Partner Lead: GBBN
12/16/15 – Facilities report to GBBN that Preliminary Cost Estimate portion of reports have incorrect references to County Administration Building. Facilities inquires about status of CAB ADA Assessments. GBBN reports the SOSS was never approved to commence beginning of project.
12/17/15 – Facilities transmits copy, of originally approved SOSS to GBBN to commence beginning of project.
04/18/16 – Facilities sends Estimating Project Requests showing the cost estimating portion of these Assessments as listed projects.
06/28/16 – Opinions of Probable Costs for the implementation of the ADA Assessment findings were entered into Archibus as a Project Request Estimate.
03/23/17 – GBBN and Facilities agree to have Assessments completed at the same time as the Annual Project Request Estimating.
07/24/17 – GBBN printed all Archibus Project Request Estimates from 2016 (#801, 802, #627 and #804) and 2018 (#1862, #1851 and #1831) for inclusion into final reports.
10/25/17 – GBBN has all final Project Request Estimates printed and ready for insertion into final reports.