11/10/17 – Facilities requests SOSS be prepared by GBBN.11/14/17 – GBBN authors and delivers SOSS to Facilities.
11/13/17 – TEI submits MEP scope of services to GBBN.
11/14/17 – GBBN authors and delivers SOSS to Facilities.
11/15/17 – BOCC approves BOE Training Center Build-Out project to proceed.
11/29/17 – GBBN and TEI attend Client project kickoff meeting on 11/29/17. Discuss schedule, budget, and design parameters. Additional Field Verification done and photographs taken.
11/30/17 – Next review meeting for IT is 12/13. The SD presentation meeting is scheduled for 12/20. TEI does not need a site plan, roof plan or underslab drawing for this work. GBBN will send us updated plans next week. GBBN can also send section and wall cuts soon.
01/25/18 – Review sets given to BOE for review by BOE and Bldg Owner. We are waiting on comments back and then we will bid this project out. GBBN will update specs and bid dates
02/09/18- Oswald supplies carpet and toilet accessory selections from recent renovation for use in replicating the same in the new build out.
02/16/18 – BOE requests small vision lights be added to Training Room doors for visibility into rooms from Lobby.
02/20/18 – ThermalTech to complete bid sets to send to GBBN for 02/26/18 issuance.
02/20/18 – GBBN distributes ITB information. ITB#021-18 selected by Purchasing. Existing Prevailing Wage Rates will be used due to no new substantive changes made recently. BOE approves 3/7/18 at 10:00 am as Pre-Bid Meeting date.
03/07/18 – Pre-Bid Meeting held at 4700 Smith Road. Meeting Agendas prepared by GBBN are issued and Minutes Recorded along with a Sign-In-Sheet filled out.
03/13/18 – Addenda #1 with Pre-bid Meeting Minutes was issued.
03/15/18 – Addenda #2 issues by ARC and Purchasing.
03/22/18 – Bid opening extended to 3/28/18. Addendums 1-4 released and update the budget and scope to take mechanical deduct alternate for a different control packages.
03/26/18 – GBBN meets Dorn Fire Protection to tour building and contract site.
03/27/18- City of Norwood Building Department was contacted for information on Permitting requirements and logistics.
03/28/18- TEI contacts Hamilton County Plumbing Department about submissions for Permitting.
03/29/18- Bid Opening to be held at 11:00 AM at CAB, Room #507. Apparent low bidder is John P. Tumlin and Sons, LTD.
04/04/18 – GBBN holds Bid Interview with Douglas Tumlin. Meeting Minutes and recommendations send to Facilities. Facilities issues decision to proceed with the contract authoring to John P. Tumlin and Sons, Ltd.
04/05/18 – Facilities reviews and approves final AIA Contract copies to be printed and delivered to Facilities.
04/12/18 – Facilities informs GBBN that the contracts have been approved.
04/18/18 – GBBN submits permit applications for Building and Mechanical Permits to the City of Norwood.
05/01/18 – Plumbing and Fire Protection stamped and signed drawings sent to GC for permitting.
05/08/18 – GBBN/TEI send Plumbing CAD drawings to contractor.
05/08/18 – GBBN forwards tax exempt form to Contractor via Facilities.
05/09/18 – GBBN forwards CAD reflected ceiling plan to Electrical Contractor.
05/10/18 – GBBN forwards Oswald Keying and Wood Door finish information to Contractor.
05/10/18 – TEI forwards Plans Examination language to GBBN for Revision letter.
05/10/18 – Door Hardware Submittal returned from GBBN to GC.
05/11/18 – TEI forwards MEP Revision Draiwngs to GBBN.
05/11/18 – GBBN sends Construction Change Directive (CCD) #1 to GC.
05/11/18 – GBBN coordinated revised door swings, locations and hardware with Facilities, BOE and Door Hardware Consultant.  Plan Revision letter finalized.
05/17/18 – City of Norwood notifies GBBN that Building and Mechanical Permit are approved.  Owner and GC are notified.
05/22/18 – Certified Letter from Becker Electrical forwarded from Purchasing to Facilities and GBBN. GBBN forwards Plan Revision Letter and documents to General Contractor. GBBN completes and forwards revised Door Submittal to GC. TEI sends approved Light Fixture Submittals to GBBN, then forwarded to GC.
05/23/18 – Pre-Construction Meeting is held at BOE Offices. City of Norwood informs GBBN that specification books were not included in permit approval package picked up by GC.  Tumlin notified. HVAC and Plumbing Fixture Submittals returned by TEI and forwarded to GC.  TEI informs resubmittal will follow for Pressfit.
05/24/18 – Electrical Stamped and Signed Drawings given to Electrical Contractor for IBI Permit. First of Tumlin Background Checks have cleared the Local stage.
