TEI General Service – Archive

01/01/14 – County has approved a new SOSS for 2014. The 2013 SOSS however is not expired yet.
06/26/14 – Minimal work and time charged. Website updates mostly.
08/26/14 – TTC sent in new SOSS for energy, watchdog, 2015 project estimates projects to Bert.
01/27/15 – Updated website, worked on B201, etc.
05/25/15 – Reformatted tables on website, fixed some broken links in the Archive section, moved old buildings out of the main pages.
06/11/15 – Doteasy had to restore the FrontPage extensions this week. TTC had to remake all the user ID and send out new username and passwords.
06/24/15 – Website Updated.
08/26/15 – Website updated, Prevailing Wages Updated.
09/23/15 – Website updated. Facilities requested new General Service SOSS. TEI collected the Hourly Rates bid for plumbing and electric today. We will drop those bids to Bert tomorrow at the Partner meeting.
10/02/15 – Website updated for partner meeting.
12/08/15 – Website updated. ThermalTech working on new MSA agreement with Bert Watts.
01/08/16 – FrontPage extensions corrupted. TTC trying to fix.
01/15/16 – FrontPage extensions fixed, website data missing, TTC Website Updated.
01/21/16 – fully fixed. $45 restore cost from Doteasy. TTC will download a local copy from now on every month after the partner meeting for safekeeping.
01/26/16 – Bert said the contract is over a Prosecutors Office. We will wait until Friday Jan 29 and then move forward with the edits that we have approved.
04/25/16 – Created updated Archibus and Building Operation pages for Tim and Tony.
05/25/16 – Performed some maintenance and cleanup on the website this month.
06/27/16 – Website update and backed up locally by ThermalTech.
09/28/16 – Website updated. Building Ops renamed.
10/26/16 – TTC made a change in Tony project page on the server.
12/29/16 – Website updated for end of year and backed up by TTC to local server for archive purposes.
02/17/17 – Website is updated and formatting is updated too.
02/23/17 – TTE to investigate replacement website for that is compliant with Windows 10 and partner editing moving into the future. Try to find something that we can host and make better moving forward.
03/09/17 – TTE investigated WordPress at this time as an alternative and we updated the website for data.
03/21/17 – In an effort to find an easier method to edit the website, I have tested four new website locations. One at Wix, Penzu, Bluehost and sub-domain on So far Penzu seems the easiest to use but cost money to get the full functionality, Doteasy does not support WordPress without an upgrade, Wix seems possible but so far no luck in creating multiple forums for each building and Bluehost was installed tonight. I need to find a way to upload a new theme on the website.
04/26/16 – Minimal work on website this month. Regular website was updated.
06/06/17 – TTC edited the new Wix website some more and had people enter comments, its seems to be working. It still requires a lot of formatting and work.
07/24/17 – Website updated. TTC contacted WebFeat for website design as well. No return emails.
08/30/17 – TTC contracted WebFeat for finishing the website design this week, $2800 total, $1400 now, $1400 at completion. Kickoff meeting next week for design, look, feel of the website. We will share some prelim looks when they draft the up.
09/25/17 – WebFeat sent preliminary look at new website. ThermalTech returned initial comments back to designer for security, NAV menu’s and content to fill the database. They immediately responded with a follow up email about working on this this week, very nice. The temporary website is located here:
10/24/17 – WebFeat has made decent progress on the website. TTC is working on populating the site with the old data now and tweaking the security, input, active projects, archived projects and tony projects pages along with the management console and eventually migrating the test site to a live server.
11/28/17 – Had another round of emails with WebFeat and they made some final changes in their opinion of the scope of work. TEI has to integrate the remaining data into the website.
02/22/18 -All partners updated projects on new website. ThermalTech postponed final conversion to new until mid-March. WebFeat updated and added the new pages on the new website. TTC must create the Tony Matre projects on new website. Terry has created a copy of all the old data on the website so when we update the site to WordPress we still have the data saved.
03/24/18 – New website is published and live. ThermalTech input new usernames and sent to the group for editing.
04/01/18 – This is a test edit using the new inline editing too. Works inline editing plugin is activated.
04/26/18 – Website updated. Several plugins were updated several times this month for security reasons. The website domain name and server were updated for another year with for hosting.
05/30/18 – Prevailing Wages updated, security patches applied and new projects created for use on the site this month.
06/30/18 – Prevailing Wages updated.
07/26/18 – Prevailing wages updated, security applied, some project management for formatting completed.
08/29/18 – Prevailing wages are updated, no other security updates were required this month however TTC edited and fixed some naming and category discrepancies, also updated all Tony Projects and created a new category for them.
09/24/18 –  Website Updated, PW uploaded, Security Patches applied.
10/23/18 – Website has been updated.  TTC to add October PW soon.
01/15/19 – Website updated. PW uploaded. Database updated.
02/28/19 – Website has been updated this week for meeting.
03/28/19 – Website was updated on 3/26 and 3/27. TTC and Bert agreed to extend the annual renewal with Doteasy for hosting the website. Note that hosting is not the same as domain name renewal. Each year there are two renewals.
04/25/19 – Website updates complete earlier this month. PW rates downloaded and uploaded to this site but TTC needs to do script updates for end of month and upload April PW rates.
05/28/19 – Updated the website for County meeting, saving widget updates until after the Partner meeting.
05/29/19 – Created Champlin Login, migrated all Terry Cannon post to TEI and updated our Archive projects to clean up migration of old project.
08/28/19 – Website has been updated for this weeks Partner meeting. TTC will update scripts and website next week.
09/24/19 – Website updated, PW uploaded, scripts updated but two more need to be updated soon.
10/30/19 – TTE Update website and update PW rates last week. Created new projects and categories for several projects and performed website cleanup. Assisted Champlin with front end documents.
12/05/19 – Updated scripts on website, upload PW information, start updating website for next meeting on 12/12.
01/27/20 – Website update, PW rates uploaded a couple of weeks ago. Scripts not updated this month yet.
01/30/20 – Called to 800 Broadway to troubleshoot boiler issues and was onsite 1/30, 1/31, and 2/1 to resolve the issues. TTC will send Tony a field report as several things were found to contribute to the issues at 800 Broadway this year. It was a good bit of troubleshooting and quite the enigma to figure this one out but we got it.
02/02/20 – General Service names were renamed to [General Service] so they appeared at the top of the list form now on.
02/27/20 – PW updated and website updated Monday-Wednesday.
03/13/20 – TEI issued Work from Home mandates for all employees limited access out of the office, for fieldwork or meetings for all projects starting 3/20/20. We are to continue servicing clients as best as we can remotely and only do onsite meetings as necessary.
03/23/20 – Doteasy renewal is up for next 12 months for TTC and BW agreed to renew another 12 and TTC sent in renewal.
03/24/20 – Website updated for PM meeting. We are not meeting in person but will have details updated for Facilities.
07/29/20 – Website updated, PW rates uploaded and fixed for some hyperlinks.
08/26/20 – Website due for major updates including WordPress 5.5. PW rates updated for August and September will be early for JC Project.
09/18/20 – Block editor was automatically installed. TTC trying to disable that feature on the website. Updated the website mid-month this month. September PW waged already updated.
10/28/20 – Scripts updated, working on classic editor settings, PW rates updated.
12/10/20 – Website updated mid-November although there was no meeting. Reupdated in December for 12/10 meeting.01/26/21 – Website updated, jquery issued addressed, 3 plugins updated, PHP security issued researched.

by Champlin Champlin

Animal Shelter – Exit Signs

01/06/21 – SOSS signed and received.
01/21/21 – Champlin and TTE walkthrough with John Nester to review existing locations and review scope.
02/09/21 – Champlin uploaded Estimate to Archibus.
02/25/21 – TEI needs to add cost to Archibus for this project.
03/02/21 – All estimates are uploaded. Final report to come.
04/29/21 – Estimates are in and final report uploaded to Archibus.
05/27/21 – No Update. OK to Archive


Animal Shelter – Roof Assessment

11/23/20 – County requested updated roof assessment of the roofs.
12/02/20 – THP submitted SOSS.
12/28/20 – SOSS approved.
01/14/21 – Animal Shelter roof survey completed.
02/25/21 – THP issued the final roof report.
03/12/21 – THP published update to report based on County comments.


Animal Shelter – Trailer Power and Signal

12/09/20 – AKM called ThermalTech to develop Opinion of Probable cost and opinion of engineering fees to communicate to Animal Shelter personnel.  AKM to advise TEI if the Animal Shelter wants to proceed with project, at which point AKM to ask for an SOSS.  TEI sent opinions of cost to AKM on 12/04/20.

01/26/21 –  Trailer delivered to site.  TEI speaks with AKM about moving forward.  AKM requested revised cost data based upon the location where the trailer was placed.  TEI sends AKM data requested and asks about next steps

01/28/21 – Discussed having Duke pulling a separate service for this trailer to keep it separate from the main building’s supply. TEI stated that is how it is planned at this time.

02/23/21 – AKM requests SOSS for design work for the trailer install.  TEI sends to AKM.

03/24/21 – Project pending SOSS approval and PO.

by Champlin Champlin

250 WHT – HCPHD Lobby, WM, WQ, Plumbing, HPE

10/29/20 – Furniture confirmation meeting held 10/28. HPE proceeding to furniture bid. Lobby, WM and Copy/Print/Conference room reconfiguration to be estimated for future funding. Plumbing and Water Quality modifications no longer being pursued.
11/23/20 – SD Drawings and Estimate sent to County for review.
01/27/21 – No update.
02/25/21 – No update.
03/25/21 – SOSS sent for 2nd Floor Lobby scope only. waiting on approval to proceed.
04/29/21 – Separating Public Health Lobby into new project. No Update for remaining spaces. Scope is complete, okay to archive.

by Champlin Champlin

237 WHT – HCPHD – Disease Prevention TB Clinic

10/29/20 – Programming meeting held. Planning confirmation meeting scheduled for 11/5/20.
11/05/20 – Meeting to review scope. Proceeding with 2 options to SD and Estimate level.
12/08/20 – Site visit by CA and TTE to verify existing conditions
12/10/20 – ThermalTech has requested information on existing equipment and specifics for using for loads for new space.
12/14/21 – Cost estimate for emergency work needed, minimum renovation plan and minimum plus renovation plan sent to Greg Varner for Board Meeting.
02/25/21 – No update.
03/25/21 – No Update. OK to Archive.


Animal Shelter – Arc Flash Study

09/18/20 – New Arc Flash project SOSS sent to County, followed up with some additional drawings to Tony from study. This project can probably be archived.
09/24/20 – Approved SOSS has been received. Arc Flash to begin.
12/09/20 – Duke Energy information finally received from Duke, and model is developed.  Site visit to coordinate and confirm existing conditions to be scheduled ASAP (post quarantine).
01/26/21 – TEI conducts field survey, develops model and is finalizing the model.  Model results to be sent to Charlie at CMI for review no later than 01/29/21.
02/23/21 – TEI completes model and sends to Charlie at CMI for review and comments.  Upon receipt of Charlie’s comments, TEI will implement, print and apply labels.
03/24/21 – TEI receives and incorporates comments from CMI.  Model completed and labels are printed and TEI is scheduled to apply labels week of 03/29/21.
04/28/21 – Labels applied.  TEI to submit printed results to HCFD and the project is complete.
05/26/21 – Project complete. OK to Archive

by Champlin Champlin

250 WHT – HC Public Health Dept. EPI & IT/PHEP Interior Renovations

08/20/20 – SOSS signed and returned. Champlin notified ThermalTech. Working to schedule field work.
08/27/20 – Champlin sent several floor plans for review and asked about electrical impact. Barth responded that it is really pretty much the same electric scope except one layout requires an additional power pole and data jack which is not a big deal.
09/08/20 – CA site visit to see existing conditions
09/23/20 – CA SD drawings and estimate uploaded to Archibus
10/22/20 – Drawings updated to reflect scope change
10/29/20 – RCF pricing in process with the inclusion of prevailing wage.
11/23/20 – Haworth unable to meet furniture delivery deadline due to covid. Haworth sent a letter to explain the issue for Cares Act Funding. Furniture to be delivered early January
12/01/20 – Drawings submitted to IBI for Plan review.
12/10/20 – IBI and permitting in place. County can start work.
12/17/20 – Epi  teardown 1/5-1/6 install 1/7-1/8. IT/PHEP teardown 1/5-1/6. Install 1/7-1/8.  HPE teardown 1/11- install 1/12-1/13
01/25/21 – Electrical punch list completed.
01/28/21 – Holstegge coming out Monday to pick up some items and Trades are filling out the rest of the work. Carpet guys are coming out soon.

02/25/21 – No Update

03/25/21 – No Update

04/29/21 – No Update

by Champlin Champlin

TPC – BMV Expansion

07/21/20 – Champlin and TTE met onsite to kickoff this project.

08/17/20 – SOSS submitted. Waiting for authorization to proceed.

09/24/20 – Our price was too high, project on hold.  Probably ok to archive.


Fire Alarm & Sprinkler Testing

07/29/20 – SOSS received for these projects. TTE already about 75% done updating the specifications. We have updated three buildings with new Fire Alarm inventories (A&D, Courthouse).
08/26/20 – TTC to finalize testing manuals this week for Tony review.
09/18/20 – Finalized all documents this week, went over project specifics and update the manuals. Got two new ITB and issued for bidding today. Prebid 9/29 and Bid Opening 10/14.
10/06/20 – Addendum 1 issued. Bid extended to 10/28.
10/08/20 – Addendum 2 issued.
10/23/20 – Addendum 3 Issued. Bid extended to 11/04.
10/28/20 – Questions Due.
10/29/20 – Addendum 4 issued.
12/04/20 – TTC reviewed final contracts several times prior to signature by the contractor. TTC participated in research on the bid documents and called the vendor for a post-bid interview prior to recommending this work. At this time the project is set to be awarded to SA Comunale for both Fire Alarm and Fire Suppression.
12/30/20 – Project to be Archived.


TPC – Power Loss/Fire Event Study

02/26/20 – TEI authors and submits SOSS for project per HCFD request.  TEI receives PO and approved SOSS.  TEI and HCFD meet with CE Power for site investigation of existing conditions and remains of the disconnect switch that failed/caught fire.  CE power providing forensic’s report to TEI.
03/26/20 – CE Power has sent TEI forensics report.  TEI adding CE Power findings to TEI report to send to Hamilton county.
04/30/20 – TEI finalizes report draft to send to facilities for review.
05/27/20 – TEI has sent the draft of the report to facilities for review.  Will finalize upon receipt of comments.
06/23/20 – TEI has sent the draft of the report to facilities for review.  Will finalize upon receipt of comments.
07/29/20 – TEI has sent the draft of the report to facilities for review.  Will finalize upon receipt of comments.
08/21/20 – TEI has sent the draft of the report to facilities for review.  Will finalize upon receipt of comments
04/14/21 – TEI incorporates owner’s comments into report and emails JN and BW final report for approval.  Upon approval from HCFD – TEI will issue deliverables to HCFD.
04/28/21 – Report finalized, and (5) hard copies delivered to HCFD.  Project complete.


TPC – Community Development Relocation

ThermalTech Led, IPM sub
02/26/20 – TEI Authors SOSS for a new project to relocate Community Development from 10th floor to 8th floor of TPC.
03/26/20 – TEI receives signed SOSS and PO.  HCFD working with IPM to program space and then IPM to send the layout to TEI for electrical design.
04/30/20 – TEI and JP visit project site to look at power/telecom existing conditions.
05/27/20 – Project release pending COVID-19 restrictions.
06/23/20 – Project release pending COVID-19 restrictions.
07/29/20 – No updates this month.
08/26/20 – No updates this month.
09/18/20 – No updates this month.
10/28/20 – No updates this month.
12/10/20 – No updates this month.
12/30/20 – TTC archiving this project for 2020.


250 WHT – Booster Pump Replacement

01/22/20 – TEI fieldwork visit and researching equipment options.
01/30/20 – SOSS submitted and original fieldwork completed.
02/24/20 – SOSS submitted awaiting approvals.
03/23/20 – Project ready for review. TTC will send to county for review. New booster pump is 100% redundant but new pumps are 5HP. Barth confirmed conduit and feeders still sized properly for new loads.
04/16/20 – Bids received from Peck, Geiler, Triton and Debra. TEI tabulated and sent to the County for decision.
04/28/20 – TTC released bid tab to bidders. Did not tell bidders who the winning bidder is.
04/30/20 – PO in for approval with County, looking at weekend work for this job.
05/27/20 – Project in for approval with the County for weekend work with PHB as the apparent low bidder.
06/24/20 – PHB sent the submittals in on the project. ThermalTech reviewed and sent back to the vendor including limited comments from the County. PHB working on background checks with BC who is helping get them onsite to the work ASAP. Unfortunately, the lead time on the pump package is 5 weeks at this time because we missed the “on shelf” package they had waiting for us. The hope is to get this installed ASAP.
07/24/20 – PHB has scheduled the pump replacement on August 8 with the backup date of August 9. They have not however received their PO and Contract yet. TEI check with Facilities and it is in place and Tony will send it. PHB will install the pumps and get them working on the weekend BAS interface and local alarms will be picked up the next week by Peck.
08/26/20 – Peck performed the work over the 8/8 weekend. The new booster pump is working and online. TEI issued Punchlist for the project to PHB with remaining work items. Payapp #1 was submitted and approved. Final payapp was submitted but held for closeout documents.
09/16/20 – TTE on-site performing Records Drawing check. Some piping needs to be changed on Record Drawing and CAFM drawing.
09/18/20 – OM’s delivered. Punchlist work complete. TTE to approve the final invoice and send in the final paperwork. Project ready to archive.
10/28/20 – TTC checked in with PHB to ensure all payments have been made and project can be closed.

by Champlin Champlin

Courthouse Lobby Security Camera Install

11/12/19 – SOSS approved for Camera Install Project
12/09/19 – Champlin met with Matthew Butz at the Courthouse to discuss scope of work.
12/17/19 – Champlin Contacted Beth Johnson with the Historical Conservation Office and approval was not needed for this project.
01/30/20 – Project okay to archive, the work is complete.


TPC – 6th Floor Lighting Upgrades

01/28/20 – TEI authors and submits SOSS for lighting upgrades in the 6th floor board room area to eliminate the large “beam me up” light fixtures per the request of facilities and the Commissioner.  TEI has sent facilities an option with costs, lighting calc and a rendering of the space.
02/26/20 – Commissioner rejects initial selection.  TEI and HCFD send commissioner lighting selection data sheets and commissioner selects a fixture that is acceptable.  ThermalTech sends HCFD revised rendering and lighting calculations for approval.  TEI and HCFD discuss benefits/drawbacks of removing wall sconces in the room versus replacing the wall sconces.  Pending commissioner approval.
03/26/20 – Project pending review an approval of rendering.
04/30/20 – Project pending review and approval of rendering.
05/27/20 – Project pending review and approval of rendering.
06/23/20 – Project pending review and approval of rendering.
07/29/20 – Project pending review and approval of rendering.
08/21/20 – Project pending review and approval of rendering.
01/28/21 – Archive for now.


