03/05/18 – Terry and Colin onsite doing additional fieldwork for redesign. We are investigating new piping connections and existing pipe routes for new configuration. The good news is that some of the piping we thought had to be extended and modified already exist for AHU-1 & 2. The piping changes required on the tenth floor and roof are possible albeit a little tough to do.
03/24/18 – TEI submitted revised SOSS for new design and bid cost for TEI and THP. LCC equation is ready for bidding for air cooled chillers. Revised design is about 50% complete for mechanical changes for the new design.
04/19/18 – ThermalTech release LCC bid documents to manufacturers for rebidding this project for Air Cooled chillers only. Trane, JCI, Carrier and Daikin all invited to bid. The nominal tonnage of the chillers will be 200 tons. Bids and performance numbers are due to ThermalTech April 30 at noon.
04/25/18 – Addendum #1 release today with updated calculations and some other updates to the bidding worksheet.
05/17/18 – The LCC results were published to the bidders, Facilities and Purchasing. Carrier High Efficiency Option #2 was the best LCC chiller for standard refrigerant, model 30XV-2006M40–4-2 using R-134a. And the Next Generation Chiller best LCC went to the York JCI chiller using R-513A model number YVAA0213.
05/23/18 – Terry and Colin perform fieldwork to wrap up new piping changes for new chiller design. We go everything we needed and marked up all the piping on the 10th floor for future changes. We are confident we can do all the piping changes required for convert the building to Air-Cooled Chillers.
05/25/18 – Mechanical drawings are ready for TTC review. Final chiller equipment has been sent to THP for structural design and upon initial review, all seems to be in order. Good news on the piping front, we can find a decent path from the penthouse to the new chillers and route the piping about 41″ above the room and miss the Liebert unit piping rack, found a space to create a walk over the new piping for easy access and can make a new door in the penthouse using existing louver material.
06/26/18 – TTC has marked up final mechanical drawings for editing. Electrical drawings are being updated now for bidding. TTC will get new ITB this week and put the project out for bidding first week of July. I need to coordinate prebid with Bert and John Gilbert.
07/26/18 – Rebid project is on the street. Prebid meeting schedule for August 2 and Bid Opening scheduled for August 23.
08/29/18 – Bid were opened on schedule.  Triton Services was the apparent low bidder on the project.  TTE held a post bid interview with the bidder and sub-contractors on Tuesday at our offices and reviewed the project is detail.  Most everything was covered and Triton appears to understand the project well good sub-contractors for this project.  They would like to get submittals started ASAP on this project.
09/24/18 – Contract appears to be approved and on its way to Triton for signature.  Duke released some data on next year’s rebate program which we should be inline for with this chiller purchase.  THP review the structural proposed questions and returned satisfactory answer to keep the job moving forward.
10/23/18 – PO in for approval and then TEI will schedule the Pre-Const Mtg with Triton.
11/27/18 – Pre Construction meeting was held onsite with Triton Services. Permit response came back and we are working with Triton to get the four responses answered for this job. Terracon must be engaged as a special inspector on the job, and we provided some additional permitting material to take to the city, plus the city will require a General Permit for the structure.
12/31/18 – Two construction meetings so far. Project is underway. Submittals are moving along and being approved. Background checks are almost completed. Triton is mobilizing to site. Crane lift being scheduled for early January. Chiller delivery is February and we are working on getting that moved up. Steel and piping are being fabricated now and that will be the first lift up t the roof.
01/10/19 – Triton directed to get CHLR-3 online first for hot days. Control meeting was conducted with TEI and Emcor on Monday for coordinating control sequences on new chillers. TEI issued updated sequences to Owner, Triton and Emcor for use on this project from this meeting.
01/21/19 – Glenwood found that a 1000A breaker with the correct lug alignment was not available from GE at this time. They submitted a change order for the work. TEI contacted CE power to find a direct replacement for the breaker that will hopefully be less expensive than the submitted change order.
01/22/19 – Control submittals have been received and return immediately. TEI and Emcor worked through specific control questions and TEI issued an updated sketches for 10th floor piping that has to be coordinate with Triton during installation. We also approved a ball valve in the bypass even thought that technically won’t be used until the three way valves are replaced later.
01/31/19 – THP update: Structural steel shop drawings reviewed and returned.
