Partner Lead: GBBN

08/08/17 – Hamilton County requested Kick-off Meeting at BOE SOSS.

08/22/17 – GBBN and TEI meet with Facilities and BOE to discuss project, measure, photograph and field verify the existing space. Hamilton County requested SOSS.

08/25/17 – GBBN authors and provides Hamilton County with a SOSS.

08/26/17 – GBBN contacts Architect from RFP project to inquire about MEP drawing files from RFP Project. Architect responds sending along contact information for CM. CM is contacted and and sends files to GBBN.

08/26/17 – GBBN receives field verification dimensions from TEI for existing sanitary drain cleanout locations.

09/12/17 – Facilities communicates Project Request Estimate number to GBBN.

09/13/17 – GBBN communicates with Property Manager and CM related to RTU and Plumbing information.

09/14/17 – GBBN researches codes and Plumbing Fixture Unit requirements.

09/15/17 – GBBN finalizes the concept floor plan and circulates to Design Team. TEI finalizes HVAC concept approach with Facilities.

09/19/17 – Property Manager forwards information on Mechanical and Plumbing Contractors that worked on last renovation.

09/20/17 – TEI confirms contact with Mechanical Contractor.

09/22/17 – GBBN finishes Architectural and General Construction input into Archibus Project Request Estimate.

09/25/17 – TEI confirms contact with Plumbing Contractor and confirms concrete was placed in abandoned underground plumbing lines. Estimates are complete by ThermalTech for this project.

10/06/17 – BOE confirms to GBBN that tables used for trainees may be only 3 feet wide.

10/09/17 – BOE requests changes to the table and Training Room configurations. The Lobby is decreased in size and extra space dedicated to both Training Rooms.

10/10/17 – GBBN sends updated drawing to BOE for review.

10/11/17 – BOE confirms to GBBN which modified option has been selected for use. Decision on how to eventually pursue real project, if approved, is still pending discussions with Building Owner.

11/29/17 – GBBN and TEI attend Client project kickoff meeting on 11/29/17. Discuss schedule, budget, and design parameters.