CH – Plumbing Repairs

08/08/19 – TTE sends SOSS to County as F-119.
10/05/19 – Bert inquires about deadline for bidding documents for this job. TTC sent review set and believes TTE can be done 10/31 with this work.
10/29/19 – Jessica send email about status of project and will be the PM moving forward on this work.
10/30/19 – Coty is onsite during afternoon finalizing access panel locations for bidding.
12/11/19 – Bids were sent out to Triton, Geiler and Debra and came back with two bids and a no bid. ThermalTech discussed the project with Triton, the apparent low bidder who seems to have everything covered. Bid tab and Bids forwarded to County for approval.
01/24/20 – Triton has submitted bid documents to the County and contract and PO paperwork is being drafted.
01/30/20 – Triton sent back signed contracts to County.
02/20/20 – Pre-Const Mtg held with Triton. Meeting notes sent on Monday, need to get Emergency Contact list sent to Jessica. Triton ready to mobilize on Monday afternoon to see the job. Background checks need to be complete before they can come on site.
03/23/20 – Triton has a couple of people with background checks and has been down on the initial field trip. Actual project start may be delayed.
04/29/20 – Triton was supposed to be on site last Monday, TTC to follow up with Brian Day on update.
05/08/20 – Project schedule adjusted for personnel availability, looking towards end of May for work.
05/26/20 – Triton and the County set the additional isolation valve work for Friday May 29,2020. Triton to arrive on our about 3pm and work in the evening for the new access panel and valving. TTC plans to be onsite for questions and answers.
05/29/20 – Met Triton onsite for the work and ran into several issues. (1) the hot water valve was not close enough the access panel to meet the dwg requirements. (2) the cold water valve location was not acceptable given the marble façade that would have to be removed to install it’s access panel. We worked on other acceptable locations with Triton and BC while on site. We all decide that given these two issues, we would call off the shutdown and drain tonight and regroup with a new plan later.
06/12/20 – Triton and BC selected a new location on the second floor for the CW valve, they sent info to TEI for consideration.
06/19/20 – Went to the building twice this week to research new locations for the hot water valve. We didn’t take the Triton suggestion for the second floor but we did find a location on the basement floor where an existing valve is already installed. TEI sent emails and photos to the county for discussion and decisions.
06/22/20 – BW sent an email for an update and TEI followed up with Triton and the County on possible new location. TEI and Triton to meet onsite to discuss. County to decide about two valves in series or remove the gate valve.
06/24/20 – Talked to Triton today about getting a change order for this work and they are reporting they’ve spent $5000 in investigation extras on this job. We are coordinating our next visit down there to finalize this job.
07/17/20 – The new City Water valve was installed on 7/17. The first 4″ valve leaked and Triton had to secure a second valve at a supply house in town. That was installed and the work was complete about 11:30 pm. TTE arrived about noon to survey the piping and prove out the hot water line before Triton arrived for work. After 3 or 4 hours of additional confirming of the water lines using temperatures and more measuring the hot water and hot water recirculation lines were again confirmed to be where we thought they were from the previous fieldwork. After the building shutdown however we found the hot water was still pressurized after the main shutdown. Further investigation showed that the hot water recirc was backfeed the hot water main creating a second path through the PK water heaters (somehow bypassing the check valve, mostly likely stuck open). It as proven in the field that to shut the hot water down to the floors both the DHW and DHWR should be turn off. Ancillary to this work we found the PK heaters powered down, so we closed the valves serving the PK heaters too. We found the PK DHWR pump burned up so we powered that down as well. The new pump installed on the AO Smith heaters will serve as the new DHWR pump. When the water turn back on we tested the new CW isolation valve for the upper floors. Half of the floors were off and some were still running. After some additional field investigation, we found another valve that serve one back of public restrooms in the northeast corner of the courthouse. This valve must be shutoff in conjunction with the new valve to isolate the upper floors from lower floors. In the end there are two hot water and two water valves to shutdown the CH upper floor water systems.
07/28/20 – Triton sent a drafted letter confirming the piping found behind the walls in the 3rd and 4th-floor restrooms was indeed brass not galvanized. A change order request was sent to replace the quarter-turn valve found in the NE corner with a chain operated ball valve.
08/26/20 – Change Order #1 was processed for a deduct to the project. TTC and Bryan going to meet on new valve location tomorrow and we are working on the final schedule to wrap up this project work on the 6th and 7th floors.
09/18/20 – Triton on-site tonight finishing up the project. Jax area completed about 6:30 pm. Basement valve installed by 8:30 pm. Triton had to use one 2.5″ coupling and one 2″ cap from the plumber shop to complete the job. Water back on and everything working – no leaks.
10/28/20 – Work is complete, punchlist is distributed, another payapp was approved. We are waiting on insulation and chain operators to wrap this project up.
11/02/20 – County confirms punchlist is complete, insulation installed and chain operators installed. TEI asked Triton to close the project out ASAP.
12/10/20 – Project is completed. Final paperwork is coming in from Triton for closeout.
12/29/20 – Closeout documents from Triton came in today. TTC will review and begin closeout.


800 – Fire Pump Study

10/19/19 – SOSS received and ThermalTech onsite for fire pump testing. We witnessed the fire pump test by SA Comunale and they stated that the fire pumps passed with both city water mains open.
10/30/19 – Terry and Cai met to review the model and report. So far the model is working and matching existing conditions. Cai did a great job interpolating the existing pressure drops from the field data we collected. It is our initial view that both city water mains need to be open for the fire pumps because of the large pressure drop across the BFP’s. WE have to get the mfgr data to confirm this. We also are setting up additional testing with CDFP for more field test.
12/12/19 – No new updates this month.
01/24/20 – This project can be archived in lieu of the City Water Main replacement which has been submitted for Bidding & Construction.


Animal Shelter – Due Diligence Study

10/28/19 – Champlin, THP, and ThermalTech meet on site at the Hamilton County SPCA for a building tour. We toured the facility to see existing conditions and meet with representatives from the ASPCA and SPCA to discuss requirements for animal shelters. TTE has the existing drawings for scanning.
12/11/19 – The teams revisited the project site last Friday, THP on Monday. We are creating the estimates and report scope this week in advance of turning over the final report and estimates.
12/12/19 – The team discussed what to put in the report for Bert and in current population and code population. This report is supposed to discuss if the County should renovate this space for the new code requirements for canine’s. The county is not actually responsible for the cat population. #1-Renovation Cost, #2-expand to code population needs, #3-New Renovation Cost? We are to send all summaries to Kru at Champlin. BW said he really needs this next week. BOCC terminated SCPA agreement this year and are now looking for keep SCPA services. Provide draft by 12/19 to County.
12/20/19 – All partners have submitted cost and write-ups to the County. The County is working with CA on new building cost estimates and any updates that might be associated with square foot cost. The Renovation/Upgrade of existing facility cost seemed to be within expected ranges.
12/13/19 – THP reviewed budget for reduced repair scope project and discussed with CA.
12/16/19 – THP had conference call with project team to discuss repair scope.
12/18/19 – THP finalized draft of building envelope assessment report and emailed to project team for review.
12/19/19 – THP finalized building envelope assessment report and issued to CA.
01/27/20 – All information submitted to the County in December, will check on any additional updates at this months meeting.
02/20/20 – No updates this month.
03/23/20 – No updates this month.
04/30/20 – No updates this month.
05/27/20 – No updates this month.
06/24/20 – No updates this month.
07/29/20 – Emailed Tony all the scanned drawings we have of the building.
08/26/20 – This project picked up a little bit this month in answering some building questions and discussing adding it to Archibus.
09/18/20 – New Arc Flash project SOSS sent to County, followed up with some additional drawings to Tony from study. This project can probably be archived.
09/24/20 – OK to Archive.


JC – Water Heater Replacement

07/11/19 – ThermalTech sends SOSS to County.
08/21/19 – County Issues SOSS and PO to ThermalTech for Work.
10/21/19 – Project Issued for Bid.
10/28/19 – Prebid is held for project.
12/12/19 – Project is in for contract and approval. County reported contract is with the vendor awaiting signature.
01/17/20 – Pre Const Mtg was held and project notes distributed. Submittals and schedules requested.
02/24/20 – Geiler started putting submittals together but we have not seen the schedule or SOV yet for this project. TTC to check in with Geiler on Schedule. The Water Heater submittals look great.
03/23/20 – Permit drawings sent to Geiler for permitting. Geiler says deliveries are running slow due to governments shutdown, getting updated delivery for this project.
04/27/20 – TTC working with StreamKey on new PK-4 heater because a discrepancy was found between the size that the original engineer had for this HTX and what the factory gave us last year when checked. The steam control pieces can be return for closer equipment. TTC to discuss with Tony.
05/25/20 – Due to a HTX failure on PK-2 the new PK heater was installed in place of PK-2 this month and is up and running (so PK-1 was installed in the PK-2 position). Which is okay because they are the same heaters. The mall gasket leak on PK-1 that can now be fixed at the County’s leisure. The new steam control valve for PK-4 is in stock and will be getting replaced shortly by Geiler. The PK-4 shell is already installed but not operational at this time PK-5 must continue to cover the load. The steam control valve upgrade for PK-7 is complete.
06/23/20 – Geiler finished the insulation last week on the final unit. All system seem to be up and running well. When the buiding reopens to TEI, we can do a final Punchlist. Reports from the bldg staff are good.
07/29/20- Approved all but final of Geiler payapps for this work. TTE awaits access to the building for the punchlist work.
08/26/20 – Punchlist for heaters needs to be distributed. TTC using Coty Groeschen field trip for writing the JC Water Heater Punchlist. I will try to get this out this week.
09/18/20 – Project is complete, ready to archive.

by Champlin Champlin

230 – Probate Court Security Upgrade

10/03/19 – Project request made Scott Weikel for glass security panels to be installed at public counters on the 9th and 10th floor of the Taft Building.
11/01/19 – Champlin scheduled for field visit to verify locations and dimensions of work area.
11/18/19 – Cost estimate uploaded to Archibus.  SD drawings sent to County.
05/20/20 – Meeting at Taft center to discuss scope.  Attended by Sam and Mike from Champlin, Rycca, Jessica, and Bryan from County and Scott from the Taft center.
06/03/20 – additional site visit to verify existing conditions
06/03/20 – Meeting at Taft Center to choose product. Attended by Sam, Mike, and Jose from Champlin. Rycca and Bryan from County and Scott from the Taft Center.
07/02/20 – Draft of ITB sent to County for approval
07/27/20 – final copy of ITB and Plans approved. Prebid meeting set for 08/03/20 at 10 am
08/20/20 – Bids received and apparent low is James Hunt Construction.
09/03/20 – Contract signed by Hunt
09/14/20 – Submittal returned to Hunt
10/29/20 – Construction planned for the weekend of 11/21. Punchlist to be scheduled monday 11/23.
11/21/20 – Project ran into complications. New date of install is the weekend of 12/19-20. Punchlist to follow.
12/26/20 – Installation 12/26-12/27 Champlin performed punchlist 12/27
01/18/21 – Additional punchlist issued.
01/23/21 – Glass and 1 dented post cover replaced. sometime this week 2nd post cover to be replaced.
02/24/21 – Back punch by Sam Hofmann, Danny Rusconi, Rycca Thacker and Scott Weikel.  Final touch up items to be completed 2/25 at 4pm
02/25/21 – All punch items completed
03/25/21 – Project essentially complete. Final payment sent. The project can be archived.

by Champlin Champlin

250 WHT – First Floor Painting

10/16/19 – County made request for get pricing to bid out painting 250 William Howard Taft – first floor only.
10/25/19 – Champlin was at site for field verification.
12/5/19 – Cost Estimate and SD drawings sent to County
12/10/19 – Cost Estimate Revised
01/9/20 – SOSS submitted to county
01/22/20 – Approved SOSS and PO received by Champlin
01/30/20 – Waiting to receive bid schedule approval and list of approved vendors before sending RFP to potential bidders
02/21/20 – bid documents sent to County for approval
03/11/21 – Documents revisions sent to Champlin
03/18/20 – Bid documents sent to county
04/02/20 – Project put on hold due to Covid-19
06/25/20 – County reported that most of this work was completed in house.

by Champlin Champlin

A&D – JFS Director’s Office Renovation

08/30/19 – Champlin submits SOSS
09/11/19 – Champlin received approved SOSS & PO.
10/31/19 – Susan is coordinating furniture selection. Project will go to bid after that.
12/02/19 – Bids received from 3 bidders. RCF is apparent low and Purchasing is processing this to move forward.
06/25/20 – Furniture on site but may not be used given retirements and Covid. Project can be archived at this time.


2020 – City Façade Assessment

08/22/19 – THP provided SOSS.
08/28/19 – County approved SOSS.
09/26/19 – THP schedule to complete work in October.
10/18/19 – THP visited site to perform visual inspection of façade from grade and from roofs.
10/25/19 – THP visited site to rappel façade and perform close-up inspection.
10/30/19 – THP finalized draft of façade review report for Owner’s review.
12/12/19 – THP met AFR at site to confirm façade repair locations.
12/13/19 – THP met AFR at site to confirm completion of façade repairs and document locations.
01/03/20 – THP issued field report #19 for 2020 Auburn Ave. façade repairs.
01/21/20 – THP finalized and emailed letters to city about completion of façade repairs.
02/27/19 – Refer to F117 for status.

by Champlin Champlin

JC – Security Barrier

08/01/19 – County requests onsite meeting to review project scope.

08/13/19 – Champlin meets at Justice Center to review scope with Anderson Stafford, Scott Kerr, Bert, Sam, Kru. Pods B, C, D, in N31 and Pods F, H in N32 are part of this scope.

10/17/19 – Champlin entered Cost Estimate into Archibus.

by Champlin Champlin

CH – 6th Floor Office Build Out

08/27/19 – County requests onsite meeting to review scope.
09/10/19 – Champlin received approved SOSS & PO.
09/17/19 – Champlin & ThermalTech site visit.
09/27/19 – Check set given to Hamilton County for approval.
10/03/19 – CDs set given to Hamilton County and issued for permit.
12/03/19 – Bulletin #01 sent to County and Triton Services.

12/31/19 – Door and hardware submittals approved and sent to Triton

01/02/20 – CO #4 signed and sent to County

02/03/20 – Champlin performed Punchlist visit

02/04/20 – Punchlist report sent to County and Triton

02/14/20 – Champlin performed Back Punch visit

02/21/20 – Backpunch report sent to County and Triton

05/15/20 – Pay app signed and returned to Triton

by Champlin Champlin

250 WHT – Egress Door

06/18/19 – Bert emailed regrading a question from the County’s Safety Specialist regarding a egress door and egress path at the 250 WHT Building.
06/18/19 – Bert emailed floorplan and egress door in question to Champlin for review prior to site visit.
06/25/19 – On site meeting with Bert, Tony Matre and Kru to review location of Exit Door in question and review egress path.
07/03/19 – John from THP shared building code notes from 2015 project for replacement of deteriorated concrete bridges.
09/01/19 – Champlin shared memo explaining removing exit door designation at mid-landing.
09/11/19 – Cincinnati Fire Department sent followup questions.
09/17/19 – Champlin reviewed existing hardware and access control with building manager. Champlin to review this with Fire Department.

10/24/19 – Champlin had a code review meeting with Cincinnati Fire Department (Darryl Meadows) and Building Department (Greg Wiles)

by Champlin Champlin

Project Cost Estimates 2020

07/24/19 – Bert discussed 2020 project schedules with team today. All partners can edit this project for updates this year.
08/28/19 – ThermalTech has received our SOSS back from Facilities and fieldwork has been started. HVAC and Plumbing have bee updated for Admin air compressors, auto title and vestibule projects. We should discussed a revised completion date for all the partners.
08/22/19 – THP provided SOSS for project cost estimates.
08/28/19 – County approved THP SOSS.
09/01/19 – ThermalTech completed preliminary estimates awaiting schematic design documents for changes.
09/10/19 – County approved Champlin SOSS.
09/26/19 – THP completed loading dock estimate and information loaded into Archibus.
10/07/19 – We met back at the Admin Building on vestibule job and modified the MEP cost a little bit. All ThermalTech projects are updated and ready to go.
10/03/19 – Project request made Scott Weikel for glass security panels to be installed at public counters on the 9th and 10th floor of the Taft Building.
10/07/19 – THP attended kick off meeting for review CAB entry project. Based on current project request, THP will not have a role in this project.
10/31/19 – THP estimate up loaded into Archibus.
11/01/19 – Champlin scheduled for field visit to verify locations and dimensions of work area.
11/05/19 – CA cost estimate for Justice Center Security Barriers uploaded to Archibus.
11/08/19 – CA updated SD plan for Autotitle project.
11/12/19 – CA cost estimate for Autotile uploaded to Archibus
11/18/19 – Cost estimate uploaded to Archibus. SD drawings sent to County.
11/11/19 – Bert Watts provided CA with new contact information for someone to walk the scope of JC Door replacement.
12/02/19 – CA cost estimate for Cab Entry uploaded to Archibus.
12/13/19 – CA visited Justice center to review scope for Justice Center Frame Replacement
12/17/19 – TEI updated plans and cost for 2020 Projects for CAB Auto Title and Vestibule project in Archibus.
01/16/20 – CA received list of doors and frames to be replaced in Justice Center from Sgt. J. McAuliffe.
02/25/20 – CA reached out to vendors for more information.  In the process of putting together cost estimate based on vendors information.
02/27/20 – PDF 2020 estimates by Friday 2/28 and share with Bert when complete. No binders required for this year.

03/09/20 – Champlin reached out to Sgt. McAullife for questions regarding Justice Center Door Replacement project. Waiting on Stg. to schedule a meeting with higher ups to discuss scope.

05/01/20 – Stg. McAullife provided answers to questions of scope. Reached back to to clarify scope

06/17/20 – Scope finalized. Estimate uploaded to Archibus.



A&D – Movable Wall – F005

07/01/19 – Hamilton County requested to review and design a movable wall.
07/12/19 – THP provided an SOSS.
07/23/19 – County approved SOSS.
08/29/19 – THP completed initial design. THP to meet with County to review approach and design needs.
02/27/20 – Wall manufacturer went out of business, so project on hold.
06/25/20 – Facilities will touch base with JFS on the viability of this project.


CH – WiFi System Design

02/26/19 – Facilities requests SOSS for WiFi System Design based upon Study that was completed in May 2016.  TEI authors and Submits SOSS.
07/24/19 – TEI completes design. TEI has 100% design review meeting with HCFD, CMSNet, and Bradley Bedacht (Courts) and delivers copies of completed drawings and project manual for review.  TEI inquires on 07/23/19 with BB if there are any comments.  Upon receipt of comments, TEI will contact purchasing to establish ITB # and bidding dates.
08/27/19 – ThermalTech recieves final comments from the owner.  Project was issued for bidding.  The pre-bid meeting is scheduled for 09/04/19 at 10:00 AM.  final bids will be due through the purchasing department at 11:00 AM on 09/20/19.
09/25/19 – The bids opened on 09/20, Glenwood Electrical Services is the apparent low bidder.  ThermalTech is vetting the bid to make recommendations for a contract.
10/30/19 – ThermalTech has vetted the bids, and made recommendations to the HamCo for moving forward.  Once contracts are completed, a pre-construction meeting will be scheduled with the contractor and the design team.
12/11/19 – Project executed and the purchase order delivered to Glenwood electric for the project.  Glenwood sends TEI submittals for review on 12/10/19.  Glenwood developing site specific safety plan and schedule for review.  Glenwood submits list of employees for BGCs.  upon approval of BGCs, will mobilize to the project.  Anticipate mobilization early January 2020.
01/28/20 – ThermalTech rejects the submittals for non compliance – waiting for Glenwood to re-submit.  According to Glenwood – the BGCs are in progress.  Mobilization date is TBD.
02/26/20 – TEI approves and returns all re-submittals – Glenwood stated that their LV guys have the BGCs completed and returned, but the electrical crew has no BGCs returned yet.  Materials have been ordered and Glenwood to contact HCFD to schedule mobilization.  Glenwood has not gotten badges yet for any of their crew – I said to look closely at the info from HCFD – as there are only specific hours that badges can be made.
03/26/20 – Construction progressing, through the building.  Glenwood began construction in the basement and are working their way up through the building.  Glenwood’s Electrical guys will be complete by 04/01/20.  Glenwoods low voltage guys are currently working on the 2nd floor.
04/30/20 – Project installation nearing completion.  Glenwood schedules heat mapping of new system for May 15.  TEI and facilities perform punchlist.   TEI issues Punchlist.
05/27/20 – Heat mapping postponed until May 29 due to none communicating ports.  Once heat mapping is complete, TEI and HamCo (Facilities and courts) to review and make comments for any final adjustments.
06/23/20 – Heat mapping completed on 05/29.  There were multiple areas in the building where the heat mapping company did not scan the areas and marked on the report that the levels were below acceptable/expected levels.  Upon review, all parties including Glenwood agreed that the heat mapping in those areas would be re-scanned.  The re-scan was scheduled for 06/19, and floors 1 and 2 were re-scanned prior to a failure of the scanning device.  The heat mapping company is scheduled to return to the courthouse on Friday 6/26 for floors 3 and 4.  New reports will then be issued and reviewed by the team (Courts/Facilities and TEI).
07/29/20 – TEI reviewed revised heat maps with HCFD and Bradley Bedacht from Courts.  There are a few minor modifications that need to take place, and the courts have been asked if there are any additional modifications that they would be interested in prior to project closeout.  Bradley to coordinate the rollout of the new wifi system with telecom.
08/21/20 – TEI, HCFD, Telecom and Bradley Bedacht meet to roll out new system.  New system turned on and running on 08/14/20.  Glenwood scheduled to train on 08/24/20, and swap the (7) APs that are on the hcpub SSID to the CHPublic on the same day as training.  Courts has published the passwords for the SSIDs and after the change over, the hcpub network will be shut down in the courthouse and demo of old system components can occur.
09/23/20 – Project nearly complete – switched over to new system.   TEI issues request for CO pricing to add a WAP in room 415, and relocate (2) WAPs for better coverage.  TEI receives email from BB stating that there may be a couple additional adds.  Glenwood requests walkthrough to confirm understanding of changes.   TEI to schedule the week of 9/28.
10/27/20 – Glenwood electric is scheduled to be on site 10/27/20 at 4:00 PM to make the final connections for the Change Order work.  Once completed, as-builts and close-out document will be turned in and project can be closed out.
12/09/20 – Closeout documents and as-builts submitted to HCFD.  final Pay applications submitted to HCFD. Project complete.
12/10/20 – Courts said so far so good. Proejct ready to archive.


