HILLCREST Electric Panelboard Replacement

10/16/08 – Final payapps & O&M’s delivered and sent to Bert Watts. Consent received and mailed to Bert.

08/26/08 – Closeout meeting finished. QCE submitted two change orders for this project. TTC sent change order request to Bert for this job. Closeout documents turned over to TEI for approval.

07/30/08 – TEI has finished punchlist and distributed to contractor. Contractor to finish punchlist, submit all final paperwork and prepare final O&M’s for the project.

Allowance: $15,000

Approved change orders 1 and 2. Should be sent today. Then final pay app can be submitted.


Hillcrest ADA Assessment

Project Lead: GBBN

06/16/11- Bert Watts indicated this Project Request should be broken into eight (8) separate SOSS’s based on each of the separate buildings.

06/17/11- SOSS submitted in person to Bert Watts.

9/10/11- SOSS was not approved.


HC General Structural Services

Current Comments (4/27/2011)
THP completed billing of $5,000 allow for general services. Funds lasted 10 months from July 2010 to April 2011. THP directed to submit new SOSS, refer to F24.

April 15, 2010 THP requested to review possible leak and stone condition of 800 Broadway Bld. THP and County scheduling site visit.

Past Comments

THP completed site review of 800 Broadway wood deck. THP completing analysis and letter report.

THP submitted four names for badges. County review approval policy.

THP reviewed Hillcrest cracked walls. Walls are cracked and further investigation is necessary. Cracks are not a life/safety concern and cracks do not appear to be a warranty issue from settlement.

February 17, 2011 County requested THP review floor condition at Alms Doepke. Work may be part GBBN floor project, if not THP will notify the County on how it thinks we should be proceed.

February 14, 2011 THP reviewed cabin with cracked walls as requested by the County. As a follow-up THP does not think the cracks are a life-safety concern or warranty related to previous work. THP will follow up with a summary letter.

January 27, 2011 County requested partners submit employees names for background check and badges. Future access to County facilities will be limited to people with badges or escorted by badge person.

January 27, 2011 County distributed HC Safety specification section to added to all facility projects. Partners to determine location with front end documents.

January 27, 2011 THP requested to evaluate 800 Broadway interior wood deck structure for loading capacity. THP to evaluate and if work is minimal work will occur within General Service number, if work is more involved THP to discuss separate SOSS.

THP has $3,200 remaining in the hourly allowance.

Septermber 29, 2010 THP to review MDD North side structure for possible work with GBBN.

County approved updated proposal.

County reviewing initial proposal.

THP provided preliminary pricing of the building envelope assessment of Memorial Hall on 8/17/10.

County requested preliminary pricing for building envelope assessment of Memorial Hall building.

County reviewing SOSS.THP Issued SOSS F9A for an additional $5,000 on July 2, 2010.

Roughly $1500 remaining in general fund.

THP used roughly $2,800 of the $5,000 fee.

THP tracking 800 Broadway storage area floor capacity survey to general fund. (2/24/10)

THP tracking additional Masonry work from Hillcrest project to general fund. (2/24/10)

OSS approved 2/3/2010.

THP submitted SOSS on 2/1/2010.

THP needs to submit SOSS.


Hillcrest Training School Dining Hall Loading Dock Restoration

July 27, ,2011 THP issued AIA Substantial Completion Letter.

July 19, 2011 A&M confirmed (via email) punchlist items completed.

July 12, 2011 A&M submitted final Pay Application for retainage. THP notified A&M that retainage monies will not be approved until all warranty paperwork has been submitted and approved.

July 8, 2011 THP issued (via email) punchlist items to be completed by A&M.

July 8, 2011 loading dock sealant installed.

July 7 & July 27, 2011 THP requested A&M to submit warranty paperwork.

July 7, 2011 new galvanized handrail system installed and THP approved and forwarded to Hamilton County, A&M request for payment, Pay Application No 2 in the amount of $10,070.00.

June 30, 2011 THP issued Change Order Deduct to the contract, in the amount of $3,778.00. The new contract sum is $51,132.00.

June 30, 2011 sealant scheduled to be installed and THP will punch-out the project.

New loading dock handrail system fabrication completed and A&M installed new handrail system week of June 20, 2011.

A&M completed loading dock bumper installation and installed temporary handrail system on May 27, 2011. Hillcrest facility began using loading dock May 30, 2011.

THP issued email on May 24, 2011 for A&M to install temporary handrail system once loading dock bumpers are installed. A&M to be completed with installation of loading dock bumper and temporary hand rail by May 27, 2011, so loading dock may be used by Hillcrest facility on May 30, 2011.

On May 23, 2011, THP approved and forwarded to Hamilton County, A&M request for payment, Pay Application No 1 in the amount of $38,068.24.

Hand Rail steel shop drawings approved (with exceptions noted) for fabrication on May 12, 2011. A&M expects for fabrication and installation of hand rail week of June 13, 2011.

Field Report No 002 issued on May 9, 2011.

Loading dock slab placement took place on May 6, 2011 with THP personnel on site to witness placement. Weather delayed the original April 28, 2011 placement.

New louver and new loading dock bumper approved to be purchased and installed out of project Cash Allowance via Change Order No 1, dated April 20, 2011, in the amount of $1,222.00. Total project budget remains unchanged.

