11/17/16 – THP – Hamilton County requested SOSS from THP and TEI about this same time.
01/25/17 – ThermalTech receives signed SOSS and PO for this project.
02/02/17 – Getting data back from Trane, Carrier and York. No one can do Centrifugal at 208V for this job except Carrier but they have to remote mount the starters and controllers somewhere else. Trane.
02/16/17 – TEI, facilities and building manager meet to kick off project.
02/22/17 – ThermalTech working on LCC and marginal rates from Duke. Amy, Annie and Terry working on LCC worksheets. TTC got new Duke Rate sheet from Michelle
02/23/17 – The County provide direction today to size the new chillers for the addition of 9th and 10th floor in the future. check piping sizes and pumps and cooling tower for the future load as well. TTE to take this into account for new design.
03/09/17 – TTE sent new email to County with recommended Chiller sizes. We are awaiting a new submittal from Trane to confirm physical sizes of new chiller shells. TTE awaiting County’s best guess of combined chiller load during summer. Emcor says they do not have this information on file.
03/15/17 – Based on conversation with HamCo and ThermalTech load calcs we are gong to proceed with a 350 ton chiller as the base chiller for this project. This gives us enough future machine to handle the addition of the 9th and 10th floors if and when those spaces are renovated.
03/21/17 – LCC equation complete. TTC writing bid specs for vendors.
04/26/16 – First set of quotes have arrived at ThermalTech. We are beginning the LCC process.
05/24/17 – Met with County presented LCC results for this project. Narrowed selection down to two chillers to be used in bid. ThermalTech conducted more fieldwork for the replacement project.
06/12/17 – THP – Provided a proposal for structural engineering design services to Thermal Tech.
06/26/17 – We are down to two chillers one for the base bid with standard refrigerant and one with future refrigerant. We will design around these two machines for the bid. We have finally reached three workable designs on the cooling towers, one from Marley, one from BAC and one from Evapco. The Marley solution consists of four cooling towers, Evapco and BAC consists of 2 towers. We are trying for a July bid opening for this project or maybe early August.
06/28/17 – County okay with bidding out two chiller options and three cooling tower options, ThermalTech to bid out in July and start construction ASAP knowing that CT may be done in 2018.
07/12/17 – THP notified via email proposal is acceptable.
07/24/17 – Chilled Water pumps are scheduled to arrive next week. TEI to work with DK to get installed in a fashion that works for this job. Change Order submittal must be discussed. Three cooling tower options have been design, one base bid, two alternates. After field work from last week, even these designs are very tight. TEI to meet with THP and discuss. A new review set is ready for County review.
07/27/17 – Penthouse roof under warranty with Tremco and its the white aggregate. THP will start design on the dock and roof next week.
08/15/17 – THP provided review letter for proposed new cooling tower loading.
08/18/17 – THP provided review drawings for structural and waterproofing repairs at the loading dock.
08/30/17 – Project is out for bid. Prebid scheduled for 1:30pm on 9/14/17. THP issued structural and waterproofing loading dock repair documents.
09/18/17 – THP issued addendum 01 questions responses to TEI.
09/25/17 – Addendums 1,2,3 have been issued on this project. We have extended the Bid Opening to Oct 4, 2017.
10/24/17 – Bid were opened and both bids (Peck and DK) were over budget. A post bid analysis was completed by ThermalTech and delivered to Facilities on 10/24 for their use. Several items were identified as being out of scope, under estimated, or omitted from the original scope. The analysis found that the project probably is about $380,000 to $420,000 above the original scope estimate.
11/28/17 – ThermalTech collected new bids on alternate equipment in an effort to get this project in under the original budget. We have received pricing from Trane, JCI and McQuay. We are working on an LCC cost to go along with this equipment to see hat impact the different equipment types have on the project.
11/30/17 – Final prices due by 12/1 at 2pm to Bert. TTC and Barth to take care of.
01/25/18 – ThermalTech to rebid the chillers out as air cooled chillers for LCC then bid this out as a new project.
02/21/18 – ThermalTech preparing new bid for LCC Air Cooled Chillers. We should have this out for bid in a week. TEI has fully developed the PID for the new air cooled chiller scenario and reviewed internally to make sure it works being a departure from the existing system and it will work. Some piping modifications will take place, a bypass will be moved and the chilled water return on the air handlers on the first floor must be reconnected in a different place. TEI also laid out new chillers on the roof structure and they are too big to fit into the old penthouse area so we developed two alternate scenarios where they can sit on the roof between the existing DX rooftop units. TEI contacted THP for SOSS to redesign the system for the new locations. TEI will submit revised plans and cost to Facilities within a week.