on the existing fire pump does not have adjustable ranges.  Study to develop “clean” power supply to fire pump continues.

03/24/21 – TEi continues working on project, no new developments to report.

04/28/21 – TEI Finalizing owner review draft, will send to HCFD by 5/5/21 for initial review.  TEI identifies issues from previous report also associated with the fire pump that possibly may required to be addressed if implementations occur.

05/26/21 – TEI submits draft for owner review.  TEI and HCFD evaluating additional options.  TEI suggests a temporary solution, and requests a quote from DK (since they did fire alarm project and are working on another project in building).  Solution pending pricing from DK.


Animal Shelter – Trailer Power and Signal

12/09/20 – AKM called ThermalTech to develop Opinion of Probable cost and opinion of engineering fees to communicate to Animal Shelter personnel.  AKM to advise TEI if the Animal Shelter wants to proceed with project, at which point AKM to ask for an SOSS.  TEI sent opinions of cost to AKM on 12/04/20.

01/26/21 –  Trailer delivered to site.  TEI speaks with AKM about moving forward.  AKM requested revised cost data based upon the location where the trailer was placed.  TEI sends AKM data requested and asks about next steps

01/28/21 – Discussed having Duke pulling a separate service for this trailer to keep it separate from the main building’s supply. TEI stated that is how it is planned at this time.

02/23/21 – AKM requests SOSS for design work for the trailer install.  TEI sends to AKM.

03/24/21 – Project pending SOSS approval and PO.


Animal Shelter – Arc Flash Study

09/18/20 – New Arc Flash project SOSS sent to County, followed up with some additional drawings to Tony from study. This project can probably be archived.
09/24/20 – Approved SOSS has been received. Arc Flash to begin.
12/09/20 – Duke Energy information finally received from Duke, and model is developed.  Site visit to coordinate and confirm existing conditions to be scheduled ASAP (post quarantine).
01/26/21 – TEI conducts field survey, develops model and is finalizing the model.  Model results to be sent to Charlie at CMI for review no later than 01/29/21.
02/23/21 – TEI completes model and sends to Charlie at CMI for review and comments.  Upon receipt of Charlie’s comments, TEI will implement, print and apply labels.
03/24/21 – TEI receives and incorporates comments from CMI.  Model completed and labels are printed and TEI is scheduled to apply labels week of 03/29/21.
04/28/21 – Labels applied.  TEI to submit printed results to HCFD and the project is complete.
05/26/21 – Project complete. OK to Archive


JC – Emergency Electrical Service Upgrade Study

08/21/20 – TEI submits SOSS, project pending SOSS approval and PO.

09/23/20 – TEI receives PO and signed SOSS for project.   TEI to schedule project kickoff with HCFD.

10/27/20 – TEI Develops costing and recommendations for system replacements.  TEI final report pending receipt of Russelectric report from outage for inclusion in final report.

12/09/20 – TEI received  Russelectric report – to complete report and send to HCFD final draft.

01/26/21 – Still in Progress.

02/23/21 – No updates on this project this month.  TEI to complete prior to next partner meeting.

03/24/21 – Mo updates this month.  TEI to complete prior to next partner meeting.


TPC – Power Loss/Fire Event Study

02/26/20 – TEI authors and submits SOSS for project per HCFD request.  TEI receives PO and approved SOSS.  TEI and HCFD meet with CE Power for site investigation of existing conditions and remains of the disconnect switch that failed/caught fire.  CE power providing forensic’s report to TEI.
03/26/20 – CE Power has sent TEI forensics report.  TEI adding CE Power findings to TEI report to send to Hamilton county.
04/30/20 – TEI finalizes report draft to send to facilities for review.
05/27/20 – TEI has sent the draft of the report to facilities for review.  Will finalize upon receipt of comments.
06/23/20 – TEI has sent the draft of the report to facilities for review.  Will finalize upon receipt of comments.
07/29/20 – TEI has sent the draft of the report to facilities for review.  Will finalize upon receipt of comments.
08/21/20 – TEI has sent the draft of the report to facilities for review.  Will finalize upon receipt of comments
04/14/21 – TEI incorporates owner’s comments into report and emails JN and BW final report for approval.  Upon approval from HCFD – TEI will issue deliverables to HCFD.
04/28/21 – Report finalized, and (5) hard copies delivered to HCFD.  Project complete.


TPC – 6th Floor Lighting Upgrades

01/28/20 – TEI authors and submits SOSS for lighting upgrades in the 6th floor board room area to eliminate the large “beam me up” light fixtures per the request of facilities and the Commissioner.  TEI has sent facilities an option with costs, lighting calc and a rendering of the space.
02/26/20 – Commissioner rejects initial selection.  TEI and HCFD send commissioner lighting selection data sheets and commissioner selects a fixture that is acceptable.  ThermalTech sends HCFD revised rendering and lighting calculations for approval.  TEI and HCFD discuss benefits/drawbacks of removing wall sconces in the room versus replacing the wall sconces.  Pending commissioner approval.
03/26/20 – Project pending review an approval of rendering.
04/30/20 – Project pending review and approval of rendering.
05/27/20 – Project pending review and approval of rendering.
06/23/20 – Project pending review and approval of rendering.
07/29/20 – Project pending review and approval of rendering.
08/21/20 – Project pending review and approval of rendering.
01/28/21 – Archive for now.


Electrical Switchgear PM Specs – 2020

01/28/20 – TEI authors and submits SOSS for approval as requested by facilities.
02/26/20 – TEI receives signed SOSS and PO for the project.  TEI to set up kickoff meeting with HCFD.

03/26/20 – Project pending COVID-19 restrictions.

04/30/20 – Project pending COVID-19 restrictions.

05/27/20 – Project pending COVID-19 restrictions.

06/23/20 – Project pending COVID-19 restrictions.

07/29/20 – TEI has kick off meeting with Bryan Collins.   TEI and Bryan visit all sites to review gear that is included in the scope of the project.  Upon receipt of questionnaires from the building managers, the specifications will be drafted for HCFD to review.

08/21/20 – TEI issues request for information from building managers to include in the specifications.   Upon receipt of the information from the building managers, specifications can be completed and issued for bidding, once HCFD says to issue.

09/23/20 – TEI waiting on completed forms from building managers.   Upon receipt of the information from the building managers, specifications can be competed and bid package issued.

12/09/20 – Project bids received, CE Power apparent low bidder, and contract sent to Prosecutors office for review and approval.  Building priority and schedule TBD once contract is returned and PO cut.

01/26/21 – JN with facilities sends CE Power PO and contract, with instructions for background checks.  Upon receipt of approved BGCs, pre-construction meeting to be scheduled.  CE Power contacts TEI to request walk through of all facilities prior to evaluate the building and access issues to be prepared to speak intelligently at the pre-construction meeting.  TEI instructs CE Power to start the BGC process, and then send request in email.

02/23/21 – Upon notification from JN that CE power has BGC’s completed and passed, a pre-construction meeting will be scheduled to prioritize and develop an anticipated project schedule.

3/24/21 – Background checks are coming back for CE Power staff.   HCFD and TEI meet at P&D garage with CE Power to discuss first building to get work completed on.  P&D garage work to occur on 03/27/21.

04/28/21 – P&D Garage work completed.   2020 is next – and meetings have occured at the site to develop plan of execution of work at the 2020 facility.

05/26/21 – TEI and HCFD have meetings with 2020 staff to discuss options with performing the PM.  HCJC  looking at options to make the PM work.  Facilities and HCJC working together with TEI to develop plan.



Comm Center – Electrical Service Upgrade.

01/28/20 – TEI authors and submits SOSS for project upon request of Facilities Department.
01/30/20 – This in in the approved projects list.
02/26/20 – TEI receives PO and signed SOSS for project.  TEI to schedule kickoff meeting with facilities and building manager to kick off the project.
03/26/20 – TEI, County Facilities, and building manager to kick off the project.  Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, design meetings and field work at this facility have been placed on hold until all restrictions are lifted.
04/30/20 – Project pending COVID-19 restrictions.
05/27/20 – Project pending COVID-19 restrictions.
06/23/20 – Project pending COVID-19 restrictions.
07/29/20 – TEI met with Bryan Collins and Ian Zellner to re-kick off the project.  TEI contacting Joey Downs at Buckeye Power to re-evaluate the proposed solutions and add any updated recommendations/parts-pieces to develop the drawings and specifications.
08/21/20 – TEI contacts Buckeye Power to follow up on the initial quotation that Buckeye submitted.   Design has commenced and coordination with EMI equipment supplier.  We will notify HCFD once design review is ready.
09/23/20 – TEI, HCFD, and Ian meet with BPS, review the two options for the HMI replacement that BPS submitted.  TEI and HCFD requested Sole Source letter from BPS.  TEI developing Construction Documents for permitting and construction.
10/27/20 – TEI receives Sole Source letter from BPS.  Working on permitting package – will provide draft of package for HCFD review once funding is released for the project.
12/09/20 – TEI wrapping up permitting package, and will send HCFD a review set prior to holiday break for review and to prepare for a January 2021 issuance.
01/26/21 – TEI sends JN at facilities a review set for the project.  Upon facilities department review – TEI to finalize bid package and send to get costs.
02/23/21 – TEI and JN establishing final design review meeting with Ian Zellner and Comm Center Staff (within the next week), and will discuss dates for walkthroughs, etc at the meeting, then the project will be sent out for bidding.
03/24/21 – TEI receives sole source letter (modified as requested by Hamilton County).   TEI and HCFD meet with the staff at Comm Center, and can issues the project once the procurement method is determined (sole source or ITB).   purchasing approves sole source letter on 3/24/21.  TEI and HCFD to conduct final meeting to finalize bidding documents ASAP.
04/28/21 – Per HCFD request – TEI requests a current quote from BPS, that has not expired.  BPS confirms on 4/28/21 the latest version that we have recieved.  Project to be issued upon receipt of this information from BPS and HCFD approval.

05/26/21 – TEI Submits Package to HCFD – who sent to prosecutors office for review and comments.  Will issue to BPS upon prosecutor approval.


2020 – Fire Alarm System Upgrade

01/28/20 – TEI authors and submits SOSS for the project requested by Facilities.

02/26/20 – TEI receives PO and signed SOSS.  TEI and Jessica Powell request design kickoff meeting with 2020 staff.  Project kickoff meeting to be scheduled ASAP and design to commence thereafter.

03/26/20 – TEI, County Facilities, and building manager meet to kick off the project.  Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, design meetings and field work at this facility have been placed on hold until all restrictions are lifted.

04/30/20 – Project Pending COVID-19 restrictions.

05/27/20 – Project pending COVID -19 restrictions.

06/23/20 – Project Pending COVID-19 restrictions.

07/29/20 – TEI meets with Rycca and Joe Houlihan to re-kick off the project.  TEI re-booted the design process.  Design fieldwork to be scheduled in the next 2 weeks or so.

08/21/20 – TEI completes field work and is working on completing design.  TEI reaching out to Darryl Meadows (CFD) to schedule 85% complete review meeting with CFD and Bldg Department to get buy in on design with the AHJs prior to sending to HCFD for design review.

09/23/20 – TEI meets with Darryl Meadows, at the facility to review the design documents.   Darry indicated that there is no BDA in the building presently, and that the City Ordinance requires a 3rd Party company (i.e. MobilCOMM) perform a spectrum analyzation of the building.  TEI contacted MobilCOMM to obtain a quotation for the analysis.  TEI will schedule a meeting to review design documents with HCFD – discuss option of Mass Notification, and latest Code changes that have been issued by NFPA 72, but that have not been adopted by the City of  Cincinnati to date.

10/27/20 – TEI receives quotation from MobilCOMM for spectrum analysis for the building.  TEI to schedule the test at a date that is approved by building manager.  Upon receipt of the results of the testing – documents will be finalized and a review set will be sent to HCFD once funding for the project is secured.

12/09/20 – Spectrum Analysis scheduled for 12/15/20 with MobilComm.  Upon receipt of results of analysis, TEI can send 99% set to HCFD for review in preparation for a January 2021 issuance.

01/26/21 – MobilComm provides spectrum analysis of the building, and a BDA for the project is not required for the building.  TEI requests final design review meeting, and upon notification that funding is secured for project, will finalize ITB and issue for bidding.

02/23/21 – Project has been issued for bidding as ITB# 029-21.  Pre-bid meeting scheduled for 03/09/21 and bids are due to purchasing on 03/24/21.

03/24/21 – Bids opened on 03/24/21 – and apparent low bidder is DeBra Kuempel, Inc.  ThermalTech is vetting bids at 1:30 on 03/25/21 and will make recommendation ASAP to facilities upon completion of vetting process.

04/28/21 – Construction pending approval of contract by BOCC.

05/26/21 – PO and contract sent to DK on 05/25/21 – kickoff meeting to start submittal process requested with DK.


