2/9/10-Meeting with Bert Watts at Community Development

2/18/10- Issued SOSS to Bert Watts.

2/19/10-Bert questioned GBBN verses TEI scope and permitting costs.

2/22/10-Terry Cannon of TEI issued email with scope, SOSS and permitting resolutions.

3/6/10- Received signed SOSS.

3/8/10- Met with Mike Florimonte to field measure adjacent storage space. Receive directive to eliminate one workstation for a total of 3. The fourth area to become storage.

3/15/10-Received Purchase Order (538771) from Bert Watts.

3/17/10-Susan Walsh approved rotated third workstation.

3/31/10-Final Design Development drawings submitted to Bert Watts for Susan Walsh’s review.

4/6/10- Building Permit Application, Drawings, Electronic Submittal and Check delivered to Cincinnati Buildings and Inspections.

4/21/10- Approved Building Permit paid for and picked-up from Cincinnati Buildings and Inspections.

4/22/10- Approved Permit and Drawings Delivered to Bert Watts.

5/18/10- Inspector Larry Keifer has requested an additional sprinkler head be added in the expansion space.

6/24/10- Sprinkler permit has been filed and still pending.

7/29/10- Bert Watts declared this project closed and ready for Archive.

2/1/11- GBBN completed additional as-built drawing modifications showing the additional fourth workstation in the expansion area.