07/25/19 – GBBN and IPM finalize SOSS for Facilities and delivers.
09/25/18- Facilities contacts GBBN about a new project for Space Planning and existing systems furniture inventorying.  Existing P.O’s to be used to fund.
09/26/18- GBBN contacts IPM about role in project and requests scope proposal.
10/08/18 – GBBN and IPM meet with Facilities and Planning Development onsite for Kick-off Meeting.  A site walk through is held at end of meeting.
12/11/18 – IPM and GBBN meet with Planning and Developement and Facilities to discuss direction of project and deliverables.
12/21/18 – IPM meets with Planning and Developement Director to discuss IPM recommendations and Schematic Design schemes developed.
04/25/18 – On Hold.
07/25/19 – P&D to check over proposed plan and give comments.
09/26/19 – No project updates.
10/31/19 – No project updates but are shooting for prior to digital which is July 2020.