09/22/10 – SOSS Approved. Review comments sent and received from Bert.

09/29/10 – Markups corrected from BW. QC check complete. TEI needs to pick up NV marks and send to Purchasing on 10/1.

10/28/10 – Contracts for ICS have been sent to Bert Watts for approval. Project is under budget. No allowance has been added because of a bonding issue.

01/24/11 – Bert and George decided a pre const mtg will be set next week to kick off this meeting.

02/22/10 – Paul Wilson has made good progress on this project. Wiring is ran on upper floors and they are working their way down to the dock.

03/30/11 – Paul Wilson submitted and change order to remedy the power supply issues on the tenth floor. REX needs to be changed so the door does not open at night when approached by security. GM said that the contractor can reprogram this feature. Project seems on track.

04/27/11 – Bert reports that installation is very nearly complete and the system is ready to begin use this week or next.

05/13/11 – Punch list was issued to IPS. Project should be wrapping up.

06/29/11 – IPS has submitted its main pay app, now we need to close out the rest of the project.

08/28/11 – New Signed change order came back. IPS should be doing this work soon, rest of project complete. We can request closeout at any time.

09/28/11 – All work to be completed has been put on hold per TTC.

10/24/11 – The certified payroll for IPS for the dates 10-2 through 10-9 was sent to Hamilton County and TEI.

11/15/11 – IPS requested final payment from Hamilton County in the amount of $4,984.22. TTC responded by saying all paperwork had been sent to Hamilton Co. and IPS should get paid per the Contract.

12/23/11 – This project will be archived for 2012.