A&D – Façade Coating Survey

06/10/19 – Hamilton County requested SOSS to survey masonry coated area and remove loose debris.
06/12/19 – THP met with American Façade Restoration to discuss contractor scope and to get a proposal.
06/19/19 – THP submitted an SOSS for design services and AFR proposal to complete the work.
08/29/19 – Work scheduled to start after F117 complete.
10/31/19 – See F117 for project status.
01/24/20 – THP finalized Alms & Doepke window sill repair details and emailed to AFR proposal for change order #6.
01/30/20 – See F117 for project status. Construction work complete. Final paper work closeout in process.
02/27/30 – Refer to F117 for project status.

by Champlin Champlin

Millvale – Lease Tenant Fit-Out

06/14/19 – IPM and TTE Met County onsite for kickoff field trip for lease space renovation.
06/21/19 – CHA, IPM and TTE put proposal together and submitted to County for consideration.
06/25/19 – Split proposal up into SD & Estimating and CD & Bidding for consideration.
06/27/19 – Submitted new SD & Estimating SOSS to Facilities for approval. Based on the findings in the SD phase we will update the DD, CD, Bidding & CA SOSS later if the project moves forward.
07/24/19 – SOSS approved. Four week time clock has started. TTE has visiting the site and taken off additional plumbing, HVAC and electrical. Bert gave us the contact to do additional fieldwork at the site. One additional plumbing drawing was found on site.
07/25/19 – County stated today that the all disciplines must have permittable style SD documents to attach as exhibits to the lease.
08/28/19 – The team completed the SD phase and cost estimate and submitted to the owner for review. The cost was higher than expected and a value engineering meeting was held with Facilities and JFS. We removed the HVAC from the project, removed one restroom, changed some of the finishes in the space. We then we updated the floor plans, furniture plans, HVAC, Electric and Plumbing and uploaded the new drawings to Archibus. Finally we updated the cost estimate to match the new scope. We are awaiting review and approval by owner.
09/24/19 – No updates. We are waiting on funding and approval to move to next phase.
10/09/19 – Master lease between CMHA and the city is approved.  Project will move forward.
10/23/19 – DD set given to Hamilton County.
10/31/19 – Waiting on lease documents to City, waiting on approval to move forward on bidding.
11/01/19 – CD set scheduled to be given to Hamilton County. Bert gave us the background on using this space now and in the future. This may take some time to work this through the City process for DD drawings.
12/10/19 – CA attended walk through of Space with TTE, County, and Cincinnati to discuss scope of work.
01/30/20 – CHMA approved our proposed plan. The County needs this in writing so they can sublease this space and agree on amount of stay past end of lease. Bert said we are just getting through the administration stuff, the project is good to go in concept.
06/25/20 – Project on hold for now. RT will check on future feasibility.


Comm Center – Temp Trailer Due Diligence

05/21/19 – TEI to study feasibility of adding a temporary trailer behind the building for additional office space.
07/25/19 – TTC to submit an SOSS for this work.
08/28/19 – No updates this month.
09/24/19 – No updates this month.
10/30/19 – No updates this month.
01/24/20 – No updates this month but officials are started to ask about starting this study.
02/24/20 – No updates this month.
03/24/20 – No updates this month.
04/30/20 – No updates this month.
05/27/20 – No updates this month.
06/24/20 – No updates this month.
06/25/20 – Archive for now, if the project comes back we will bring it back.


Burlington – HVAC Upgrade

09/14/18 – ThermalTech contacted to provide HVAC study at Burlington Garage.
09/20/18 – ThermalTech has Monnit sensors on site for space and humidity monitoring.
10/05/18 – ThermalTech issues final study of space conditions with recommendations for better space and humidity controls.
11/01/18 – ThermalTech issues Small Project Manual for bidding to local contractors for HVAC work.
11/26/18 – ThermalTech issues Bid Results to County.
12/03/18 – Engineer’s Office issues PO to winning bidder for the project.
01/16/19 – SOV approved for NKYHA and the work should begin shortly.
04/03/19 – Project punchlist issued to contractor for Work.
04/25/19 – Review work with County and NKYHA, final changes and adjustments underway.
05/29/19 – ThermalTech created Temperature Trend worksheet and emailed to Tony and Mike.
06/03/19 – ThermalTech issues weekly summary showing temperature and humidity’s are within limits; confirms that installed equipment appears to be operating correctly. TEI has not been on site to witness the workings of the dehumidifiers and RAWAL valves since the 4/25 field visit.
06/26/19 – ThermalTech issued temperature and humidity trends for the building. Everything looks great and all systems are go. We will continue to monitor until July 31.
07/25/19 – ThermalTech adding Monnit sensors for additional trending. Spaces look okay but discharge temperatures and unit temperatures not matching up.
08/28/19 – NKYHA added refrigerant to the Admin unit and TEI pulled out the Monnit sensors after several weeks of good data. Everything appears to be work okay. Humidistats were set to 65% so the units could do the majority of the dehumidification. When the separate dehumidifiers operate they discharge 100F air into the space as part of the dehumidification cycle making it harder for the split systems to maintain space temperature.
09/12/19 – Mark called to say NKYHA sent a payapp in with no signature. I told Mark to forward it to me for payment, but Rick sent it to me and it was wrong.
09/24/19 – Ready to Archive this project. Rick owes the County one more payapp because I rejected his last payapp because it had the wrong amount on it.


Records Center – Façade and Roof Repairs

05/16/19 – County requested SOSS for façade and roof repair package.
06/19/19 – THP submitted an SOS for design services.
06/27/19 – Verbally approved. Need to final bids and contract by November.
07/03/19 – SOSS Approved.
07/25/19 – Project update: THP anticipated design review documents being published August 2.
08/29/19 – DD docs to be issued September 13th.
08/29/19 – DD docs to be issued September 13th.
10/18/19 – Bid Documents Published.
10/29/19 – Prebid meeting completed.
10/31/19 – Bids due 11/19/19.
11/06/19 – Addendum no.1 issued
11/04/19 – Addendume no. 2 issued.
11/21/19 – Three bids were received. Imbus was the apparent low bidder.
11/21/19 – THP discussed the bid with Imbus and issued a bid summary letter recommending Imbus complete the work alternates no1 and no3 for $353,130.00.
01/30/20 – THP project summary – Bids approved and County generate contract for execution.
02/14/20 – County Issued fully executed contract.
02/27/20 – Project update: Plan to schedule preconstruction meeting the week of March 2nd. Work is anticipated to start early April.
02/14/20 – County Issued fully executed contract.
02/27/20 – Project update: Plan to schedule preconstruction meeting the week of March 2nd. Work is anticipated to start early April.
03/03/20 – THP issued conform set.
03/04/20 – Preconstruction Meeting occurred. Construction to occur once weather allows.
04/16/20 – Imbus mobilized job site.
04/19/20 – Roofing submittals processed.
04/20/20 – Imbus began roof repairs.
05/04/20 – Pay application No.1 processed.
05/12/20 – Lintel submittal processed.
05/27/20 – Pay application No. 2 processed.
06/15/20 – THP issued updated canopy anchor requirements.
06/17/20 – Imbus subcontractor finished installing the canopy.
06/25/20 – Roof work completed. Team plans to meet and punch the roof 6/26/20.
06/26/20 – Punch list review meeting completed. Two minor items noted.
07/08/20 – Warranties submitted.
07/24/20 – Final pay application submitted.
07/27/20 – Changer order No. 1 approved.
07/30/20 – Punch list work complete. THP processing closeout paper work.
12/09/20 – Final project manual submitted.
12/10/20 – THP plans to drop off project manual and final pay request 12/11/20.
01/28/20 – THP dropped of project manual and final pay application mid December.
02/25/21 – Project can be closed.


Burlington – Building Roof Replacement F002

04/10/19 – Engineering office requested a roof replacement project.
04/16/19 – THP visited the site to develop a SOSS.
06/24/19 – THP submitted an SOSS for design services.
07/11/19 – SOSS approved.
07/25/19 – Project update: THP anticipated design review documents being published August 2.
08/29/19 – DD docs to be issued September 13th.
09/26/19 – Meeting with Burlington Engineer 9/27/19
10/18/19 – Bid Documents Published.
10/29/19 – Prebid meeting completed.
10/31/19 – Bids due 11/13/19.
11/13/19 – Three bids were received on 11/13/19. Wm. Kramer and Sons was the apparent low bidder.
11/22/19 – THP discussed the bid with Kramer and issued a bid summary letter recommending Kramer complete the work alternates no1 and no2 for $73,764.00.
01/30/20 – THP project summary – Bids approved and County generate contract for execution.
02/26/20 – County issued executed contract.
02/27/20 – Project update: Plan to schedule preconstruction meeting early March once formal PO is issued. Work requested to start mid-April. Kramer confirmed start date is good.
03/03/12 – Conform documents issued.
03/12/20 – Preconstruction Meeting completed.
03/19/20 – Submittals processed.
03/31/20 – Kramer mobilized.
04/29/20 – Pencil copy of Pay Application No.1 returned for corrections.
05/04/20 – Kramer last day on site.
06/16/20 – Roof installation condition meeting completed.
06/25/20 – Roof needs final top coat installation and punch list completed.
07/20/20 – Punch list review meeting completed.
07/30/20 – Punch list work complete. THP processing closeout paperwork.
11/13/20 – Final project closeout manual submitted and sent County Engineer
11/18/20 – Final pay application approved and processed.


Comm Center – Lower Level Quiet Room

05/29/19 – ThermalTech authors an SOSS for the project – pending SOSS approval and PO.
06/26/19 – Project Pending approval of SOSS and PO.
07/24/19 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.
08/27/19 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.
09/25/19 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.
10/30/19 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.
12/11/19 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.
01/28/20 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.
02/26/20 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.
03/26/20 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.
04/30/20 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.
05/27/20 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.
06/23/20 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.
06/25/20 – Latest discussion was to just archive this project as it is not needed at this time. OK to archive.


A&D – Access Control System Design

05/29/19 – Hamilton County requests SOSS for the project.
06/26/19 – TEI submits SOSS to facilities.  Project pending SOSS approval and PO.
07/24/19 – TEI receives signed SOSS and PO for project.  TEI, Facilities and JFS to conduct project kickoff meeting on 07/25/19 to begin project.
08/27/19 – ThermalTech emails Claude T to request 100% review meeting for a time on (or around) 09/11/19.  After final review comments, project will be issued for bidding.
09/25/19 – ThermalTech, HCFD, and JFS meet to review 100% documents.  HCFD send TEI federal procurement requirements.  TEI adds to the project manual and submits to HCFD for review by prosecutors office.  Project will be issued for bidding upon receipt of comments from the prosecutors.
10/30/19 – Project will be issued for bidding upon receipt of comments from the prosecutors.
12/11/19 – Project bids received, Glenwood Electric is apparent low bid on the project.  TEI vetted bid and submitted recommendation that HamCo proceed with authoring the contract with Glenwood.
01/28/20 – Upon approval of contract and issuance of PO to Glenwood Electric, a pre-construction meeting will be scheduled and the project construction will commence.
02/26/20 – Glenwood’s PO and contract approved.  Construction kickoff meeting scheduled for 02/27/20 at 1:00 PM.
03/26/20 – Construction kickoff pending the return of the background checks.
04/30/20 – Construction began – paused due to non-shipment of parts from MFGR.  Glenwood clarifying scope and working to get actual ship dates.
05/27/20 – Construction underway.  Control cabinets installed in basement through 7th floor on west end of the building.  Controllers installed on 6,5, and 4 on the est end of the building.  power supplies ordered and pending on time delivery, power supply install anticipated to start on or around June 1.  Anticipated project completion is end of June.
06/23/20 – All controllers are installed.  All power supplies have been installed and powered.  Glenwood and Claude Toulsen are working to develop new badgeing standards (photos, logos, facility codes, etc).  Upon completion of the badge standardization process, and all of the JFS data is updated to new standard, the database will be imported to the Kantech system and the system will then be migrated over to the new system.

07/29/20 – JFS is working with Glenwood to transition old database into the new database, and upon completions of the development of the new database, new system pretty much ready for rollout.  The door on the southwest corner of the Parkhaus Garage is on the old system, and will not be functional after change over without adding to system.  Glenwood provided pricing for changeover.  HCFD, JFS, AMB and A&S to determine next steps.

08/21/20 – Glenwood waiting on Pictures from JFS to include in the software before they can transition over to Kantech system.  Glenwood working to respond to punchlist information that the installation is not in compliance with the specification.

09/23/20 – JFS completes their preparation work with the new employee photo database.  Discussion occurred when Glenwood stated there was no additional expandability in the new system.  TEI provided documentation of the basis of design product had substantial expandability built into the system.  Glenwood ordered additional cabinets to provide the expandability that was included in the specifications.  Glenwood to begin installation of additional cabinets and the associated programming on 9/28.  Estimating 2 additional weeks from then for completion of installation.  Upon completion of installation, TEI will perform final Punchlist and process closeout documents.

10/27/20 – Glenwood is on site programming all cards and integrating the new database.  Additional batteries are on site, however, additional power supplies were back-ordered, and are scheduled to ship 10/30/20.  Will be installed upon receipt.

12/09/20 – Glenwood on site doing switchover to new system.  All upper floors are on the new Kantech system, and the new doors in the basement and sub-basement are installed and on the new system.  Exterior doors are scheduled to be switched over on 12/14/20, and building staff and Sheriff’s office has been notified and is planning for the switchover.

01/26/21 – TEI and Matt Butz performs punchlist for project.  Upon completion of Punchlisted items and closeout, project will be complete.

02/23/21 –  TEI and Rycca Thacker perform punchlist back-check.  TEI requests final closeout documentation from Glenwood to close out the project.

03/24/21 – TEI receives and is reviewing the O&M manuals from Glenwood.  Upon approval of O&M Manuals, TEI will deliver to HCFD.  TEI and Glenwood working to provide all close out paperwork for the project.


JC – Parking Lot EV Charging Station Study

05/29/19 – Hamilton County requests SOSS for the project.

06/26/19 – TEI submits SOSS for approval.  Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.

07/24/19- Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.

08/27/19 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.

09/25/19 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.

10/30/19 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.

12/11/19 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.

01/28/20 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.

02/26/20 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.

03/26/20 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.

04/30/20 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.

05/27/20 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.

06/23/20 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.

07/29/20 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.

08/21/20 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.



800 – 4th and 5th Floor Security

05/29/19 – Hamilton County requests SOSS for the Project.
06/26/19 – TEI submits SOSS to facilities.  Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.
07/24/19 – Project pending SOSS approval and PO.
08/27/19 – Project Pending SOSS approval and PO.
09/25/19 – Project Pending SOSS approval and PO.
10/30/19 – Project Pending SOSS approval and PO.
12/11/19 – Project Pending SOSS approval and PO.
01/28/20 – Project Pending SOSS approval and PO.
02/26/20 – Project Pending SOSS approval and PO.
03/26/20 – Project Pending SOSS approval and PO.
04/30/20 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.
05/27/20 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.
06/23/20 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.
07/29/20 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.
08/21/20 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.
10/28/20 – Okay to Archive.


2020 – Arc Flash Modeling and Labeling

05/29/19 – Hamilton County requests SOSS for project.

06/26/19 – TEI submits SOSS to facilities.  Project Pending SOSS approval and PO.

07/24/19 – Project pending SOSS approval and PO.

08/27/19 – Project pending SOSS approval and PO.

09/25/19 – Project Pending SOSS approval and PO.

10/30/19 – Project Pending SOSS approval and PO.

12/11/19 – Project Pending SOSS approval and PO.

01/28/20 – Project Pending SOSS approval and PO.

02/26/20 – TEI receives signed SOSS and PO for project.  TEI contacts Jessica Powell and requests project kickoff with 2020 staff.  Kickoff meeting to occur ASAP and project to commence thereafter.

03/26/20 – TEI, County Facilities, and building manager meet to kick off the project.  Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, design meetings and field work at this facility have been placed on hold until all restrictions are lifted.

04/30/20 – Project Pending COVID-19 restrictions.

05/27/20 – Project pending COVID-19 restrictions.

06/23/20 – Project pending COVID-19 restrictions.

07/29/20 – TEI meets with Bryan Collins to re-kickoff project.  TEI contacts sub contractor to schedule field investigation to incorporate into the SKM model.  field investigations to be coordinated with building manager.

08/21/20 – TEI has Phasor Electric perform field investigation of all of the gear and feeders at the building.  Field work notes were sent to TEI on 08/20/20, and the data will now be entered into the model for running calculations.

09/23/20 – TEI processing data from Phasor – and will complete the modeling upon receipt of follow up data requested from Phasor.

10/27/20 – Phasor scheduling back visit to the building to get missed information and then the model will be completed and sent to Hamilton County Safety Consultant for review.

12/09/20 – Phasor returned to site to gather missed information.  Finalizing model, and will send through internal review, and then forward to Charlie for his review.

01/26/21 – Model to be sent to Charlie at CMI for review by 01/29/21.

02/23/21 – Model completed and sent to Charlie at CMI for review and comments.  Upon receipt of review comments from Charlie, labels will be printed and applied at the building.

03/24/21 – ThermalTech receives comments from CMI and incorporates into the model.   Labels printed and building manager contacted to schedule installation of labels – proposed to be installed week of 03/29/21.

04/28/21 – Labels installed on all equipment.  TEI to over report to HCFD and project complete.

05/26/21 – Project Complete.



CH – West Entry Security Screening Renovations

04/24/19 – HCFD requests SOSS from TEI for the project.  TEI submits SOSS and receives signed SOSS and PO.  TEI requests kickoff meeting the HCFD and all parties .  Project start pending project kickoff meeting.

05/29/19 – Design progressing and TEI anticipates that 100% documents will be issued to HamCo no later than mid week (week of June 3).

06/26/19 – Drawing submitted to HamCo for review and no comments received.  TEI submits to IBI for plan review and permit on 06/28/19.

07/24/19 – TEI receives plan review approval from IBI, and secures the electrical permit for trades to work on the project.  Core drills complete and trades working on electrical modifications for the project.  Hamilton County trades to notify ThermalTech when they are ready for the rough in inspection.

08/27/19 – work completed , inspections passed, and the security scanners have been relocated.


230 – 2019 Façade Critical Façade Repairs

12/20/18 – THP submitted SOSS.
01/14/19 – County approved SOSS.
03/28/19 – THP anticipated Owner review by 4/2/18 and Final by 4/8/19.
04/04/19 – THP met BW to discuss questions about documents issued for Owner Review.
04/10/19 – THP finalized estimated budget and emailed to BW.
04/12/19 – THP issued documents for bid.
04/15/19 – Project advertised to bidders.
04/23/19 – Pre-bid meeting.
04/25/19 – THP issued Addendum No. 1.
05/07/19 – THP attended Bid Opening.
05/07/19 – THP received Bid tabulation from Purchasing and reviewed.
05/07/19 – THP had telephone conversation with American Façade Restoration to qualify bid.
05/07/19 – THP developed bid summary letter recommending American Façade Restoration and emailed to BW.
05/14/19 – THP finalized draft of Owner-Contractor agreement and emailed to BW.
08/29/19 – Work scheduled to start after F117 complete.
09/16/19 – Work scheduled to start after F117 complete.
10/31/19- See F117 for project status.
01/30/20 – See F117 for project status. Construction work complete. Final closeout paper work in progress.
02/27/20 – Refer to F117 for project status.