Hamilton County requested price quote from A&M for a new louver and loading dock bumper, instead of reconditioning these existing items as part of the original scope. Pricing came in within the projects original Cash Allowance which Hamilton County chose to accept. THP issued Change Order No 01 on April 20, 2011 reflecting this modification.

The loading dock slab placement is estimated to take place on April 28, 2011. Weather pending.

April 13, 2011 A&M formed and placed concrete for the loading dock steps. THP reviewed the steel and formwork prior to concrete placement.

April 6, 2011 A&M formed and placed concrete for the loading dock walls. THP reviewed steel and formwork prior to concrete placement and issued Field Report No 01 for both concrete placements.

Submittals not complete as of April 25, 2011. Waiting on resubmittal of galvanized steel hand railing for loading dock.

April 1, 2011 A&M completed loading dock demo while maintaining emergency egress.

March 30, 2011 A&M mobilized on site and began project work.

March 23, 2011 THP held a pre-construction meeting on site with Hamilton County and A&M Contracting.

March 23, 2010 preconstruction meeting occurred. Demolition of loading dock to begin March 31 and closure of the dock will last 6 weeks.

February, 22 2011 A&M Contractors passed background checks and work can proceed. Bert has requested a schedule and submittals to be finalized.

January 27, 2011 A&M Contracting had a number of employees not pass the background check. Work cannot proceed until A&M Contracting project team has passed the background check.

Need to determine if project will occur in Spring or this Winter. If work occurs this winter a change order for heating will be required.

Submittals continue to arrive and be returned; last submittal return on December 7, 2010. THP has requested a number of additional items to be submitted.

October 26, 2010 THP returned initial submittals and requested preconstruction meeting.

October 20, 2010 Contract was approved and PO issued.

County reviewing contract for final approval and execution.

September 16, 2010 THP provided updated draft AIA contract per comments from County.

September 2, 2010 THP provided draft AIA contract.

County reviewed project bid.

August 10, 2010 THP recommended A&M Contracting Ink. based on the submitted bid. THP has no experience with A&M Contracting.

Bids received August 5, 2010. A&M Contracting Ink. submitted only bid. Bid was within 10% of published estimate.

Bids are due August 5, 2010.

THP plans to issue final addendum by July 29, 2010.

Pre-bid meeting held July 20, 2010.

THP updated documents and issued documents for bid on July 12, 2010.

County Responded with minor ITB comments THP to update documents.

THP Issued updated ITB documents on June 7, 2010 for review.

THP anticipates finalizing and sending Updated ITB documents to the County on June 1, 2010.

County finalized review of ITB documents and sent comments to THP on May 21, 2010.

THP finalizing bid set; anticipate release 4/5/2010.

THP complete design review meeting with County on 3/12/2010

Project anticipated for summer of 2010. (2/24/10)

Waiting on Owner comments to complete final documents. (2/24/10)

THP submitted owner review documents on 12/21/09

THP provided plans for an emergency deck for loading dock access on October 22, 2009.

THP submitted an SOSS for approval on October 23.

THP completed initial site visit with County and recommended closure of loading dock.


Hillcrest Training School Cottage Slab Review

Project complete and closed out.
Past Comments

L&T submitted closeout paper work. THP & L&T revising warranty language in submitted warranties; all other paper work acceptable.
L& T completing final project closeout paper work. (2/24/10)
L&T requested a project closeout, so additional grading work will not be accepted.(2/24/10)
All punch list work including additional interior repointing at interior/exterior wall joints reported to be complete. THP to review next week. (2/24/10)
All work complete except punch list. Punch list published and all work except grading except grading expected to be complete by February 19.
Contract was coordinated with the prosecutor’s office and final copies were sent to Hamilton County for review by the commissioners on September 14.
August 17 THP recommended Langenheim.
Bids received August 14 and Langenheim & Thomson was low bidder within the project budget.
Project in bid process with pre-bid meeting completed on July 28, 2009. Bid due August 11th.
Design development documents anticipated to County 6/26.
Partial front end specification sent to County for review on 6/22.
Kick off meeting completed and field survey’s complete.


Hillcrest – Modular Building / Addition

08/08/05- C+R sent a preliminary project report to Hillcrest. TE to review and comment and provide updates to Spencer for inclusion.

06/16/05 – C+R, TE and HCDF had a follow up meeting at site to discuss layout issues. Spencer distributed possible floor plans for review. TE went over utilities that were underground and reported that electric, gas and water are all near the expansion area.

01/19/05 – Second Field trip to discuss cost and scope.

11/11/04: Zeiser Pay Application #6 to Sharon via Courier.

11/04/04: Zeiser Change Order #4 for Punchlist items 1.19 and 1.20, new door hardware, in the amount of 690.00 typed and courier.

LaForce went to site today to complete punchlist items hardware repairs. However, Chris was unable due to audit, to show them location. Chris could you please coordinate with Zeiser to a date you would be available to show them locations.

Cottages grandmaster key – Contractors are working on resolution to be presented.

Post caps for doors stops are in and ready to be installed.


ICS to complete punchlist including rewiring system. Please update us to the progress.

12-07-04 – New master keys are on site for cottages. Zeiser to coordinate work with Hillcrest

01-04-05 – Zeiser and Laforce to complete cottage level master rekeying. Work to start on 01-05-04.

