Partner Lead: GBBN
02/16/17 – Facilities contacts GBBN about new project and scheduling for Kick-off Meeting.
02/21/17 – GBBN meets Facilities and Traci Paquette at the CAB to hold Kick-off Meeting.
02/22/17 – GBBN contacts TEI to discuss scope of project and to discuss questions for Facilities concerning the CAFM/As-Built requirements. GBBN sends question to Facilities for answers. Facilities sends answers to GBBN.
04/26/17 – GBBN meets with Jeff Aluotto and Facilities to discuss expanded scope of work, for more of the same office suite. New finish palates, layouts and associated renderings will be generated. Various options for new office suite layouts and material selections for most of the west half of sixth floor.
06/09/17 – GBBN meets with Administration to present conceptual ideas for proceeding on the CAB 6th Floor West Office Suite.
07/20/17 – GBBN meets internally to discuss the latest developments on the project. GBBN later sends scope questions related to next steps and future regular status update meetings. Facilities responds to GBBN’s questions about next steps with the project and next SOSS. Preliminary contact with made with Theresa before Jeff Aluotto’s pending vacation. Facilities will report back with more input from Theresa concerning the scope required for the next SOSS.
07/26/17 – GBBN finalizes details with RCF concerning Mock-Ups and systems furniture. carpet and glass wall installation capabilities by RCF. GBBN forwards electronic drawing files to RCP for use in organizing mock-ups.
08/03/17 – Facilities confirms Trades can install Electrical Whips for new systems furniture.
08/08/31 – GBBN receives communications from River City Furniture Representative for State Term Contracting.
08/10/17 – GBBN authors SOSS, specifically for this modified scope of work, and delivers to Facilities.
08/25/17 – GBBN receives call from Facilities confirming project is on hold. Facilities requests construction estimate for scope of work be completed before GBBN terminates work.
08/31/17 – GBBN receives clarifications on scope of estimating from Facilities.

10/23/18 – Jeff Aluotto makes request through Steve Kenat that all latest Design information from this project be forwarded to his attention.