CAB – 2019 Critical Façade Repairs F118

12/20/18 – THP submitted SOSS.
01/14/19 – County approved SOSS.
03/28/19 – THP anticipated Owner review by 4/2/18 and Final by 4/8/19.
04/04/19 – THP met BW to discuss questions about documents issued for Owner Review.
04/10/19 – THP finalized estimated budget and emailed to BW.
04/12/19 – THP issued documents for bid.
04/15/19 – Project advertised to bidders.
04/23/19 – Pre-bid meeting.
04/25/19 – THP issued Addendum No. 1.
05/07/19 – THP attended Bid Opening.
05/07/19 – THP received Bid tabulation from Purchasing and reviewed.
05/07/19 – THP had telephone conversation with American Façade Restoration to qualify bid.
05/07/19 – THP developed bid summary letter recommending American Façade Restoration and emailed to BW.
05/14/19 – THP finalized draft of Owner-Contractor agreement and emailed to BW.
08/29/19 – Work scheduled to start after F117 complete.
09/16/19 – Work scheduled to start after F117 complete.
10/31/19- See F117 for project status.
01/07/20 – THP finalized and emailed letters to city about completion of façade repairs.
01/30/20 – See F117 for project status. Construction work complete. Final paper work closeout in process.
02/27/20 – Refer to F117 for project status.
09/22/20 – THP emailed City of Cincinnati to ask about status of closing out façade inspection case for 2020 Auburn and 230 E. 9th St.
09/30/20 – THP visited site to document completed TPC letter installation, and issued field report 26.
10/06/20 – THP sent follow-up email and had conversation with contact at City of Cincinnati about open inspection cases at 2020 Auburn and 230 E. 9th.
10/22/20 – THP received, reviewed, and approved AFR’s 10th application for payment reflecting completion of all work. AFR to submit remaining closeout documents before submitting final application for payment for retainage.
11/06/2020 – THP reviewed AFR’s closeout binders, identified and requested missing information.
11/10/2020 – THP finalized closeout binders, reviewed and approved final application for payment, and delivered to Hamilton County.


800 – 2019 Façade Stabilization F117

12/20/18 – THP submitted SOSS.
01/14/19 – County approved SOSS.
03/28/19 – THP anticipated Owner review by 4/2/18 and Final by 4/8/19.
04/04/19 – THP met BW to discuss questions about documents issued for Owner Review.
04/10/19 – THP finalized estimated budget and emailed to BW.
04/12/19 – THP issued documents for bid.
04/15/19 – Project advertised to bidders.
04/23/19 – Pre-bid meeting.
04/25/19 – THP issued Addendum No. 1.
05/07/19 – THP attended Bid Opening.
05/07/19 – THP received Bid tabulation from Purchasing and reviewed.
05/07/19 – THP had telephone conversation with American Façade Restoration to qualify bid.
05/07/19 – THP developed bid summary letter recommending American Façade Restoration and emailed to BW.
05/14/19 – THP finalized draft of Owner-Contractor agreement and emailed to BW.
08/01/19 – THP met with Owner and Contractor for preconstruction meeting and issued meeting notes.
08/12/19 – THP reviewed and returned submittals received 8/7/19 from Contractor.
08/14/19 – THP reviewed and returned revised submittals from Contractor.
08/19/19 – THP met with Owner and Contractor for first progress meeting and issued meeting notes.
08/20/19 – THP met with Darnell at 800 Broadway to review additional façade issues to be reviewed for repair.
08/22/19 – THP met Contractor at 800 Broadway to review and document completed stone patch preparation progress and stone patch mockups.
08/23/19 – THP issued field report 1.
08/23/19 – THP had telephone conversations with Owner and Contractor to discuss status of mortar joint tuckpointing quantities relative to unit cost allowance amounts.
08/26/19 – THP met with Owner and Contractor for weekly progress meeting and issued meeting notes.
08/26/19 – THP reviewed pencil copy of Contractor’s first application for payment.
08/28/19 – THP visited 800 Broadway to meet Contractor, review progress, and do close-up inspection of south elevation in the area of the façade near the office where leaks have been an ongoing issue.
08/29/19 – THP directed Contractor to install two additional stone patch samples at 800 Broadway west elevation.
08/29/19 – THP reviewed and approved Contractor’s first application for payment.
08/30/19 – THP delivered application for Payment to HC.
08/30/19 – THP visited 800 Broadway to observe and document additional stone patch samples.
09/03/19 – THP issued field reports 2 & 3 from 8/28 & 8/30 site visits.
09/06/19 – THP visited 800 Broadway to meet Contractor and review progress.
09/09/19 – THP developed Change Order 1.
09/09/19 – THP met Owner and Contractor at 800 Broadway for progress meeting.
09/09/19 – THP met Contactor and American Scaffolding at 800 Broadway to review access for pricing repairs at southwest corner of tower.
09/09/19 – Change Order #1 for survey of A&D façade was approved and signed by Owner and Contractor.
09/09/19 – THP issued field report 4  from 9/6 site visit.
09/10/19 – THP issued notes from 9/9 progress meeting.
09/16/19 – THP developed Change Orders 2 & 3.
09/16/19 – THP met Owner and Contractor at CAB for progress meeting.
09/16/19 – Change Orders #2 for Justice Center façade repairs and #3 for 800 Broadway tower spall repair were approved and signed by Owner and Contractor.
09/17/19 – THP visited CAB to meet Contractor, review progress of concrete repairs, and identify additional repair areas.
09/18/19 – THP issued notes from 9/16 progress meeting.
09/20/19 – THP reviewed pencil copy of Contractor’s second application for payment and had conversation with Owner about use of unit cost allowances to cover additional façade repairs requested by HC at CAB.
09/20/19 – THP issued field report 5 from 9/16 site visit.
09/23/19 – THP met Owner and Contractor at CAB for progress meeting and issued meeting notes.
09/23/19 – THP reviewed and approved Contractor’s second application for payment.
09/23/19 – THP visited CAB to meet Contractor, review progress of concrete repairs, and document conditions at terra cotta excavation.
09/24/19 – THP issued field report 6 from 9/23 site visit.
09/28/19 – THP visited site at 800 Broadway to document progress of limestone removal at west elevation.
09/30/19 – THP met Owner and Contractor at 800 Broadway for progress meeting.
09/30/19 – THP visited site at 800 Broadway to document conditions of masonry backup wall at west elevation.
10/01/19 – THP issued notes from 9/30 progress meeting.
10/02/19 – THP met Contractor at THP to review conditions of backup wall at 800 Broadway and discuss details for installation of wall ties.
10/02/19 – THP had telephone conversation with Owner to discuss recommendation to demolish and rebuild a portion of the backup wall at the west elevation at 800 Broadway.
10/02/19 – THP issued field report 7 from 9/30 site visit.
10/02/19 – THP developed letter outlining effect of additional work at backup wall on overall schedule at 800 Broadway.
10/07/19 – THP met Owner and Contractor at 800 Broadway for progress meeting.
10/07/19 – THP issued notes from progress meeting.
10/07/19 – THP developed Cash Allowance Usage 1 and emailed to Owner and Contractor for review and approval.
10/07/19 – THP visited site at 800 Broadway to review and document progress of backup wall modifications at 800 Broadway.
10/08/19 – THP issued field report 8 from 10/7 site visit.
10/14/19 – THP met Owner and Contractor at WH Taft Center for progress meeting.
10/15/19 – THP issued notes from 10/14 progress meeting.
10/16/19 – THP met Contractor at WH Taft Center to review and document progress, then visited 800 Broadway and CAB to document completed work.
10/19/19 – THP visited site to document progress of limestone re-installation at west elevation.
10/20/19 – THP visited site to document progress of limestone re-installation at west elevation.
10/21/19 – THP met Owner and Contractor at 800 Broadway for progress meeting.
10/21/19 – THP issued field report 9 from 10/16 site visit.
10/21/19 – THP issued notes from progress meeting.
10/25/19 – THP reviewed and approved Contractor’s third application for payment.
10/25/19 – THP issued field report 10 from 10/19 & 10/20 site visits.
10/28/19 – THP met Owner and Contractor at 800 Broadway for progress meeting.
10/29/19 – THP met Contractor at CAB to document progress of GFRC installation, then visited 800 Broadway and WH Taft Center to document completed work.
10/29/19 – THP issued noted from 10/28 progress meeting.
12/31/19 – THP reviewed and approved AFR’s fifth application for payment.
01/03/20 – THP issued field report #19 for 2020 Auburn Ave. façade repairs.
01/07/20 – THP delivered AFR’s fifth application for payment to BW.
01/07/20 – THP finalized and emailed letters to city about completion of façade repairs at CAB, 800 Broadway, and WHT Center.
01/13/20 – THP reviewed AFR closeout documents and discussed requirements with BW and AFR.
01/21/20 – THP developed and issued change order #5 for trench drain repairs at 250 WHT.
01/21/20 – THP finalized and emailed letters to city about completion of façade repairs at Justice Center and 2020 Auburn Ave.
01/24/20 – THP finalized Alms & Doepke window sill repair details and emailed to AFR proposal for change order #6.
01/24/20 – THP received and reviewed AFR’s revised closeout documents and forwarded to BW for approval.
01/28/20 – THP reviewed and approved AFR’s sixth application for payment.
01/30/20 – THP delivered AFR’s sixth application for payment to BW.
02/04/20 – THP received Champlain Architecture drawing for CAB signage change and forwarded to AFR for change order proposal.
02/10/20 – THP received and reviewed change order proposal from AFR for CAB signage change, and forwarded to BW for review and approval.
02/12/20 – THP developed AIA G701 Change Order #6 for 250 WHT plumbing repairs and emailed to AFR for review and signature.
02/18/20 – Change Order #6 signed by AFR and BW.
02/20/20 – THP visited site at 250 WHT to observe and document progress of trench drain replacement at Bellevue Ave. entrance.
02/21/20 – THP developed AIA G701 Change Order #7 for CAB signage change and emailed to AFR for review and signature.
02/24/20 – Change Order #6 signed by AFR.
04/06/20 – THP visited 250 WHT to observe and document prep of south trench drain prior to concrete pour.
04/09/20 – THP issued Field Report #24 documenting 250 WHT trench drain repairs.
04/22/20 – THP visited Todd A. Portune Center, Alms & Doepke, and 250 WHT to document repairs.
04/24/20 – THP issued Field Report #25 documenting completion of repairs at Alms & Doepke and 250 WHT, and completion of coating at removed CAB letters.
04/28/20 – THP reviewed pencil copy of AFR’s 9th application for payment, and replied with markups about revisions for line items related to change order #8.
04/28/20 – THP had conversation with BW about signage company’s request for payment on new signage letters.
04/29/20 – THP requested and received photographs of letters in storage at signage subcontractor’s warehouse.
04/30/20 – THP signed AFR’s 9th application for payment and forwarded to BW.
06/25/20 – 2020 Auburn, and 230 E 9th/WH Taft Center are still waiting for final approval of completed façade repairs by city.
06/25/20 – Justice Center is closed as of 3/27/20. A&D sill repairs and 250 WHT trench drains are complete. CAB signage removed and repairs are complete, but the installation of the new Todd B. Portune Center for County Government letters has been put on hold.
07/30/20 – Portune letters still on hold.


DDS – Security Upgrades

11/28/19 – DDS contacts GBBN by telephone to discuss project and Architectural involvement.
11/29/19 – DDS forwards the four facilities Security Reports from Risk Management to TEI and copies GBBN.
01/09/19 – TEI informs GBBN the approved SOSS and Purchase Order were recieved from DDS.
01/15/19 – GBBN and TEI met with DDS Administration to discuss scope and direction for project.
01/16/19 – TEI and GBBN send updated budgetary information to DDS for Budget Analysis.
01/22/19 – DSS sends to TEI and GBBN the Proposed Security Assessment Budget for review and input.
02/08/19 – GBBN contacts bullet resistant glazing and frame contractors to discuss material and system selections.
02/11/19 – GBBN meets DDS at Fairfax School to discuss issues and options for the Receptionist renovations after reviewing the original renovation drawings for this earlier renovation area.
02/15/19 – GBBN forwards preliminary Scoping Drawings, for eaach floor of each of the four facilities to DDS for review and comment.
02/18/19 – DDS requests meeting with Administration to review scoping drawings and Optional Plan Layouts for the Support Center Receptionist area.
03/13/19 – GBBN communication estimated fee and scope to TEI for Owner requested Life Safety Plan updates.
04/05/19 – Owner review meeting with TEI and GBBN is held. Opinion of Probable Costs are reviewed. Owner indicates scope and estimated Construction Costs are per Owner’s needs and wihtin budget. Design team is approved to proceed with next phase SOSS for services.
04/18/19 – DDS confirms new door hardware on existing restroom doors is to be of a locking type.
04/23/19 – GBBN recieves confirmation from Owner that new Support Center Receptionist Layout and Safe Harbor Rooms are to be added to the Life Safety Evacuation Plans.
04/24/19 – Owner review documents are sent to DDS for review, of the LIfe Safety Evacuation Plans.


CH – Overhead Door Project

01/15/19 – TEI talked to Tony Matre about a new project to power up a new overhead door that will be installed on the attorney entrance on the back of the Courthouse including access control for the door after hours. Mike Barth will lead this project for ThermalTech since it appears to be mostly electric in nature. Overhead door will be allowed to provide equipment for this job. ThermalTech will coordinate this with facilities and the vendor and we can reach out to GBBN for door support as needed.  ThermalTech to provide SOSS for this (hand delivered at the 01/31/19 partner meeting).

02/26/19 – Project pending the SOSS approval and PO.

03/26/19 – Project pending the SOSS approval and PO.

04/24/19 – Project pending the SOSS approval and PO.

05/29/19 – TEI receives Approved SOSS and PO.  TEI contacts AKM for project kickoff.

06/26/19 – TEI has meeting with AKM, RM, and HCSO to kick off project.  RM indicated long range card reader was proposed, but only works with Bluetooth, which the HCSO does not want to use Bluetooth.  TEI sends HCFD options to discuss with team and upon reciept of direction will complete drawings for owner review.

07/24/19 – TEI gets quote from DK to install work with Overhead Door as a sub to them and sends to AKM for review/approval.  AKM to have install work per the approved design concept (issuance of RF clickers for vehicles that park in the garage, and card reader access control for those not in vehicles with approved credentials in the system.

08/27/19 – DK awarded contract to complete the work.  DK scheduling install through Rob Edwards and Tony Matre.  This all to be installed as soon as possible.  Risk Mgmt is upgrading the access control system in the CH to a Vax system by Vicon.  This new system to be Vax, and may be installed before Vax head end.

09/25/19 – DK moving forward with installation.  Ramp was trenched on 09/20 and 09/21 with conduit installed to locate reader on the east ramp wall.  DK to submit schedule to AKM.

10/30/19 – Overhead Door Company is scheduled (again) to install the door on 10/31/19.  Upon installation of the door, DK to coordinate with Risk (who is in having the new access control system installed) to tie in the new card access to the new door.

12/11/19 – Overhead door installed, and DK missed an internal CR.  TEI calls DK to inform them to install it.  AKM states that there are items on the project that are not installed.  Instructs TEI to advise DK that all work associated with his PO to be completed.  SK states that the VAX system is incomplete, and AKM says get his PO worth of work installed, and he can close out his work and then the operation of the system is dependent on the completion of the VAX project.

01/28/20 – According to DK – the install of the work associated is complete with the exception of the VAX connections.  DK has the door able to be operated with Pushbutton in the guard booth until a time when the VAX system is fully operational.

02/26/20 – HCFD stated that the door shall be interlocked with the FA system to maintain accessible egress path in the event of a FA situation.  TEI requests timing and pricing from DK for modifications to the system to interlock with the FA system.

03/26/20 – DK sends in the pricing for the fire alarm interface.  AKM asks for cost breakdown.

04/30/20 – Project pending FA interface.

05/27/20 – Project pending FA interface and over ride switch installation.

06/23/20 – Project pending FA interface.

07/29/20 – Project completion pending access control system completion and fire alarm interface.

08/21/20 – DK has been directed that all pending items to be completed prior to Labor Day weekend.  The man-trap features will not be active until the entire VAX system is up and running and programmed.  All construction work not associated with the VAX turnover to be completed.

09/23/20 – DK installs keypad and card reader so walk-ups (with appropriate access) can operate man trap doors.   DK on site on 09/23 working on programming and finalizing the issues with the system.


230 – 10th Floor – Security Door

10/18/2018 – Facilities Department contacts GBBN about new project.  Scope is to review new proposed egress door situation, for proposed public access, to existing employee only restrooms.
11/01/2018 – GBBN authors and delivers SOSS to Facilities.


BOE – Fire Alarm System Modifications

10/23/18 – BW contacts ThermalTech about pricing for additions required by the City of Norwood to the existing fire alarm system at the BOE.  ThermalTech, HCFD and DK meet at the site to develop budget pricing for HCFD.  BW to advise next steps upon approval of funding.
1/28/18 – Signed SOSS and PO received to complete  the work.  ThermalTech receives Drawings from Notifier (RP Biederman) and there are additional devices from what was priced.  TEI has DK call RPB to question where/why these devices were added (where did the direction come from?)  DK to respond back to TEI with RPB response.
01/29/19 –  There are doors at the facility that the BOE has asked to have door hold opens on that did not have closers.  Also – due to door and rack configurations, there are doors that only open 90 degress so an alternate closer/hold open device was suggested.  DK submitted a CO request, but BW stated that it needed to come from Tumlin since Tumlin holds the contract.  TE contacted Tumlin and DK to request the CO appropriately, and it is still pending.
02/26/19 – HamCo Signs CO for the additional door closers for the project (there were doors that had doors that BOE requested hold opens that had no closers).  Door hardware scheduled to be delivered first week of March and then installation will be scheduled immediately upon receipt.
03/26/19 – All equipment has been installed and pre-tested on 03/21/19.  Final inspection scheduled with Norwood on 03/28/19 at 1:30 PM.  After the final inspection, ThermalTech to perform final punchlist and project closeout documents can be completed.
04/24/19 – ThermalTech and Facilities performs and issues punchlist.  DK completes their portion of punchlist and waiting on Tumlin for a few items on the punchlist.
05/29/19 – ThermalTech waiting on final closeout documents from Tumlin to close out the project.
06/26/19 – ThermalTech waiting on final closeout documents from Tumlin to close out the project.
07/24/19 – ThermalTech reviews and certifies final pay application and submits to Bert Watts.  DK submits close out documents to Bert Watts.
07/25/19 – BW says after PW Rates arrive we can close this job out.


250 WHT – Trench Drain Investigation (F115)

09/20/18 – County requested a SOSS to investigate the south trench drain and provide recommendations to repair.
03/21/19 – THP visited the site. THP to review conditions with County.
03/21/19 – THP visited the site. THP to review conditions with County.
04/05/19 – THP completed a follow up to visit the Trench drain.
04/25/19 – Follow meeting with Bert work on hold.
09/26/19 – Project ready to archive.


DDS – Rost and Franks Re-Paving and Sealcoat Project

04/27/18 – DDS and GBBN hold kick-off meeting to discuss project scope of work and services.

05/23/18 – DDS and GBBN hold first project and document review meeting.

07/19/18 – DDS and GBBN hold final review meeting before release of contract documents for bidding.

07/23/18 – Preliminary Bidding Documents sent to ARC for review and comment.

07/24/18 – Final Contract Documents posted to ARC and Purchasing.

08/14/18 – Pre-Bid Meeting held at Rost School.

08/21/18 – Addenda #1 posted.

08/23/18 – Bid Opening held.  Three bids were received.  Westside Paving & Excavation, Inc. was the apparent low bidder.

08/24/18 – GBBN holds bid interview meeting with Westside.  GBBN issues letter of recommendation to DDS in favor of Westside as low and responsible bidder.

08/27/18 – GBBN completes authoring of AIA contract for Westside and delivers to DDS.

09/14/18 – Notice to Proceed sent from DDS to Westside.

09/17/18 – Contracts delivered from DDS to Westside.

09/21/18 – Pre-Construction Meeting held at Rost School.  10/3/18 established as the contract date.

09/24/18 – Schedule of Value Preliminary received by GBBN from Westside

09/26/18 – Schedule of Values and Mix Design Approvals sent back to Westside Paving.

10/17/18 – Logistics meeting held with WPI, GBBN and DDS Directors and Facilities Manager.  Schedule agreed to in principal, with dependency on weather.

10/22/18 – WPI starts with Site Mobilization.

10/23/18 – Milling and parking block removal are started.  By end of day all milling at Franks up to Rost service drive are completed.

10/24/18 – Paving is completed at all areas.  Striping should be completed by 10/27/18.
04/15/19 – DDS Facilities Manager requests status of close-out repairs remaining. Indicates painting of speed bumps has beeen completed by Owner.
04/16/19 – GBBN and Facilites Manager meet on site to finalize the remaining close-out repairs required. GBBN transmits findings to Westside Paving.