CH – WiFi System Design

02/26/19 – Facilities requests SOSS for WiFi System Design based upon Study that was completed in May 2016.  TEI authors and Submits SOSS.
07/24/19 – TEI completes design. TEI has 100% design review meeting with HCFD, CMSNet, and Bradley Bedacht (Courts) and delivers copies of completed drawings and project manual for review.  TEI inquires on 07/23/19 with BB if there are any comments.  Upon receipt of comments, TEI will contact purchasing to establish ITB # and bidding dates.
08/27/19 – ThermalTech recieves final comments from the owner.  Project was issued for bidding.  The pre-bid meeting is scheduled for 09/04/19 at 10:00 AM.  final bids will be due through the purchasing department at 11:00 AM on 09/20/19.
09/25/19 – The bids opened on 09/20, Glenwood Electrical Services is the apparent low bidder.  ThermalTech is vetting the bid to make recommendations for a contract.
10/30/19 – ThermalTech has vetted the bids, and made recommendations to the HamCo for moving forward.  Once contracts are completed, a pre-construction meeting will be scheduled with the contractor and the design team.
12/11/19 – Project executed and the purchase order delivered to Glenwood electric for the project.  Glenwood sends TEI submittals for review on 12/10/19.  Glenwood developing site specific safety plan and schedule for review.  Glenwood submits list of employees for BGCs.  upon approval of BGCs, will mobilize to the project.  Anticipate mobilization early January 2020.
01/28/20 – ThermalTech rejects the submittals for non compliance – waiting for Glenwood to re-submit.  According to Glenwood – the BGCs are in progress.  Mobilization date is TBD.
02/26/20 – TEI approves and returns all re-submittals – Glenwood stated that their LV guys have the BGCs completed and returned, but the electrical crew has no BGCs returned yet.  Materials have been ordered and Glenwood to contact HCFD to schedule mobilization.  Glenwood has not gotten badges yet for any of their crew – I said to look closely at the info from HCFD – as there are only specific hours that badges can be made.
03/26/20 – Construction progressing, through the building.  Glenwood began construction in the basement and are working their way up through the building.  Glenwood’s Electrical guys will be complete by 04/01/20.  Glenwoods low voltage guys are currently working on the 2nd floor.
04/30/20 – Project installation nearing completion.  Glenwood schedules heat mapping of new system for May 15.  TEI and facilities perform punchlist.   TEI issues Punchlist.
05/27/20 – Heat mapping postponed until May 29 due to none communicating ports.  Once heat mapping is complete, TEI and HamCo (Facilities and courts) to review and make comments for any final adjustments.
06/23/20 – Heat mapping completed on 05/29.  There were multiple areas in the building where the heat mapping company did not scan the areas and marked on the report that the levels were below acceptable/expected levels.  Upon review, all parties including Glenwood agreed that the heat mapping in those areas would be re-scanned.  The re-scan was scheduled for 06/19, and floors 1 and 2 were re-scanned prior to a failure of the scanning device.  The heat mapping company is scheduled to return to the courthouse on Friday 6/26 for floors 3 and 4.  New reports will then be issued and reviewed by the team (Courts/Facilities and TEI).
07/29/20 – TEI reviewed revised heat maps with HCFD and Bradley Bedacht from Courts.  There are a few minor modifications that need to take place, and the courts have been asked if there are any additional modifications that they would be interested in prior to project closeout.  Bradley to coordinate the rollout of the new wifi system with telecom.
08/21/20 – TEI, HCFD, Telecom and Bradley Bedacht meet to roll out new system.  New system turned on and running on 08/14/20.  Glenwood scheduled to train on 08/24/20, and swap the (7) APs that are on the hcpub SSID to the CHPublic on the same day as training.  Courts has published the passwords for the SSIDs and after the change over, the hcpub network will be shut down in the courthouse and demo of old system components can occur.
09/23/20 – Project nearly complete – switched over to new system.   TEI issues request for CO pricing to add a WAP in room 415, and relocate (2) WAPs for better coverage.  TEI receives email from BB stating that there may be a couple additional adds.  Glenwood requests walkthrough to confirm understanding of changes.   TEI to schedule the week of 9/28.
10/27/20 – Glenwood electric is scheduled to be on site 10/27/20 at 4:00 PM to make the final connections for the Change Order work.  Once completed, as-builts and close-out document will be turned in and project can be closed out.
12/09/20 – Closeout documents and as-builts submitted to HCFD.  final Pay applications submitted to HCFD. Project complete.
12/10/20 – Courts said so far so good. Proejct ready to archive.


Electrical Findings Study and Report

06/26/19 – TEI authors and submits SOSS for project.  Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.
07/24/19 – TEI receives approved SOSS and PO.  TEI to establish kickoff meeting with facilities and begin project.
08/27/19 – TEI to kick off this project once server room project is issued for bidding
09/25/19 – TEI is gathering data from the other projects for this report.  TEI to schedule meeting with HCFD for kick off meeting.
10/30/19  – TEI working on report – and is scheduling site visits to the buildings included in the report to visit sites.  The report is in process.
12/11/19  – TEI working on report – and is scheduling site visits to the buildings included in the report to visit sites.  The report is in process.
01/28/20 – TEI has report well in process and will submit draft upon completion.
02/26/20 – TEI has report near completion – pending one manufacturer (GE) responses.  Draft report to be submitted upon receipt and review of GE data.

03/26-20 – TEI to send to Facilities draft of report by 04/01/20.

04/30/20 – TEI send draft report to facilities for review.  TEI receives comments from facilities.  TEI modifying final report.

05/27/20 – TEI to finalize report for submission to facilities.

06/23/20 – TEI to finalize report for submission to facilities.

07/29/20 – TEI to finalize report for submission to facilities.

08/21/20 – TEI to finalize report for submission to facilities.


Comm Center – Lower Level Quiet Room

05/29/19 – ThermalTech authors an SOSS for the project – pending SOSS approval and PO.
06/26/19 – Project Pending approval of SOSS and PO.
07/24/19 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.
08/27/19 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.
09/25/19 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.
10/30/19 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.
12/11/19 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.
01/28/20 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.
02/26/20 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.
03/26/20 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.
04/30/20 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.
05/27/20 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.
06/23/20 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.
06/25/20 – Latest discussion was to just archive this project as it is not needed at this time. OK to archive.


A&D – Access Control System Design

05/29/19 – Hamilton County requests SOSS for the project.
06/26/19 – TEI submits SOSS to facilities.  Project pending SOSS approval and PO.
07/24/19 – TEI receives signed SOSS and PO for project.  TEI, Facilities and JFS to conduct project kickoff meeting on 07/25/19 to begin project.
08/27/19 – ThermalTech emails Claude T to request 100% review meeting for a time on (or around) 09/11/19.  After final review comments, project will be issued for bidding.
09/25/19 – ThermalTech, HCFD, and JFS meet to review 100% documents.  HCFD send TEI federal procurement requirements.  TEI adds to the project manual and submits to HCFD for review by prosecutors office.  Project will be issued for bidding upon receipt of comments from the prosecutors.
10/30/19 – Project will be issued for bidding upon receipt of comments from the prosecutors.
12/11/19 – Project bids received, Glenwood Electric is apparent low bid on the project.  TEI vetted bid and submitted recommendation that HamCo proceed with authoring the contract with Glenwood.
01/28/20 – Upon approval of contract and issuance of PO to Glenwood Electric, a pre-construction meeting will be scheduled and the project construction will commence.
02/26/20 – Glenwood’s PO and contract approved.  Construction kickoff meeting scheduled for 02/27/20 at 1:00 PM.
03/26/20 – Construction kickoff pending the return of the background checks.
04/30/20 – Construction began – paused due to non-shipment of parts from MFGR.  Glenwood clarifying scope and working to get actual ship dates.
05/27/20 – Construction underway.  Control cabinets installed in basement through 7th floor on west end of the building.  Controllers installed on 6,5, and 4 on the est end of the building.  power supplies ordered and pending on time delivery, power supply install anticipated to start on or around June 1.  Anticipated project completion is end of June.
06/23/20 – All controllers are installed.  All power supplies have been installed and powered.  Glenwood and Claude Toulsen are working to develop new badgeing standards (photos, logos, facility codes, etc).  Upon completion of the badge standardization process, and all of the JFS data is updated to new standard, the database will be imported to the Kantech system and the system will then be migrated over to the new system.

07/29/20 – JFS is working with Glenwood to transition old database into the new database, and upon completions of the development of the new database, new system pretty much ready for rollout.  The door on the southwest corner of the Parkhaus Garage is on the old system, and will not be functional after change over without adding to system.  Glenwood provided pricing for changeover.  HCFD, JFS, AMB and A&S to determine next steps.

08/21/20 – Glenwood waiting on Pictures from JFS to include in the software before they can transition over to Kantech system.  Glenwood working to respond to punchlist information that the installation is not in compliance with the specification.

09/23/20 – JFS completes their preparation work with the new employee photo database.  Discussion occurred when Glenwood stated there was no additional expandability in the new system.  TEI provided documentation of the basis of design product had substantial expandability built into the system.  Glenwood ordered additional cabinets to provide the expandability that was included in the specifications.  Glenwood to begin installation of additional cabinets and the associated programming on 9/28.  Estimating 2 additional weeks from then for completion of installation.  Upon completion of installation, TEI will perform final Punchlist and process closeout documents.

10/27/20 – Glenwood is on site programming all cards and integrating the new database.  Additional batteries are on site, however, additional power supplies were back-ordered, and are scheduled to ship 10/30/20.  Will be installed upon receipt.

12/09/20 – Glenwood on site doing switchover to new system.  All upper floors are on the new Kantech system, and the new doors in the basement and sub-basement are installed and on the new system.  Exterior doors are scheduled to be switched over on 12/14/20, and building staff and Sheriff’s office has been notified and is planning for the switchover.

01/26/21 – TEI and Matt Butz performs punchlist for project.  Upon completion of Punchlisted items and closeout, project will be complete.

02/23/21 –  TEI and Rycca Thacker perform punchlist back-check.  TEI requests final closeout documentation from Glenwood to close out the project.

03/24/21 – TEI receives and is reviewing the O&M manuals from Glenwood.  Upon approval of O&M Manuals, TEI will deliver to HCFD.  TEI and Glenwood working to provide all close out paperwork for the project.


JC – Parking Lot EV Charging Station Study

05/29/19 – Hamilton County requests SOSS for the project.

06/26/19 – TEI submits SOSS for approval.  Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.

07/24/19- Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.

08/27/19 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.

09/25/19 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.

10/30/19 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.

12/11/19 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.

01/28/20 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.

02/26/20 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.

03/26/20 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.

04/30/20 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.

05/27/20 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.

06/23/20 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.

07/29/20 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.

08/21/20 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.



800 – 4th and 5th Floor Security

05/29/19 – Hamilton County requests SOSS for the Project.
06/26/19 – TEI submits SOSS to facilities.  Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.
07/24/19 – Project pending SOSS approval and PO.
08/27/19 – Project Pending SOSS approval and PO.
09/25/19 – Project Pending SOSS approval and PO.
10/30/19 – Project Pending SOSS approval and PO.
12/11/19 – Project Pending SOSS approval and PO.
01/28/20 – Project Pending SOSS approval and PO.
02/26/20 – Project Pending SOSS approval and PO.
03/26/20 – Project Pending SOSS approval and PO.
04/30/20 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.
05/27/20 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.
06/23/20 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.
07/29/20 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.
08/21/20 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.
10/28/20 – Okay to Archive.


2020 – Arc Flash Modeling and Labeling

05/29/19 – Hamilton County requests SOSS for project.

06/26/19 – TEI submits SOSS to facilities.  Project Pending SOSS approval and PO.

07/24/19 – Project pending SOSS approval and PO.

08/27/19 – Project pending SOSS approval and PO.

09/25/19 – Project Pending SOSS approval and PO.

10/30/19 – Project Pending SOSS approval and PO.

12/11/19 – Project Pending SOSS approval and PO.

01/28/20 – Project Pending SOSS approval and PO.

02/26/20 – TEI receives signed SOSS and PO for project.  TEI contacts Jessica Powell and requests project kickoff with 2020 staff.  Kickoff meeting to occur ASAP and project to commence thereafter.

03/26/20 – TEI, County Facilities, and building manager meet to kick off the project.  Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, design meetings and field work at this facility have been placed on hold until all restrictions are lifted.

04/30/20 – Project Pending COVID-19 restrictions.

05/27/20 – Project pending COVID-19 restrictions.

06/23/20 – Project pending COVID-19 restrictions.

07/29/20 – TEI meets with Bryan Collins to re-kickoff project.  TEI contacts sub contractor to schedule field investigation to incorporate into the SKM model.  field investigations to be coordinated with building manager.

08/21/20 – TEI has Phasor Electric perform field investigation of all of the gear and feeders at the building.  Field work notes were sent to TEI on 08/20/20, and the data will now be entered into the model for running calculations.

09/23/20 – TEI processing data from Phasor – and will complete the modeling upon receipt of follow up data requested from Phasor.

10/27/20 – Phasor scheduling back visit to the building to get missed information and then the model will be completed and sent to Hamilton County Safety Consultant for review.

12/09/20 – Phasor returned to site to gather missed information.  Finalizing model, and will send through internal review, and then forward to Charlie for his review.

01/26/21 – Model to be sent to Charlie at CMI for review by 01/29/21.

02/23/21 – Model completed and sent to Charlie at CMI for review and comments.  Upon receipt of review comments from Charlie, labels will be printed and applied at the building.