05/29/18 – ThermalTech attended pre-const meeting with project team and has completed submittal review for the plumbing and HVAC for this project. TTC will try to complete the Fire protection review by 5/31. Plumbing press-fit fittings were approved for use on this project.05/30/18 – GBBN distributes Pre-Construction Meeting Minutes to all attendees. Plumbing Re-submittal approved by TEI and distributed by GBBN to GC. TEI reviews Fire Protection Submittals and indicates “Revise and Resubmit”.  GBBN forwards to GC.
05/31/18 – Fire submittal was asked for revise and resubmit and returned to the contractor. Electrical still needs to see conduit and feeders and lights. Flooring samples are approved.
06/06/18 – Construction Meeting #1 is held at BOE.  Site investigation and photos are taken.  Wood Door stain approval is hand delivered.
06/13/18 – Construction Meeting #2 is held at BOE.  Site investigation and photos are taken.
06/20/18 – Construction Meeting #3 is held at BOE.  Site investigation and photos are taken.  It was determined the plumbing for the restrooms are were switched.  Plumbing inspection was held
06/27/18 – Construction Meeting #4 is held at BOE.  Site investigation and photos are taken.  Change Order #1 originals, signed by the Architect, are delivered to JPT for signatures.
07/11/18-  GBBN issues Construction Change Directive #2.
07/20/18- Signed copy of Application for Payment #2 is received by GBBN from Facilities.
07/24/18 – GBBN resends permission letter from BOE to Tumlin, copied to LaForce and Kleine and sons, concerning the lock core bit number/key for new core keying.
07/25/18 – Construction Meeting #5 is held at BOE.  Site observation and photos are taken.  Punchlist date to coincide with Construction Meeting #7 on 8/8/18. TTE followed up on some plumbing, fire and hvac items with the contractors.   GBBN also completed Architectural/GC Punch List.
08/01/18 –  Construction Meeting is held.
08/08/18 – GBBN and TEI conduct Punch List inspection.  Construction Meeting is held afterwards.
08/15/18 – GBBN receives Application for Payment  #3 (after requested revisions from Pencil Copy Review).
08/16/18 – GBBN resends all door keying information from bidding to Tumlin to be forwarded to LaForce once again.
08/17/18 – GBBN forwards approved Application for Payment #3 to Facilities.
08/24/18 – Build-Out review meeting with BOE personnel.  TTE completed back punchlist of MFEP items and submitted back to GBBN for distribution for the project.  GBBN submits all Punch Lists and Back Punch Lists to Facilities for all disciplines.
08/25/18 – GBBN receives from Tumlin the completed and signed Punch Lists including the completion of the Fire Protection Record.
08/28/18 – GBBN receives via email Change Order Request #3 from Tumlin.
08/29/18 – Pursuant to the Counties directive the Construction Change Order Request from Tumlin is rejected.
09/07/18 – GBBN approves pencil copy of Application for Payment #4.
09/11/18 – GBBN signs and delivers Application for Payment #4 to Facilities.
09/17/18 – GBBN receives Warranty and Close out Manuals from Mayers Electric via transmittal from Tumlin.
09/27/18 – GBBN turned over electrical closeout documents to TTE for review and approve.  BOE confirmed the access controls are done, cleaning is scheduled, supplies are ordered, training is scheduled for next week.  HVAC training still needed.
10/02/18 – GBBN receives Mayers Electric Signed Completed Punch list.
10/08/18 – GBBN signs and delivers Final Application for Payment #5 to Facilities for Processing.
10/23/18 – TEI reviews electrical close out documents and delivers to HCFD for archiving.  ThermalTech sent all plumbing field work to Bert for clogged drain issue.

1/21/19 – GBBN recieves closeout documents from Tumlin.  MEP portion distributed to TEI for review.  Closeout AIA documents sent to Facilities.

1/18/19 – TEI acknowledges approval for MEP closeout documents.  Still awaiting as-built drawing from MEP Subcontractors.
02/26/19 – GBBN recieves inquiry from Tumlin concering closeout of Application for Payment #5.
02/27/19 – GBBN meets with Facilities to review all closeout documents in possession of both GBBN and Facilities. A final list of the missing items is inventoried and reported back to Tumlin.

03/26/19 – Final fire alarm inspection scheduled to be performed at 1:30 on 03/28/19.  Project closeout will be completed after the final inspection.