Lead Partner: GBBN

12/07/12 – THP 824 ADA upgrade project requested from the County. THP to provide structural services for entry ramp. Building Owner forwards existing PDF files of building floor plans.

12/08/12 – GBBN- issued SOSS to Hamilton County.

12/10/12 – GBBN, THP and TEI kick-off meeting and building tour.

12/12/12 – Existing hard copies of original building drawings received from Owner. ARC creates electronic copies for GBBN who distributes to TEI and THP.

12/13/12 – GBBN receives signed SOSS from Hamilton County.

12/14/12 – THP – THP issued SOSS to Hamilton County.

12/17/12 – GBBN meets with Building Owner and Contractor to discuss scope and walk existing building.

12/18/12 – THP – County executed THP SOSS. Building Contractor sends Otis Elevator ADA upgrade estimate to GBBN.

12/18/12 – GBBN sends ADA handicap access ramp layout to TEI and THP. CUH added by TEI and steel structure added by THP.

12/19/12 – Meeting with BOE staff that changes scope of work to include Lobby lift not ramp, no 2nd or 3rd floor restroom renovations and modified 3rd Floor renovations. Drawings generated by GBBN and circulated to BOE/ Facilities and Building Owner/Contactor.

12/19/12 – THP entry scope modified to allow for lift in lobby vs. constructing a room with a ramp adjacent to the entry.

12/20/12 – Ralph Linne notifies GBBN to proceed with generation of construction documents based on Building Owner original scope drawings.

12/21/12 – Small changes request to new scope drawings on the3rf Floor Office Area. Changes made by GBBN and sent to BOE. BOE signed off on new scope drawings.

12/28/12 – Final pricing and scope drawings sent to Millay & Company by GBBN.

01/02/13 – GBBN forwards new card reader lockset to BOE for approval.

01/04/13 – Ralph Linne notifies GBBN to proceed with amended scope from original SOSS per BOE Staff requests. GBBN sends approval to commence to TEI/THP. GBBN calls City Transportation and Planning to ask about handicap parking space in front of building. Left voice mail. No return call ever received.

01/07/13 – GBBN and TEI perform reflected ceiling field verification.

01/08/13 – GBBN meets with Midwest Accessibility Products to discuss details on lift installation and code approval.

01/12/13 – Ralph Linne confirms Prevailing Wage Rates required in specifications for contractor work on this project.

01/14/13 – Millay & Company confirms storefront replacement to be from existing horizontal door header and down. Existing transoms to remain.

01/15/13 – TEI sends stamped and sealed drawings to GBBN for permitting.

01/16/13 – THP sends stamped and sealed drawings to GBBN for permitting.

01/16/13 – GBBN notifies Millay& Company that stamped drawings, electronic CD and permit application available for pick-up at GBBN offices. Millay & Company requests electronic drawing files sent for review. GBBN complies.

01/21/13 – Millay & Company pick-up drawings from GBBN offices.

02/20/13 – Milay & Company sends a copy of the City of Cincinnati Permit Center building application response letter to GBBN. Most issues deal with existing building conditions.

02/22/13 – GBBN contacts Norwood Hardware about response letter issue on access control

02/25/13 – TEI reports findings concerning existing outside air repairs by building owner and test results from TEI research on existing units.

03/13/13 – Millay & Company receives letter from The City of Cincinnati Permit Center. Two items require further information for building permit approval.

03/14/13 – GBBN issues directive to BOE and Building Owner about front door over-swinging existing steps as code violation that must be addressed.

03/25/13 – GBBN receives return call from Plans Examiner with additional information concerning front door potential solution.

03/26/13 – The Building Owner and BOE agree upon GBBN Scheme B solution for addressing front entrance existing code violation solution.

04/12/13 – GBBN submits City of Cincinnati Permit Center requested Response letter and drawing corrections.

04/19/13 – City of Cincinnati Plans Examiner requests Mechanical Permit drawing for submission for earlier Mechanical Permit.

04/23/13 – TEI delivers stamped and signed Mechanical Drawing to GBBN for submittal to the City Permit Center.

08/22/13 – GBBN and THP attend meeting with Millay and Company to discuss structural coordination of steel support steel under the existing Lobby for lift elevator installation.