03/24/21 – ThermalTech receives comments from CMI and incorporates into the model.   Labels printed and building manager contacted to schedule installation of labels – proposed to be installed week of 03/29/21.

04/28/21 – Labels installed on all equipment.  TEI to over report to HCFD and project complete.

05/26/21 – Project Complete.



CH – West Entry Security Screening Renovations

04/24/19 – HCFD requests SOSS from TEI for the project.  TEI submits SOSS and receives signed SOSS and PO.  TEI requests kickoff meeting the HCFD and all parties .  Project start pending project kickoff meeting.

05/29/19 – Design progressing and TEI anticipates that 100% documents will be issued to HamCo no later than mid week (week of June 3).

06/26/19 – Drawing submitted to HamCo for review and no comments received.  TEI submits to IBI for plan review and permit on 06/28/19.

07/24/19 – TEI receives plan review approval from IBI, and secures the electrical permit for trades to work on the project.  Core drills complete and trades working on electrical modifications for the project.  Hamilton County trades to notify ThermalTech when they are ready for the rough in inspection.

08/27/19 – work completed , inspections passed, and the security scanners have been relocated.


CH – Overhead Door Project

01/15/19 – TEI talked to Tony Matre about a new project to power up a new overhead door that will be installed on the attorney entrance on the back of the Courthouse including access control for the door after hours. Mike Barth will lead this project for ThermalTech since it appears to be mostly electric in nature. Overhead door will be allowed to provide equipment for this job. ThermalTech will coordinate this with facilities and the vendor and we can reach out to GBBN for door support as needed.  ThermalTech to provide SOSS for this (hand delivered at the 01/31/19 partner meeting).

02/26/19 – Project pending the SOSS approval and PO.

03/26/19 – Project pending the SOSS approval and PO.

04/24/19 – Project pending the SOSS approval and PO.

05/29/19 – TEI receives Approved SOSS and PO.  TEI contacts AKM for project kickoff.

06/26/19 – TEI has meeting with AKM, RM, and HCSO to kick off project.  RM indicated long range card reader was proposed, but only works with Bluetooth, which the HCSO does not want to use Bluetooth.  TEI sends HCFD options to discuss with team and upon reciept of direction will complete drawings for owner review.

07/24/19 – TEI gets quote from DK to install work with Overhead Door as a sub to them and sends to AKM for review/approval.  AKM to have install work per the approved design concept (issuance of RF clickers for vehicles that park in the garage, and card reader access control for those not in vehicles with approved credentials in the system.

08/27/19 – DK awarded contract to complete the work.  DK scheduling install through Rob Edwards and Tony Matre.  This all to be installed as soon as possible.  Risk Mgmt is upgrading the access control system in the CH to a Vax system by Vicon.  This new system to be Vax, and may be installed before Vax head end.

09/25/19 – DK moving forward with installation.  Ramp was trenched on 09/20 and 09/21 with conduit installed to locate reader on the east ramp wall.  DK to submit schedule to AKM.

10/30/19 – Overhead Door Company is scheduled (again) to install the door on 10/31/19.  Upon installation of the door, DK to coordinate with Risk (who is in having the new access control system installed) to tie in the new card access to the new door.

12/11/19 – Overhead door installed, and DK missed an internal CR.  TEI calls DK to inform them to install it.  AKM states that there are items on the project that are not installed.  Instructs TEI to advise DK that all work associated with his PO to be completed.  SK states that the VAX system is incomplete, and AKM says get his PO worth of work installed, and he can close out his work and then the operation of the system is dependent on the completion of the VAX project.

01/28/20 – According to DK – the install of the work associated is complete with the exception of the VAX connections.  DK has the door able to be operated with Pushbutton in the guard booth until a time when the VAX system is fully operational.

02/26/20 – HCFD stated that the door shall be interlocked with the FA system to maintain accessible egress path in the event of a FA situation.  TEI requests timing and pricing from DK for modifications to the system to interlock with the FA system.

03/26/20 – DK sends in the pricing for the fire alarm interface.  AKM asks for cost breakdown.

04/30/20 – Project pending FA interface.

05/27/20 – Project pending FA interface and over ride switch installation.

06/23/20 – Project pending FA interface.

07/29/20 – Project completion pending access control system completion and fire alarm interface.

08/21/20 – DK has been directed that all pending items to be completed prior to Labor Day weekend.  The man-trap features will not be active until the entire VAX system is up and running and programmed.  All construction work not associated with the VAX turnover to be completed.

09/23/20 – DK installs keypad and card reader so walk-ups (with appropriate access) can operate man trap doors.   DK on site on 09/23 working on programming and finalizing the issues with the system.


BOE – Fire Alarm System Modifications

10/23/18 – BW contacts ThermalTech about pricing for additions required by the City of Norwood to the existing fire alarm system at the BOE.  ThermalTech, HCFD and DK meet at the site to develop budget pricing for HCFD.  BW to advise next steps upon approval of funding.
1/28/18 – Signed SOSS and PO received to complete  the work.  ThermalTech receives Drawings from Notifier (RP Biederman) and there are additional devices from what was priced.  TEI has DK call RPB to question where/why these devices were added (where did the direction come from?)  DK to respond back to TEI with RPB response.
01/29/19 –  There are doors at the facility that the BOE has asked to have door hold opens on that did not have closers.  Also – due to door and rack configurations, there are doors that only open 90 degress so an alternate closer/hold open device was suggested.  DK submitted a CO request, but BW stated that it needed to come from Tumlin since Tumlin holds the contract.  TE contacted Tumlin and DK to request the CO appropriately, and it is still pending.
02/26/19 – HamCo Signs CO for the additional door closers for the project (there were doors that had doors that BOE requested hold opens that had no closers).  Door hardware scheduled to be delivered first week of March and then installation will be scheduled immediately upon receipt.
03/26/19 – All equipment has been installed and pre-tested on 03/21/19.  Final inspection scheduled with Norwood on 03/28/19 at 1:30 PM.  After the final inspection, ThermalTech to perform final punchlist and project closeout documents can be completed.
04/24/19 – ThermalTech and Facilities performs and issues punchlist.  DK completes their portion of punchlist and waiting on Tumlin for a few items on the punchlist.
05/29/19 – ThermalTech waiting on final closeout documents from Tumlin to close out the project.
06/26/19 – ThermalTech waiting on final closeout documents from Tumlin to close out the project.
07/24/19 – ThermalTech reviews and certifies final pay application and submits to Bert Watts.  DK submits close out documents to Bert Watts.
07/25/19 – BW says after PW Rates arrive we can close this job out.


JC – Elevator Modernization Study

09/14/18 – TEI and GBBN contacted about a possible study in an attempt to obtain a budget cost for the Design Services.
09/14/18 – GBBN made contact with Otis Elevator to discuss consulting assistance for the Modernization Study if it proceeds.
09/15/18 – Otis makes request for drawing files or any other pertinent information.  GBBN reports the County has not initiated an official request for design services as of yet.
09/27/18 – TEI drafted an SOSS for cost for Bert to review.  It will delivered at the monthly partner meeting.
10/25/18 – SOSS for study is approved.  We will take out a new Archibus number for the elevator study.  The old one will be kept for reference and used for data.
11/28/18 – TEI to schedule a kick-off meeting once all parties respond with their availability.
01/15/19 – TEI met with facilities to kickoff project and will have GBBN as sub-consultant for use on this study and report. Mike Barth will lead the project with the help of an assistance electrical engineer.
01/16/19 – GBBN contacts Elevator Engineer consultant to discuss possible dates for field verification meeting in Cincinnati.
02/26/19 – Pending meeting with Elevator consultant (GBBN working to get Scheduled)
04/02/19 – GBBN contacts Building Manager about vendor contact for future site visit. No contact has been made by vendor.
04/03/19 – GBBN coordinates vendor and Building Manager site vist for Friday, April 26, 2019. Vendor to have Study input to GBBN by 04/30/19.
04/24/19 – Otis scheduled to be on site 4/29/19 for final coordination walk though and determination of needs, and then will turn over findings and costing data to GBBN.  Report will be sent to AKM upon receipt of the data from the elevator consultant.
05/09/19 – Otis Modernization sends final report and Opinion of Estimated Costs to GBBN. Copy sent to ThermalTech.
05/20/19 – GBBN sends Opinion of Estimated Costs, for Elevator Cab Finishes Installation Costs, to ThemalTech, for inclusion into the final report.
05/29/19 – TEI and GBBN drafting the report to send to HCFD for review and comment. TTC confirmed that we have added cooling to the North Tower last year but not the South tower yet. We are looking to get temperature trends for these spaces.

06/26/19 – GBBN receives final design requirements from HCFD to complete the pricing and write up of the report.  Upon receipt of GBBN information, TEI will finalize report and send to HCFD for review.

07/24/19 – TEI and GBBN finalize the report and send AKM electronic copy for review and request how many hard copies that AKM would like for distribution to the HCSO.

08/27/19 – Final report pending any comments from HCFD or HCSO.

09/25/19 – Final report pending any comments from HCFD or HCSO.


JC – Video Visitation Service Agreement

03/27/18 – Final draft of RFP submitted to Sheriff’s Office for review and comment.  Issuance of RFP pending comments from Sheriff’s Office.

04/25/18 – Final draft of RFP submitted to Sheriff’s Office for review and comment.  Issuance of RFP pending comments from Sheriff’s Office.

05/30/18 – TEI receives final comments form HCSO and facilities.  RFP to be issued June 1 for bidding.

06/27/18 – RFP issued for bids.  Prebid meeting held and bids are due to purchasing on July 12, 2018.

07/25/18 – Bids received from 4 vendors and results sent to HCSO for approval and contract execution.


JC – Security System PM Bid

03/27/18 – Project is out to bid (ITB # 018-18).  Bids open on 03/28/18.

04/25/18 – Project bids received.  DeBra Kuempel is apparent low bid.  Contracts sent to prosecutors office for approval.

05/30/18 – Facilities to confirm if contracts have been received and returned to DK.

06/27/18 – PM Contract pending prosecutor review.

07/25/18 – PM Contract pending prosecutor review.

08/29/18 – PM Contract pending prosecutor review.


A&D – Access Control System Study

02/20/18 – ThermalTech met with the facilities department and A&D staff to discuss the need for a study for the existing access control system.  ThermalTech submits SOSS for study for the project.  Project pending the approval of the SOSS and PO.
03/27/18 – Project Pending approval of SOSS and PO.
04/25/18 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.
05/30/18 – Project Pending approval of SOSS and PO.
06/29/18 – Project Pending approval of SOSS and PO.
07/25/18 – Project Pending approval of SOSS and PO.
08/29/18 – ThermalTech receives approved SOSS and PO (5778030).  ThermalTech, Facilities and JFS conduct study kick-off meeting on 08/28/18 and schedule field investigation of 09/13/18.  ThermalTech beginning code research and product research beginning 09/01/18.
09/26/18 – ThermalTech completes field investigation with JFS (Claude Toulsen).  Report is in progress.  ThermalTech to send draft copy to BW for review upon completion.
10/23/18 – ThermalTech working to complete draft of report, and will send to BW and CT for review by 11/09/18.
11/28/18 – Report Draft is still in process.  ThermalTech to wrap up draft and send to BW and CT for review.
01/29/19 – Report Draft is still in process.  ThermalTech to wrap up draft and send to BW and CT for review.
02/26/19 – ThermalTech reached out to Basis of Design (VAX) for final pricing, and opinions of probable cost in report pending reciept of the pricing from the supplier.  NOTE – Supplier local rep resigned and has not been replaced to date.  TEI communicated with corporate offices.
03/26/19 – ThermalTech issues report to HamCo facilities and Claude Toulsen for review and comments.  ThermalTech receives comments from BW, and final issuance pending comments from CT.
04/24/19 – Issuance of final report pending receipt of comments from Claude Toulsen.


250 WHT – Access Control System Code Review

02/20/18 – Thermaltech meets with Mike Jackson and Tony Matre to discuss needs for code research for the existing access control system at building.

03/27/18 – ThermalTech to send Tony Matre a draft copy of the code research report by end of March for review.

04/25/18 – ThermalTech sent the report to Tony Matre.   Study complete.


