05/01/18 – THP visited site to document conditions at rusted area of metal decking for purposes of developing SOSS.
05/15/18 – County requested Tremco be included with the assessment, because roof is a Tremco system.
05/31/18 – THP and Tremco have worked out an approach. THP to published SOSS for the County’s review.
06/21/18 – County approved SOSS for the project.
08/26/18 – THP sent consultant contract to Tremco for review.
09/25/18 – THP and Tremco finalized subconsultant agreement.
09/27/18 – THP to schedule field work with County.
10/25/18 – THP looking to start work week of November 5, 2018.
11/07/2018 – THP visited site to survey facades, roof, interior of metal deck, and coordinate with Tremco during test cuts.
11/15/18 – Tremco provided draft report.
11/29/18 – THP developing report.
01/17/19 – THP received final report.
01/30/19 – THP completed internal draft report. Final report expected to be submitted on 2/7/19.
02/07/19 – THP submitted final report.