Partner Lead: GBBN

06/29/17 – Facilities contacts GBBN and IPM to request an SOSS for this request via the Auditors Office.

06/30/17 – IPM sends scope and input for SOSS to GBBN.

07/03/17 – Facilities confirms SOSS to include As-Builts and uploading to WebCentral. GBBN issues SOSS to Facilities.

07/17/17 – Facilities delivers approved SOSS to GBBN.

07/19/17 – IPM meets with Auditor Staff to inventory all existing furniture to be relocated and discuss scope further.

07/21/17 – IPM meets with Auditor to present three options for the rearranged layouts. Minor revisions are requested.

07/24/17 – IPM meets with Auditor to present two additional options. IPM reports to GBBN after meeting an additional larger scope of work is to succeed this study and will require an additional SOSS. GBBN reports findings to Facilities to discuss next steps and to clarify titles of each SOSS for clarity in the later phases.

08/01/17 – IPM indicated Auditor has requested additional redesign. Facilities confirmed to GBBN/IPM that Auditor has requested additional scope to project.

08/10/17 – IPM notified GBBN that Auditor now had first rendition of proposed changes for Owner Review. Facilities confirms this information by forwarding drawings to all team members.

10/18/17 – Interior Project Management indicates Auditor has requested some additional work to be performed on next phase.