JC – Security Camera System Replacement

06/27/17 – ThermalTech sends SOSS to facilities for approval.
07/25/17 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.
08/28/17 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.
09/26/17 – Project approved at the 09/13/17 BOCC meeting. Upon receipt of the approved SOSS and PO, ThermalTech will schedule project kick off meeting.
10/25/17 – Project kick off meeting scheduled for 11/09/17 with facilities and Kevin Horn.
11/29/17 – TEI began the field investigation audit for the existing system on 11/28/17. Field investigation to be complete prior to Christmas break, and then work directly into the SD phase of the work.
01/22/18 – TEI has completed the SD and is well in the DD phase of the project. After the pre-construction meeting for the Kiosk and Matrix project – TEI to request a 60%review meeting with facilities and HCSO.
02/20/18 – TEI has design progress meeting with the HCFD and HCSO – and scheduled a follow up walk through of the building to confirm final camera placements on 03/01/18.  ThermalTech planning to issue final review set of drawings to HCFD by mid march for review.  Anticipate issuing for bidding approx early April upon reciept of review comments.  ThermalTech sends PDF of documents to HCSO after review meeting to send to State of Ohio for approvals.
03/27/18 – TEI walked the building to confirm the camera locations, and also discussed items of the system with Sheriff’s Office IT Dept.
04/25/18 – TEI scheduled a 100% final review meeting with HCFD and HCSO for 10:00 AM on 05/08/18.
06/27/18 – Project issued for bidding on 06/25/18.  Prebid conference scheduled for 07/12/18.  Bid opening scheduled for 07/26/18.
07/25/18 – Project is currently bidding.  Bid opening date extended 1 week and new bid opening will be 08/02/18.
08/29/18 – Project bids received, and were over the published budget.  ThermalTech. Facilities and HCSO meet on 08/28/18 to discuss scope and/or budget modifications.  ThermalTech schedules meeting on 09/11 with HCSO to review the proposed revised scope (=replacement of all existing analog cameras in building, maintain existing IP cameras in building, and add POD cameras only as base bid).  HCSO tasked with creating a priority for all requested additional cameras on the project.  Anticipate issue for re-bid 1st week of October 2018.
09/26/18 – TEI, HCFD and HCSO scheduled to meet to review revised package and also discuss dates for the re-bid on Friday 09/28/18.  Issuance for rebid pending meeting results.
10/23/18 – Project is out for bidding.  Prebid meeting scheduled for 10/30/18 at 10:00 AM.  Bids will be received at purchasing on 11/15/18.
11/28/18 – Project bids received.   TEI authors contract and sends to BW to get to prosecutor for approval.  Upon receipt of contract and PO. project will begin construction.  HCSO contacts TEI and requests information for State submission.
01/29/19 – Project approved by the BOCC.  PO and signed contract approved, and JN sent the pre-construction submittal checklist to DK for initiate the pre-construction submittals.  a pre-construction meeting will be scheduled and conducted in the next few weeks.
02/26/19 – TEI hosts construction kick-off meeting at the JC.  DK slated to mobilize immediately, however there will be 2-3 weeks of programming that will be performed off site.
03/26/19 – Construction is progressing.  All racks for switches are installed in the LCs.  There is a concern about tall individuals hitting their heads on the racks, and DK to install padding and yellow tape.  Fiber system being installed and progressing.  New NVRs installed in server room and burning in.  Camera’s will be switched out starting in the next several weeks.  Programming continues to progress “behind the scenes”.
03/28/19 – Make sure we hold off on doing new work in these spaces until we get approval from ODRC and Facilities gives us the green light that all approvals are in place; very important.
04/24/19 – ODRC indicates the HCSO (verbally) that the project is approved.  HCFD states get it in writing.  HCSO stated that they are meeting on Capacity project on Monday, and will ask for the signed letter in person on 4/29 if not received prior to the meeting.  DK continues to work on the project, infrastructure in the basement and first floors of both buildings. Once that is complete, they will be working up through the north tower first and then the south tower.  Anticipate that Stanley will be on site about the time that the first tower is completed to make the switch over.  DK is in constant contact with Stanley with this project.
05/29/19 – HCSO receives letter from ODRC with project approval.  JN from HCFD states that DK can proceed with the alternate work (in the Pods).  TEI authors CO for the inclusion of a doorbell in room 110 per the HCFD request.
06/26/19 – Camera system installation moving now, working on 3rd floor of north tower this week.  anticipate that the north tower will be complete (other than housing units) by middle of July, and the south tower by the middle of August.  Housing units will be completed in September for both buildings.  HCSO wanted to confirm that project will be complete prior to October 2019, as that is when the ODRC will be on site for annual inspections.  DK indicated that would not be an issue.  The HCSO is very happy with the resolution and quality of video data that they are getting on the new cameras.   The main comment at the const meeting was that there is a Night and Day difference in quality.
07/24/19 – North tower complete on Valerus system (except elevators and PODs),  South tower Basement, 1 and 2 complete (By the end of this week).  Stanley integration will be on site the week of 07/29/19 to upload and reprogram the PLC system so that all of the touch screens in the LCs and the Central Control booths are programmed for the new system and the work arounds that have been in place during the migration can be removed.  There was an issue where the video matrix units both lost power (power blip) and determined that these are not on building UPS power.  ThermalTech and Keith Otis met on 07/24/19 to evaluate solution.
08/27/19 – North tower 100% complete.  South tower upper 3 floors remaining.  Then elevator cameras and project ready for punchlist.  TEI and HCSO scheduled to perform punchlist on 09/05 and 09/06.
09/25/19 – ThermalTech conducts punch list for both towers.  Final meeting scheduled for 10/29/19 – all punch listed items should be completed by final meeting.
10/30/19 – TEI and HCSO meet for final construction meeting.  There were a few punch list items that are still incomplete.  TEI will email the team with the final comments.  DK to submit all closeout documents per the project manual and then the projects will be closed out.
12/11/19 – Upon receipt of the closeout documentation and as-built documents, the project can be closed out.
01/28/20 – TEI and facilities request schedule of closeout documentation from DK.  In progress.
02/26/20 – DK submits final signed off punchlist.  DK states that as-built and close out documents will be delivered to TEI for review/approval on 02/26/20,
03/26/20 – DK delivers As builts and O&M manuals to TEI for review.  TEI in process of reviewing.
06/23/20 – TEI finalizing CAD process for the As-Built drawings to submit to County.
07/29/20 – TEI to have N4 convert as-builts for the IFM system, and project complete.
08/21/20 – Project closeout pending pay application corrections from DK.
08/27/20 – BW said ready to archive.


JC – Matrix Security Replacement

03/25/15 – County requested a “high level” opinion of probable cost for the Matrix system replacement at the JC. TEI submitted to BW a very high level Opinion of probable cost. BW asked for an SOSS for TEI to establish a JC specific opinion of probable cost, with the JC specific ancillary systems to confirm that all of the ancillary systems would be compatible with the new Matrix head end. TEI waiting for PO and signed SOSS.
04/29/15 – TEI receives signed SOSS and PO from HCFD. TEI emails Rocky Mullins to schedule site visit – and will make site visit pending scheduling of visit to develop complete understanding of existing system and all ancillary systems connected to the matrix.
05/26/15 – TEI met with Mark and ICS at justice center to review the existing conditions and what is connected to the existing Matrix and how the connections are made. TEI is drafting report for Facilities Department including revised cost estimate.
06/24/15 – TEI submitted the final report to HamCo. Upon review of the report, HamCo requested an SOSS for the installation of the recommended upgrades. TEI submitted SOSS to HamCo and is awaiting approval and Purchase order.
07/22/15 – SOSS and PO pending approval.
01/26/16 – TEI receives calls from Sheriffs office that the matrix is failing. TEI directs sheriffs office to contact BW for status of funding.
04/27/16 – Project on hold pending funding.
05/25/16 – SOSS re-issued – pending approval and PO (new TEI contract term).
06/27/16 – SOSS and PO pending approval. (Note – funding approved at 06/15/16 BOCC Meeting).
07/27/16 – SOSS and PO pending approval.
08/23/16 – TEI receives signed SOSS and PO (PO#568305). TEI, Sheriff’s office, and BW conducted a kick-off meeting at the JC. TEI to begin field work at completion of 2020 Matrix project.
09/28/16 – TEI had discussions with ICS re cards in existing matrix that are out and “not replaceable”. ICS located used cards and were installing them to get the blind LC’s back in working order. Fieldwork to be scheduled with Rocky Mullens/Mark Sengawald in the next week or so.
10/25/16 – TEI conducts field work and documentation of existing conditions. A design meeting is necessary to discuss features of existing system versus what is available with current technology; project is progressing.
01/25/17 – TEI completes design after Sheriff’s office assigns Kyran Weithofer as the Sheriff’s PM for the project. 100% design review meeting conducted on 01/25/17, project to be sent to purchasing on 01/31/17 for ITB.
02/25/17 – Project is out to bid, with bids due back to purchasing on 03/02/17. TEI conducts pre-bid meeting on site and has issued Addendum #1 and Addendum #2.
03/22/17 – Project received 2 bids. Based on budget, HamCo wants to reject both bids and send out for re-bid with added scope. This is to be approved at 3/22/17 BOCC meeting.
04/26/17 – Facilities instructs ThermalTech to hold on re-bid, asked for SOSS to solicit maint agreement. TEI provides SOSS – pending approval and PO. Then Facilities to have ThermalTech re-package Matrix and issue the maintenance agreement spec at the same time.
05/22/17 – Project on hold pending approval and PO for Maintenance Agreement.
06/27/17 – PO for maintenance agreement has been received, and ThermalTech to develop specs for Maintenance agreement and repackage the matrix project for simultaneous issuances (tentatively end of July)
07/25/17 – Matrix Project and Maintenance Agreement Projects are complete and are to be issued for bids on 08/01/17 (ITB – 039-17 Maint Agreement, ITB 040-17 for Matrix).
08/28/17 – Bids opened on 08/23/17 – within budget. TEI is working to validate bids and then will author contracts for both projects.
09/26/17 – TE authors contract for DK to install work for the project. Upon notification that contracts are complete, TE will schedule pre-construction meeting to kickoff construction phase of the project.
10/25/17 – Facilities indicated that contracts have been approved and are waiting on hard copies and PO to come back from purchasing to schedule pre-construction meeting. Anticipate this meeting to occur in the first couple of weeks of November.
11/29/17 – DK receives PO and signed contract on project. Since DK was awarded this project and the Kiosk infrastructure project – and the work for these areas are in same spaces throughout the building, DK to work on both projects concurrently. Pre-construction meeting to be scheduled as soon as the contract for the kiosk project is available.
01/22/18 – A pre-construction meeting was scheduled with the team and DK for 01/30/18. This project to run concurrently with the JC Commissary Kiosk Project.
02/20/18 – DK mobilized and has started construction on project.  Weekly const meetings to occur every Tuesday at 9:00 AM throughout duration of project.  ThermalTech has reviewed and approved all submittals, materials are on order and scheduled to arrive in next 2 weeks.
03/27/18 –  Construction of this project and the Video Visitation Infrastructure Project is ongoing.  Matrix equipment is on site and cameras are being programmed at DK office and brought to site.
04/25/18 – Construction underway on project.  Equipment to be installed in rack to start the “burn in” process this week.
05/30/18 – All equipment is installed in racks and burn in procedure underway.  DK waiting on Stanley to provide schedule of when the changeover to occur (when Stanley on site).   Anticipate by end of first week of June all work to be installed and running on new system.
06/27/18 – Stanley scheduled to be on site on 06/28/18 at 11:00 AM.  TEI, DK, HCSO and HCFD to meet with Stanley to discuss implementation plan.
07/25/18 –  Stanley on site for PLC programming during mid-July.  DK working to make all new cameras work in matrix – existing cameras were transferred first.  Construction progress meeting and pending issues discussion scheduled after partner meeting at 1:00 PM at the Justice Center with Facilities, TE, DK and HCSO.
08/29/18 – DK indicates that the project is complete.   ThermalTech, Facilities and HCSO conducts punchlist walk through and ThermalTech issues project punchlist.  DK working on punchlist items.
09/26/18 – DK indicated that they have to bring Stanley back to site for re-programming to get the project completed according to the bid documents.  completion of punchlist pending Stanley availability.
10/23/18 – ThermalTech and HCFD receives email from Lt. Weithofer  that nearly all of the punch list items are complete.  JN requests a date from DK when the final items will be 100% complete.
11/28/18 – Project closeout pending DK finalization of pending punch list items.
01/29/19 – Project closeout pending the complete submission of close out documents from DK.
02/26/19 – TEI finally received final close out documents from DK.  TEI to process and deliver to HamCo.
03/26/19 – TEI delivers closeout documents to facilities department. Okay to archive.


