TEI General Service – Archive

01/01/14 – County has approved a new SOSS for 2014. The 2013 SOSS however is not expired yet.
06/26/14 – Minimal work and time charged. Website updates mostly.
08/26/14 – TTC sent in new SOSS for energy, watchdog, 2015 project estimates projects to Bert.
01/27/15 – Updated website, worked on B201, etc.
05/25/15 – Reformatted tables on website, fixed some broken links in the Archive section, moved old buildings out of the main pages.
06/11/15 – Doteasy had to restore the FrontPage extensions this week. TTC had to remake all the user ID and send out new username and passwords.
06/24/15 – Website Updated.
08/26/15 – Website updated, Prevailing Wages Updated.
09/23/15 – Website updated. Facilities requested new General Service SOSS. TEI collected the Hourly Rates bid for plumbing and electric today. We will drop those bids to Bert tomorrow at the Partner meeting.
10/02/15 – Website updated for partner meeting.
12/08/15 – Website updated. ThermalTech working on new MSA agreement with Bert Watts.
01/08/16 – FrontPage extensions corrupted. TTC trying to fix.
01/15/16 – FrontPage extensions fixed, website data missing, TTC Website Updated.
01/21/16 – fully fixed. $45 restore cost from Doteasy. TTC will download a local copy from now on every month after the partner meeting for safekeeping.
01/26/16 – Bert said the contract is over a Prosecutors Office. We will wait until Friday Jan 29 and then move forward with the edits that we have approved.
04/25/16 – Created updated Archibus and Building Operation pages for Tim and Tony.
05/25/16 – Performed some maintenance and cleanup on the website this month.
06/27/16 – Website update and backed up locally by ThermalTech.
09/28/16 – Website updated. Building Ops renamed.
10/26/16 – TTC made a change in Tony project page on the server.
12/29/16 – Website updated for end of year and backed up by TTC to local server for archive purposes.
02/17/17 – Website is updated and formatting is updated too.
02/23/17 – TTE to investigate replacement website for that is compliant with Windows 10 and partner editing moving into the future. Try to find something that we can host and make better moving forward.
03/09/17 – TTE investigated WordPress at this time as an alternative and we updated the website for data.
03/21/17 – In an effort to find an easier method to edit the website, I have tested four new website locations. One at Wix, Penzu, Bluehost and sub-domain on So far Penzu seems the easiest to use but cost money to get the full functionality, Doteasy does not support WordPress without an upgrade, Wix seems possible but so far no luck in creating multiple forums for each building and Bluehost was installed tonight. I need to find a way to upload a new theme on the website.
04/26/16 – Minimal work on website this month. Regular website was updated.
06/06/17 – TTC edited the new Wix website some more and had people enter comments, its seems to be working. It still requires a lot of formatting and work.
07/24/17 – Website updated. TTC contacted WebFeat for website design as well. No return emails.
08/30/17 – TTC contracted WebFeat for finishing the website design this week, $2800 total, $1400 now, $1400 at completion. Kickoff meeting next week for design, look, feel of the website. We will share some prelim looks when they draft the up.
09/25/17 – WebFeat sent preliminary look at new website. ThermalTech returned initial comments back to designer for security, NAV menu’s and content to fill the database. They immediately responded with a follow up email about working on this this week, very nice. The temporary website is located here:
10/24/17 – WebFeat has made decent progress on the website. TTC is working on populating the site with the old data now and tweaking the security, input, active projects, archived projects and tony projects pages along with the management console and eventually migrating the test site to a live server.
11/28/17 – Had another round of emails with WebFeat and they made some final changes in their opinion of the scope of work. TEI has to integrate the remaining data into the website.
02/22/18 -All partners updated projects on new website. ThermalTech postponed final conversion to new until mid-March. WebFeat updated and added the new pages on the new website. TTC must create the Tony Matre projects on new website. Terry has created a copy of all the old data on the website so when we update the site to WordPress we still have the data saved.
03/24/18 – New website is published and live. ThermalTech input new usernames and sent to the group for editing.
04/01/18 – This is a test edit using the new inline editing too. Works inline editing plugin is activated.
04/26/18 – Website updated. Several plugins were updated several times this month for security reasons. The website domain name and server were updated for another year with for hosting.
05/30/18 – Prevailing Wages updated, security patches applied and new projects created for use on the site this month.
06/30/18 – Prevailing Wages updated.
07/26/18 – Prevailing wages updated, security applied, some project management for formatting completed.
08/29/18 – Prevailing wages are updated, no other security updates were required this month however TTC edited and fixed some naming and category discrepancies, also updated all Tony Projects and created a new category for them.
09/24/18 –  Website Updated, PW uploaded, Security Patches applied.
10/23/18 – Website has been updated.  TTC to add October PW soon.
01/15/19 – Website updated. PW uploaded. Database updated.
02/28/19 – Website has been updated this week for meeting.
03/28/19 – Website was updated on 3/26 and 3/27. TTC and Bert agreed to extend the annual renewal with Doteasy for hosting the website. Note that hosting is not the same as domain name renewal. Each year there are two renewals.
04/25/19 – Website updates complete earlier this month. PW rates downloaded and uploaded to this site but TTC needs to do script updates for end of month and upload April PW rates.
05/28/19 – Updated the website for County meeting, saving widget updates until after the Partner meeting.
05/29/19 – Created Champlin Login, migrated all Terry Cannon post to TEI and updated our Archive projects to clean up migration of old project.
08/28/19 – Website has been updated for this weeks Partner meeting. TTC will update scripts and website next week.
09/24/19 – Website updated, PW uploaded, scripts updated but two more need to be updated soon.
10/30/19 – TTE Update website and update PW rates last week. Created new projects and categories for several projects and performed website cleanup. Assisted Champlin with front end documents.
12/05/19 – Updated scripts on website, upload PW information, start updating website for next meeting on 12/12.
01/27/20 – Website update, PW rates uploaded a couple of weeks ago. Scripts not updated this month yet.
01/30/20 – Called to 800 Broadway to troubleshoot boiler issues and was onsite 1/30, 1/31, and 2/1 to resolve the issues. TTC will send Tony a field report as several things were found to contribute to the issues at 800 Broadway this year. It was a good bit of troubleshooting and quite the enigma to figure this one out but we got it.
02/02/20 – General Service names were renamed to [General Service] so they appeared at the top of the list form now on.
02/27/20 – PW updated and website updated Monday-Wednesday.
03/13/20 – TEI issued Work from Home mandates for all employees limited access out of the office, for fieldwork or meetings for all projects starting 3/20/20. We are to continue servicing clients as best as we can remotely and only do onsite meetings as necessary.
03/23/20 – Doteasy renewal is up for next 12 months for TTC and BW agreed to renew another 12 and TTC sent in renewal.
03/24/20 – Website updated for PM meeting. We are not meeting in person but will have details updated for Facilities.
07/29/20 – Website updated, PW rates uploaded and fixed for some hyperlinks.
08/26/20 – Website due for major updates including WordPress 5.5. PW rates updated for August and September will be early for JC Project.
09/18/20 – Block editor was automatically installed. TTC trying to disable that feature on the website. Updated the website mid-month this month. September PW waged already updated.
10/28/20 – Scripts updated, working on classic editor settings, PW rates updated.
12/10/20 – Website updated mid-November although there was no meeting. Reupdated in December for 12/10 meeting.01/26/21 – Website updated, jquery issued addressed, 3 plugins updated, PHP security issued researched.


