Partner Lead: GBBN
10/10/16 – Facilities emails GBBN about conversations with Paula Drake with the Auditor Office. She would like to discuss after our next 3rd Floor Meeting.
10/21/15 – IPM and GBBN are approached by Facilities Department to propose additional upgrades to the interior Lobby finishes in addition to the Security Office upgrade.
12/18/15 – IPM and GBBN submit proposed refinishing concept including lighting upgrades and Opinion of Probable Costs to Facilities Department.
10/13/16 – GBBN is approached again by the County to propose changes to the directory and accent wall in the Lobby by Jeff Aluotto. GBBN discovers the new Directory supplied on the recent project is not the one specified and therefore installed in the incorrect location.
10/17/16 – GBBN and Facilities are approached by Paula Drake, Auditor Office, after a meeting on the 3rd Floor Project, to discuss Lobby finishes and Paula’s ideas on how to proceed.
10/17/16 – GBBN authors SOSS for two options and associated Opinions of Probable Costs on the Lobby Finishes. Projected completion date is 10/21/16.
10/21/16 – GBBN requests additional time from Facilities to complete the task.
02/23/17 – No new information, probably of year if this project goes forward.
03/21/17 – Facilities discusses owner requested small changes to most recent Lobby Renovation presentation package. A mark-up of the presentation is given to GBBN and the changes were discussed
04/25/17 – GBBN has completed mark-ups and waiting to complete renderings of front Elevation and Blade Signage recommendations to present to Owner. GBBN will adjust the budget for this job.
08/31/17 – GBBN can finish up report, project will be on hold after that.
09/07/17 – GBBN receives final estimating input from The RCF Group related to the Storefront costing and detailing.
09/08/17 – GBBN submittals final Opinion of Probable Costs to Facilities for the GBBN Build-Out Scheme.

10/23/18 – Jeff Aluotto makes request through Steve Kenat that all latest Design information from this project be forwarded to his attention.