JC – Commissary Kiosk Electric

06/24/15 – TEI received signed SOSS and Purchase Order for project. Mike Barth to establish Kick off meeting with Hamilton County to start project.
07/22/15 – Design kickoff meeting scheduled for 07/23/15 at 9:00 AM at the Justice Center with HCFD and Kevin Horn of the HCSD. Design schedule get developed at 07/23/15 meeting.
08/25/15 – Design Team met on 7/23 to discuss proposed locations. HCSD (Kevin Horn) investigating cost associated with obtaining pedestal mount units so that in the larger Pods, the kiosks can be located adjacent to the columns (much better view from LC). ThermalTech waiting on final design direction from HCSD.
09/23/15 – Design is on-going. TEI met with county electricians to determine location to feed power to panels that will serve electric to the Kiosks. TEI will need to meter the power risers for a period of 30 days per NEC to determine if there is capacity on the existing power risers that are in the building. Upon the completion of the metering process, pending certification of the presumed capacity, the project design can be completed and the drawings issued for bidding purposes.
09/24/15 – Bert said to hold this on public bidding until the funding methodology is in place.
10/28/15 – Electrical capacity on feeders being metered for 30 days per the requirements of the NEC. 30 days compiling data will be complete on 10/30/15 – and ThermalTech will meet with meter installer to remove the meters on Friday 10/30/15. Final Design Meeting scheduled for 11/10/15 to discuss final design review and get bid package ready to send out.
12/07/15 – TEI issued complete document set to Bert Watts for review. Bert has reviewed, and indicated to the Commissary staff that the funds must be allocated by purchasing prior to issuance for bidding. Ready to issue for bid pending funding allocation.
12/08/15 – Project on hold until Kevin advises on funding.
01/26/16 – Project on hold until Kevin advises on funding.
02/23/16 – Project on hold until Kevin advises on funding.
03/29/16 – Project on hold until Kevin advises on funding.
04/27/16 – Project on hold until Kevin advises on funding.
05/25/16 – Project on hold until Kevin advises on funding.
06/27/16 – Project on hold until Kevin advises on funding.
07/27/16 – Project on hold until Kevin advises on funding.
08/23/16 – Project on hold until Kevin advises on funding.
09/28/16 – TEI and John Nester met with Sheriffs office (Kevin) and discussed a project for inmate video visitation, and the kiosk functions in this project could possibly be included in the Video Visitation equipment as well. Possibly looking to combine both projects into a single project.
10/25/16 – TEI issues SOSS to Facilities for study to work on kiosk/video visitation as a single project, pending approval.
01/25/17 – SOSS for study approved. TEI progressing with study – reviewed the capabilities of the Video Visitation systems, and communicating with Kevin Horn for capabilities of the original Kiosk systems to include in report.
02/22/17 – TEI finishing up the study and will issue to facilities for review by 03/01/17. Upon receipt of comments from facilities, will issue final report.
03/22/17 – TEI delivers report to BW – who presents to Sheriff’s personnel. Scope has increased and TEI to re-visit report and address additional scope items from Sheriff’s office.
04/26/17 – Work in progress. New review set anticipated to be to facilities by mid May. Facilities stated that this may get bumped if the SOSS for the matrix maint agreement is approved (that project and the matrix re-bid is higher priority).
05/22/17 – ThermalTech has revised the study to include the items from the initial feedback. TE and facilities requests a meeting with Sheriff’s office first week of June. Meeting pending feedback from Sheriffs office.
06/27/17 – ThermalTech receives signed SOSS and PO to develop the Video Visitation ITB specifications. ThermalTech developing the ITB and is estimating 4 weeks to have a review copy to sheriffs office and to facilities.
07/25/17 – TEI meets with Sheriff’s Office and Facilities. ITB pending funding being put into place. TEI will have all drawings and project manual ready for issuance by August 15. Once funding is in place – ITB # will be requested and project issued for bidding.
08/28/17 – TEI has bid package complete and ready for issuance for bids pending an ITB number and legal wrap dates, and will contact purchasing for the finalization of these pending items once facilities confirms that all funding is in place for the work.
09/26/17 – TEI has bid package complete and ready for issuance for bids pending an ITB number and legal wrap dates, and will contact purchasing for the finalization of these pending items once facilities confirms that all funding is in place for the work. TEI email PDF copies to JN to forward to Kevin Horn at Sheriff’s office.
10/25/17 – Project has been issued for bidding. Pre-bid meeting scheduled for October 27 at 10:00 at the project site. Bids due to purchasing on November 9 at 11:00 AM. ITB # 050-17
11/29/17 – Bids received and opened on 11/09/17. DK was lowest qualified bid, and contracts have been drafted and sent to prosecutors office for approval. Upon receipt of approved contracts and PO – pre-construction meeting will be scheduled with DK.
01/22/18 – BOCC approved DK contract on 01/17/18, and a pre-construction meeting was scheduled with the team and DK for 01/30/18. This project to run concurrently with the JC Matrix project.
02/20/18 – DK has mobilized to site and project is under construction.  Construction progress meetings occur simultaneously with the Matrix project.  The 2″ conduits above the mezzanines have proven problematic, and DK to utilize square wireway mounted directly to deck.  All cables in LC to utilize 4″ conduit into the top of the data rack.
03/27/18 – Construction is ongoing.  5th floor north tower complete.  4th floor, north tower complete by 03/29 EOD.  DK stated that they are on schedule for timely completion of project.
04/25/18 – Construction is on going.  North tower complete except for medical area.  South tower 2nd and most of 3rd floors complete bu the end of the week.
05/30/18 – Construction is on going, near complete.  Punchlist is scheduled for June 5, 2018 at 10:00 AM.  Facilities, HCSO and TEI to complete punchlist.
06/27/18 – Construction complete.  ThermalTech and HCSO conduct punchlist field visit, and ThermalTech delivers punchlist to team.  DK to clarify quote for fiber switches.
07/25/18 – TE issues punchlist.  There is a meeting after the July partner meeting at 1:00 PM to discuss a few remaining items on the punchlist, then a back check of the punchlist to be scheduled.
08/29/18 – ThermalTech, facilities and HCSO conduct punchlist back-check.  There were a few open items remaining on the punchlist.   DK to address and submit signed -off puchlist with closeout documents for the project.
09/26/18 – Close out of project pending the submission of close out documents from DK.
10/23/18 – Close out of project pending the submission of close out documents from DK.
11/28/18 – Close out of project pending the submission of close out documents from DK.
01/29/19 – Close out of project pending the submission of close out documents from DK.
02/26/19 – TEI finally receives the final closout documents from DK.  TEI processing an will deliver to HamCo.
03/26/19 – TEI delivers close out documents to facilities department.  Facilities requests updated pricing from DK for installation of phone upgrades to be completed as a potential CO to the project.
04/24/19 – HCFD requests possible CO pricing from DK for adding kiosks in the Reading Road and the Woodburn Avenue facilities, and the telephone pricing for all of the buildings.  Pending funding availability.
05/29/19 – TEI authors CO for DK to route cables to kiosk locations, terminate cabling with RJ45 data crimp ends, and provide the holes as necessary per the request of the HCFD.
06/26/19 – CO pending the acceptance of the contract between Inmate phone system vendor and Hamilton County.
07/24/19 – CO pending the acceptance of the contract between Inmate phone system vendor and Hamilton County.
08/27/19 – CO pending the acceptance of the contract between Inmate phone system vendor and Hamilton County.
09/25/19 – CO pending the acceptance of the contract between Inmate phone system vendor and Hamilton County.
10/30/19 – Project pending execution of the contract between Inmate phone system vendor and Hamilton County.
12/11/19 – Project pending execution of the contract between Inmate phone system vendor and Hamilton County.
01/28/20 – Project pending execution of the contract between Inmate phone system vendor and Hamilton County.
02/26/20 – Project pending execution of the contract between Inmate phone system vendor and Hamilton County.
10/28/20 – Project ready to Archive.


CH – Fire Alarm System Upgrade

06/27/17 – Hamilton County requested SOSS for a complete new fire alarm system in the entire building.
07/25/17 – TEI authors SOSS and submits to HamCo for approval. Project pending SOSS approval and PO.
08/28/17 – Project pending SOSS approval and PO. BOCC will vote on this 9/13
09/26/17 – BOCC approves project at 09/13/17 meeting. TE authors memo to BW addressing the accessibility to the building for the existing system audit. Kickoff and field work to be scheduled upon receipt of signed SOSS and PO.
10/25/17 – TEI conducts kickoff meeting with facilities. TEI has been working on the initial field verification of all of the existing fire alarm system devices. Estimating that the field documentation will be complete approximately the end of the first week of November. TEI holds meeting with Fire Marshall to discuss building issues (construction techniques, historical significance, evacuation protocol, etc.) and distributes the meeting minutes to the team.
11/29/17 – TEI concludes field investigation/Audit of existing system. TEI Working on SD package of new design of system and will distribute SD plans to facilities upon completion for review.
01/22/18 – TEI has 90% design review meeting with HamCo (facilities, Building ops and bldg mgr). Final project schedules discussed.
02/20/18 – ThermalTech delivers 100% review drawing and project manual to Bert Watts for review. ThermalTech evaluating the cost estimate for the project and upon receipt of review comments from Bert Watts – project will be issued for bids.
03/27/18 – ThermalTech to deliver to Purchasing by 03/30/18 project ITB information to be available for bidding to the contractors on 4/3/18. Bids due 5/10/18. Prebid Meeting on 4/19/18.
04/25/18 – Prebid meeting occurred on 4/19.  Addendum #1 has been issued with meeting minutes and questions submitted.   Bid opening scheduled for 05/10.
05/30/18 – Bids opened and were on budget and award-able.  DK apparent low bid.  TEI authors contracts and sends to BW for review and approval.  TEI sends BW final contracts to forward to prosecutors office for approval.
06/27/18 – Project kickoff pending receipt of contacts and BOCC approval.
07/25/18 – Project kickoff pending receipt of contacts and BOCC approval.
08/29/18 – BOCC approves DK contract – and HamCo Facilities delivers approved contract to DK.  DK is developing submittal drawing currently, and will we will be scheduling a pre-construction meeting in the upcoming weeks once submittal drawing have been reviewed and approved.
09/26/18 – Construction kick-off pending receipt of fire alarm submittals.
10/23/18 – Pre-construction meeting was held on 10/19/18.  DK mobilization date for project was 10/22/18.  JCI/Simplex finalizing submittals – picking up ThermalTech review comments.
11/28/18 – DK has mobilized on the project and began construction.  One booster panel was relocated to the lower level from first floor area A.  Working on completing the backbone in the building prior to getting into court spaces.  Also working on removing the fire fighter phones from the existing spaces for the general contractor to keep busy.  DK to provide a 2-week look ahead of when they will be getting to court spaces.
01/29/19 – DK continuing the progress, nearing completion of the installation of devices in the basement and sub-basement floors of the CH.  DK anticipates 2-3 weeks and the basement will be completed.  Waiting on submittals for the BDA.
02/26/19 – Work continues in process.  New system Backbone is installed throughout the building.  Sub Basement, Basement, 7th floor  work complete.   Working on the 6th floor now and will be complete on 6 in the next week or two.  Moving to the 5th floor next.  DK submits RFI for the BDA replacement – TEI to get Daryl Meadows interpretation on BDA upon his return to the office after 2/27/19.
03/26/19 – Work continues on project.  There have been construction issues that are being worked out with the contractor.  DK to provide pricing for code changed requirements for the BDA (Code changed between issuance for bids and issuance for permits) and the BDA now requires battery backup.  DK also to provide pricing for devices found above the holding cells on 6th floor.
04/24/19 – Work is continuing on project.  Areas complete are sub-basement, basement, seven, six and most of five.  DK working on 4th floor currently.  DK is starting to become concerned with schedule, since it took the FA sub-contractor over 4 months to turn in the project submittals.  DK scheduling inspections of the 5th, 6th and 7th floors (tentatively May 8 after 4:30 PM).  These floors are now on the Simplex system in the building.  Elevators will be last things converted (all floors) since they are on all floors and circuits are run vertically in building.
05/29/19 –  The building department and the fire department have inspected the SD, and the speaker strobes on 5, 6, and 7. They were pleased and instructed to keep proceeding with the plans that were submitted, as the system was designed.  Work continues and DK is working on the 3rd floor and 2nd floor at this time.
06/26/19 – The work continues to proceed on the project.  Anticipate that the 2nd floor will be complete and turned over by July 1.  DK anticipating contacting the building department as requesting the next inspection for floors 1, 2, 3 and 4 during the week of July 15th.  BDA submittal received by TEI and returned to DK to complete the submittal.  TEI waiting on re-submission.
07/24/19 – Inspections conducted on 07/18/19 for floors 1, 2, 3 and 4.  The Inspections were successful and the SD and AV devices were approved and accepted.  DK finalizing work on first floor and working in the basement.  DK receives PO from Triton to include the devices in the Law Library so the entire building is included under the one warranty on the project.  DK waiting on JCI/Simplex for shop drawings for the Law Library and then that work will be completed asap.
08/27/19 – All devices for the law library are roughed in.  Triton to communicate with DK when to device out (post painting).  Basemen devices complete for the most part.  Corners, elevators and air handlers are now being worked on.
09/25/19 – Basement and Law Library Inspection occurred on 09/25/19.  ThermalTech completes punchlist #1 and issues to all parties.  East elevator lobbys (all floors) still incomplete.  There are several areas where the work is incomplete, and TEI will be returning for a punch list follow up visit.
10/30/19 – construction meeting was held on 09/24/19.  There are elevator issues that were communicated to HCFD that must be addressed prior to final elevator inspection (the elevators are not functioning properly and will not recall – will not pass inspections).  Additionally, there is coordination with the energy management system (for the AHU’s) for a pre-test and final test, such that they are all left running for both the pretest and the final test (since the testing occurs off hours).  The door release is pending a project by Risk Management that is replacing the access control system. TEI to schedule final punchlist.  Other than a few items, and the final inspections, the project is substantially complete.
12/11/19 – Project is nearly complete.  There are operational issues with 3 of the elevators, a few AHUs, and a couple tamper flows that must be repaired before DK can call for the final inspection with the building department and fire department.  A list of items was sent to design team and HCFD is working on the repairs and will notify when the work is complete.  Final inspections will then be scheduled.
12/12/19 – County updated us on current operation and issues for the project closeout including fire pump controller, elevator interface and AHU interface in this building.
01/28/20 – HamCo, TEI and DK meet on 01/28/20 to discuss outstanding repairs and schedule for repairs and project completion (final inspection).
02/26/20 – Upon notification from HCFD that all elevator, tamper switch, and AHU repairs are completed, DK will schedule final inspection with City and FD.
03/26/20 – On 03/25/20 – DK and TEI receive notification that all of the repairs are complete, TEI asks DK to schedule pre-testing and completion of project, and then final inspection.
06/23/20 – DK scheduled final inspection.  The day prior to the final inspection, DK conducted a pre-test, and several item repairs were still incomplete.  Final inspection still pending repairs.  City of Cincinnati want to close out the permit, needs final to happen.
07/29/20 – TEI, DK and JCI Simplex conduct final testing with the building department and the fire department.  Everything passes inspection.  JCI Simplex had submitted the engineering change for the active shooter message to the building department.  Upon approval of the engineering change – building inspector needs to come back 1 final time for a brief demonstration that it works as indicated, and the project will have final approval.
08/21/20 – Project final inspections complete and approved.   Project closeout pending change order message and connection to the BMS.  DK has been emailed multiple times for schedule to complete these tasks, TEI has not received responses to the email inquiries.
09/23/20 – TEI meets with Honeywell, DK, JCI/Simplex and HCFD and Tim Schuh to get all data for the implementation of the safe-link card (tie the FA system into the BAS system).  TEI sent floor plans to Honeywell and all parties confirmed that they have everything that they need to complete the implementation of the system.
12/09/20 – DK scheduled to be on site on 12/09/20 to provide building personnel with required training on the system.  Honeywell and JCI Simplex scheduled to be on site on 12/10/20 to make final connections of the safelink card, at which point all on site work to be complete.  Upon receipt, review and approval of close out documents, this project will then be complete.
01/28/21 – Working on closeout on final project. MCB to review final integration.