Fire Alarm & Sprinkler Testing

07/29/20 – SOSS received for these projects. TTE already about 75% done updating the specifications. We have updated three buildings with new Fire Alarm inventories (A&D, Courthouse).
08/26/20 – TTC to finalize testing manuals this week for Tony review.
09/18/20 – Finalized all documents this week, went over project specifics and update the manuals. Got two new ITB and issued for bidding today. Prebid 9/29 and Bid Opening 10/14.
10/06/20 – Addendum 1 issued. Bid extended to 10/28.
10/08/20 – Addendum 2 issued.
10/23/20 – Addendum 3 Issued. Bid extended to 11/04.
10/28/20 – Questions Due.
10/29/20 – Addendum 4 issued.
12/04/20 – TTC reviewed final contracts several times prior to signature by the contractor. TTC participated in research on the bid documents and called the vendor for a post-bid interview prior to recommending this work. At this time the project is set to be awarded to SA Comunale for both Fire Alarm and Fire Suppression.
12/30/20 – Project to be Archived.


PBS Z-Ramp Replacement

09/14/09 – Additional documentation has been sent to Kerry for contract approval.

08/25/09 – Joe needs additional bid information for the project. United needs to provide final bid paperwork to Joe.

0729/09 – Project has been bid. Prices were tabulated and sent to bidders. Final contract was $16,300 and included $500 in allowance monies. TEI has written the contract and given to the County for signing.

06/23/09 – This project is out for small project bidding.


Emergency Generator PM Bid

02/24/16 – Tony called and said that this project and PO are approved. Bid in March, Award in April, current contract runs out in May.