JC- Press Package Rendering Services

09/05/18 – Facilities and Administration request the “Press Package”, discussed during Commissioner Driehaus’s impromptu Press Conference be generated by GBBN.

09/06/18 – GBBN meets with Facilities to discuss direction to be used for structuring the Press Package, graphics to be used and Language to be generated and added by Facilities/Administration.

09/07/18 – GBBN emails a preliminary packet of renderings for Facilities to review and comment.

09/08/18 – Administration and Facilities comment back to GBBN about suggested formatting and title direction.  The option for new window placement was selected.

09/12/18 – GBBN has internal meeting to finalize layouts and direction for titles and implementation of the language sent by Facilities.  GBBN sends proposed “Milestone” verbiage to Facilities for approval.

09/12/18 – Facilities indicates via email that GBBN’s attendance will be required at the 9/17/18 BOCC meeting for any required input needed for approval of the Press Package.

09/17/18 – GBBN is notified the Press Package was not included on the BOCC Agenda for today.

09/24/18 – GBBN is notified the Press Package was not included on the BOCC Agenda for today.



JC – Elevator Modernization Study

09/14/18 – TEI and GBBN contacted about a possible study in an attempt to obtain a budget cost for the Design Services.
09/14/18 – GBBN made contact with Otis Elevator to discuss consulting assistance for the Modernization Study if it proceeds.
09/15/18 – Otis makes request for drawing files or any other pertinent information.  GBBN reports the County has not initiated an official request for design services as of yet.
09/27/18 – TEI drafted an SOSS for cost for Bert to review.  It will delivered at the monthly partner meeting.
10/25/18 – SOSS for study is approved.  We will take out a new Archibus number for the elevator study.  The old one will be kept for reference and used for data.
11/28/18 – TEI to schedule a kick-off meeting once all parties respond with their availability.
01/15/19 – TEI met with facilities to kickoff project and will have GBBN as sub-consultant for use on this study and report. Mike Barth will lead the project with the help of an assistance electrical engineer.
01/16/19 – GBBN contacts Elevator Engineer consultant to discuss possible dates for field verification meeting in Cincinnati.
02/26/19 – Pending meeting with Elevator consultant (GBBN working to get Scheduled)
04/02/19 – GBBN contacts Building Manager about vendor contact for future site visit. No contact has been made by vendor.
04/03/19 – GBBN coordinates vendor and Building Manager site vist for Friday, April 26, 2019. Vendor to have Study input to GBBN by 04/30/19.
04/24/19 – Otis scheduled to be on site 4/29/19 for final coordination walk though and determination of needs, and then will turn over findings and costing data to GBBN.  Report will be sent to AKM upon receipt of the data from the elevator consultant.
05/09/19 – Otis Modernization sends final report and Opinion of Estimated Costs to GBBN. Copy sent to ThermalTech.
05/20/19 – GBBN sends Opinion of Estimated Costs, for Elevator Cab Finishes Installation Costs, to ThemalTech, for inclusion into the final report.
05/29/19 – TEI and GBBN drafting the report to send to HCFD for review and comment. TTC confirmed that we have added cooling to the North Tower last year but not the South tower yet. We are looking to get temperature trends for these spaces.

06/26/19 – GBBN receives final design requirements from HCFD to complete the pricing and write up of the report.  Upon receipt of GBBN information, TEI will finalize report and send to HCFD for review.

07/24/19 – TEI and GBBN finalize the report and send AKM electronic copy for review and request how many hard copies that AKM would like for distribution to the HCSO.

08/27/19 – Final report pending any comments from HCFD or HCSO.

09/25/19 – Final report pending any comments from HCFD or HCSO.


CAB – 8th Floor- P&D Space Planning

07/25/19 – GBBN and IPM finalize SOSS for Facilities and delivers.
09/25/18- Facilities contacts GBBN about a new project for Space Planning and existing systems furniture inventorying.  Existing P.O’s to be used to fund.
09/26/18- GBBN contacts IPM about role in project and requests scope proposal.
10/08/18 – GBBN and IPM meet with Facilities and Planning Development onsite for Kick-off Meeting.  A site walk through is held at end of meeting.
12/11/18 – IPM and GBBN meet with Planning and Developement and Facilities to discuss direction of project and deliverables.
12/21/18 – IPM meets with Planning and Developement Director to discuss IPM recommendations and Schematic Design schemes developed.
04/25/18 – On Hold.
07/25/19 – P&D to check over proposed plan and give comments.
09/26/19 – No project updates.
10/31/19 – No project updates but are shooting for prior to digital which is July 2020.


JC- Room 120 HVAC Study

09/04/18 – Pulled the original Trace Calc to show we are using 11.5 tons of a 20 ton chiller, this chiller can do more work.
09/21/18 Met Andy and took off all fieldwork in the Room #120 area tracking down the piping and ductwork associated with the new fan coil units for the 20-ton system and the single zone system.  The fieldwork showed us that there are more FCU’s than in the original PO with Motz and these are connected to the 20-ton chiller unit.  TEI is certain the old ductwork and diffusers are still in place providing ventilation to the space and the new FCU were added for additional space conditioning.  We will update the load calculation and look at expanding this system into the Employee Services area across the hall with additional FCU’s.  Bill this to the AKM General Service number.
10/22/18 – Sent Tony and Andy a full schematic design and cost estimate for Room #120 expansion and replacement project using the existing chiller.  Raw cost was about $58k and about full cost including engineering and permitting was about $90k.
11/29/18 – No updates this month.
12/31/18 – No updates this month.
01/22/19 – No updates this month, TTC has decided to archive for now.
03/08/19 – Andy contacted Terry about report and TTC reissued email to Andy and Tony with cost and floor plans.


CH – Room #160 HVAC Study

07/16/18 – Sent Tony and updated summary of the fieldwork and load calculations associated with Room #160.  Provided basically four options for possible HVAC changes that may help with cooling issues.

  • Unit appears to size large enough for the design day load
  • Add reheat to all interior zones for additional comfort control
  • Replace the unit and add zoning
  • Add DX unit to just #160
  • Relocate Judges to rooms that match their cooling request

08/01/18 – AAB provides hard quote for work based on ThermalTech drawings; they are estimating three to four days of field work to rebalance everything and test it.
08/03/18 – Tony contacts ThermalTech about moving forward with project.
08/23/18 – TTC sent a follow up email to Tony and Rob outlining what Honeywell found while on site performing additional research.  Al the existing VAV boxes are pneumatic and any control strategy with intelligent reset design is not possible unless they are upgraded to DDC boxes.  Hot water not available on this floor but is available in the basement with the unit.  TTE provided a general estimate to upgrade the boxes and extend hot water reheat to the new spaces.  What we have not found is what temperature the hot water is disabled based on OAT and what that may do to this design.
09/27/18 – Court decided to wait for funding before they do anything and what they have now will work for the foreseeable future.
10/23/18 – This project archived by TTC.


JC – Switchgear AC Unit Project

01/08/16 – Met with Merkt on site to kickoff new AC unit in UPS room.
01/26/16 – Discussed scope of work with Tony and Joe over email today. Requested quote from Ray Weyman on Mitsubishi split at 4 tons for this room. This work may be a change to existing elevator work for cooling with Debra or owner will self-perform this work.
02/08/16 – The 4-ton unit only comes in a heat pump option but that heating can be locked out to provide cooling only. The 3-ton unit is a single wall unit with a single condensing unit. The 3.5 ton unit is ceiling cassette with a 3.5 ton condenser.
05/18/16 – Tony requested new SOSS for this work.
06/23/16 – ThermalTech was onsite performing fieldwork for equipment layout for about 3 hours today. We tracked down equipment locations for the Liebert and Mitsubishi Units and possible power sources for both.
07/18/16 – Phone conference today between Cannon, Merkt, Denton and Matre has decided to use an inline DX coil for HV-9 to cool this space similar to the work we are doing in the elevator room upstairs for additional cooling when the CHW plant is down. ThermalTech will modify the design.
07/20/16 – TTC on site for more fieldwork and duct measurements for new coil design.
07/21/16 – ThermalTech got design data from Habegger on just coil pack and we are having some airflow and discharge air temp issues with the design that we will have to work through.
07/21/16 – ThermalTech got design data from Habegger on just coil pack and we are having some airflow and discharge air temp issues with the design that we will have to work through.
07/27/16 – We changed the design of the switchgear room AC to a coil and condenser unit and started requesting new cuts from Carrier. We are updating the plans now. The Data Room AC unit was changed for low supply and top return and we will try to collect the hot aisle air with a return duct above the data racks.
08/03/16 – Some progress made on design. Cad files received from Liebert this week, we are updating outdoor equipment.
08/25/16 – Design will be complete and ready for bidding in mid September for both phases.
09/01/16 – Review drawings due Sept 16.
09/23/16 – Project set to bid on 9/29/16. Prebid Oct 6, Bid opening Oct 20.
09/28/16 – Project is issued for bidding. Switchgear AC unit is the base bid. Liebert Unit and Medical Unit are Alternate bids.
11/10/16 – Contracts are written and sent to Tony.
12/09/16 – Contracts sent to Tony for Debra Kuempel. Waiting on approval and kickoff meeting.
02/02/17 – Precon schedule for 2/8 with DK.
02/21/17 – Submittals are in for approval. We are definitely having some trouble finding the medical valves but Peck is working with us to find them.
03/09/17 – TTC to finish submittals this week.
03/21/17 – Submittals are marked up and ready to go back to Debra.
05/17/17 – Submittals returned, equipment ordered, waiting for DK to get started.
06/28/17 – Const Mtg today to restart the project.
07/17/17 – Equipment is ordered and en-route. We have agreed to use a ceiling mounted cassette on this project. DK submitted a change order allowance usage for this work.
07/24/17 – Equipment should be here next week per Debra Kuempel.
08/10/17 – Coil is installed downstairs in UPS room. Medical unit is installed upstairs.
08/30/17 – Work is progressing well, Cassette is installed upstairs. Coil is installed downstairs, balance report is short on airflow from existing unit.
09/25/17 – TTC crafted and sent the allowance usage to Dave Gleason for this project and he signed and sent back to the County. We are waiting on owner signed documents but are moving forward.
10/24/17 – Debra reports that most work is complete. TTC checking on progress on the electric and controls portion of the job.
11/28/17 – ThermalTech checked in with Debra on update on project today.
02/02/18 – Punchlist distributed to Debra Kuempel for project closeout.
04/04/18 – DK committed to wrapping this project up including controls by 4/30/18.
04/26/18 – Purchase order came out this week.  ThermalTech agreed to perform the airflow readings for Debra and will share the results with the team.  Then we will setup that conference call to discuss the results and proposed upgrades with the new motor.
08/01/18 – New motor is installed.  Balance report shared by DK, commented on by TTE and send to County.  Project is complete and DX unit is working well so far.  Project is ready to archive.
09/04/18 – Systems are working well per Facilities.  Project should be ready to archive.
10/25/18 – TTC delivered O&M’s to Tony Matre for closeout at Thursday Partner Meeting.  The final permit is not approved and closed yet on the City website, TEI email Debra instructing them to close it out ASAP.
11/29/18 – The electrical permit is ready for DK to get the final inspection for closeout on this job.
01/10/19 – Final inspection appears to still have issues according to the website. TTC contacted Debra Kuempel to resolve. 9070-FINAL INSPECTION 11/26/2018 Defective (14X) Defective: 1. Label unit on roof. 110.22 2. Accurate panel schedule. 408.4 3. Bonding bushing on 480V. 250.97.
01/22/19 – According to DK the inspections are complete and they will send in all final paperwork ASAP for closeout.


JC – Liebert Unit Replacement Sheriff Data Rm 3rd Fl.

11/14/16 – Final Addendum went out to bidders. Bid opening is schedule for Thursday.
12/07/16 – Contracts sent to Tony for Debra Kuempel. Waiting on approval and kickoff meeting.
02/02/17 – Precon schedule for 2/8 with DK.
02/28/17 – No updates from Tony on approved contract.
03/09/17 – Waiting for kickoff on this project.
03/15/17 – PO and Contracts are ready, TTC requested meeting times from contractors and owner.
03/21/17 – We are ready to have the kickoff meeting for this project.
04/26/16 – Submittals requested. Pre Const Mtg was held.
05/17/17 – Submittals approved. Equipment ordered.
06/28/17 – Const Mtg today to restart the project.
07/17/17 – Unit is on order and should arrive late July.
07/24/17 – Equipment should be here next week, DK people approved for access but some JCI people not approved yet.
08/10/17 – TTC met Debra and Andy on site to discuss break down and reassembly of the Liebert unit in the data room today. Debra not a fan of breaking down the unit, we are exploring the option of taking out the window and
08/30/17 – We are going to order the door for the replacement of the single door. TTC to work out allowance with Debra.
09/25/17 – TTC crafted and sent the allowance usage to Dave Gleason for this project and he signed and sent back to the County. We are waiting on owner signed documents but are moving forward.
10/24/17 – Piping is ran to the unit. The scaffolding is coming down this week. Insulation appears to be installed as well. Outdoor unit is set. The interior door work is underway. KFI ran into a frame issue today and is having the frame modified for a Wednesday install. Once we get the double doors installed the Liebert should be rolled into the place the rest of the job can commence.
11/28/17 – ThermalTech checked in with Debra on update on project today.
02/02/18 – Punchlist distributed to Debra Kuempel for project closeout.
04/04/18 – DK committed to wrapping this project up including controls by 4/30/18.
04/25/18 – Project is complete and I believe final training is complete.  Final payapps are being delivered to Tony on Thursday.
08/01/18 – Project is complete and running as design; ready to archive.


Admin CHW Pump Replacement

12/26/16 – Contract sent to Tony for approval on this project.
01/26/17 – DK says controls will be done my same team as controls project. Gleason has sent all required paperwork to Tony.
02/01/17 – Project kickoff to be schedule soon. CHW pump size will need to be coordinate with new chiller.
02/16/17 – Kicked off project with Tony, Bert and Gilbert. We are collecting chiller information now and rates for LCC equations. We will choose the chiller during the LCC and design around one chiller during design.
03/09/17 – Pump is on hold pending new size from LCC equations.
03/15/17 – Emailed Dave Gleason for update as work was supposed to begin last week and be done by end of March.
03/21/17 – Tony talked to Dave and they are starting next week with pipe fitting work. Steve Yockey is waiting on TEI to provide new pump size for selection work.
04/11/17 – ThermalTech provides new bypass size and flow for DK to install the bypass.
04/26/17 – TTC checked in with Dave Gleason on progress. Given the cooling season is here, they are going to have to work weekends and off time to fix these issues. The new bypass size was sent to DK but I do not know if it was installed yet.
05/02/17 – TTC checked up on project again with DK for progress.
05/25/17 – Debra stated they will replace the pumps and piping at the same time, later in June.
06/28/17 – Met Debra today on project update and they are getting employees finalized for this project understanding it will be weekend work at this point. Pumps are on order, VFD”s are a new change order, TTC to give to Tony, will be from new project on new PO for up charges.
07/18/17 – Met with Design time to redesign the piping for the new larger pumps on teh CT and CHLR job. Spoke with the manufacturer about sizes and head. Debra submitted new change order for entire project. TTC to estimate the entire job again for Bert with Construction budgets.
08/10/17 – We are waiting for the weather to break to start the pump replacement.
08/26/17 – Debra to drain system and install isolation valves Saturday but this was postponed due to material arrival issues. They will try the week after Labor Day.
09/25/17 – Isolation valves are installed and working. DK needs to insulated still. TTC met with DK and went over remainder of project on site. The scope of the original project lines up perfect with the chiller replacement project except this project does not need to install the bypass piping on the fifth floor. The CHW pumps will be installed by DK in this project, the VFD”s and submittals must be ordered ASAP, and the change orders have been sent for approval to DK and the County.
11/2/17 – Pump replacement work is schedule for December 2017. Debra is currently on site and working on this job.
02/02/18 – Punchlist distributed to Debra Kuempel for project closeout.
04/04/18 – Only insulation remains to be completed. DK committed to wrapping this project up including controls by 4/30/18.
04/25/18 – Debra stated that all work on this project is complete including insulation.  Final paperwork is being completed by DK now for all closeout paperwork.  The final invoices are being delivered to Tony with a cover letter or remaining items.
08/02/18 – TTC inspected all final work including insulation and it looks really good.  No additional punchlist items.  Project is ready to archive.


Records Center – Building Envelope Assessment (F112)

05/01/18 – THP visited site to document conditions at rusted area of metal decking for purposes of developing SOSS.
05/15/18 – County requested Tremco be included with the assessment, because roof is a Tremco system.
05/31/18 – THP and Tremco have worked out an approach. THP to published SOSS for the County’s review.
06/21/18 – County approved SOSS for the project.
08/26/18 – THP sent consultant contract to Tremco for review.
09/25/18 – THP and Tremco finalized subconsultant agreement.
09/27/18 – THP to schedule field work with County.
10/25/18 – THP looking to start work week of November 5, 2018.
11/07/2018 – THP visited site to survey facades, roof, interior of metal deck, and coordinate with Tremco during test cuts.
11/15/18 – Tremco provided draft report.
11/29/18 – THP developing report.
01/17/19 – THP received final report.
01/30/19 – THP completed internal draft report. Final report expected to be submitted on 2/7/19.
02/07/19 – THP submitted final report.


