09/14/18 – ThermalTech contacted to provide HVAC study at Burlington Garage.
09/20/18 – ThermalTech has Monnit sensors on site for space and humidity monitoring.
10/05/18 – ThermalTech issues final study of space conditions with recommendations for better space and humidity controls.
11/01/18 – ThermalTech issues Small Project Manual for bidding to local contractors for HVAC work.
11/26/18 – ThermalTech issues Bid Results to County.
12/03/18 – Engineer’s Office issues PO to winning bidder for the project.
01/16/19 – SOV approved for NKYHA and the work should begin shortly.
04/03/19 – Project punchlist issued to contractor for Work.
04/25/19 – Review work with County and NKYHA, final changes and adjustments underway.
05/29/19 – ThermalTech created Temperature Trend worksheet and emailed to Tony and Mike.
06/03/19 – ThermalTech issues weekly summary showing temperature and humidity’s are within limits; confirms that installed equipment appears to be operating correctly. TEI has not been on site to witness the workings of the dehumidifiers and RAWAL valves since the 4/25 field visit.
06/26/19 – ThermalTech issued temperature and humidity trends for the building. Everything looks great and all systems are go. We will continue to monitor until July 31.
07/25/19 – ThermalTech adding Monnit sensors for additional trending. Spaces look okay but discharge temperatures and unit temperatures not matching up.
08/28/19 – NKYHA added refrigerant to the Admin unit and TEI pulled out the Monnit sensors after several weeks of good data. Everything appears to be work okay. Humidistats were set to 65% so the units could do the majority of the dehumidification. When the separate dehumidifiers operate they discharge 100F air into the space as part of the dehumidification cycle making it harder for the split systems to maintain space temperature.
09/12/19 – Mark called to say NKYHA sent a payapp in with no signature. I told Mark to forward it to me for payment, but Rick sent it to me and it was wrong.
09/24/19 – Ready to Archive this project. Rick owes the County one more payapp because I rejected his last payapp because it had the wrong amount on it.