04-19-05 – Cottage level master rekeying complete. School has accepted suggested solution for fixing the bathroom keys. Laforce has install the proposed fix and is returning to make repairs.

04-2-05 – Bathroom rekey complete however one issue still exists. Dining hall locks have a total of four cylinders and only two where replaced. The second set can be defeted but according to Dave Jones with LaForce this is not possible because of the type of lock. They proposed replacing the sets and provided pricing accordingly. County review cost and felt that it was not their responsibility because this proposed fix was only a compromise that remedy the situation. Upon conference call with Diana, Mike, Jeff, Chris and Dave fix was agreed upon. Dave with LaForce to complete week by 05/06/05.


Hillcrest – Fire Alarm Replacement

12/26/06 – Project has been archived by TTC.

11/09/06 – Final permit was accepted

11/03/06 – TEI is working on closeout documentation. Final devices have been installed. Final approval has been obtained from Hamilton County Building Department.

10/27/06 – Final devices have been installed. Ginter to set up to get final approval

09/29/06 – Waiting on approval of revision from Hamilton County Building Department

09/22/06 – We have passed and approved (signed off and everything!) on 21 buildings out of the 22. Each building was permitted separately. The one building (grounds keeping) is on hold until the inspector sees the 501 model number heat detectors installed in the or we submit an engineering change that corrects the permit drawings with the 503 model number. They are in the process of getting the paper work together and will forward it to you. As far as the grounds building we are not being told that we can not use the building. Also we don’t believe they occupy it all day, mainly just storage and prep for the grounds care equipment.

9/12/06 – 21 buildings passed fire alarm inspection grounds keeping building approval on hold until heat detector issue is resolved.

9/6/06 – IPS adjust strobes in cottages that were coming back with a trouble condition. They were set to the wrong setting. Ginter adjusted devices.
8/30/06 – Hillcrest performed a drill test and a few troubles came back on the system. Chris and I contact IPS and Ginter to get trouble condition resolved.
8/25/06 – Hillcrest will be unable to have the cottage door delay egress maglocks repaired prior to the 8/29 test date. Test is rescheduled for 9/12
8/21/06 – Complete rewiring of audible devices in cottages so the do not sound when fire alarm system is in alarm.

04/06/06 – Mike Stiles has requested a change in the meeting schedule for 04/10 as he is out of the office on that day.

03/06/06 – Ginter email TEI that the county was requiring separate permits for each building. TEI call the Building department and clarified the situation. The county required 22 permit applications and 6 drawings. The minimum fee per permit is 257 dollars. Ginter indicated that they did not have an amount this large covered in there bid. TEI requested that Ginter submit a total for all cost so far in the project: Some of the additional fire alarm cable, additional permit fees and deletion of 10 in-ground boxes.

03/03/06 – Ginter Electric provided submittals, TEI approved submittals.

02/28/06 – Construction meeting #1, Please see attached.

02/03/06 – Ginter submitted pay application #1, TEI approved.

01/20/06 – Preconstruction at Hillcrest.

12/16/05 – County reported that this project has been approved. Wayne Trent will be project manager on this job and therefore the project is being moved to his task sheet.

02/01/06 – Ginter Electric started field investigation.

12/01/05 – Contract was approved.

11/01/05 – TEI prepared contract for Ginter Electric, Alternate #5 was accepted.

10/31/05 – Bid opening held, apparent low bidder was Ginter Electric.

10/24/05 – Issue addendum which delayed bid opening to October 31st. Addendum was the same form Re-bid.

10/14/05 – The rebid II prebid was held. No contractors showed up for the rebid. This might be expected because everyone has already been on site for 2 prebids already on this job. There can still be and will most likely be bidders on this project.

10/13/05 – The rebid has been rejected due to bond issues again and estimate tolerances. The second rebid is on the street with a revised bid opening of 10/25/05. MS has all the revised documents on the street. The prebid is 10/14/05 at 10a.m. MS will attend for TE.

10/11/05 – Project was issued for rebid.

10/05/05 – Bid was rejected by the prosecutors for basebid plus alternate because the awarding contractor complete the bid bond for only the base bid amount. TEI advise that alternate 7, which was cabling in the ground in conduit plus a spare, was very important. Since the contractor filled in the bid bond purchasing would only allow base bid. The next lowest contractor was reviewed and but there base bid plus the alternate was greater than 10% of the advertise amount. The county decided to rebid the project.

9/02/05 – Contract completed for AC Electric, base bid plus alternate 7. Submitted to Diana for approval.

08/25/05 – Bid opening held, apparent low bidder was AC Electric.

08/10/05 – Project prebid was conducted.

08/3/05 – Project was issued for Re-Bid.

07/01/05 – Diana, Gerald and TEI decided to hold off on rebiding project to gain more interest. MS contacted several contractors to find out marked conditions. The consensus was that the school at released a lot of work to be complete by the beginning of school and the contractors where very busy. It was also determined that breaking the project into several alternates would be required to make sure the project can be complete within budget.

06/28/05 – TTC and MS discussed the bids. A clarification on the addendum split up the labor versus the equipment. The bid is not over the original estimate of 298,000 however it is over the revised estimate. TE has to discuss with Diana when she returns our call. MS believes that this project should be rebid as the bids are simply too high for this type of project.

