01/20/12 – Mike B. spoke with Mr. Gaylord Poe, President and Chief Electrical Inspector for IBI regarding the CAB space. Mike explained that there is minimal electrical work being completed on the project, and that the electrical connections will be able to re-use the existing circuits that were removed from the systems furniture when it was disassembled. In order to get a permit, a plan exam is required with IBI. Gaylord and I discussed that the net electrical load on the space will be significantly lower than what was there previously. Gaylord said that if we draft up a letter, and submit it to him directly, he will approve that as a plans examination, and we will be able to then secure the permit. Mike has drafter the letter, and will run the letter with the permit fee to IBI asap. Actual plans, panelboard schedules, single line diagrams, etc will not be produced for this project.

01/30/12 – Mike walked through the electrical permit at IBI, and then dropped off paperwork to Steve Wessels. A final electrical inspection has been requested for Wednesday Feb. 1st. Upon verification of the inspection, Mike will send a follow up e-mail.

03/07/12- Walk-through permit was conducted by GBBN. Permit approved conditionally requiring Mechanical Permit to validate movement of existing linear diffusers to other side of new partition.

05/30/12- Bert Watts requests As-Built drawings to be completed. He indicates the Building Department has given final approval of construction.