12/20/18 – THP submitted SOSS.
01/14/19 – County approved SOSS.
03/28/19 – THP anticipated Owner review by 4/2/18 and Final by 4/8/19.
04/04/19 – THP met BW to discuss questions about documents issued for Owner Review.
04/10/19 – THP finalized estimated budget and emailed to BW.
04/12/19 – THP issued documents for bid.
04/15/19 – Project advertised to bidders.
04/23/19 – Pre-bid meeting.
04/25/19 – THP issued Addendum No. 1.
05/07/19 – THP attended Bid Opening.
05/07/19 – THP received Bid tabulation from Purchasing and reviewed.
05/07/19 – THP had telephone conversation with American Façade Restoration to qualify bid.
05/07/19 – THP developed bid summary letter recommending American Façade Restoration and emailed to BW.
05/14/19 – THP finalized draft of Owner-Contractor agreement and emailed to BW.
08/29/19 – Work scheduled to start after F117 complete.
09/16/19 – Work scheduled to start after F117 complete.
10/31/19- See F117 for project status.
01/07/20 – THP finalized and emailed letters to city about completion of façade repairs.
01/30/20 – See F117 for project status. Construction work complete. Final paper work closeout in process.
02/27/20 – Refer to F117 for project status.
09/22/20 – THP emailed City of Cincinnati to ask about status of closing out façade inspection case for 2020 Auburn and 230 E. 9th St.
09/30/20 – THP visited site to document completed TPC letter installation, and issued field report 26.
10/06/20 – THP sent follow-up email and had conversation with contact at City of Cincinnati about open inspection cases at 2020 Auburn and 230 E. 9th.
10/22/20 – THP received, reviewed, and approved AFR’s 10th application for payment reflecting completion of all work. AFR to submit remaining closeout documents before submitting final application for payment for retainage.
11/06/2020 – THP reviewed AFR’s closeout binders, identified and requested missing information.
11/10/2020 – THP finalized closeout binders, reviewed and approved final application for payment, and delivered to Hamilton County.