Lead Partner: GBBN

10/14/14 – GBBN contacts Metallic Building Company about information on original pre-engineered building fabrication. Voice Mail is left.

10/18/14 – Project manual cover from original building construction sent to Metallic Building Company

02/24/15 – County requested a full letter report and authorized additional field work.

10/24/14 – GBBN contacts Metallic Building Company about information on original pre-engineered building fabrication. Voice Mail is left.

11/18/14 – GBBN contacts Metallic Building Company about information on original pre-engineered building color samples

11/25/14 – County Engineers reported existing overhead door stuck and has been closed temporarily not to be used until repairs completed.

12/15/14 – Metallic Building Company delivers quote for replacement part list to GBBN.

12/26/14 – GBBN authors and delivers SOSS to Bert Watts.

02/25/15 – Bert Watts emails approved SOSS and Purchase Order to commence work.

03/13/15 – GBBN attends Owner Review Meeting to review bid package documents.

03/13/15 – GBBN issues informational requests to five (5) selected bidders for project.

03/17/15 – GBBN sends invitations to Bid to all five (5) selected bidders. Electronic copies of documents included in email.

03/24/15 – GBBN holds Pre-Bid Meeting at Offices of County Engineers’ Burlington Road Garage. Hard copies of bid drawings and specifications handed out to potential bidders and owner.

03/25/15 – John Nester forwards scope quote from Overhead Door Company for overhead door repairs.

04/02/15 – Bids received and bid tabulation compiled for Facilities Department. GBBN commences interviews with those bidders submitting bids.

04/03/15 – GBBN forwards Recommendation Letter to Facilities for lowest and responsible bidder.

04/03/15 – Hamilton County approves recommendation and instructs GBBN to author contract to Century Construction Inc.

04/03/15 – GBBN hand delivers hard copies of AIA contract to Facilities Department.

04/07/15 – Century Construction delivers signed copy of Safety Receipt Form to Facilities Department.

04/10/15 – GBBN receives color samples chips from Century requiring approval.

04/13/15 – GBBN visits building and approves color samples from manufacturer and sends approved submittals to Century.

04/21/15 – GBBN receives Schedule of Values from Century, via Facilities Department.

04/29/15 – Pre-Construction Meeting held at site. Signed and executed contract hand delivered to Century from the Facilities Department. This date established as the contract commencement date.

05/15/15 – Century reports all construction work is completed. Facilities performs site inspection and punch list. One item, caulking bead at overhead door jamb is required.

05/19/15 – Facilities performs site inspection back punch list. The one item, caulking bead, has been installed as requested.

05/20/15 – GBBN signs first/final Application for Payment.

05/26/15 – GBBN sends email to Century requesting all close-out documents be processed and executed.

06/03/15 – Change Order #1 for additional signage scope, authored by GBBN and sent to Century for signatures.

06/15/15 – GBBN receives close out documents from Century Construction.

06/16/15 – GBBN receives executed Change Order #1.

06/16/15 – GBBN receives Application for Payment #0002 from Century but without Change Order #1 included. Century to revise and sent to GBBN once project change order work is completed.

07/20/15 – GBBN receives Application for Payment #0002 with Chan ge Order #1 included. GBBN signs and delivers to Facilities Department.

07/20/15 – Century Construction announces the change order signage has been installed on the building facade. John Nester confirms the work has been completed to the User Group’s satisfaction.