Lead Partner: GBBN

01/22/16 – County requested availability for kick-off meeting with Board of Elections.

01/27/16 – Meeting date established for Kick-off Meeting at 824 Broadway Building. Kick-off meeting held at BOE Offices.

01/28/16 – IPM and GBBN visit existing Warehouse for site investigation and photographing of existing conditions.

02/04/16 – GBBN receives approved SOSS from Facilities.

02/09/16 – Facilities directs GBBN/IPM to use estimate number 1835 in Archibus for the estimating efforts.

02/10/16 – GBBN/IPM receives first space planning design from Owner’s Reality Agent.

02/23/16 – IPM visits proposed building site with BOE for the site investigation for the purpose of estimating the move services.

02/24/16 – GBBN and Facilities agree on concept for estimating electrical disconnect services to be placed into the estimate.

02/24/16 – IPM begins estimating input for the move services.

03/02/16 – IPM/GBBN confirm with Facilities that the Move Services will require a public bid if over $49,000.

03/03/16 – TEI communicates information about the Data Room/Network relocation component of the relocation services. Facilities responds to inquiry about inert gas/fire suppression systems.

03/07/16 – Facilities responds to additional requests for information about phone switch and data/I-T questions.

03/10/16 – TEI provides Network/Data/I-T relocation estimating data and cost figures.

03/11/16 – GBBN and IPM finalize estimating in Archibus with the exception of phone/I-T relocation pending input from BOE.

03/23/16 – GBBN/Facilities/HamCo Telecommunications/BOE meet to discuss I-T/Network/Phone relocation component of move services estimating. Telecom to provide estimate to BOE for running new data wiring at new facility. BOE to inquire with CBTS and Building Owner related to Inert Gas Extinguishing and Phone provisions in lease and services agreements for Telecommunications.

04/19/16 – BOE instructs Facilities that revisions to new facility space planning are not completed, by other Architectural firm, so data outlet location drawing have not been completed, for sending to Hamilton County Telecommunications Department for completion of their Opinion of Probable Costs for the data/telecommunications component, for insertion into GBBN overall Opinion of Probable Cost.

05/19/16 – GBBN attends Kick-off Meeting with RFP Team.

05/20/16 – Facilities requests SOSS from GBBN for the Moving Services Scope of Work.

05/24/16 – IPM meets with Sally Krisel to discuss scope and overall project delivery dates.

05/26/16 – GBBN submits SOSS to Facilities at monthly Partnering Meeting.

06/02/16 – GBBN and IPM attend BOE RFP Construction update meeting.

06/07/16 – GBBN and IPM attend BOE Design Services Kick-off Meeting.

06/08/16 – IPM completes BOE on site existing furniture/equipment field verification.

06/16/16 – GBBN and IPM attend BOE RFP Construction update meeting. IPM releases final furniture and equipment layouts to BOE for final approval.

06/30/16 – GBBN and IPM attend BOE RFP Construction update meeting.

07/14/16 – GBBN and IPM attend BOE RFP Construction update meeting.

07/21/16 – GBBN and IPM meet with BOE to review Moving Services Bid Package with BOE Directors.

07/28/16 – Next scheduled BOE RFP Construction update meeting with Developer, Building Team, BOE and Facilities.

08/15/16 – BOE Move Services ITB #061-16 Issuance of Bidding Documents.

08/23/16 – BOE Move Services ITB #061-16 Pre-Bid Meeting held. 824 Broadway was toured first, followed by 3600 Red Bank Road Warehouse and concluded at the 4700 Smith Road Facility.

08/30/16 – Final Day for Bidding Questions. GBBN receives one set of questions from Purchasing Department for Addenda.

09/01/16 – GBBN issues Addenda #1 to Purchasing and ARC.

09/08/16 – GBBN attends bid Opening for BOE. Two bids received and Purchasing releases copies of both bids to GBBN.

09/15/16 – GBBN and IPM meet with Planes Moving and Storage Inc to discuss bid, scope and validity of bid documents. Planes agrees to honor bid and agrees in principal to enter into contract with Hamilton County for this project.

09/19/16 – GBBN authors a Meeting Minute summary for Facilities with GBBN and IPM recommending Planes be awarded the contract.

09/26/16 – GBBN and Facilities discuss status of Meeting Minutes, recommendation and contract authoring. Subject of accepting Alternate Bid to be determined with conversations with the Board of Elections.

10/03/16 – GBBN authors AIA contract for Planes Moving and Storage. Delivers to Facilities.

10/05/16 – GBBN and IPM tour construction site to field verify critical furniture installation dimensions. Critical dimensions are found to be acceptable.

10/15/16 – Wessells Moving and Storage emails GBBN about the return of their Certified Check. GBBN emails Facilities about it immediately.

10/17/16 – Wessells calls GBBN to personally inquire about the return of the Certified Check. GBBN calls Facilities to inquire but no answers are available. GBBN calls Purchasing to obtain more information and obtains answer. GBBN calls Wessells back to inform them the bid recommendation has not been officially accepted by the County therefore check can not be returned until that time by Purchasing.

01/17/17 – IPM reports roof leak in new Warehouse area will delay move of elections equipment to new facility. Building Owner to have roof repaired.

02/22/17 – IPM reports to GBBN that move is progressing very well and move should be completed soon. BOE is very happy with progress by Planes Moving.

03/16/17 – GBBN authors and delivers Additional Services SOSS for IPM services due to delays related to roof leaks and delayed move-in of the Warehouse Elections Equipment.

03/17/17 – Planes issues request for additional services to be allocated from the Allowance built-in to the contract. GBBN requests that Planes re-issue request with additional cost break down including material and labor.

03/22/17 – Planes revised request received. Facilities approves request and authorizes GBBN to author Change Order #1 reflecting revised request.

03/23/17 – GBBN issues Change Order #1, with Architects signature, to Planes via mail.

03/27/17 – GBBN authors and mails Change Order #1 Revisions as requested by BOE.

04/20/17 – GBBN informs Planes that AIA Documents are required to submit any Application for Payments to the County per the Project Manual.

04/26/17 – GBBN coordinates completion of AIA Documents with Planes.