A&D – Interior Finishes- Phase 2 and Phase 3

05/29/18 – GBBN is contacted by Facilities to begin assembly of the SOSS for this project.  ADA Inclusion and THP Load Study must be included.
05/30/18 – IPM sends input to GBBN.  GBBN requests SOSS input from THP and ADA Inclusion Consultant.
06/25/18 – GBBN receives SOSS input from THP and Preview Group for inclusion into SOSS.
06/26/18 – GBBN delivers final SOSS to Facilities.
07/26/18 – GBBN receives approved SOSS from Facilities.
07/27/18 – GBBN informs all design team members of approval and returns signed copies of Proposals to each design team members.
08/13/18 – Facilities requests GBBN make revisions to the “Project Scope of Work and Schedule”  after consulting with all design team members.
08/15/18 – GBBN completes revisions to the “Project Scope of Work and Schedule” and transmits to Facilities.
08/30/18- GBBN to have internal design team meeting to kick-off Construction Document phase of project.
09/17/18 – GBBN begins Construction Document layout and production.
09/27/18 – Facilities requests GBBN and team put SOSS together for Construction Administration Phase 3 together.  GBBN constact IPM and Accessibility Consultant for Proposal.
09/28/19 – GBBN contacts Facilities about LEED component of Phase 3 SOSS.  Silver certification is requested.
10/04/18 – GBBN and TEI discuss LEED component of Phase 3 SOSS.  TEI reviews LEED C.I. Checklist for MEP involvement.
10/07/18 – GBBN has internal office meeting to discuss LEED C.I. possibilities for this project.  Findings shared with TEI.
10/16/18 – THP contacts GBBN about Floor Loading Study.  Requests more information on types, sizes and weights of existing file cabinets shown on Second Floor West.
10/17/18 – GBBN performs site visit to document and photograph existing file cabinets.  GBBN researches weights of fully loading file cabinets and reports findings to THP.
10/18/18 – IPM revises Second Floor layout to show a mirroring of West Side and East Side Departments to facilitate files moving from wood structure to steel frame structure.
10/21/18 – JFS approves IPM proposal to mirror the departments on the Second Floor.
10/24/18 – JFS reports additional changes to IPM/GBBN related to transaction Kiosks and Transaction Windows in Core, and cubicles on the West side, of Second Floor.
10/25/18 – THP completed initial field survey and review of the proposed floor plan. THP presented findings to GBBN for review with the County.  We discussed LEED-CI feasibility with County at Partner Mtg.  GBBN to submit a review of our findings that this building will not have enough credits to qualify for LEED certified and does not meet some of the pre-requisites for plumbing and water efficiency (an exemption would have to be requested).
11/02/18 – THP completed initial floor loading analysis of the proposed floor plan and published a summary letter.
01/14/19 – Entire Design Team meets to discuss project deliverables and scheduling in preparation for JFS and Facilities update meetings.
11/16/18 – THP developed a loading criteria and proposed a modified floor plan for review.
11/20/18 – THP and GBBN finalized a new plan to based on the loading criteria.
11/26/18 – GBBN receives approved SOSS and associated Purchase Order for Phase 3 of the project.
01/23/19 – GBBN and ADA Inclusion Consultant perform field verfication of all floors and spaces of entire buildings.
01/03/19 – Results of Mock-up Survey distributed to Design Team.
01/28/19 – GBBN/IPM/TEI meet with Facilities and JFS for Design Team update meeting.  Revised Project Schedule presented to all attendees.
02/04/19 – GBBN holds in-house LEED review meeting. Contacts TEI via teleconference to discuss LEED Certification possibilities and shortcomings.
02/05/19 – GBBN relays findings of LEED Certification review by GBBN/TEI to Facilities.
02/07/19 – JFS sends clarification email on status of “supervised visits” for the Visitation Conference Rooms.
02/24/19 – GBBN receives ADA Inclusion Study from The Preview Group.
02/25/19 – GBBN and IPM meet with Facilities and JFS for Design Team update meeting. Meeting Mintues from last meeting distributed. IPM presented their recommendations for furnishings of the Peripheral spaces to JFS. Clarifications were made related to JFS’s provisions of task chairs. GBBN presents update on ADA Inclusion Study and LEED update for the revised project scope. IPM sends latest updated electronic drawing files to GBBN for Room and Door Numbering purposes.
03/08/19 – IPM updates owner on outlet/data wiring types and locations for new proposed spaces.
03/20/19 – ADA Inclusion Study language modifications as requested by Facilites is negotiated.
03/22/19 – GBBN transmits new floor plans with room numbering and finish/room schedules ot JFS for Safe Harbor Committee use.
03/26/19 – Progress meeting held with Owner. New plans, with Room and Door Numbering completed. Room Schedules with room areas completed, three sections per floor, for Claude Toulson’s use.
03/28/19 – IPM confirms wall verses core drill outlet locations for new Conference Rooms. Owner review meeting held with Facilities and JFS.
03/29/19 – IPM completes preliminary Recycling Specification for Owner review.
04/01/19 – GBBN copies Phasor As-Built outlet/data locations for TEI on thumbdrive.
04/02/19 – GBBN and IPM confirm to TEI that the new systems furniture will have task lighting, LED which will replace the existing fluorescent task lighting on the existing stations. Not all existing workstations have task lights. Facilities confirms any future workstation whips/outlets should be included in this Bid Package. Location of new and/or relocated thermostats has been decided by Facilities.
04/11/18 – GBBN conducts on site field verification of hte existing reflected ceiling conditions. Facilities decides to match the 6th floor light well soffits on the other floors with existing windows located insidethe new Offices. TEI confirms this decision will not adversely affect the lighting of the Offices.
04/12/19 – GBBN informs IPM and Facilities the Fourth Floor Plans do not show the existing small stair in the Core leading up to the East Side.
04/15/19 – TEI sends specifications section for Mechanical discipline. Meeting held with Owner to review project status.
04/22/19 – IPM sends updates on floor plan changes for JFS requested changes.
04/24/19 – TEI attends progress meeting with facilities, IPM and JFS.  Reviewed MEP progress and left  progress copies for all in attendance.  TEI requested that IPM meeting to review every furniture power feed location.
05/06/19 – GBBN completes IPM Floor Plan and Furniture changes to the electronic drawing files. Copies of final plans sent to ThermalTech for their use as background drawings.
05/28/19 – Facilities confirms there will be no scope for the project related to “Safe Rooms”.
05/29/19 – IPM sends revisions to the Third Floor Plan to GBBN. ThermalTech drawings are mostly updated to last set of background drawings. HVAC, Electrical, and Plumbing should be read to review end of week.
06/13/19 – GBBN/IPM/TEI attend Design Progress Meeting.
06/26/19 – GBBN sends updated background electronic drawing files with updates from recent field verification.
07/01/19 – Design Team is scheduled to present the Owner with Review set of latest documents for Owner Review.
07/08/19 – GBBN submits Owner Review Set with Specifications, to Facilities, two sets, for review.
07/10/19 – GBBN issues additional specification sections to Facilities to be added to the Owner Review Set.
07/19/19 – GBBN, TEI and IPM coordinate discussions about project schedule and agree to the concept of eight weeks per phase. GBBN reports decision to Facilities.
07/23/19 – IPM requested that GBBN add addtional verbiage, in the specifications, requiring all General Trades Contractors, submit detailed line item quotes for the systems furniture. The Architects and Consultants will be allowed to review these quotes, to determine compliance with the specification,s before bids are awarded..
07/24/19 – Conversations with Facilities agreed that this additional information be added to the Supplementary INstructions to Bidders, Post Bis Instruction, 6.1.2.
08/26/19 – Facilities informs the design team that Project specific Federal Bidding language will be forthcoming by the end of the month or in early September for inclusion i nto the specifications. Facilities will also plan on delivering any review comments, from the earlier Owner Review Set, to the design team at the same time.
09/23/19 – The design team requests a meeting with Facilities to discuss added scope from JFS to determine what additional esitmating input is required for Project Request Estimate update.
09/24/19 – A meeting has been established for Friday 9/27/19 at 10:00 am.
10/18/19 – GBBN and TEI complete Opinion of Probable Costs updates for all disciplines. All discipline updates are sent to Facilities for their use. Facilities reports that review of the upddates have resulted in the project still being on track and the Design Team may proceed in wrapping up the Bidding Issuance Documents.
12/04/19 – GBBN contacts Purchasing Department for ITB information. ITB Number is #005-20.
12/09/19 – GBBN field verification of Fifth Floor Core offices to be demolished.
12/11/19 – Drawing Index updated. 160 sheets in set. Specification updated for all disciplines.
12/12/19 – ITB drawings and specifications to be distributed to Purchasing and ARC.
12/20/19 – Pre-Bid meeting held at Alms and Doepke Building. Meeting Minutes generated, along with Sign-In Sheet and issued by Addenda #1.
01/03/20 – Addenda #1 released to ARC and Purchasing Department. Specifications, drawing and Question revisions issued.
01/16/20 – Addenda #2 released to ARC and Purchasing Department. Question and Answer deadlines moved back one week. Specification and Questions addressed.
01/31/20 – Addenda #3 scheduled to be released to ARC and Purchasing Department. Bid Opening to be moved back one week to 2/13/20 at 11:00 am.
02/13/20 – Bid Opening held by Purchasing Department. Four bids received. Apparent low bidder is Graybach.
02/14/20 – GBBN conducts bid Interview telephone with Graybach following the bid opening. Telephone memo authored and transmitted to Facilities Department. Irregularities in responses summarized at bottom of memo, including apparent low bidder’s inability to provided required detailed breakdown within 24 hours as required by project manual and addenda. Follow up email sent to Graybach accordingly.
02/14/20 – GBBN receives telephone call from Graybach with additional Bid Rejection Interview questions. Facilities emails answers for transmittance to Graybach.
02/15/20 – Pursuant to the request by the Facilities Department, GBBN contacts Graybach, LLC to inform them of the ruling jointly by the Facilities Department and the Purchasing Department finding their apparent low bid to be non-responsive.
02/15/20 – Bid Interview conducted with Triton Services, Inc. at the request of Facilities Department. Telephone Memo authored and transmitted to Facilities. Triton Services delivers detailed breakdown used in Bid preparation to GBBN and Interior Project Management aa requested by Facilities.
03/02/20 – Pre-Award Meeting is held. Owner indicates the Recycling and WiFi Alternate Bids were to be accepted. Minutes to be distributed by GBBN.
03/03/20 – Triton Services confirms the manufacturer of the WiFi System will be as specified by ThermalTech.
03/15/20 – GBBN authors and distributes the Pre-Award Meeting Minutes to all attendees.
03/16/20 – GBBN solicits the successful bidders actual bid construction cost figures for the General and Mechanical disciplines for the permit application. The digital electronic submittal is completed and the CD burned for delivery to the City of Cincinnati.
03/17/20 – GBBN delivers and submits the hard copy and digital electronic permit submittal to the City of Cincinnati, for both Building and Mechanical Permits.
06/04/20 – BOCC rejects ITB-005-20.


A&D – System Furniture Mock-ups

05/16/18 – Design Team is notified that JFS has signed off on the latest IPM Floor Plan designs for all floors of Systems Furniture layouts.  GBBN is asked to put together a  preliminary schedule for the entire project including design.

05/24/18 – Design team and Facilities meets in Kick-off meeting to discuss scope of work.  GBBN presents Preliminary Schedule.

05/30/18 – GBBN is notified by Facilities that JFS desires to have the mock-ups located in the Field Office Configuration.  Exact locations to be determined.  Standard configuration ‘B’ later chosen.

06/14/18 – SOSS is completed and submitted to Facilities.  F058A is designated for the SOSS.

06/21/18 – SOSS approved and delivered to GBBN by Facilities.

07/05/18 – Decision was made to pull new workstation mock-ups from existing walls to allow staff to completely walk around the cubicles.  No whips will be connected to the building system so  no permitting is required.

07/06/18 – Meeting between Facilities and Design Team to finalize scope and deliverables.

07/11/18 – No Alternate Bids are required in the specifications.

07/13/18 – All three selected contractors have confirmed interest in the project.  Documents are to be completed and issued.

07/16/18 – Facilities agrees to sixty (60) calendar days for receipt of Small Bid Packages from bidders.

07/19/18 – Documents are emailed to the three pre-selected bidders by Facilities.

07/26/18 – Pre-Bid Meeting to be held at Alms and Doepke Building Lobby.

08/03/18-  GBBN issues Addenda #1 to bidders including the Pre-Bid Meeting Minutes.

08/10/18 – Bid Opening is held at CAB 5th Floor Purchasing Office.  Three (3) bids are received.

08/11/18- GBBN interviews KFI by telephone and confirms complete understanding of scope of work.  GBBN makes recommendation to Facilities to accept KFI as Lowest and Responsive Bidder.

08/13/18- GBBN makes revisions to AIA contract and delivers to Facilities.

08/28/18- Facilities mails copies of approved AIA contracts to KFI for their signature and Insurance requirement confirmations.

09/20/18 – Pre-Construction Meeting held at A&D Building.  Facilities requests Background and Tax Exempt Package to be sent to KFI.

09/21/18 – Facilities sends Tax Exempt Package to KFI.

09/24/18 – Facilities sends Background and Tax Exempt Package to KFI.

10/16/18 – KFI sends Sales and Use Tax Construction Contract Exemption Certificate.

12/06/18 – GBBN authorized Application for Payment #1 and delivers to Facilities.

12/11/18 – GBBN authorized Application for Payment #2 and delivers to Facilities.

12/14/18 –  KFI onsite for repalcement of existing damaged worksurface.  Incorrect surface was delivered.  Vendor authorizes order for correct damaged worksurface replacement.

1/18/19 – KFI onsite to replace damaged worksurface countertop.  All work is successfully completed.  Facilities agrees to closeout project.


CH – Bronze Door Cleaning

06/21/2018 – Tony Matre contacts GBBN to inquire about this past project and the status of the original developmental drawings.  GBBN indicates all documents are still in possession of GBBN.  Tony would like to Bid  the Advertisement no later than November 16, 2018.


CAB – 10th Floor IS & RM Relocation

06/15/18 – GBBN receives phone call to introduce the project and establish the date and time for the Kick-off Meeting.  .
06/21/18 – GBBN meets with Facilities for the Kick-off Meeting.   Project Request Estimate #1826 is to be revisited and updated to current bidding environment.
06/22/18 – GBBN scans all Kick-off meeting handouts and emails to TEI.  A conference call is held with TEI to explain the scope.
06/22/18 – GBBN and TEI discuss scope of new project. TEI submits sub-consultant proposal to GBBN for this work.
06/25/18 – GBBN and TEI work on occupancy number for the training room people for the HVAC ventilation calculations for this work and scope. GBBN provides floor plan for use on this cost estimate.
06/26/18 – Owner sends final occupancy numbers to use for HVAC calculations on this project.  Staff indicated by the owner is CAGIS- 16 and 4 interns, Community Development 4 staff and CLEAR vacant.
06/27/18 – SOSS approved and delivered to GBBN by Facilities.
07/26/18 – TTE sets up backgrounds and prepares job for design for Trades build-out.
10/11/18 – Meeting is held with GBBN, Facilities and Sheriff.  Scope of project is discussed and GBBN requests amounts of existing shelving to be relocated be inventoried by the Sheriff IS Department.
10/12/18 – Amounts of existing shelving, to be relocated, was inventoried by the Sheriff IS Department, and forwarded to GBBN.  Relocation Programming Study from 6/21/18 is to be used.
10/25/18 – Demo is complete.  Abatement is underway.  Carpet tiles are being ordered.
03/28/19 – County has completed abatement, put in new carpet tiles, moved IT racks over to new space. People are moved over to the CAB. It’s an open space for now.
09/26/19 – No project udpates; we are waiting on direction from County on next steps.
01/30/20 – This project has been re-scoped. This version can be archived.


All Buildings – 2019 Project Request Estimating

04/30/18 – Facilities sends final listing of 2019 Project Request Estimates to GBBN.
05/02/18 – IPM sends SOSS input to GBBN.
05/03/18 – GBBN delivers SOSS to Facilities.
05/11/18 – GBBN receives SOSS and Purchase Order from Facilities.
05/14/18 – IPM begins User Group interviews on appropriate Estimate Requests.
05/30/18 – GBBN meets with JCC Building Manager and Sheriff’s Office to discuss Estimate #1953 on overhead door replacement.

06/12/18 – GBBN meets with the CAB Auto Title Department about Employee Restroom Estimate Request.

06/13/18 – GBBN meets with Rick Hoffman and Greg Brufh about the estimate request for the Courthouse Room #315.

06/18/18 – GBBN holds telephone conversation with Electric Power Doors, the original installer and manufacturer of the four-fold hydraulic doors.

06/19/18 – GBBN holds telephone conversation with Overhead Doors of Cincinnati, the current maintenance contract holder.

06/20/18 – GBBN requests information and pricing from Pinnacle Engineering related to ACM abatement scope of work.

06/25/18 – GBBN receives Security Glazing input from Tony Matre and Geiger Construction Products.  Sheriff confirms overhead and four-fold hydraulic doors are not required to be ballistic rated.
06/26/18 – TEI has finished fieldwork on all cost estimate. Vendor quotes have been received where needed and coordination with partners has been an ongoing process. Most estimates are entered and ready for final review by TTC and MB. we are shooting to be complete by the end of June on this project.

06/26/18 – GBBN receives estimating input from the four-fold hydraulic door vendor.

07/06/18 – GBBN completes all estimating and reports the same to Facilities.


All Buildings- 2019 Project Request Estimating- Binder Assembly

07/16/18 – Facilities emails listing of 318 Project Request Estimates.  Request is made for SOSS for the Binder Assembly

07/24/18 – Facilities confirms final count of Estimates, number of Binders and delivery date of binders to Facilities.

07/25/18 – GBBN submits SOSS to Facilities.

08/02/18 – GBBN receives approved SOSS from Facilities.

10/22/18 – GBBN is completed with all Project Request Estimating printing.
01/29/19 – GBBN recieves Facilities final binder Summary Files for printing.
02/08/19 – GBBN transfers empty binders from Courthouse to GBBN.
02/14/19 – GBBN bundles entire printing files, on CD, along with empty binders, and past years’ binders for pick-up by ARC Reprographics.


CAB – Chiller Rebid Project

03/05/18 – Terry and Colin onsite doing additional fieldwork for redesign. We are investigating new piping connections and existing pipe routes for new configuration. The good news is that some of the piping we thought had to be extended and modified already exist for AHU-1 & 2. The piping changes required on the tenth floor and roof are possible albeit a little tough to do.
03/24/18 – TEI submitted revised SOSS for new design and bid cost for TEI and THP. LCC equation is ready for bidding for air cooled chillers. Revised design is about 50% complete for mechanical changes for the new design.
04/19/18 – ThermalTech release LCC bid documents to manufacturers for rebidding this project for Air Cooled chillers only. Trane, JCI, Carrier and Daikin all invited to bid. The nominal tonnage of the chillers will be 200 tons. Bids and performance numbers are due to ThermalTech April 30 at noon.
04/25/18 – Addendum #1 release today with updated calculations and some other updates to the bidding worksheet.
05/17/18 – The LCC results were published to the bidders, Facilities and Purchasing. Carrier High Efficiency Option #2 was the best LCC chiller for standard refrigerant, model 30XV-2006M40–4-2 using R-134a. And the Next Generation Chiller best LCC went to the York JCI chiller using R-513A model number YVAA0213.
05/23/18 – Terry and Colin perform fieldwork to wrap up new piping changes for new chiller design. We go everything we needed and marked up all the piping on the 10th floor for future changes. We are confident we can do all the piping changes required for convert the building to Air-Cooled Chillers.
05/25/18 – Mechanical drawings are ready for TTC review. Final chiller equipment has been sent to THP for structural design and upon initial review, all seems to be in order. Good news on the piping front, we can find a decent path from the penthouse to the new chillers and route the piping about 41″ above the room and miss the Liebert unit piping rack, found a space to create a walk over the new piping for easy access and can make a new door in the penthouse using existing louver material.
06/26/18 – TTC has marked up final mechanical drawings for editing. Electrical drawings are being updated now for bidding. TTC will get new ITB this week and put the project out for bidding first week of July. I need to coordinate prebid with Bert and John Gilbert.
07/26/18 – Rebid project is on the street. Prebid meeting schedule for August 2 and Bid Opening scheduled for August 23.
08/29/18 – Bid were opened on schedule.  Triton Services was the apparent low bidder on the project.  TTE held a post bid interview with the bidder and sub-contractors on Tuesday at our offices and reviewed the project is detail.  Most everything was covered and Triton appears to understand the project well good sub-contractors for this project.  They would like to get submittals started ASAP on this project.
09/24/18 – Contract appears to be approved and on its way to Triton for signature.  Duke released some data on next year’s rebate program which we should be inline for with this chiller purchase.  THP review the structural proposed questions and returned satisfactory answer to keep the job moving forward.
10/23/18 – PO in for approval and then TEI will schedule the Pre-Const Mtg with Triton.
11/27/18 – Pre Construction meeting was held onsite with Triton Services. Permit response came back and we are working with Triton to get the four responses answered for this job. Terracon must be engaged as a special inspector on the job, and we provided some additional permitting material to take to the city, plus the city will require a General Permit for the structure.
12/31/18 – Two construction meetings so far. Project is underway. Submittals are moving along and being approved. Background checks are almost completed. Triton is mobilizing to site. Crane lift being scheduled for early January. Chiller delivery is February and we are working on getting that moved up. Steel and piping are being fabricated now and that will be the first lift up t the roof.
01/10/19 – Triton directed to get CHLR-3 online first for hot days. Control meeting was conducted with TEI and Emcor on Monday for coordinating control sequences on new chillers. TEI issued updated sequences to Owner, Triton and Emcor for use on this project from this meeting.
01/21/19 – Glenwood found that a 1000A breaker with the correct lug alignment was not available from GE at this time. They submitted a change order for the work. TEI contacted CE power to find a direct replacement for the breaker that will hopefully be less expensive than the submitted change order.
01/22/19 – Control submittals have been received and return immediately. TEI and Emcor worked through specific control questions and TEI issued an updated sketches for 10th floor piping that has to be coordinate with Triton during installation. We also approved a ball valve in the bypass even thought that technically won’t be used until the three way valves are replaced later.
01/31/19 – THP update: Structural steel shop drawings reviewed and returned.
01/29/18 – Const Mtg #4 held. Project is moving along well. Glenwood is setting the transformers today. Piping is connected in 10th floor and along roof to structural steel location. Basement piping is demolished. The 5″ bypass will be started in the mechanical shaft and then routed over the ceilings to the mechanical room. ThermalTech will use Terracon fro the special inspections on the structural platform for this project.
02/17/19 – Steel was erected by 2/17, inspected, fixed and reinspected. Chillers were set on frame on 2/19 without incident. Everything looks good.
02/26/19 – Glenwood pushed to power outage to the backup date of 3/9/19 due to ship date of the circuit breaker being 02/28/19, and Glenwood was not confident that the breaker would be on site in time for the original outage date.  TEI and Glenwood revised drawings and submitted to IBI engineering change for the revised plan.  TEI to schedule a meeting with Triton and Glenwood for pre-outage conference the week of 3/4/19. Const Mtg #6 was held and Triton reported almost all their work is complete. They are waiting on Glenwood and Emcor to finish up the job. the glycol feeder and chemical test company should be on site within the next week for their work.
03/01/19 – Triton reports that glycol feeder is here and being installed. Emcor workers have their background checks in place and will start controls. Glenwood reports after Nester checked in that the breaker should have arrived yesterday and today for sure.
03/11/19 – TEI attended Admin Chiller Startup with County.
03./12/19 – TEI attended Admin Chiller startup for second day with County. Items brought up during startup are weatherguards, heating circuit, convenience outlet, trouble light, local disconnects, additional support on chiller base, additional glycol and differential pressure reader. ThermalTech to start working on these items for resolution. TEI can start the punchlist on the job as well.
03/26/19 – Electrical transformer and breakers installed and turned on.  The electrical final did not pass.  TE and Triton/Glenwood working to resolve issues on project to pass inspections.
03/27/19 – TEI held conference call with Glenwood to discuss change orders. TEI went to site and measure disconnect locations and redoing the work to make it easier for contractor and Owner.
03/28/19 – Barth, Glenwood and Nester met at the building to discuss final location of the new 600A disconnects this morning. Chiller #1 disconnect will be mounted on the West Side of chiller. on Chiller #2 we are basically doing the same thing but we need a junction box and extend the feeders in seal tight.
04/22/19 – TEI releases electrical and mechanical punchlist for final wrap up of project. TEI reviews and gets approved balance reports from vendors and factory for this project.
04/24/19 – Change orders approved for the power items that IBI required.  TEI performs and issues electrical punchlist.  Glenwood on site week of 4/22 making all corrections and CO work with the exception of ground detectors, which are on order but not received to date.  Upon receipt, ground detectors and final IBI will occur. Triton on site doing punchlist items and TEI meets them for new pipe label coordination. TEI asked for Training to be complete ASAP.
04/25/19 – Send Bert change order prices for CT and Chlr. Duke rebate check received and credited to the account, however this money probably can’t be used for additional change order work.
05/27/19 – Glenwood wrapping up change order work and final permitting of electric work for the project. Weather panels are coming very soon. There is a breaker setting we have to coordinate with Glenwood and then we should be able to get our final inspections in the next week or too.
06/27/19 – All construction work in complete. Glenwood set to call for final inspection next week to get final permit closeout for this project. TTC and Emcor meeting on July 9 to do some functional testing of the chillers. Triton approved via change order to remove abandoned and old piping on the project site prior to closeout.
07/25/19 – Triton finalizing all permits. IBI is approved. Triton also performing alternate work for the owner this week. Project ready for closeout.
08/28/19 – Project is complete and final inspections were approved on 8/12. However the owner called with glycol feeder issue with the Pulsafeeder unit. We met last Friday and review the installation with the salesman. They requested we remove all the control interface to the unit and put it back to factory conditions or else they consider the unit “tampered with”. We did everything they asked and then spent another two hours trying to make the unit work with limited success. We contacted the vendor and asked him to bring in the manufacturer to assist. To me this is all warranty work for Triton on this job.
09/20/19 – TTE met Triton on site and verify an AAV on the CHW glycol feed does seem to fix the issue. Triton will install and pipe the overflow back to the glycol tank.
09/24/19 – TTE verified the work is done. This project is ready to Archive.
01/27/20 – Bert called for final closeout confirmation today. TTC checked and all the paperwork and O&M’s are in. However the final payapp is not process. it was found that #10 and #11, balance of contract must be submitted. TTC confirmed with Triton on needed closeout documents.