06/24/05 – Diana emailed TE today to say that the bids came in over 10% of the budget. TTC and MS to discuss with DES on Monday in a phone call.

05/19/05 – I spoke with Andy Boyd at IPS about the project. I discussed the three state term options with him which are: A) Purchasing material only and bidding out the installation to an electrical. IPS (or competitor) would be subcontractor.B) Purchasing material and IPS to set up the system and bid out electrical labor for the installation.C) Purchasing the entire project from IPS.Option C has changed because Purchasing indicated that they can only do the project if they do not use any subcontractors. I presented this to IPS and they gracefully turn this option down because they do not have the resources to complete a project of this size on there own. Option B was discussed. I ask the question, what advantage is it to the county to proceed. IPS indicated the main advantage was for them and that the cost under state term and bid day would be about the same. IPS and I agreed that this was not the best option for the county. Option A was discussed and believed to be the best solution. This makes the bidding process cleaner and only has one contractor to manage. The above is a recommendation but if you have any comments or suggestions please let me know. I would be happy to proceed the manner you prefer.

05/12/05 – TEI contact JoAnn with purchasing to discuss doing the project under state term. She indicated that IPS could not have an electrical subcontractor because the amount of the contract was to much and must be bid out publicly. Prepurchasing material was acceptable.

05/10/05 – TEI presented final drawings and Edwards material pricing. TEI indicated that the material price provided by Edwards was in budget with all the options requested but not with alternates. TEI indicated that Alternates should remain to insure the budget. TEI indicated that there where 3 way to bid the project: 1) Prepurchase material and bid out the installation. 2) Prepurchase material and ESI setup of system, bid out electrical labor to install system. 3) Purchase entire project under state term. Hillcrest indicated that they where interested in purchasing the entire project though state term because of the difficulty of trenching on the site and the responsibility to the electrical contractor.04/18/05 – TEI present near complete drawings written around a full system replacement of any manufacturer. Hillcrest review vendor options and indicated that the two favorites where Simplex and Edwards. Overall Edwards offered a security solution that could handle the need of the fire alarm system and replace the antiquated access control system. State term options was discussed and Hillcrest indicated the we receive compare the price for Edwards with almost all requested options and compare to original budget. Items to be included is: Voice System, Access control panel for each cottage, Access control software, Data base software, Computer based graphics package. Alternates for the project shall be: Voice system in lue of Tone system, Additional access control module for each cottage, Access control module for gates and upgrade spare conduit in ground with honeycomb type.3/30/05 – Vendor presentations.

03/29/05 – Vendor presentations.

03/09/05 – TEI complete field take off and composed 4 options with associated cost estimates to proceed with project. Cost estimate #1 was to completely remove existing system and replace with a new tone system of any manufacturer. Cost estimate #2 was to completely remove existing system and replace with new voice system of any manufacturer. Cost estimate #3 was to upgrade existing system Fire Alarm Control Panel with the same manufacturer, add additional devices as required per NFPA and replace all existing wiring. Cost estimate #4 was to upgrade the Fire Alarm Control Panel with the same manufacturer, add additional devices as required per NFPA and replace some of the existing wiring. Hillcrest to review options and requested vendor presentations be conducted to aid the school in there decision. TEI to continue with drawings as far as possible until decision is complete.

02/22/05 – Project Kick Off meeting. TEI to start field take off and review options. Original cost estimate presented was for a complete system replacement. TEI suggested reviewing the existing system and look at possible options.


HILLCREST – Electrical Upgrade Phase II

03/29/07 – TTE received final pay application and the ‘CONSENT OF SURETY COMPANY TO FINAL PAYMENT’ form from QC Electric. All of the final documentation will be forwarded to Hamilton County Facilities the second week in April of 2007. There are no open issues on this project.

03/23/07 – Closeout meeting was held on site today. There are no open issues for this project. Final documentation (O&M’s, As-Built, Final Pay App., Close Out Documentation) have been turned over to TTE. An Allowance Clarification letter needs to be written and signed before the final pay application can be processed. This letter will be sent to Queen City on Monday, March 26, 2007. When TE receives the signed letter back from QC all of

these materials will be turned over to Hamilton County Facilities. Dick Kuhn, Mark Donnelly, Bert Watts, Chris Hohmeister, Phil Lambing and Nick Richmond attended this meeting.

03/20/07 – Closeout meeting is scheduled for this Friday. Project is paid out except for retainage.

03/15/07 – I believe this project is ready for closeout. TTC to confer with PL and wrap this project up.

02/19/07 – Project is complete. TEI is starting closeout phase on this project. TEI will coordinate with Mike Jackson on closeout on this project.

11/10/06 – Concrete pads have been poured. ID studies and receptacle installations have been started in cottages. Project is still on schedule for December 1 shutdown.

10/27/06 – Contracts released, and preconstruction meeting was held. The schedule was approved. Coordination meeting with Duke Energy occurred 10/25/06.

09/22/06 – Still waiting for contracts.

09/15/06 – Bert called back to say contracts have not been received yet. Contracts are in review stage. QCE will not be on site next week but TE will coordinate a const mtg as soon as the paperwork is in place.

09/15/06 – Construction to start next week.

