12/28/17 – THP publish SOSS to Hamilton County as requested.
01/25/18 – Hamilton County approved SOSS.
03/29/18 – Field work to start first week of April.
4/13/18 – THP completed rappelling surveys.
4/23/18 – THP completed survey work from the ground and roof.
4/26/18 – THP compiling data for report.
5/31/18 – THP finalizing draft report for review by the County.
6/26/18 – THP submitted drafts of the Envelope Assessment Report and City Report.
07/26/18 – THP finalized and published Cincinnati façade ordinance report. Signature by Ralph Linne’s required before THP submits report to City of Cincinnati Buildings & Inspections.
08/24/18 THP received letter from City of Cincinnati acknowledging the submitted report.