JC – State Grant Budget and Schedule Analysis

04/20/18 – GBBN is contacted by Facilities to convert email with estimated General Services expenses into a formal SOSS. Facilities dictates that a formal SOSS be authored for the update of the Opinion of Probable Costs and Gantt Chart for the entire four pod configuration.
04/23/18 – GBBN authors and delivers SOSS to Facilities.
04/24/18 – Facilities, GBBN, TEI and Sheriff meet to discuss displaced offices and program spaces. Design decisions were rendered concerning pod designated uses and design concepts.
04/30/18 – Facilities creates new Archibus Project Request Estimates #1966 and #1967 for design team’s use.
05/08/18 – Facilities forwards approved SOSS and Purchase Order to GBBN.
05/14/18 – GBBN sends new typical pod layout (Kenton County style) to TEI for estimating.
05/15/18 – GBBN confirms existing Corridor items, Door Ballistic Ratings, OB/GYN Room requirements with Sheriff’s Office.
05/17/18 – GBBN confirms existing slab floor coating with Sheriff and Facilities.
05/17/18 – TEI receive security grade plumbing fixture pricing from vendor.
05/18/18- GBBN sends revised Pod layout with improved sightlines and Sally Port to Administration, Sheriff and Facilities. GBBN sends status report to Administration.
05/22/18 – /GBBN coordinates interior door estimating approach with Facilities for ballistic ratings.
05/29/18 – GBBN forwards completed Archibus Project Requests #1966 and #1967 along with associated Gantt Charts to Administration and Facilities.04/21/18 – GBBN receives input for SOSS from TEI and THP.
06/27/18 – GBBN prints off both Gantt Chart Schedules and both Project Requests (Phased and Progressive) for the meeting 6/28/18.


CH – Room #205 Renovation

04/02/18 – Facilities notifies GBBN that Municipal Courts has approved the project, estimated with Project Request #1949, for submission of an SOSS, to be performed by Trades. SOSS to cover the scope of the Project Request #1949.  GBBN solicits input from TEI.  Facilities confirms Trades to handle project including systems furniture scope.
04/03/18 – TEI sends input for SOSS to GBBN.
04/04/18 – SOSS issued to Facilities.
05/29/18 – TTC and SJ discussed starting this project after the JC Recovery is finished. The SOSS is in place for our firms. GBBN will develop the floor plan and TEI will star the load calcs and preliminary work right after the floor plans are ready.
04/03/18 – TEI sends SOSS input to GBBN.
04/03/18 – GBBN submits SOSS to Facilities.
05/10/18 – GBBN receives approved SOSS and Purchase Order from Facilities.
06/26/18 – TEI and GBBN discussed schedule for this project to be completed the first couple of weeks of July 2018. TTC, Coty and Barth scheduled to work on this project.
07/25/18 – GBBN has construction document set started.  GBBN questions were answered from Facilities to keep documents moving ahead. TTE checking load and ventilation calcs.
08/20/18 – TEI confirms that no fire protection modifications are required from the existing layout and configuration.
08/28/18 – Facilities requests three minor revisions to Owner Review set of documents after review by Municipal Court Administrator.
08/29/18 – TEI and GBBN have submitted final drawings for Owner Review.  Facilities confirms only one small revision, of adding data wall mounted outlet for future printer/copier, is required before issuance for Permit.  GBBN and TEI agreed upon 09/04/18- Issuance for Permit date in issue block.
09/05/18 – GBBN and TEI submit Applications for Building and Mechanical Permits to the City of Cincinnati.
09/26/18 – TEI receives code comments and re-submits drawings to IBI.
10/03/18 – GBBN receives letter from the City of Cincinnati requesting additional information for permitting.  This information is far in excess of any required by the City for comparable projects since GBBN has been doing Facilities projects.
10/17/18 – GBBN requests proposal from The Preview Group to provide part of the information requested by the City mentioned above.
12/21/18 – GBBN submits City of Cincinnati Permit Response Letter.
01/07/19 – GBBN pays for and obtains Building Permit from City of Cincinnati. Facilities agrees reimbursable expense to be billed to General Services SOSS.
01/29/19 – ThermalTech obtained the permit and delivered to John Nester for trades to do the work.
02/26/19 – Work is in progress with the county trades.  As of 2/15/19, there was no electrical roughed in to date.  Wall framing was nearing completion.  TEI tells John Nester to let us know when the trades are ready for a rough in inspection with IBI and TEI will schedule the inspection.
03/08/19 – GBBN performs site visit with Facilites. Inspector questioned location of two sprinkler heads. TEI responds to question with data input in email to Facilities.
03/26/19 – Work continues to progress in area.  Electrical rough in inspection was passed and work continues in space.  Trades (JN) to notify TEI when to call for final on the project.
04/24/19 – HamCo to notify TEI when to call IBI for final on the project.
05/29/19 – TEI was notified to contact IBI for final electrical inspection.  IBI scheduled for final inspection on 5/31.
06/26/19 – Project final IBI approval received.  on 06/25/19, while on site for a different project, the rooms were being moved into the space.
06/27/19 – Project is complete. Ready to archive. Partners can send in CAFM updates.


CAB – 10th Floor Community Development Renovations

03/26/18 – GBBN contacted by Facilities to plan Kick-off Meeting with Community Development.
03/29/18 – Kick-off Meeting date and time decided.
03/30/18 – Kick-off Meeting held at Room #1022, 10th Floor, of CAB.  Discussions held related to the requested scope.
04/03/18 – Facilities sends marked-up plan showing clarified scope for SOSS creation.  Photograph of front desk sent later by Facilities to GBBN.
04/06/18 –  Facilities clarifies card reader access system is desired by Community Development.
04/09/18 – TEI sends SOSS input to GBBN for SOSS.


SPHQ – RTU-5 Replacement

11/14/16 – Prebid meeting was held on site.

11/15/16 – TTC investigate using the existing architectural and mechanical plans to reword the ductwork on RTU-5 so that the unit will keep its ductwork up on the second floor and penetrate the side wall on the second floor and intercept the ductwork where it comes up through the floor. TTC spoke to Kevin Maue, Greg Smorey and Tom Speer about the original build today.

11/16/16 – Addendum #1 was sent out this morning for bidding answering prebid questions.

11/18/16 – Addendum #2 was sent out.

11/22/16 – Addendum #3 was sent out.

12/07/16 – Contracts sent to Tony for Debra Kuempel. Waiting on approval and kickoff meeting.

01/13/17 – Discussed equipment vendor selection with Feldkamp and JCI. Carrier was submitted but they are probably going to purchase JCI as an equal vendor for this project. Spoke to Jackson and Tony about this.

02/02/17 – Precon schedule for 2/14.

02/17/17 – Met contractor on site to review possible new placement and routing for ductwork on this job. ThermalTech to draw up new location and routing and get THP approval.

02/27/17 – Revised downflow design completed and sent to contractor for pricing on Thursday, revised again on Friday and emailed, revised again on Monday and sent to contractor.

02/28/17 – Final design and schedules revised again and sent to Feldkamp and Owner. Submittals rejected twice this week but third submittal was sent back Furnish as Corrected. Also told Tony today that the redesign used $2040 of the const budget and leaves about $500 for Const Services.

03/09/17 – Unit is ordered, a revised set of submittals was sent to Feldkamp this week. A controls meeting is scheduled for 3/22 at ThermalTech with Alpha and Habegger.

03/15/17 – TEI sent PO provided by Tony to DK for processing and requested project schedule from Feldkamp for this job.

03/21/17 – THP – THP and TTE had a conference call to discuss scope and fee. TTE to review fees with County.03/21/17 – Controls meeting rescheduled until 3/28 at 9am at TEI.

04/03/17 – TTE requested a formal proposal.04/21/17 – Control submittals have arrived. ThermalTech to review and return ASAP.

04/11/17 – THP provide a proposal for review.04/25/17 – Updated Drawings were given to Jackson and Feldkamp was on site locating the curb on the roof per the new structural drawings. Unit schedule to arrive in May for installation.

04/13/17 – THP proposal approved.

04/25/17 – THP analyzed AHU loading and proposed shifted the unit. Unit location was shifted. THP provided roof top support channel detail.

05/19/17 – TTC stopped by for field inspection. Curb looks good, ductwork looks good, fire dampers look good. DK trying to locate electric for new power to pull new feeders. Pictures from roof support work appeared to be acceptable to ThermalTech and THP.

06/27/17 – Project is complete and we are punchlisting the work.

07/19/17 – Punchlist was distributed today to both Debra Kuempel and Feldkamp Enterprises.

08/03/17 – Met Feldkamp on site to get quote for new boiler options using allowance money leftover on this job.

08/17/17 – Met Jackson onsite today and collected more information for the Alpha quote. Talked to DK and they are coming out to change the restrictor plate on SVH-204 soon, they will also be giving Alpha the K values to program into the VAV boxes on the FE system so we can see the correct CFM’s. I also emailed Alpha a full email explaining that I wanted to simplify and reduce their scope and price on this job and that all of the controls we need are already installed and on the graphics.

08/30/17 -All prices are in for the heating boiler and we can award this work to Feldkamp as part of this job. Still working on a cost from Alpha.

09/08/17 – When the electrical inspector (Ken Spille) came to the field for the final, he had the wrong drawings for the work with him. DK contacted TEI (Mike Barth) and we delivered another copy of the correct drawings to IBI. Ken told DK in the field that once those drawings were dropped off and processed at IBI, that he would get the final for the permit. IBI is now telling DK that they have to call and schedule a final inspection for the project (although they have already had a final), and that IBI cannot close out the project. We told DK that we need to get this closed out, and since the inspector is not recalling his field statements, please work this out and get the final completed. DK working with IBI to resolve.

09/25/17 – Feldkamp and DK were both on site last week installing the new hot water boiler form Lochinvar. We went with the 155,000 btuh boiler for this installation in the fire tube design which is a new offering from Lochinvar. The piping is connected, the exp tank is relocated, the gas piping is connected and the venting is hooked. Feldkamp confirmed the venting is ready and clear of caps and ready to use. This week Feldkamp is to startup the boiler and Alpha controls or Feldkamp will complete the installation of the systems. TTC stopped by last Thursday but not contractors were on site, TTC may stop by again to review the work if he can around his meetings and vacation.

10/24/17 – Boiler is up and running. The controls enables and disables the boiler based on outdoor air temperature. The owner has the boiler set to 140F and can adjust as needed seasonally. TTC sent out the allowance usage and change order for this project and asked Feldkamp to close it all out. The roofer came out and applied another patch to the job around the unit to quell a roof leak and hopefully that works. Everything seems to be up and running well.

10/25/17 – Allowance usage came back from Feldkamp and was forwarded to Tony Matre for signature. Boiler went out on alarm this morning. Feldkamp dispatched to investigate.

11/28/17 – In the past month we have had Feldkamp, Alpha and Corken all on site working on the boiler system. The boiler is running well and Feldkamp has upgraded the gas supply to the boiler, added the combustion tee for tuning up the boiler plant and added the neutralizer to the boiler drain. Alpha has reprogrammed the hot water pump to run through the system at all times and we are awaiting the controls upgrade to supply the setpoint to the boiler. Then Corken can come in and provide a full startup on the boiler.
03/30/18 – After a lot of work to get revised O&M’s for this job from the contractor that TTC felt were good enough for the owner, the final PDF was downloaded and printed by ThermalTech and three O&M’s were created for Tony Matre. I am not sure why TEI is making O&M’s for the contractors nowadays but in an effort to bring the project to completion, they were made and UPS ground to Facilities. The only item we know is open is the CAFM updates for these drawings.


CH – Critical Façade Repairs (THP F103)

12/28/17 – THP publish SOSS to Hamilton County as requested.
03/16/18 – Hamilton County approved SOSS.
04/26/18 – THP provided owner review documents to the County.
05/24/18 – Revised Owner review documents sent to County.
05/25/18 – County provided comments.
05/29/18 – Documents issued to purchasing for review.
05/30/18 – Purchasing provided comments to the review documents. Project issued ITB 044-18.
06/1/18 – Issued bid documents to County and ARC for publication.
06/5/18 – Documents available to bidders
06/11/18 – Prebid meeting occurred at Courthouse.
06/12/18 – Addendum No.1 and No.2 issued.
06/26/18 – Bid opening occurred with four contractors submitting proposals. Two of the four bids under published estimate. American Façade Restoration is the apparent low bidder.
06/27/18 – THP had phone conversation with AFR to review their bid.
07/02/18 – THP provided a bid summary letter and draft AIA contract for review by the County.
07/05/18 – County published updated AIA contract and documents for review by AFR.
7/25/18 – County published executed AIA contract.
08/21/18 – Background checks approved and submittals in process.
08/30/18 – Preconstruction meeting scheduled for 9/1/18.
09/1/18 – Preconstruction meeting completed.
09/26/18 – American Scaffolding erected swing stage equipment for courtyard repairs.
10/12/18 – Change Order #01 Executed. During the dentil repairs it was discovered the cornice steel supports were heavily corroded. Change order #1 provide new support detail, that is integrated into the dentil repair.
10/25/18 – AFR working on courtyard dentil repairs.
11/16/18 – Change Order #02 Executed. Work to address loose stone, concrete, masonry materials observed during city façade assessments.
11/29/18 – AFR completed Courthouse base bid repairs. Roughly 60% of knock down survey and stone stabliziation work complete. Work scheduled to be completed December 8th (weather permitting).
12/07/18 – AFR completed all knock down work for Change order #02
12/31/18 – AFR completed final window repair for Change order #02.
01/17/19 – THP submitted the certified AFR pay application to the County.
01/18/19 – AFR submitted close out documentation to THP for review.
03/21/19 – THP forwarded final close out documents to the County.
04/25/19 – Project complete


A&D – Critical Façade Repairs (THP F104)

12/28/17 – THP publish SOSS to Hamilton County as requested.
02/15/18 – Hamilton County approved SOSS.
02/20/18 – THP published review documents.
03/09/18 – THP published bid documents.
03/15/18 – Prebid meeting completed.
03/29/18 – Bids received. American Façade Restoration the apparent low bidder.
04/3/18 – THP sent a letter of recommendation after a phone interview with AFR.
04/4/18 – THP sent draft AIA County / AFR contract to the County for review.
04/26/18 – County prosecutor reviewing the contract.
06/06/18 – Hamilton County and AFR under contract.
06/28/18 – AFR reported they plan to start work mid to late July. Work should take about two weeks.
7/23/18 – Preconstruction meeting completed.
7/26/18 – Anticipated start of construction will be 8/6/18 with work expected to be completed 8/31/18.
08/30/18 – AFR actively working on North, South and West elevations. Concrete and stone patching repairs 90% complete. South Elevation pilaster repair 50% complete.
9/5/18 – AFR substantial completion reached. THP reviewed work and generated a punchlist.
9/11/18  – AFR completed punchlist work.
9/27/18 – AFR working on closeout documentation.
10/25/18 – Project complete and closeout documentation complete.


800 – City Facade Assessment (THP F105)

12/28/17 – THP publish SOSS to Hamilton County as requested.
01/25/18 – Hamilton County approved SOSS.
03/06/2018 – THP completed ground survey of façade.
03/29/2018 – THP to schedule rappelling survey early April.
04/26/18 – THP schedule rappel the facade.
05/21/18 – THP completed draft of Cincinnati façade ordinance report and published.
5/31/18 – County reviewing report.
6/26/18 – THP submitted drafts of the Envelope Assessment Report and City Report
07/26/18 – THP finalized and published Cincinnati façade ordinance report. Signature by Ralph Linne’s required before THP submits report to City of Cincinnati Buildings & Inspections.
08/24/18 – THP received letter from City of Cincinnati acknowledging the submitted report.


CAB – Building Envelope Assessment (THP F106)

12/28/17 – THP publish SOSS to Hamilton County as requested.
01/25/18 – Hamilton County approved SOSS.
03/29/18 – Field work to start first week of April.
4/13/18 – THP completed rappelling surveys.
4/23/18 – THP completed survey work from the ground and roof.
4/26/18 – THP compiling data for report.
5/31/18 – THP finalizing draft report for review by the County.
6/26/18 – THP submitted drafts of the Envelope Assessment Report and City Report.
07/26/18 – THP finalized and published Cincinnati façade ordinance report. Signature by Ralph Linne’s required before THP submits report to City of Cincinnati Buildings & Inspections.
08/24/18 THP received letter from City of Cincinnati acknowledging the submitted report.


230 – City Façade Assessment (THP F107)

12/28/17 – THP publish SOSS to Hamilton County as requested.
01/25/18 – Hamilton County approved SOSS.
04/19/18 – Completed visual survey from grade.
04/20/18 – Rappelled all four elevations.
04/26/18 – Report under development.
05/21/18 – THP completed draft of Cincinnati façade ordinance report.
05/22/18 – THP developed Opinion of Probable Cost for recommended repairs specific to Cincinnati façade ordinance review.
05/24/18 – THP finalized Cincinnati façade ordinance review report and application form.
5/31/18 – County provided verbal comments. THP reviewing comments.
7/26/18 – CORRECTION, comment on 5/31/18 for 800 Broadway assessment. Report approved as submitted.