09/15/06 – Bert Watts said Contracts were released, ThermalTech has not yet received them.

09/08/06 – County reviewing contracts and insurance.



01/28/08 – This project was added late because it started before the website. After 4 years of futility, the County and ThermalTech finally agreed on a solution to the cooling and heating problems in the Security Building. Tony bought the new computer room ductless split system and County trades installed the unit. It is currently up and running and the space is doing great! EDI came to the site on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday to install the AC unit. We had some unit problems as we received an AC unit and not a heat pump. Jeff did a great job returning the unit and getting the heat pump for us which amazingly was in stock at Habegger. We installed a 4-ton fan unit and 3.5 ton heat pump so that I could ensure full flow into the building since the ductwork sizing has always been a problem. The new unit and heat pack are up and running from the Carrier thermostat on the wall and the space has been 72, 74 and 77F when called to check on. Mike Jackson and I discussed the cold feet issues today and he is comfortable with the unit providing enough heat and said the space was 1000% better. I will recommend some radiant heating solutions to Hillcrest for their feet but I don’t believe that TE should have to pay for those. I believe this project could finally be complete.



04/23/08 – QCE had to fix the same AHU unit again when they cleaned up some of the school panel wiring. Project is nearing completion.

04/11/08 – MAH released the Const Mtg 05 Notes to the project partners.

03/13/08 – (3) full size sets of drawings and a letter stating that no loads were being added and that the feeders and panels are of sufficient size were delivered to IBI today. QCE should be able to obtain a permit with these actions.

03/06/08 – Today’s construction meeting has been rescheduled to 03/17 at 2pm. We also discussed the revised schedule for the project which I updated in a pseudo meeting minute memo in PDF format. TEI will process the IBI letter for no load increases during this job for QCE to give to IBI to get permit squared away. Bert also asked for a revised scheduled update which we have included in the memo.

02/26/08 – QCE called today to tell us that IBI denied our permits for this job. They now instead want TEI to provide a letter saying no loads have been changed or will change during this project and we are doing a direct panel for panel replacement. A shutdown is going to be scheduled in late March for school panelboard replacement(22 or 23).

01/09/08 – Today we decided that the pre const meeting notes were correct and the project completion date for this project is March 1, 2008. QCE will do and update project schedule with delivery details for TEI to approve and give to the owner very soon.

01/07/08 – MAH released the Const Mtg 02 Notes to the project partners.

11/28/07 – QCE provided an update to Mark Donnelly today with the following information: The ID portion of the project is going well. The (4) cottages are complete. Chapel, John Morrow building, Goundskeeping building, & Pole Barn are completed also with the ID. We still have to change locks and install the new locks on certain panels. Administration building is approximately 75% completed, the School is approximately 50% completed. Some work has been done in the Dining building, Rec building, & Gym. We have not been in Security yet. The transformer pad for the school transformer was poured 11/27/07. All Panels have been measured & verified. The order has been placed, but I don’t have delivery dates yet. As soon as I have the delivery dates I will put a schedule together and ask for a meeting to go thru what has to happen for the shutdowns & installation of the panels. TTC setup a const mtg for 12/10 at 2:30pm to follow up with panel order and schedule.

11/12/07 – TTC released the Pre Const Mtg Notes to the project partners.

08/31/07 – TEI still awaiting word from HCFD. This project remains in the Contract Phase.

08/17/07 – TEI awaiting word from HCFD in order to move forward with this project.

08/10/07 – TEI spoke with QCE about their bid. They were comfortable with the bid so TEI wrote the contract and forwarded to the Hamilton County Facilities Department. TEI awaiting word on signed contract so this project can move into the construction phase.

07/31/07 – TEI has obtained a copy of the bid package and is reviewing the information. Dick Kuhn of Queen City put together the bid; he will be back in his office on Wednesday, August 1. NR will contact him in the morning to discuss the bid.

07/27/07 – Today was the bid opening. NR attended for TEI. QCE and Ginter are the low bidders. QCE was at $138,000 for this project. TEI will check the bid to make sure everything is covered.

06/29/07 – No change.

06/22/07 – TEI obtained an ITB #099-07. This project is set to be issued on June 26, 2007. The pre-bid meeting is scheduled for July 3, 2007.

06/15/07 – TEI conducted a site visit on June 13, 2007. The final design strategies have been discussed and this project is moving into its final stages before being issued for bid. TE plans to issue this project for bid by next Friday, June 22 of 2007.

06/08/07 – This project was reviewed in a meeting between TEI and Mark Donnelly. There will be a set of drawings and a cost estimate delivered to Hamilton County Facilities Department this afternoon (June 8, 2007). A meeting will be held on site next week to review final conditions and then will go out for bid.

06/01/07 – NR will have a review set of drawings, specifications and a cost estimate ready for Mark Donnelly to review by the end of next week (June 8, 2007).

05/25/07 – Project is moving along as expected.

05/22/07 – Project review meeting was held today. Various points were discussed as described in the meeting notes. TEI is moving forward with this project while keeping the points discussed in today’s meeting in mind.

05/21/07 – TE has completed all field work. Drawings are 98% complete. A meeting to discuss the status of this project is scheduled for May 22, 2007 with Mark Donnelly.

04/07/07 – TEI has completed the device identification portion of this project and are currently inputting the data into CAD. The panel replacement portion of this project is moving along as expected.