02/23/21 – TEI working with Matt Butz to obtain all final lien wavers, PW docs etc, to finalize closeout documentation.

03/24/21 – All final documents sent to HCFD.  Project complete.


Sheriff HQ – Electrical Device Identification and Arc Flash Study

05/30/08 – Ginter sent the panelboard schedule in excel format. TEI forwarded to County and sent allowance usage certificate to Ginter for signing. Ginter has to provide an approved IBI permit at conclusion of this project.

04/09/08 – All Work is complete. TEI will finish and stamp the permit drawing for Ginter. Ginter will get IBI for making the conference room on emergency panel for colonel. This will use the last of the allowance money and closeout the project.

01/07/08 – Ginter has completed punchlist items. MAH will conduct back check when meeting on extra work takes place. The Colonel would like to have some receptacles on emergency power in the conference room so they can use as a command center. The work will be discussed with final approval from Tony Matre.

12/14/07 – Change order was requested for Ginter to access the $2000 allowance. TEI has requested additional itemized backup and an explanation of the additional devices from Ginter. Jim Ginter sent the additional items to TEI and MH is reviewing for approval today. MH created the punchlist for the project and is distributing the punchlist to the contractor today as well.

12/11/07 – Construction meeting was conducted and punchlist was created moving toward a final closeout. Punchlist items will take a few weeks because of the lead time in ordering engraved labels. Aside from some misunderstanding in the labeling requirements the work appears very thorough. Ginter turned over mark-ups. Ginter to submit pay apps and TEI to write a deduct change order for unused allowance.

11/30/07 – As promised Ginter reported today that this project is complete. TTC responded back to their email that we would use the const mtg for our punchlist and to advise about allowance usage on this project so TEI could write a deduct change order for closeout. TTC also sent all the closeout documents to Ginter for use on this job.

11/28/07 – Ginter provided an update today stating the the ID project was going well. TEI will setup a const mtg the week of 12/10.

11/09/07 – TTC distributed Pre Const Mtg minutes from last week. Ginter is on the job and ready to complete by the end of this year.

08/31/07 – TTC received word from HCFD that the insurance issue has been resolved. TEI awaiting word from HCFD so that this project can move into the Construction Phase.

08/15/07 – NR wrote: “Any idea about when this project is going to be ready for construction?” Bert( HCFD) responded: “I am still working out Insurance issues with Michael Ginter, he is working on getting me the correct Certificate of Insurance. Jim and I are working on getting the LEADS background checks completed.” TEI awaiting word from Hamilton County Facilities Department to move into construction phase.

08/10/07 – TEI awaiting word that the contract has been signed by Ginter Electric so that this project can move into the construction phase.

07/30/07 – NR received word from Bert Watts at the Hamilton County Facilities Department that the contract was sent to Ginter Electric last week for their signature. TE is awaiting word that the contract has been signed so that this project can move forward with the construction phase.

06/29/07 – TE awaiting word that the contract has been signed to that this project can move into the construction phase.

06/22/07 – Contract has been awarded to Ginter Electric. The contract has been sent to Mark Donnelly; TE is awaiting signed contract to proceed with pre-construction meeting.

06/15/07 – Hamilton County Facilities is reviewing the bid tabulation. TE is awaiting word about which contractor has been awarded the contract so that we can move forward with this project.

06/08/07 – This project opened for bid yesterday. TE is awaiting the bid tabulation from the Hamilton County Purchasing Department.

06/01/07 – This project is set for bid opening on June 7, 2007.

05/25/07 – The pre-bid meeting was held on site today. Those in attendance included Kevin and Steve Kallmeyer of Kallmeyer Electric, Jim Ginter of Ginter Electric, Nick Richmond of ThermalTech Engineering, and Walt Hendrick/ Mike Jackson/ Ken Caruso of Hamilton County. A site tour was given as well as a specification and drawing review. This project is expected to go to bid on June 7th of 2007.

05/21/07 – Project went out for bid on May 18, 2007. Pre-bid meeting has been scheduled for Friday, May 25 at 10:00am. Meeting place is the lobby of the Patrol Headquarters. NR contacted Captain Mark Hendrick to discuss working hours. It was decided that normal working hours would best suit this project because of limited access to certain areas of the facility. NR sent an email to Mark Donnelly informing him of this.

04/27/04 – Drawings for the Device Identification portion of this project are complete and will be present for Hamilton County review in the meeting today, April 27 of 2007. The Arc Flash Labels are at the printer and should be completed within the next 2 weeks.

04/20/07 – Arc Flash Labels are being dropped off to the printer next week. The Device Identification portion of this project is complete and the drawings will be complete next week.

04/13/07 – Single Line Diagrams have been established and Arc Flash Study has begun. TE found discrepancies with the As-Built drawings and what was found in the field so they are making another field visit today, April 13, 2007. This visit is meant to trace the source of the panels in the barns and out-buildings. There is an automatic transfer switch in the Property Room that needs to be traced also. Dan Myer of TE will also be on site to meet with a county employee to locate above ceiling equipment.

04/06/07 – Kick-off meeting was held. Project is moving along as expected.

03/30/07 – Kick-off meeting is scheduled for next Thursday, April 5th of 2007.

03/23/07 – Project progressing as expected. Kick-off meeting tentatively scheduled for the first week in April. TE to set up meeting with Hamilton County Facilities.

03/20/07 – Fieldwork is progressing and is about 80% complete.

03/14-07 – NR created project journal and filled in back data from previous meetings. Project awaiting signed SOSS to be returned to TE. 90% of field work has been completed for the Device Identification portion of this project. Field notes not inputted electronically per awaiting signed SOSS.



09/29/10 – Project closed and archived.

08/16/10 – We talked to Debra Kuempel today. O&M’s were submitted and I believe sent to the County last November. We have been holding for the final change order. Kevin and Donna at DK agreed the Change Order Credit was going to be $5761 for this job. Laurie is typing, we will delivery for signature to DK today and then they can get their closeout docs in order and we can close this job.

08/13/10 – Payapps updated for both contractors. As Built dwgs completed by TEI. QCM needs to sign the change order and send to Bert.

07/28/10 – Check on DK change order work and approve as-builts for project completion.

05/26/10 – DK is installing the fiberglass pan in June. We are awaiting QCM closeout docs.

05/15/10 – TTC is working on closeout documents for QCM. We have the final payapp but I don’t know if we have the O&M manuals so I contacted QCM again to check the status.

04/26/10 – Project is complete save the fiberglass pan issue.

03/23/10 – DK got an okay to provide pricing for a new fiberglass drip pan for the panel as we wait for THP to work on better site drainage.

02/22/10 – TTC signed additional payapps for QCM and DK for payment on this job. We are ready to close it out. There is an issue about a ground fault alarm and wiring on the fire pit. DK said they may just replace the wire and be done with it.

12/31/09 – Debra Kuempel did the overnight work on the conduit sealant upgrade and I believe we are down to final closeout. We have a warranty issued with the pit having a grounding issue at the fire alarm panel. DK has sent a technician to repair.

10/20/09 – TTC sent out punchlist today to contractors with instructions to closeout project. We are accepting CO#09 for blacktop from QCM. We have to work out the $10,000 allowance with Debra Kuempel and the $7500 with QCM for this project to write the final Change Orders. The email included instructions to closeout and finalize change orders and allowances.

09/22/09 – The project is nearly complete. TEI will be performing the punchlist in the next few weeks. DK is going to be on site on Thursday to finish up their work. Queen City Mechanical submitted change orders for processing today. We received a new COR #8 for piping. TEi asked for more info on this change order. We should be able to close out in a month.

08/26/09 – Final tie-ins for both fire protection and fire alarm are being made. By the end of this week, everything should be 99% complete and ready for punchlist.

07/27/09 – Bert and Terry talked last week about having TEI modifying our permit to list the Fire Pit as existing equipment. TTC called but the Inspectors office was closed. I will try back again later. The County has asked for the CWW to submit their drawings and apply for a permit for the work separately.

06/23/09 – All the permit issues have been resolved. TTC contact QCM mechanical by email and phone to get an update on status of fire main trench. No update but TTC will check on 06/24 when he visits the site for the FA project. DK has not been back to the site since the new power was brought back online. We believe they will return when they work on the trench with QCM.

05/22/09 – DK has finished the transformer relocation. The building is back up on Duke power from the new transformer. The cables are being collected for pickup. Prus provided the new fire main and fire pit for us. QCM will be out 05/26/09 to begin trenching the parking lot for the remaining work on fire alarm and fire sprinkler work.

04/03/09 – TTC sent an email update to the team for the pit, given it is located in the parking lot. Tony is going to look at the final location. Bert and Tony to advise. Luckily, we talked about this happening in the pre construction meeting.

02/19/09 – GCWW has brokered a deal to have Ray Prus provide the water tap to the R/W for QCM from the new water main. Ford Development will build the pit from that location. We have asked for a credit from QCM for the smaller scope.

02/0509 – QCM informed us that a new water main is being installed in Hamilton Ave. I advised QCM to investigate using that main instead of the one we originally projected for use.

02/02/09 – TTC modified the project schedule and sent out for approval to all the vendors. Jackson questioned the actual shutdown and switchover date but TTC told him that was not set in stone yet. The City has approved the water permit. We are waiting on ODOT approval of the plans before digging.

01/05/09 – Payapp #3 came in for DK and ThermalTech approved and sent to Bert. This payapp went to Bert first which may delay this payment.

10/16/08 – ThermalTech sent profile drawing to QCM for submission to state. TEI sent new permit drawings to Debra Kuempel for permit application. DK is getting price from Duke for work on this project per the scope of work on the specs as TEI wrote.

08/29/08 – Contracts approved. Pre Const Set for next Thursday.

08/22/08 – No update from County. TEI inquired about proceeding. Tony answered that contracts will be in front of the Board next Wed. 08/27.

08/08/08 – Tony reported the Prosecutor has contracts for approval. They are pushing hard.

07/31/08 – County reported that all contracts are at Prosecutor’s Office awaiting approval.

07/30/08 – TEI has delivered all contracts to Contractors for signing. TEI sent stamped permit drawings to Queen City Mechanicals for CWW permit application. QCM stated that CWW will want permit tap fee as soon as permit is awarded. This process may be the longest lead item of the whole job.

07/18/08 – Pre Award Meeting complete. All contractors recommended for project. Debra and Queen City Mechanical both stated they understood the project, the schedule and agreed their price was valid for this scope.


PBS – Sound System Repair Project

03/21/06 – TEI asked for an engineering change order which covers extra time spent by ThermalTech during the construction phase and occupancy permit time on this project. Joe said he signed it and went on to his boss Eric Stuckey. This project is officially complete.

02/13/06 – TTC finally approved the closeout documents, final pay applications # 6 & 7 and as-built drawings for this project. The only thing left is TE request for additional payment.

12/02/05 – TE requested a revised final payapp reflecting $6200 change order that was approved for the north end zone speakers. All final paperwork and as-builts have been received from Durrell in hard copy and CD. TTC made a copy of this information and is sending all originals to Joe Feldkamp for his use included 3 binders of O&M’s required by spec. TE will have have a hard copy of the 1/2 sized dwgs, just the CD.

11/30/05 – Chris Schaeffer called to inform Terry that the County reached settlement with Ed Simon and his lawyer’s and that a court appearance would not be needed.

11/28/05 – Upon final check the sound system is working, the new speakers are installed and working and the final paperwork has all arrived including the as-builts for this building. TTC has to write an engineering change order for ThermalTech’s Extra Time and WJHW Extra Time on this project and submit it for payment for the year 2005.

