06/15/18 – GBBN receives phone call to introduce the project and establish the date and time for the Kick-off Meeting.  .
06/21/18 – GBBN meets with Facilities for the Kick-off Meeting.   Project Request Estimate #1826 is to be revisited and updated to current bidding environment.
06/22/18 – GBBN scans all Kick-off meeting handouts and emails to TEI.  A conference call is held with TEI to explain the scope.
06/22/18 – GBBN and TEI discuss scope of new project. TEI submits sub-consultant proposal to GBBN for this work.
06/25/18 – GBBN and TEI work on occupancy number for the training room people for the HVAC ventilation calculations for this work and scope. GBBN provides floor plan for use on this cost estimate.
06/26/18 – Owner sends final occupancy numbers to use for HVAC calculations on this project.  Staff indicated by the owner is CAGIS- 16 and 4 interns, Community Development 4 staff and CLEAR vacant.
06/27/18 – SOSS approved and delivered to GBBN by Facilities.
07/26/18 – TTE sets up backgrounds and prepares job for design for Trades build-out.
10/11/18 – Meeting is held with GBBN, Facilities and Sheriff.  Scope of project is discussed and GBBN requests amounts of existing shelving to be relocated be inventoried by the Sheriff IS Department.
10/12/18 – Amounts of existing shelving, to be relocated, was inventoried by the Sheriff IS Department, and forwarded to GBBN.  Relocation Programming Study from 6/21/18 is to be used.
10/25/18 – Demo is complete.  Abatement is underway.  Carpet tiles are being ordered.
03/28/19 – County has completed abatement, put in new carpet tiles, moved IT racks over to new space. People are moved over to the CAB. It’s an open space for now.
09/26/19 – No project udpates; we are waiting on direction from County on next steps.
01/30/20 – This project has been re-scoped. This version can be archived.