04/20/07 – TEI has been on site working on the device identification portion of the project. The only areas left to complete are north and south wings of the School Building. TEI will be on site today, April 20 2007, to work on the panel replacement portion of this project.

04/13/07 – TEI will be on site beginning next week to work on the electrical device identification portion of this project. Design for panel replacement is moving along as expected.

04/06/07 – Project moving along as expected.

03/28/07 – Kick-off meeting held on site. Buildings to be included in the Device Identification portion of this phase are Administration, School, Chapel, Security, Maintenance, Storage, Dining & Recreation and Gym & Pool. Efforts are aiming for August of 2007 for the shut-down and transformer pad replacement to coincide with the week that school is out of session. Attendees of this meeting include: Mark Donnelly, Bert Watts, Chris Hohmeister, Phil Lambing, Nick Richmond and Ron from Facilities. The next meeting is scheduled for May 2nd at 10:00 on location.

03/23/07 – Design meeting to be held the last week of March 07.

03/20/07 – TE to assist in deciding scope on this project and settle on which buildings are left to do on this site.

03/15/07 – SOSS received and posted to the website. A kickoff meeting will soon be scheduled.

03/14-07 – NR created project journal and filled in back data from previous meetings. Project awaiting signed SOSS to be returned to TE.



03/13/08 – TEI awaiting scheduling of suppression system test. Will witness on request.

03/09/08 – TTC sent closeout paperwork to DK and request for Credit on project.

03/05/08 – DK tested the electrical portion of the system successfully today. All relays operated as required. A test of the fire suppression system will now be scheduled by FES. This will need to be done when no cooking is occurring under the hood. A tank of ordinary air will be connected to simulate the suppressant.

02/26/08 – DK reported that this project is complete and ready for final fire alarm test. This is being coordinated through Hillcrest and MJ. TE may attend this final fire alarm test.

01/28/08 – We have received Payapp 2, O&M’s and an approved permit for this job from DK. MJ requested and TTC asked DK to setup a FA test showing the working components of the system. MH has the O&M’s to approve for this job.

01/08/07 – Earl Moon approved the project yesterday and TTC spoke to Kevin Broxterman today about the allowance usage and remaining allowance monies on this job. TEI will schedule a punchlist visit to the site and close out this project. TTC tried to contact Huntwork to do the punchlist today while he is on site with another job. TTC instructed DK to do as-builts and give them back to TEI for inclusion into the CAFM system. TEI will send an email outlining all the closeout procedure documents for this job. MD has requested closeout before next Monday. TEI finished the punchlist today and distributed this to everyone.

12/12/07 – MAH talked to Kevin Broxterman and the disconnects are scheduled to be installed on Friday. He asked if there had been any discussion about his using some of the allowance for this work. I directed him to Bert Watts while Mark D is out.

11/30/07 – The electrical inspector has an issue with the disconnect location because of access to the them over the equipment. MH went to the site today to review and find a new location based on our discussions with Kevin B at DK and Mark D at the County. We want to find a new location on the first floor for the disconnects. MH located a space behind the wall of the existing equipment. We will have to relocated the existing fire extinguishers, sign and fire blanket so everything can share the space but it appears very do-able. TEI is sketching up the photo right now for changes. The inspectors wanted the disconnects in the basement but the owner does not. DK submitted their first pay app on the job and TTC approved it for $8941.60.

11/13/07 – Debra-Kuempel has reported updates as well as Mike Jackson from Facilities. Debra says they should finish tie-ins this Thursday. Greg will schedule with IBI and IPS for inspections and fire alarm tie-ins for the end of this week or early next week. Greg of DK reported that they had no problems or questions at this time. MJ reported that the tie-in in the basement Rec Ares is complete. Also that the new disconnects for the steamer and the oven are complete. DK scheduled a shutdown last Friday on 11/09/07 and all went well. DK has not been above the ceiling in the crawl space yet nor are they on site on today. To TEI, this project seems to be going well. TTC will check progress with MH at TEI to make sure we are on target for this job and possibly schedule a field trip this week to check on progress. This field trip may be combined with meeting EDI at the site to discuss the AC installation and also for TEI to review the computer room installation that Facilities is currently working on.

11/12/07 – TTC checked in with Kevin Broxterman. Equipment is ordered and DK will be on site this week not last week to do the work per the schedule agreed to with County Facilities.

10/12/07 – Pre Const Mtg held and meeting notes distributed to all attendees. Super timeline crunch has been averted by Facilities passing the accreditation testing with the understanding that this hood system is being upgraded right now. DK will order parts and scheduled work very soon.

08/13/07 – TTC interviewed Debra Kuempel and confirmed their bid price was good. TEI wrote the contact and TTC marked it up. It will be in County hands on Tuesday for approval. The PO can be acquired at the same time. TEI will apply for the IBI permit on Tuesday as well.

08/10/07 – This project was sent out to bid on August 2, 2007. A mandatory pre-bid meeting was held on site on August 3, 2007. This project opens for bid on September 3, 2007 and is to be completed by September 15, 2007.

07/27/07 – This week TTC & MH began working on the final design this week. MH visited the site for fieldwork and created the construction drawings. TTC is hoping that

05/14/07 – SOSS has been received and logged. TEI asked for a kickoff meeting around 05/28-05/31. We will await MD direction on this.