11/14/05 – Durrell and TJ’s total change order totaled $6200 ($5600 + $600). Joe Feldkamp approved. TTC confirmed with both contractors. Chris Horrell and Scott have scheduled Durrell’s visit for this Wed 1/16/05. Work to be completed by Thursday. TE shall send out the hard copy paperwork to all vendors.

11/10/05 – TTC was contacted by Chris Schaeffer about a possible court appearance in December over the bidding of this project. TTC discussed County bidding procedures and current ORC requirements for bidding and how the Sound Engineer, Audio Contractor and Electrical Contractor was selected for this project.

09/12/05 – Pay Application #4 is being resent to TE. TTC will approve and send to County for payment. TJ delivered payapp to TE today.

09/08/05 – TTC emailed contractors about closeout for project and punchlist. Sound was excellent last Friday when TTC went to the Colts-Bengals preseason game. TTC sat in section 315 and was impressed with quality of sound and clearness of PA announcer.

08/09/05 – Durrell reported that, Tom and I went over these items and will have most knocked out this week prior to this weekends game. What will be left will have to do with getting QSC down to make the cosmetic changes to the amplifier control system to make it that much more user friendly and correctly control the amplifiers that are being displayed.

08/08/05 – TTC coordinated the final change order amounts with TJ Williams and will modify the change orders for final signing today. Both change orders are complete. TTC will deliver them by hand to PBS tomorrow and try to get Bill Meyer to stop down and sign them. Punchlist was compiled and emailed out to contractors (hyperlink below).

08/01/05 – WJHW and Durrell completed the punchlisting work. Ron Baker is going to send the punchlist to TTC for distribution. TTC talked to Scott Simpson about items that he needed added from his end and left a message for Joe about his items. The consensus appears to be that everything is very nearly complete and everyone is very happy. Hopefully this will lead to a quick closure and a working sound system ready for the season in a very short time period.

07/19/05 – We have reached resolution on the PBS Sound Change Orders. Amy will approve change order #1 8855.00 for the countertops and change order #2: 2,060.74 for restocking fees from TJ. TE will write the new change orders for these amounts and send them to TJ for signatures and then onto JF for signatures by the County. WJHW and Durrell have scheduled the Engineering Commissioning for this project on 07/27 thru 07/29. TTC will be out of town on Wednesday but will assist on Thurs/Fri as needed. Punchlist should be fine as Durrell and Scott Simpson have been working hand in hand during the project. TE and WJHW will supervise and TE will try to set up and Const Mtg on Friday for a final update on progress before we start the as-built drawings for this job. Durrell reported by email on 07/18/05:

Last week Durrell got all the speakers working (with only two exceptions) and wired to the correct amplifiers. The West amp room is complete, all racks laced and cleaned, all amplifiers working. The East we ran out of time Friday, but we have all amplifiers working with the correct speakers, we need to spend one day lacing up and minor cleaning.

We found one 2″ driver not working on the East side that will have to be accessed and one crossover on a full range speaker on top of the north end zone – each will require one day’s work.

The west club area is finished and working and the east is about two hours away (got held up due to a wedding party).

The control room is up and working. We had a MediaMatrix card fail (used backup for tuning) and Scott Simpson has to provide us with info where to mount the two computer screens and the Volume meter, both minor installs. The console and all the other equipment is in a functioning correctly including the software upgrades. We want to rebuild the control block that exist for the control screens for QSControl – some coordination will need to exist between Scott Simpson, Tom Moores and we would like Ron Baker’s input – when the commissioning is done.

Durrell will schedule two days prior to WJHW’s coming to PBS for their commissioning to be sure all of these minor items are finished. We are waiting on Ron Baker for that date (date has been set see above)

07/08/05 – Eric Stuckey, Joe Feldkamp, Diana Craynon and Bill Meyer called today to inform me that the change order has be stopped and no work will be done on it and it is most likely canceled until later. We informed TJ Williams and TTC is supposed to cancel Monday’s field trip to work on it.

07/05/05 – TTC emailed Eric Stuckey the final Change Order #01 cost including the cabling and the countertop for approval. PDF. TTC met Chris Schaeffer, Scott Simpson, Steve Durr, Sam Kinman and Ed Simon and his associates downtown today to supervise a field visit and walk through with the County for the County lawsuit.

06/27/05 – TTC sent out CD’s to HamCo for law suit.

06/23/05 – TJ Williams sent the revised ACO out today. PDF. Terry and Joe asked for TJ to redo the change order to reelect the credit that the County will be receiving in place of the speaker parts that won’t be installed. TTC and JF will then talked to Amy about writing a change order to finish the project off with the cabling upgrade. The Const Mtg verified that many, many of the issues with the speakers were resolved by fixing wiring and termination points. ThermalTech believes that by knowing this it is a fair inference that the 3000 foot cable splices are probably not infallible.

06/22/05 – Const Mtg #02 was held. Durrell reported that all base work is complete except for software upgrade on MM. Durrell offered to do all the CO work except for the cabling for the $50,000 allowance. TTC agreed that this work be a fair barter. We decided to accept the countertop change order from jb schmitt. We will pursue a change order to get the cabling issue taken care of this year and Joe and TTC will talk to Amy about it after TJ provides an update T&M price NTE for the work.

06/16/05 – TTC visited the site earlier in the week with JB Schmitt and they turned in a quote today for the new countertop work at PBS. TTC forwarded the quote to the team for a decision. Countertop = $5695.00 and New Window = $3160.00.

06/06/05 – Durrell sent an email request Topper be added to all correspondences on this project. TE forward to Joe Feldkamp for approval. PDF.

05/31/05 – TE tried to reach WJHW for a conference call to discuss moving forward with additional bidding on Change Orders for this project. CO# 2 and CO# 4 are significant and may have to be bid out separately. TJ Williams called today to see about CO approvals. TTC sent the Allowance email to Bill Meyer. TTC should have sent last week when it was approved but somehow that didn’t happen. TE and WJHW still need to talk to Joe about Club Level work and scope.

05/24/05 – TE issued a recommendation letter to PBS about Change Orders for this project. TE spoke to Durrell and told them they must proceed with scheduling on the assumption that the Change Orders # 2 and # 4 are not approved. The County will issue a formal approval as soon as it can. This may lead to scheduling conflicts later near substantial completion but bidding and change order policies must be adhered to for this project. PDF

05/17/05 – Consultants and JF are in consultation about approving change order request. TE has requested direction from their sub WJHW on what is essential and what is not. First TJ payapp is approved and sent to JF.

05/11/05 – TJ submitted 5 change orders today to the project. PDF TE setup a construction meeting for Thursday at 1:30 p.m. to discuss project progress. TJ contracts are signed and in security for contractor to pick up.

04/27/05 – Contract has been approved by the Commissioners. TTC advised the contractors that the contract and PO would soon be in their hands. TE and WJHW will have subs complete by the end of the week.

04/26/05 – WJHW has submittals for AV work on the job. TE has reviewed the submittals fro EC compliance and found no errors so we will approve them with “No Exceptions Noted” to that end, we have told TJ the same. TJ inquired about contract approval and TE told them Wed at Board meeting, we should know. Please advise us when you hear information about Contract.

04/22/05 – TE received submittals for TJ yesterday. TE is checking for EC items. TE shipped one to WJHW for AV items. TE has delivered all dwgs and specs to TJ for permit application. JF reported that contract is in front of board for approval on 04/27/05. Everyone is still working at their own risk to date. Durrell has sound system working in bowl for weekend draft picks. County Prosecutor asked for some video footage of splice problems in the amp rooms. PBS reported that some have been fixed but other still remain to be documented and that Durrell may know best which ones to document. JF and TTC communicated about this pre-work in email PDF.

04/19/05 – TE sent out an email stating the Durrell may be doing some additional work in the Club levels that is above the scope of work outlined in the contract. Monies for this work shall be determined later.

04/18/05 – TJ sent their employee list into the County for this project. PDF. JF reported that contracts have been submitted and the project is up for Board approval on 04/27/05.

04/12/05 – TE had TJ resign new contracts forms and delivered to Kerry Dowling for approval. Kerry said that she would sign these on 04/11/05 and TE would have City Dash pick up the newly signed contracts and have them delivered back to Joe Feldkamp for submission to the County Commissioners for approval. TE sent 3 sets of dwgs to Dallas for WJHW to sign for TJ to turn into IBI for permit sets. TE and JF told TJ at the pre construct mtg on 04/11/05 that all work done by Durrell and TJ before receiving the contract and the PO is “at your own risk” type work.

02/23/05 – TE delivered contact to Joe Feldkamp. TTC and JF discussed contractor over phone and coordinated paperwork due to prosecutor. JF will submit contract for prosecutor review. TE will hold on notification to contractors until all paperwork is finalized. TTC would like to see 2 week turnaround in contract to keep scheduled intact.

02/22/05 – TE has received all required bid paperwork and finalized the Contract. Contract, Drawings, Spec Books and Drawings will be sent to Joe Feldkamp today.

02/16/05 – County and PBS indicated to proceed with Base Bid and Alternate 2 for this project.

02/16/05 – TTC and WJHW discussed the Alternates from the bids and are basically recommending that the County accept Alternate # 2 at this time and wait on Alternate # 1 because of the unknown variables included with updating the system. TE recommends fixing all the existing problems first before adding a new layer of master control that my contribute new and undiscovered problem of us to troubleshoot in the field plus upgrading to the BIAMP system will add additional dollars to the existing SOSS as this is a scope change for engineering (WJHW is working on an adder price). We will write the contract with Alternate #2 for the time being.

02/08/05 – Bids opened. TJ Williams appears to be the low bidder. TE has contacted contractor for additional paperwork and will begin contract work immediately. County needs to provide a signed bid evaluation form with Alternate recommendations for contract.

01/25/05 – Addendum 3 distributed. Durrell asked a new question for Addendum 4. The bid was extended to February 3, 2005.

01/21/05 – TE coordinated with WJHW and County to extend bid date one week and to send out Addendum 03 on Monday with updated information for bidding and alternate. Purchasing Department instructed TE to contact ICB Audio via email about non-inclusion into the accepted bidder’s list for this project.

01/20/05 – TE distributed Addendum 01 on 01/11/05 and Addendum 02 on 01/20/05. Addendum 03 should come out on 01/21/05. TE has written a rejection letter and given it to Purchasing to give to ICB as they do not meet the Professional Stadium Experience Requirement on this project. The SoundCom qualifications have been sent to WJHW for review and we are currently waiting on SoundCom to confirm a couple of questions about which office will serve this project but they most likely will be approved for bidding as they do meet the quals. TTC asked if the bid should be extended since SoundCom is being added. TE is awaiting the County’s decision. The second prebid was attended by about 8 contractors. Muzak declined to bid and left the prebid after we stated that OEM equipment must be used for repair.

01/19/05 – Prebid is finished. Addendum # 01 wads distributed. Addendum # 02 is going out tonight. Addendum # 03 is scheduled out tomorrow. ICB will not be an approved vendor. TE has to provide a letter to Purchasing for the use, modify and send.

01/14/05 – Joe Feldkamp called to inform TE that because the prosecutor wants a firm number for cost to provide as-built drawings that we can change the bid for to add an alternate to have the AV contractor provide a complete set of as-builts encompassing the entire scope of work at the stadium. TE shall modify the bid form accordingly.

12/24/24 – TE invited Audio Specialist Contractors. Project Manual is on the street, on schedule. Prebid set for January 5th. WJHW will be in town for the prebid. Everything appears to be set for bidding att his time.

11/04/04 – TE found and sent the AV drawings to WJHW today. Final design is still scheduled for final delivery on 12/08/04.

10/25/04 – WJHW sent an informal report from the field trip last week. PDF

10/19/04 – TE, WJHW, PBS and HamCo had a meeting and set the following schedule for this project (see below)

10/19/04 – TE and WJHW met onsite with the owners and ironed out the scope of the project, schedule of the project and the expectations of the project. WJHW will begin design and target first week of December for final engineering documents. TE will release minutes in a follow up email. Contract will be bid to a local EC with a Audio Specialist assigned as a sub.

10/15/04 – TE will meet WJHW onsite on Tuesday for kickoff meeting. WJHW will be onsite late Monday afternoon. They have coordinated their time with Scott Simpson.

ThermalTech solicited consultant bids and wants to team with WHJW from Texas for this project.

Conference call on August 17 between Eric Brown, Bob Bedinghaus, Joe Feldkamp and Terry Cannon with WHJW was held to discuss itemized consultant cost and scope of consultant work on this project.

TE is awaiting a signed SOSS from the County.

The County is awaiting a one page report from WHJW outlining the added benefits of using WHJW on top of the Durrell report.

Project scheduled to be signed in August 04, Designed in Sept – Oct 04, Bid Nov 04, Awarded in Dec 04, Construction Jan 05.


PBS – Deep Well Pump Replacement

03/23/06 – TTC spoke to John Wagner of Moody’s today and here is where the problem is: the actual repairs cost $15,573 not $6573, the 6573 +the 9000 already paid = the total cost of repairs on this job. This means that they are still giving you back $4427 on the job. John outlined this in a letter in September which I am having faxed to me. With this information, I will redo the paperwork and send it up to John for use on completing this project. I have to write a new change order, allowance usage and final pay application to make all the numbers work out right.