01/29/18 – Const Mtg #4 held. Project is moving along well. Glenwood is setting the transformers today. Piping is connected in 10th floor and along roof to structural steel location. Basement piping is demolished. The 5″ bypass will be started in the mechanical shaft and then routed over the ceilings to the mechanical room. ThermalTech will use Terracon fro the special inspections on the structural platform for this project.
02/17/19 – Steel was erected by 2/17, inspected, fixed and reinspected. Chillers were set on frame on 2/19 without incident. Everything looks good.
02/26/19 – Glenwood pushed to power outage to the backup date of 3/9/19 due to ship date of the circuit breaker being 02/28/19, and Glenwood was not confident that the breaker would be on site in time for the original outage date.  TEI and Glenwood revised drawings and submitted to IBI engineering change for the revised plan.  TEI to schedule a meeting with Triton and Glenwood for pre-outage conference the week of 3/4/19. Const Mtg #6 was held and Triton reported almost all their work is complete. They are waiting on Glenwood and Emcor to finish up the job. the glycol feeder and chemical test company should be on site within the next week for their work.
03/01/19 – Triton reports that glycol feeder is here and being installed. Emcor workers have their background checks in place and will start controls. Glenwood reports after Nester checked in that the breaker should have arrived yesterday and today for sure.
03/11/19 – TEI attended Admin Chiller Startup with County.
03./12/19 – TEI attended Admin Chiller startup for second day with County. Items brought up during startup are weatherguards, heating circuit, convenience outlet, trouble light, local disconnects, additional support on chiller base, additional glycol and differential pressure reader. ThermalTech to start working on these items for resolution. TEI can start the punchlist on the job as well.
03/26/19 – Electrical transformer and breakers installed and turned on.  The electrical final did not pass.  TE and Triton/Glenwood working to resolve issues on project to pass inspections.
03/27/19 – TEI held conference call with Glenwood to discuss change orders. TEI went to site and measure disconnect locations and redoing the work to make it easier for contractor and Owner.
03/28/19 – Barth, Glenwood and Nester met at the building to discuss final location of the new 600A disconnects this morning. Chiller #1 disconnect will be mounted on the West Side of chiller. on Chiller #2 we are basically doing the same thing but we need a junction box and extend the feeders in seal tight.
04/22/19 – TEI releases electrical and mechanical punchlist for final wrap up of project. TEI reviews and gets approved balance reports from vendors and factory for this project.
04/24/19 – Change orders approved for the power items that IBI required.  TEI performs and issues electrical punchlist.  Glenwood on site week of 4/22 making all corrections and CO work with the exception of ground detectors, which are on order but not received to date.  Upon receipt, ground detectors and final IBI will occur. Triton on site doing punchlist items and TEI meets them for new pipe label coordination. TEI asked for Training to be complete ASAP.
04/25/19 – Send Bert change order prices for CT and Chlr. Duke rebate check received and credited to the account, however this money probably can’t be used for additional change order work.
05/27/19 – Glenwood wrapping up change order work and final permitting of electric work for the project. Weather panels are coming very soon. There is a breaker setting we have to coordinate with Glenwood and then we should be able to get our final inspections in the next week or too.
06/27/19 – All construction work in complete. Glenwood set to call for final inspection next week to get final permit closeout for this project. TTC and Emcor meeting on July 9 to do some functional testing of the chillers. Triton approved via change order to remove abandoned and old piping on the project site prior to closeout.
07/25/19 – Triton finalizing all permits. IBI is approved. Triton also performing alternate work for the owner this week. Project ready for closeout.
08/28/19 – Project is complete and final inspections were approved on 8/12. However the owner called with glycol feeder issue with the Pulsafeeder unit. We met last Friday and review the installation with the salesman. They requested we remove all the control interface to the unit and put it back to factory conditions or else they consider the unit “tampered with”. We did everything they asked and then spent another two hours trying to make the unit work with limited success. We contacted the vendor and asked him to bring in the manufacturer to assist. To me this is all warranty work for Triton on this job.
09/20/19 – TTE met Triton on site and verify an AAV on the CHW glycol feed does seem to fix the issue. Triton will install and pipe the overflow back to the glycol tank.
09/24/19 – TTE verified the work is done. This project is ready to Archive.
01/27/20 – Bert called for final closeout confirmation today. TTC checked and all the paperwork and O&M’s are in. However the final payapp is not process. it was found that #10 and #11, balance of contract must be submitted. TTC confirmed with Triton on needed closeout documents.