04/27/07 – TEI awaiting signed SOSS.

04/17/07 – MJ called to say that fan belts were replaced and airflow in the hoods is up significantly. One motor has been replaced previously. TTC is writing the SOSS for the report.

04/13/07 – TTC & TA met MD & BW at the site for a walk through and looked at existing conditions of the kitchen hood and electrical requirements. TTC found that the EF did not have any nameplate date on them. Airflow to hoods seemed low. MD requested traversing the hoods to confirm airflow.


HILLCREST – Oak Cottage Wall Investigation and Hillcrest Maple Cottage Wall Investigation

3/29/12 – Langenheim & Thomson install block walls per THP details.

County reviewed THP proposed test of replacing block wall with reinforced stud wall system. Due to security concern, wall is to remain a block wall system. THP to complete test installation of block wall system with control joints.

3/29/12 – THP issued preliminary summary letter and will follow-up with detailed letter report.

3/30/12 – THP issued final report with all test repairs complete.


HILLCREST – CT Cabinets Upgrade

09/28/10 – SOSS received. Design documents are complete and ready to be sent to County for review. TEI QC complete. Should be bid next week.

10/28/10 – TTC has to release for bidding. The job is ready to bid.

01/24/11 – DeBra Kuempel won the bid and we turned in a contract for approval. I am not sure of the current status. Confirm with Bert when the pre const mtg should be scheduled. DK should have everything turned in for approval.

03/30/11 – The contract is either approved or close to approval so we can start the work very soon.

04/27/11 – Bert sent the contract to Debra Kuempel and let them know that background checks should be gotten and given to Bert to start the project.

05/06/11 – Bert asked about background checks for DK.

06/29/11 – Kickoff meeting was held Monday. TEI is authoring the meeting notes. Work scheduled to be done late July or early August.

07/28/11 – ThermalTech returned all DK submittals on the project. No exceptions.

08/22/11 – Work scheduled for early September. DK sent a preliminary timeline for Bert to share with contractor. Power permit is being coordinated with Duke.

02/28/12 – ThermalTech is in receipt of the closeout documents that you have submitted for this project, along with a request for final payment. Per the requirements of the project manual, there are items that must be submitted prior to processing the final payments. Upon receipt of the following items, closeout documents can be processed: Notarized statements of warrantee, AIA Document G706 contactors affidavit of payment of debts and claims, AIA Document G706 A Contractor’s affidavit of release of leans, and AIA Document G707 consent of surety to final payment.

6/26/12 – Mike Barth spoke with Tom Helmes of DK, indicating that the Notorized warranty is the only item that is holding up the closeout package. Tom indicated that he would drop off the warranty on 6/26 for final processing. Upon receipt, ThermalTech will process the closeout documentation.


HILLCREST – Underground Fuel Tank Replacement

09/28/10 – SOSS received and project out for bidding. Pre bid is Oct 4.

01/24/11 – Pre Const Mtg schedule for next week with Valor Construction and Indrolect electrical company. The County asked us to finalize a temporary design for power to the maintenance building that broke during the winter.10/28/10 – Bids are opened. Valor has passed their pre award meeting questionnaire. Contract has been sent to Tony for approval.

02/22/11 – Submittals are approved for the tank and sent back to Valor for construction and ordering. Indrolect submittals are approved and sent back. Indrolect has additional background checks because they are going to bore the new conduit under the driveway on this job. Valor has to come to HamCo to do their backgrounds checks. We notified Valor by email of this requirement.

03/30/11 – Contractors are on site and beginning work the first week of April.

04/27/11 – The old tank is out. The new tank is in. Valor ordered the wrong sensors so they have been reordered. IBI rejected the disconnect install so that has been reworked and TEI will pay for that and submit a change order for the all the engineering changes on this project under the new contract for Tony to approve. If everything goes well Indrolect and Veeder-root rep should have the Veeder-root and TopKat working on Thursday. Valor will arrive on Friday to put the interstitial sensor in. On Monday, Indrolect will arrange the final inspection and by next Tuesday everything should be complete.

05/02/11 – Valor has completed the tank install. All sensors are installed and wired. Indrolect is complete with all wiring and hookups but will be back to backfill the grounds this week. We have IBI permit tag in place. Reliable is on site programming the TopKat with Denton. Theoretically, the system is ready to use if needed. I believe all permits and inspections are complete. Now it is down to getting Veeder-root programming complete and making the TopKat communicate with the pump properly and that has to be coordinated with Denton and Reliable I believe.

05/09/11 – The new software is on it’s way and Gene from Reliable is on site working on comm issues. TTC spoke with Denton this morning.

05/13/11 – Michael Denton asked if any word on the software for the ball vent yet. TTC replied that Valor had been asked how to remove the ball valve with no response, but the software was on it’s way and should be on his computer before the 12 day test runs out IMO.

05/25/11 – Valor must complete punch list items and train on software.

05/31/11 – Valor will finish the punch list on the tank next week and get factory trained representation training for Denton. He promises to get this work done ASAP. Closeout documents are in process and may be at ThermalTech this week.

06/14/11 – Indrolect instructed to use May 17, 2011 for date on final paperwork. Substantial completion will be typed up by LKV.

