06/05/17 – Facilities contacts GBBN about new project and scheduling for Kick-off Meeting.
06/06/17 – GBBN sends Facilities and TEI quick floor plan of the scope discussed in the meeting.
06/08/17 – GBBN quick floor plan of the scope discussed in the meeting to IPM for further investigation. IPM agreed little other options are possible due to the tight spatial constraints. Any other options would not affect estimating.
06/26/17 – GBBN meets with Re-Entry Staff to discuss 2018 Project Request Estimates #1877/8 and possible differences from Estimate #1941.
06/27/17 – GBBN , Facilities meets with Re-Entry Staff to show Four Options for the Renovation. Option #3, without Interview Rooms was selected. Estimate #1877 for the 2018 Estimates was eliminated. Option #4 presented in the meeting will be used for the Estimating Purposes.
07/14/17 – Facilities reports back to GBBN indicating which final version of plan is to be finalized in the Archibus Project Request Estimate. TEI confirms the final layout will not dictate any MEP cost revisions to the estimate. The estimate has been finalized.
02/22/18 – Project ready to archive.