03/30/16 – Barth has made progress on the specifications they are about 90% complete. We are ready to get dates and an ITB and for Owner review.

04/26/16 – Project manual is ready. Date of Issuance will be 4/28/16. Bid Opening 5/26/16.

04/27/16 – Bid package sent to purchasing on 04/26/16. Pending bidding process.

05/25/16 – Bids open tomorrow. Two Addendums on project so far. All seems to be going well.

06/17/16 – Bids opened and there were anomalies. Tony to get information to ThermalTech as to which bidder each of the user groups has selected (Facilities, Cell Towers, Engineers).

06/27/16 – TTC to write a contract for Cummins for the Facility project. OK to share this contract with other departments if they need this. I told Tony this would be done last week, I will try to finish today.

07/18/16 – Tony is discussing with Kerry and is trying to stick with Cummins for the this contract. Kerry questioned the Alternate no bids by Cummins as legitimated on this job.

07/22/16 – Kerry and JoAnn and Tony are discussing rebidding this project due to Cummins not submitted Alternate bids for years 4 & 5.

07/25/16 – Talked to Tony and Gina today about the Alternate items in the Egen bid and we are going to rebid this project and we have change front ends to the standard county non-prevailing wage front end document and change Alternates to Optional Years. New ITB is 059-16.

07/28/16 – Talked to Tony and we are going to rebid all departments. I discussed a small SOSS to just pay for the the hours of this bid. We have a new ITB but no bid schedule yet.

08/03/16 – Tony said he approved my SOSS-A for rebidding this work. TTC to proceed.

08/25/16 – Egen PM Rebid sent out for bidding.

09/02/16 – No substantial questions on rebid yet. Bid opening scheduled for 9/8/16.

09/08/16 – Bid opening is today. Results to follow.

09/23/16 – IC won the second bid but didn’t include any battery replacement in year three. After several emails and reviews with Purchasing and the Prosecutors department, they are going to let their bid stand if they provide the battery replacements in year three.

10/25/16 – Post bid and Pre-Award meeting was held last Friday. Everything seems to be in order and TEI will write the contract for IAC today.

11/10/16 – All three revised contracts sent to Tony today for use on the Rebid work. IAC is the new vendor.


Electrical Switchgear PM Specs 2018

07/25/18 – ThermalTech working to finalize specs, will deliver to John Nester by 07/31/18 for review.
08/29/18 – ThermalTech Issues project for bidding.  Pre-Bid meeting is scheduled for 08/30/18 at 2:00 PM.  Bids open 09/13/18 at 11:00 AM.
09/26/18 – Bids received for project.  3 bids received, one disqualified for not having any form of bond.  ThermalTech qualified apparent low bid who did not include multiple scope items and withdrew their bid.  DK next apparent low bid, and has all scope included.
10/23/18 – ThermalTech authors a contract for DK after Wells Engineering withdraws their bid because they did not include all of the scope of the work in the project.  Project start is pending contract approval and issuance of PO.
11/28/18 – DK received PO for work from HCFD.  DK to work with JN to schedule the work.
02/26/19 – DK performes PM and cleaning at the Comm Center on 02/16, and then on the SPHQ on 2/23.  250 WHT and 230 East 9th Street PM and Cleaning pending, to be scheduled with John Nester and Building Managers.
03/26/19 – Dates for the 230 E9 and 250 WHT services still pending.
03/28/19 – 250 WHT May 4. 230 Coordinating with PDO.
04/24/19 – TEI, HCFD, Electricians, DK meet with building manager and building staff to review plan for outage.  Walk the building site and plan the outage for 5/4/19.  230 E9 will likely be in June for outage.

05/29/19 – 230 E9 switch gear cleaning will be performed on 06/02/19.  250 WHT was delayed due to issues at the building.  New tentative date will be 06/15/19.

06/26/19 – all buildings cleaning and PM complete.  DK to submit reports for each building including Thermal Scans of equipment.  TEI has not received any reports for any of the buildings to date.

07/24/19 – TEI requests written reports from DK for all of the buildings.  Final payment pending submission of the final reports.

08/27/19 – HCFD issues a change order for DK to repair the non-functional circuit breaker discovered during the cleaning and PM.  Field verification of circuits served underway, and then the breaker will be swapped out.  DK to submit final reports from cleaning the Thermographic reviews.

10/30/19 – TEI identifies in report that the non-functioning breaker that DK identified is not as indicated in the report.  DK to confirm the proper breaker that is non functional prior to swap out.  DK to schedule with the owner’s occupancy requirements the replacement of the breaker.

01/28/20 – Once DK submits final PW reports and AIA docs, this project will be archived.