03/20/06 – TEI received final paperwork on this project today from Moody’s. This will be forwarded to Joe for payment on this project. TEI to begin phase II service contract immediately.

02/16/06 – Moody contacted TEI to request AIA forms. TTC sent them out in US mail for their use. They should complete these, notarize them and get them back for closeout.

02/06/06 – After an inquiry by Sam Kinman, TTC found the payapps sent to ThermalTech for approval. They were approved by Sam on 11/21/05. The problem is that they are not on AIA invoices which means there is no where for TTC approve. Assuming they are approved by TTC on these forms, the Contractor still has not turned in standard county documents for project closeout. TTC will forward a copy to Moody’s and ask for return of these documents. TTC completed a full packet of information required and mailed to Moody’s today via US Mail. TTC will follow up with a phone call today as well.

11/30/05 – Sam Kinman reported today in an email back to TTC that the deep well pump replacement job is complete. Since TE wasn’t used very much during construction, TTC assumes the punchlist is fine and no additional work needs to be done. TTC will archive the project from the database and closeout the project number. TE has never received a payment to approve, nor the final County paperwork to approve for that payment, nor manage any of the allowance monies. All this will need to be done before the project is closed out in the County’s books.

08/08/05 – TTC contacted the County about status of the Deep Well Pump Contracts. The previous entry does not state that the contracts were sent to PBS.

07/18/05 – Bid were opened. Moody was apparent low bidder at about $29,400. $20,000 in Alternates can be taken (ALT #1 and ALT #3). TE has contract written for $49,400 and will give 4 original copies to PBS for approval with Board. Bid PDF

07/05/05 – TTC worked on July 4 to get Addendum 2 complete and sent it out for distribution. PDF

06/27/05 – TE worked on Add01 and it will go out to the Contractors on 06/28/05. PDF

06/13/05 – TE sent out Project Manual for bidding. PDF

06/06/05 – Comments received from Sam and John Wagner of Moody in Dayton. TTC will update Project Manual and prepare for bidding ASAP. PBS talked about including a 3-year service contract on top of the bid. TE has done these in the past and can add this scope to the project if so directed by the County for bidding. This would be an engineering scope change to this project but it makes very good sense to include it now (12 hours x $80 = $960) and that includes the contract modifications for the Alternate bid to take optional years.

06/01/05 – Comment received from Joe and Eric. Nothing from Sam yet.

05/30/05 – TTC sent a project manual out for review over the weekend to PBS and County. Once comments are received, TE will distribute to public for bidding. All dates must still be coordinated with HamCo Purchasing.

05/26/05 – TTC contacted Moody’s for some specific questions about parts replacement. The Project Manual is built for front end. TTC needs to add dwgs and mechanical section. Bid Form needs to be modified for this job.

05/17/05 – The team had serious discussions about project schedule today. PBS re-iterated their concern about flooding. TE provided a timetable for construction that appeared not to be acceptable to PBS. TE had discussions with JF about project and will try to speed up project manual creation significantly to lessen risk. It is TE’s belief that County Purchasing has already decreed that this project does not meet Emergency Status.


PBS – Pro Shop Metering Project

03/29/06 – TTC reviewed the billed KW and KWH to the PBS Pro Shop and the numbers looked good. The pro shop is using less than 1% of the total power consumed at the building.


50.91 21,863

34.91 28,950

79.91 25,448

59.28 16,077

72.30 14,661

63.67 16,528

53.30 4,166
02/01/06 – TTC check on the meters and to review monthly billings at the site. The meters appear to be reading in the Megawatts which seems really high at first glance. TTC to reconcile with actual building data.

11/16/05 – TA visited the site today. Reviewed punchlist and determined that Bond Electric has not completed the issues described on the punchlist. TE called Bond to tell that them that can’t get paid until these items and the final paperwork is complete.

11/15/05 – As-Built drawings for this job were turned over to Wayne Trent of HamCo Facilities today.

06/17/05 – Const Mtg was held at PBS. Sam did not attend. Equipment is not on site yet but Bond is ready to get to work as soon as it arrives.

02/28/05 – Purchasing called to inform TE that Bond does NOT have a performance bond or check submitted for this project. We should not let them begin work without this paperwork in place. TA to confer with Jack Boland today and emphasize the need for this check immediately.

02/10/05 – Contracts and Bid Results are in County’s hands. TE awaiting further direction on this project.

11/17/04 – Bid Results

10/12/04 – Project is out for bidding.


PBS – Energy Study

03/20/07 – Project ready to archive.

11/30/05 – TTC and GD have to meet internally to review the 10/11/05 findings and energy usage. GD believes there can be savings found in schedules and space control but we will need “buy in” from facility department to implement. TTC has to setup meeting with GD to review other items but County end of year crunch on projects has dampened progress. All work will be done by end of year.

10/11/05 – TTC and GD met on site and reviewed the whole facility with Sam, Joe, Eric and the financial manager.

05/10/05 – Kickoff meeting for project with JF, TTC.


PBS – Video Wall Replacement Project

12/19/07 – Nor Comm has provided the AIA closeout paperwork, warranty letter and payapps. TTC signed and City Dashed it to Joe Feldkamp. This project is complete.

09/03/07 – TTC has received and approved the O&M’s. TTC is hand delivering the box of O&M’s and final payapp to PBS tomorrow at 9am at the Deep Well Pump prebid.

08/28/07 – TTC contacted Nor-Com again about final payment via email with a Read Receipt.

08/20/07 – Nor-Com contacted Joe today about final payment. TTC emailed Joe back station what happened to Payapp #2 as listed below. To date, we have not received any additional paperwork.

07/02/07 – TTC has contacted Howard Milkis and Nor-Com several times for closeout on this project. No response to TEI. TTC will try to contact the office directly today and find out how we are going to close out this project.

05/14/07 – PBS did not use TEI service much at all on site during this project. TEI has been in contact with Joe and Scott numerous times during construction as things were going well. TEI contacted owner today for punchlist and closeout items for Nor Comm. As far as TEI knows, this project is complete.

03/30/07 – TE received submittals for review and promised to work on them this week. Nor-Com has a schedule forthcoming.

03/16/07 – Scott and Joe held a kickoff meeting. TTC to follow up and publish some const mtg notes this week. A second Const Mtg is to be scheduled. PBS would like TV in before draft day.

02/13/07 – All contracts and information is in the Prosecutors office for review. Comments have been added and the contract should be approved very soon. TEI provided a copy of the bid results to Kerry Dowling per her request last week. Joe Feldkamp is following up with the Prosecutor Office.

01/30/07 – TEI finished the revised contract and returned it to PBS for use on this project. Now TEI is waiting for approval and signatures to move into a pre construction meeting.

01/10/07 – TTC hand delivered the contract based on the Base Bid cost to Joe for submission to the Prosecutor’s office. TTC included a $2500 allowance in the project after the bids were opened.

12/26/06 – TTC will finalize the deep well pump contract this week.


Electrical Switchgear PM Specs 2018

07/25/18 – ThermalTech working to finalize specs, will deliver to John Nester by 07/31/18 for review.
08/29/18 – ThermalTech Issues project for bidding.  Pre-Bid meeting is scheduled for 08/30/18 at 2:00 PM.  Bids open 09/13/18 at 11:00 AM.
09/26/18 – Bids received for project.  3 bids received, one disqualified for not having any form of bond.  ThermalTech qualified apparent low bid who did not include multiple scope items and withdrew their bid.  DK next apparent low bid, and has all scope included.
10/23/18 – ThermalTech authors a contract for DK after Wells Engineering withdraws their bid because they did not include all of the scope of the work in the project.  Project start is pending contract approval and issuance of PO.
11/28/18 – DK received PO for work from HCFD.  DK to work with JN to schedule the work.
02/26/19 – DK performes PM and cleaning at the Comm Center on 02/16, and then on the SPHQ on 2/23.  250 WHT and 230 East 9th Street PM and Cleaning pending, to be scheduled with John Nester and Building Managers.
03/26/19 – Dates for the 230 E9 and 250 WHT services still pending.
03/28/19 – 250 WHT May 4. 230 Coordinating with PDO.
04/24/19 – TEI, HCFD, Electricians, DK meet with building manager and building staff to review plan for outage.  Walk the building site and plan the outage for 5/4/19.  230 E9 will likely be in June for outage.

05/29/19 – 230 E9 switch gear cleaning will be performed on 06/02/19.  250 WHT was delayed due to issues at the building.  New tentative date will be 06/15/19.

06/26/19 – all buildings cleaning and PM complete.  DK to submit reports for each building including Thermal Scans of equipment.  TEI has not received any reports for any of the buildings to date.

07/24/19 – TEI requests written reports from DK for all of the buildings.  Final payment pending submission of the final reports.

08/27/19 – HCFD issues a change order for DK to repair the non-functional circuit breaker discovered during the cleaning and PM.  Field verification of circuits served underway, and then the breaker will be swapped out.  DK to submit final reports from cleaning the Thermographic reviews.

10/30/19 – TEI identifies in report that the non-functioning breaker that DK identified is not as indicated in the report.  DK to confirm the proper breaker that is non functional prior to swap out.  DK to schedule with the owner’s occupancy requirements the replacement of the breaker.

01/28/20 – Once DK submits final PW reports and AIA docs, this project will be archived.


A&D – Wireless Network Project

03/29/16 – Bert Watts requested a SOSS for a wireless network study for all floors of the building (Sub-basement through 7th floor). ThermalTech issues SOSS. Project pending approved SOSS and PO.
04/27/16 – TEI receives approved SOSS and PO. TEI, Bert Watts, John Nester, Claude Toulsen and Mark Miller have kickoff meeting to discuss existing conditions and JFS desired WiFi parameters. JFS investigating with the state network possibility to add to state network hardware.
05/25/16 – TEI conducts walk through of the building with Claude Toulsen. Identified locations of existing WAP’s, Identified proposed locations for new WAP’s, discussed state requirements and standards, and Claude T to forward to TEI state requirements and recommendations.
06/27/16 – ThermalTech working with Claude Toulsen to identify the state requirements for the system components. The State standards and the county standards do not match. Although JFS is not mandated to utilize the state standard equipment, CT would like to know the implications of using that equipment (cost, etc). ThermalTech to provide costing data for both the state and the county standard systems and make recommendations accordingly.
07/27/16 – TEI meeting with Claude Toulsen on 7/27/16 for progress meeting. The state equipment supplier (Aruba) has been non-responsive for weeks when I have made attempts to contact them for technical support. TEI to discuss this with CT and we are recommending that JFS utilize the Fortinet (county standard equipment) versus the Aruba.
08/23/16 – TEI to submit to Claude Toulsen and Bert Watts final draft of report for final comments and distribution by 8/31/16.
09/28/16 – TEI received final comments from Bert Watts, pending comments from Claude Toulsen for final distribution.
10/25/16 – TEI received final comments from Claude Toulsen – will conclude study portion of project.
01/25/17 – TEI submits SOSS for implementation of report recommendations. Project Pending approval of SOSS and PO.
02/22/17 – TEI receives approved SOSS and PO for the project. Project kick off meeting scheduled with Facilities and JFS on 2/23/17 at 2:00 PM.
03/22/17 – TEI performs field work and finds existing spare breakers in panels on each floor to provide power to the network switches and the WAPs that are a part of the project. Working on Construction cost estimates to have ready for discussion at 04/06 design meeting.
04/26/17 – ThermalTech has meeting with JFS staff and Facilities. TEI completing Bid Docs for Final design review meeting by end of April. TEI to request meeting first week of May to provide final review and establish bid parameters.
05/22/17 – ThermalTech and facilities meets with JFS staff. TE and Facilities presents the HamCo telecom group policies to JFS staff. JFS staff to meet independently and return to TE and facilities with direction that they wish to pursue. TE waiting on final design criteria from JFS IT staff.
06/27/17 – ThermalTech to coordinate with Purchasing, JFS and facilities for dates to put in the ITB. ITB to be issued ASAP. Hold until funding is in place.
07/25/17 – Project on HOLD until funding is in place.
08/28/17 – Project on HOLD until funding is in place.
08/31/17 – Redo entire business model so telephone support will be more prevalent. Wi-Fi not required. BW will set something up in the future.
09/26/17 – project to be completed in conjunction with the furniture/painting project.
05/30/18 – project to be completed in conjunction with the furniture/painting project.
11/28/18 – project to be completed in conjunction with the furniture/painting project.
01/29/19 – project to be completed in conjunction with the furniture/painting project (bid as an alternate).
03/26/19 – project to be completed in conjunction with the furniture/painting project (bid as an alternate).
04/24/19 – project to be completed in conjunction with the furniture/painting project (bid as an alternate).
05/29/19 – project to be completed in conjunction with the furniture/painting project (bid as an alternate).
06/26/19 – project to be completed in conjunction with the furniture/painting project (bid as an alternate).
07/24/19 – project to be completed in conjunction with the furniture/painting project (bid as an alternate).
08/27/19 – project to be completed in conjunction with the furniture/painting project (bid as an alternate).
09/25/19 – project to be completed in conjunction with the furniture/painting project (bid as an alternate).
10/30/19 – project to be completed in conjunction with the furniture/painting project (bid as an alternate).
10/31/19 – Move project to Archive, its in the A&D Interior finishes projects.