10/23/18 – BW contacts ThermalTech about pricing for additions required by the City of Norwood to the existing fire alarm system at the BOE.  ThermalTech, HCFD and DK meet at the site to develop budget pricing for HCFD.  BW to advise next steps upon approval of funding.
1/28/18 – Signed SOSS and PO received to complete  the work.  ThermalTech receives Drawings from Notifier (RP Biederman) and there are additional devices from what was priced.  TEI has DK call RPB to question where/why these devices were added (where did the direction come from?)  DK to respond back to TEI with RPB response.
01/29/19 –  There are doors at the facility that the BOE has asked to have door hold opens on that did not have closers.  Also – due to door and rack configurations, there are doors that only open 90 degress so an alternate closer/hold open device was suggested.  DK submitted a CO request, but BW stated that it needed to come from Tumlin since Tumlin holds the contract.  TE contacted Tumlin and DK to request the CO appropriately, and it is still pending.
02/26/19 – HamCo Signs CO for the additional door closers for the project (there were doors that had doors that BOE requested hold opens that had no closers).  Door hardware scheduled to be delivered first week of March and then installation will be scheduled immediately upon receipt.
03/26/19 – All equipment has been installed and pre-tested on 03/21/19.  Final inspection scheduled with Norwood on 03/28/19 at 1:30 PM.  After the final inspection, ThermalTech to perform final punchlist and project closeout documents can be completed.
04/24/19 – ThermalTech and Facilities performs and issues punchlist.  DK completes their portion of punchlist and waiting on Tumlin for a few items on the punchlist.
05/29/19 – ThermalTech waiting on final closeout documents from Tumlin to close out the project.
06/26/19 – ThermalTech waiting on final closeout documents from Tumlin to close out the project.
07/24/19 – ThermalTech reviews and certifies final pay application and submits to Bert Watts.  DK submits close out documents to Bert Watts.
07/25/19 – BW says after PW Rates arrive we can close this job out.