JC – Building Envelope Assessment (THP F109)

01/22/18 – Hamilton County requested an SOSS
01/25/18 – THP provided SOSS as requested by Hamilton County.
02/15/18 – THP approved SOSS.
04/26/18 – THP scheduled field work to begin the first week of May including rappelling. Work is weather dependent.
05/02/18 – THP completed site rappelling surveys.
05/11/18 – THP completed site ground survey.
05/31/18 – THP working on reports.
06/28/18 – THP working on reports. THP verbally noted the façade did not have any safety issues that would impact a City of Cincinnati building façade inspection report.
01/31/19 – THP working on report. County draft report anticipated February 15 and final report completed February 28.
05/29/19 – THP completed internal City Draft of report and Façade section. Roofing assessment to be complete the first week of June.
06/05/19 – THP completed roof assessment.
06/06/19 – THP completed roof assessment.
06/27/19 – THP issued City Facade Application report to County for review.
02/27/20 – THP published the report to the County.
07/30/20 – Discussed at Partner meeting. Leave open for now.


JC – Video Visitation Service Agreement

03/27/18 – Final draft of RFP submitted to Sheriff’s Office for review and comment.  Issuance of RFP pending comments from Sheriff’s Office.

04/25/18 – Final draft of RFP submitted to Sheriff’s Office for review and comment.  Issuance of RFP pending comments from Sheriff’s Office.

05/30/18 – TEI receives final comments form HCSO and facilities.  RFP to be issued June 1 for bidding.

06/27/18 – RFP issued for bids.  Prebid meeting held and bids are due to purchasing on July 12, 2018.

07/25/18 – Bids received from 4 vendors and results sent to HCSO for approval and contract execution.


JC – Security System PM Bid

03/27/18 – Project is out to bid (ITB # 018-18).  Bids open on 03/28/18.

04/25/18 – Project bids received.  DeBra Kuempel is apparent low bid.  Contracts sent to prosecutors office for approval.

05/30/18 – Facilities to confirm if contracts have been received and returned to DK.

06/27/18 – PM Contract pending prosecutor review.

07/25/18 – PM Contract pending prosecutor review.

08/29/18 – PM Contract pending prosecutor review.


JC – Backflow Preventer Replacement

03/23/18 – TTC met with John Nester and Andy Stafford about replacing the BFP at the Justice Center.
03/24/18 – TTC talked to City plumbing department and Blue Chip plumbing about replacing the BFP and what it would take. The city is not keen on downsizing the BFP at all and Blue Chip agreed they don’t need to be dual detector check but they do need to be reduced principal backflow preventers. TTC code research agrees.
05/21/18 – TEI Issued 30% review set and begins working on 4″ BFP replacement scenario. TEI sets up additional fieldwork on site for this project, TTC & RAJ.
05/22/18 – TEI puts together equipment cost differences after receiving Vendor quotes form Watts for this project. TTC and JN discuss bidding options. TEI to further design on 4″ scenario vs 6″ scenario for backflow preventers. There are two major issues with the first being if we need a full building shutdown to do this work and the second deciding if we are going back with 4″ BFP or 6″ BFP.
05/30/18 – Review drawings are complete and ready for TTC review but fitting to fitting work not complete by TEI quite yet in TTC opinion.
06/14/18 – ThermalTech create full 3D model to try to fit the BFP in this building without a building shutdown. Nothing aside form $20,000 in additional fittings worked so far. WE just don’t have enough room.
06/24/18 – We did a lot of design and fitting work this month on this project and confirmed neither 6″ nor 4″ BFP’s fit into the existing piping without shutting down the building and removing the existing gate valves which are not holding watertight. The team came up with the idea of changing the BFP model to a smaller skinner model with less flange to flange dimensions. We are still 6″ short of keeping the existing valves installed and reusing the old valves. Dan ordered a fire hose that we can test bypassing the inlet of the water piping to the filtration units, keep one set of valves and replace one set of valves and do this work without a complete building shutdown. This will be tested prior to bidding out this work.
07/26/18 – Revised drawings are complete and ready for review by County for Small Project Bid with latest BFP and bypass design included.
08/23/18 – Prebid held on site with five bidders.  Bids are due 8/31.
08/27/18 – Addendum 1 released to bidders.
09/27/18 – PO approved, contract over at Prosecutors Office for approval.  Project is moving forward.
10/23/18 – TEI to setup kickoff meeting with DK next Wednesday at 10am.  TEI to submit small SOSS for additional services.
11/27/18 – TEI returned submittals earlier this week and equipment should be ordered for this project.
11/07/18 – Site safety plan issued for this job. Equipment is ordered. Proejct schedule should be finalized shortly.
01/22/19 – HC checked in with DK on project schedule again today. So far background checks are in place and we are awaiting on the equipment to arrive to perform the work.
01/31/19 – We are shooting for 2/14 or 2/21 for doing this work. Prework will happen that week during they day.
02/21/18 – Debra Kuempel completed the backflow preventer replacement by 1:30am and had the city water back online and the building up and running. TEI was on site from 6pm to midnight for const assistance.
02/28/19 – Debra is performing the annual test on the BFP for the city paperwork, finishing the drains off the BFP and the insulator is coming down to insulate to wrap up the project.
03/27/19 – O&M have been received and approved and sent to County for closeout. Final payapp has been received and approved. No PW rates on this project to approve.
05/27/19 – Project completed and ready to archive. Annual test is complete and passed, good until next year. It’s working great.


JC – Recovery 3rd Flr Build-Out

02/22-18 – Created new project to track the actual construction project. THP and TEI to send final proposal data to Spencer for use on this project. Our proposal will include all the assumptions taken on this project for code review, relocation of existing spaces and basic construction intent.
03/20/18 – ThermalTech met with GBBN to review schedule for project design and construction at GBBN offices.

04/13/18 – Meeting held with Administration, Prosecuting Attorney, Facilities, Sheriff and GBBN to discuss Grant Application and Gantt Chart timelines.

04/18/18 – GBBN had telephone conversation with Steve  Holland of ODRC to discuss 5 phases of State Review process for this project.  Sheriff sends email documenting names of existing spaces within Justice Center for displacement communications.

04/20/`8 – Facilities determines a formal SOSS is needed for the State Grant Budget and Schedule Analysis.  See new project Post.

04/23/18 – Sheriff sends email with displaced space designated locations within existing Justice Center and Courthouse JAX space.


GABP- Diamond Club Kitchen Epoxy Floor

11/11/18 – GBBN contacted by Director of Operations to review potential two Kitchen Epoxy Floor Replacements.  Projects to be constructed by 3/318.

1/11/18 – GBBN contacts manufacturer to inquire about existing product that has begun to fail and preparation required to recoat.

1/21/18 – Samples of colors and slip resistance sent to Operations for selection by Owner.

1/23/18 – Owner color  and slip resistance level selections presented to GBBN.

2/1/18- Pre-Bid meeting held at GABP.  Three attendees present.  RFP documents distributed.

2/3/18 – Addenda #1 distributed.

2/12/18- All three proposals received.  GBBN contacts low and responsible bidder to verify scope.  GBBN recommends J Wesselman Specialty Flooring, LLC to Owner.

02/19/18 – Contractor to commence work at GABP.  Background Checks required by Reds.


JC – Capacity & Recovery Expansion

01/24/18 – Judi Boyko requests GBBN begin drafting Proposal/SOSS for Build out design services for scope of work requested in State Of Ohio Grant Application.  Copy of Grant Application emailed to GBBN.  GBBN requests same from THP and TEI.
02/02/18 – GBBN and TEI meet to discuss proposal scope and requirements for language to be contained in document.
02/04/18 – GBBN solicits  proposals for ADA Comprehensive Audit from potential consultants.
02/11/18 – GBBN also contacts potential Justice/Corrections consultants for Potential PEER  Reviews of design documents.
07/03/18 – GBBN submits SOSS based on recent meetings that have finalized all enabling projects to relocate existing staff, furniture and equipment.  GBBN completes updates to the Gantt Chart for the Progressive Project Approach.
07/25/18 – GBBN receives approved SOSS and Purchase Order.
07/26/18 – GBBN, Facilities and Sheriff meet to discuss logistics and update meeting schedule.
07/30/18 – TTE received approval for design, bidding and construction proposal from GBBN.
08/02/18 – GBBN completes updates to Gantt Chart, for the Progressive Process, adding Leadership Meeting Milestones, and forwards to Facilities.
08/20/18 – THP confirms existing shelf angle locations and construction details from original construction.  This exercise will assist the detailing and location of the new proposed security glass and glazing into the existing wall construction.
08/23/18 – TEI confirms existing MEP locations along existing long wall of proposed Recovery Unit for the purposes of locating proposed sloped ceilings.
08/23/18 – State of Ohio DRC responds to request for information concerning documentation of Enabling Project Scope within the JCC on this project.
08/27/18 – GBBN requests Room Naming protocol for the new Recovery Units and associated rooms inside.  Numbering has been discussed with Facilities and In4 internally at GBBN.
08/28/18 – GBBN meets internally to discuss design and footcandle measurement requirements for the new proposed Recovery Security Window sizes and locations.
08/29/18 – TTE has started updating our background drawings and we have finished our first pass at the final load calc for people and space HVAC loads.  We are working on the Ventilation Calculations next.
08/30/18 – GBBN, Facilities and Administration meet to discuss Media Press Release Packet of documents.
09/05/18 – GBBN and Facilities trade communications with the Sheriff about Room Naming and Numbering.
09/18/18 – GBBN, TEI and THP meet with the Sheriff’s Technical Committee for the Schematic Design phase approval.   Product selections and changes to the locker box design were made.
09/20/18 – TEI and GBBN perform field verification of all spaces affected by the scope of work.
09/24/18 – TEI sends sketches for proposed Second Floor work for plumbing under-floor work.
09/27/18 – TEI sent flush mounted SS temperature sensor cut sheets, we plan on replacing the pneumatic stats with DDC stats and new wiring in the wall, no wireless sensors unless there is absolutely no other way to make this work.  TEI ask unit prices for fixing DD boxes or replacing DD boxes if we find broken HVAC hardware.  TTC sent a new combo LAV/WC that has a smaller footprint to fit into the RR better.  We are adding trench drains to the door ways to the thresholds.  TEI asked about washer connections for security protection.
10/08/18 – GBBN and Facilities makes Press Package and Project Review presentation to BOCC.
10/22/18- GBBN and TEI send requests for information regarding shower mixing valve controls and Kiosk wiring logistics to the Sheriff.
10/22/18 – TEI sends to GBBN cut sheets on Floor Drain/sink, plumbing fixtures and plumbing routing information.
10/23/18 – Sheriff responds with answers to above.
10/24/18 – Facilities corresponds with State of Ohio ORC concerning Civil Rights Compliance.
11/14/18 – GBBN and TEI send State of Ohio Schematic Design approval drawings to Facilities for submission to the State Department of Rehabilitation and Correct.
11/27/18 – GBBN and TEI send updated Opinions of Probable Costs to Facilities.
12/19/18 – GBBN meets with Facilities to discuss State of Ohio submission and GBBN signs applicable portion of submission.
01/31/19 – Project is in review. Designers to wait until next approval phase to create DD documents and then CD documents a month later.
02/28/19 – Project is in review. We are waiting on State Review comments.
03/28/19 – Project is ins review. We are waiting on State Review comments and Grant Rebate information on this project. We could have information back on April 5 from the State.
04/21/19 – Facilities notifies GBBN of confirmation of proposed Schematic Design Meeting request from STate of Ohio.
04/22/19 – GBBN and Facilites agree 4/29/19 will be date for Phase 1 meeting, to be held in London, Ohio. Proposal is for Phase 2 and Phase 3 meeting, with State of Ohio Rehabilitation and Colrrection, has been tentatively agreed upon by the State.
06/24/19 – GBBN/TEI attend Discussion on Update of J.C. Build Out Schedule.
07/18/19 – GBBN meets with Facilities, to discuss restarting the design portion of this project. The goal is for Facilities, to have all future deliverables, related to the State of Ohio SD response packet, required from the design team, documented by August 1, 2019.
08/08/19 – GBBN confirms with KFI, additonal existing conditions from the Server Room door removal project from 2018. KFI recalls latch sides of the existing hollow metal door frame were not grouted solid, as if to leave future possibilities for electronic door hardware wiring to be added.
08/14/19 – GBBN informs design team all Rooom Numbers and Door Numbers have been added to the Base Floor Plan drawings. Door numbering forwarded to the Door Hardware Consultant.
08/15/19 – GBBN meets with Door Hardware Consultant for this project. Questions on door functioning are developed and later forwarded to the Sheriff’s Office for input.
08/15/19 – GBBN emails State of Ohio DRC with questions generated by Door Hardware Consultant related to Corrections Grade door hardware specifications.
08/27/19 – GBBN meets with THP, to finalize the Architectural-Structural interface. THP to generate additional structural detailing language, for inclusiion into the Architectural drawings.
08/28/19 – TTE committed to completing this project in September on owner deadline.
09/23/19 – GBBN recieved email, from Facilties Electrician, relating contact information, for exisitng electromechanical lockset replacement parts vendor. GBBN makes contact and is informed about matching locksets, both mechanical and electromechanical, and other peritnent vendors. Infornation is shared with TEI and Facilities.
09/24/19 – GBBN and TEI establish a meeting with the Sheriff to vist an existng LC to determine full am ount of racks and equipment to be housed in the new Pod Guard Post Obsevation desks. Meeting is set for 09/30/19 at 10:00 am.
09/25/19 – GBBN contacts Corrections hollow metal door and frame manufacturer. Details for door frame, doors, sidelights and vision windows are secured and documented.
10/25/19 – GBBN and TEI send Phase 2/3 Drawing and Specification hard copies to FAcilities for submission to the State of Ohio ODRC.
10/29/19 – GBBN delivers signed copies, of the ODRC Phase 2 and the Phase 3 Checklists, to Facilities, for transmission to the ODRC.
11/20/19 – The project teams finalizes a meeting with Christopher Darlington of the State of Ohio ODRC for the purpose of the final approval for the Phase 3 Bid Issuance.
01/30/20 – ARC must send a copy to Chris Darlington at the State for approval on this project when we issue. Grant funding and State of Ohio requirements has some additional language to be included.
02/13/20 – ITB#020-20 Bidding Documents issued to ARC Reprographics for review.
02/14/20 – ITB#020-20 Bidding Documents issued to Purchasing for BidSync uploading.
02/25/20 – Pre-Bid Meeting held at 9:00. North and South Buildings toured along with the JAX area of the Courthouse. Meeting Minutes to be authored and included in Addenda #1.
03/25/20 – Bids were opened today and appeared to be overbudget. Facilities asked the Partners to get more definition on the reasoning behind the overages and report back to the County. Facilities also indicated the BOCC will be issuing a resolution to reject all bids.
03/26/20 – GBBN has already called Triton Services, and has called scheduled for 10:30 with KFI and 11:00 with Graybach for today to discuss bid results.
06/25/20 – The County has requested a repricing for this job and updated for Covid and budget. GBBN, THP, TEI working on recollecting prices from scratch and verify availability for fourth quarter of 2020.
07/30/20 – Cost was submitted to commissioners and they are finding the money for the project. County directed us to repackage this project for last week of August to first week of September timeframe.
08/27/20 – BOCC agenda has this items on the agenda today. Rebid 9/3, Prebid 9/10 and Opened on 9/24.
09/24/20 – Rebid Project was started and this page Archived.  See JC Capacity & Recovery – REBID


JC – Administration Inmate Space Study

01/24/18 – Judi Boyko requests GBBN begin drafting Proposal/SOSS for Build out design services for scope of work requested in State Of Ohio Grant Application.  Copy of Grant Application emailed to GBBN.  GBBN requests same from THP and TEI.

02/02/18 – GBBN and TEI meet to discuss proposal scope and requirements for language to be contained in document.

02/16/18 – Sheriff Department requests copies of Grant Application drawings for presentation to Department of Corrections.  GBBN requested to appear at tour with DOC on 2/20/18 at 1300 hours.


JC – Recovery Unit Study

02/20/18  – GBBN and Facilities met at HCJC for Department of Corrections tour as requested by Sheriff’s Department.  Nobody from Sheriff’s Department were found in Lobby nor North Building Third Floor.  Email later indicated tour was brief and DOC observed required information and found all to be acceptable.


A&D – Access Control System Study

02/20/18 – ThermalTech met with the facilities department and A&D staff to discuss the need for a study for the existing access control system.  ThermalTech submits SOSS for study for the project.  Project pending the approval of the SOSS and PO.
03/27/18 – Project Pending approval of SOSS and PO.
04/25/18 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.
05/30/18 – Project Pending approval of SOSS and PO.
06/29/18 – Project Pending approval of SOSS and PO.
07/25/18 – Project Pending approval of SOSS and PO.
08/29/18 – ThermalTech receives approved SOSS and PO (5778030).  ThermalTech, Facilities and JFS conduct study kick-off meeting on 08/28/18 and schedule field investigation of 09/13/18.  ThermalTech beginning code research and product research beginning 09/01/18.
09/26/18 – ThermalTech completes field investigation with JFS (Claude Toulsen).  Report is in progress.  ThermalTech to send draft copy to BW for review upon completion.
10/23/18 – ThermalTech working to complete draft of report, and will send to BW and CT for review by 11/09/18.
11/28/18 – Report Draft is still in process.  ThermalTech to wrap up draft and send to BW and CT for review.
01/29/19 – Report Draft is still in process.  ThermalTech to wrap up draft and send to BW and CT for review.
02/26/19 – ThermalTech reached out to Basis of Design (VAX) for final pricing, and opinions of probable cost in report pending reciept of the pricing from the supplier.  NOTE – Supplier local rep resigned and has not been replaced to date.  TEI communicated with corporate offices.
03/26/19 – ThermalTech issues report to HamCo facilities and Claude Toulsen for review and comments.  ThermalTech receives comments from BW, and final issuance pending comments from CT.
04/24/19 – Issuance of final report pending receipt of comments from Claude Toulsen.


250 WHT – Access Control System Code Review

02/20/18 – Thermaltech meets with Mike Jackson and Tony Matre to discuss needs for code research for the existing access control system at building.

03/27/18 – ThermalTech to send Tony Matre a draft copy of the code research report by end of March for review.

04/25/18 – ThermalTech sent the report to Tony Matre.   Study complete.



06/25/14 – Facilities contacts GBBN about project and requests SOSS to be created.

07/02/14 – GBBN issued SOSS to Facilities.

02/26/15 – Mt. Airy project officially cancelled effectively cancelling this project.



10/20/11 – Kick-off Meeting with Pinnacle and Facilities Department

11/04/11 – Facilities Department sends list of buildings to be included in Asbestos Abatement Reporting.

02/14/12 – Pinnacle Engineering requested drawing files for the purpose of documenting findings.

02/15/12 – GBBN sent drawing files to Pinnacle Engineering in PDF form.

03/30/12 – Meeting with Tim Schue of Facilities Department to discuss Archibus Input Strategy

04/03/12 – Field work completed, draft report completed and ready for initial review.

04/05/12 – Meeting with GBBN and Facilities to discuss drawing format.

05/10/12 – Meeting with GBBN and Pinnacle to discuss drawing format for reports. Tony Matre’s request for ‘General Information Notes to occur on each floor plan are discussed.

10/27/12 – Pinnacle Engineering sent ACM list from Archibus/BRG for purposes of designation conversion from Pinnacle report to Archibus data entry.

01/26/13 – BRG confirms entry of ACM data into Archibus is completed.

01/28/13 – GBBN conducts spot review and confirms data entry is accurate.

02/28/13 – Pinnacle sends GBBN a proposed completion schedule for remaining work.

03/18/13 – Tony Matre calls GBBN to request a status check on Pinnacle’s delivery schedule.

04/05/13 – Email sent to Pinnacle Engineering inquiring about status of project reports and unmet schedule milestone goes without response.

04/20/13 – Email sent to Pinnacle Engineering inquiring about status of project reports and unmet schedule milestone goes without response. Reported to Tony Matre via telephone call.

02/24/14 – GBBN and Pinnacle Engineering met with Tony Matre to deliver the final reports and electronic copies of the reports. GBBN is completing final report drawings for Pinnacle as final preliminary drawings are delivered by Pinnacle to GBBN. All drawings are to be completed by 2/28/14.

03/26/14 – All asbestos reports and associated drawings are complete. Final drawing input into Archibus/Web Central is ongoing. GBBN was granted access to the database to complete the drawing downloads.

07/01/14- GBBN sends another email and follow-up voice mail to Pinnacle Engineering inquiring about status of billings and final completion.

08/29/14- Pinnacle Engineering sends invoices for services to GBBN.

10/29/14 – GBBN sends Tony Matre SOSS invoice status with all of the Pinnacle Engineering invoices included.

10/31/14 – GBBN pursuant to Tony Matre’s request sends letter of documentation regarding scope overruns.

02/20/15 – GBBN in communications with Tony Matre to finalize invoicing for these projects.