06/16/11 – TTC asked Liam for an update on the following punch list items: Has the lip at tank fill been fixed? TEI will apply laminated tags for Valor if they can get the rest of the project completed. The ball valve has been removed. Factory training on the TopKat system needs to be done, asked if Gasboy will send someone. Local rep says he will get everything up and running.

06/21/11 – TTC and Liam spoke and the closeout packet is coming to TEI for final closeout. Liam believes the punch list was left with Denton and is complete except for factory training which Liam is currently working on. Denton had said that the only thing they thought Valor did last week was remove the ball valve, but Liam believes that Loren completed everything but training. Some confusion on who has the punch list and how much of it has been checked off completed by vendor and witnessed by Owner. If everything is complete, TTC will make a punch list visit and sign off to completion and send Tony all that documents that Valor is sending to TTC for approval.

06/29/11 – We contacted Valor again this week to try to get them to rectify the punch list issues.

07/05/11 – Valor called back today and said they would be down this week for fix the water leaking into the fill sump issue.

07/11/11 – TTC contacted Valor and Indrolect about closeout documentation.

07/16/11 – TTC Received a new payapp from Indrolect. Signed and sent to Bert Watts with closeout documents.

07/29/11 – Valor has completed punchlist work on the tank. We still need that extra training from the factory. Some water got into a fill sump again Denton noted. ThermalTech has to investigated.

08/08/11 – Valor payapp #2 for 15690 arrived but TEI believes the county will want to put this on hold for now, until water issues and training are complete. Tony Matre stated to hold the invoice until items are resolved.

08/22/11 – Uploaded Closeout Documents for Tony. PDF

08/30/11 – Still having some issues at Hillcrest with water in the fill and the training portion of the TopKat System. TTC would like Valor to check with Mike Denton to discuss these issues and a timetable to rectify. TTC should be copied on all correspondences.

08/31/11 – TTC has sent photos of the water issue to Christ Batch at Valor. Chris will also check into the training that was scheduled for 8/18 and they thought was completed. Chris will get back with TTC soon to discuss options.

09/08/11 – New OPW spill bucket has been ordered by Valor, should solve the water issue.

09/20/11 – Valor has replaced Emco bucket with O.P.W. The O.P.W. bucket lid is much heavier and does have a gasket. It is a nice install. The plastic was removed from the new concrete and the lid opened. The inside of the bucket was damp, but this could be because the work was done in the rain.

09/21/11 – Mike Denton says that the factory authorized training has not happened yet. It was scheduled but was never followed through with. This training is on how to use the TopKat software and reporting. The initial installer had never worked on the system before. TTC has asked Valor to please check on this since it is the only open item remaining. The sump pump was dry as of this morning.

09/27/11 – The supplier e-mailed Valor Contracting and stated that the training issue would be resolved within 24 hours.

10/05/11 – TopKat has set training up for October 6th between 9:00am-10:00am through Chuck Storey.

10/06/11 – Training by TopKat was completed today.


HILLCREST Paving and Striping

Project Lead: GBBN

07/06/10- Attended Kick-off meeting with Tony Matre.

07/15/10- SOSS submitted to Bert Watts.

08/24/10- Met with Tony Matre, Mike Denton and Mike Jackson at the site to walk and review scope of work.

09/15/10- The Pre-Biod Meeting was held at Hillcrest. Meeting Minutes were generated to be issued by Addenda #!

09/21/10- Addendum #1 was issued.

09/29/10- The bid opening was held and only one bidder submitted bids. The Purchasing Department determined to have GBBN issue Requests for Proposals to invited bidders. Prevailing Wage Rates are to apply. Proposals will be received on October 7, 2010 at noon by GBBN.

10/07/10- Requests for Quotes due based on reissue of original but modified ITB. No RFQ’s were received. Owner instructed partner to reissue and to revise package to be a formal RFQ not a reissue of original ITB.

01/19/11- Delivered final RFQ bid documents and Performance Bond from Riegler Blacktop to Bert Watts for finalization of the contract.

02/10/11- Kerry Dowling requested a corrected Contract Bond from Riegler Blacktop. The original bond had the incorrect bid date listed. GBBN immediately requested the new bond from Riegler.

06/29/11- GBBN communicates with Riegler Blacktop about Prec-construction Meeting and background checks.

07/05/11- Preconstruction Meeting with Riegler Blacktop.

07/20/11- Riegler’s proposed schedule of work was approved with minor modifications to the area near the west grouping of cottages.

07/25/11- Site visit to review progress of asphalt repairs and the first day of sealcoating. Riegler confirmed the crack filling equipment was inoperable and henceforth the repairs were not completed.

08/04/11- Site Visit to review construction progress.

08/16/11- Punch list meeting on site with contractor. Contractor to return and address extra crack filling.

09/23/11- GBBN inquired about status of punch list repairs. Riegler confirms weather too rainy for repairs to have been performed.

10/14/11- Riegler reiturns to make punch list repairs.

05/11/12- Riegler notifies GBBN that retainer has not been paid. GBBN notifies Tony Matre of issue. Tony indicates Change Order needs to be processed as an invoice. GBBN and Riegler modify Applications for Payment to reflect changes.

05/14/12- Tony Matre informs GBBN that invoice has been processed along with Application for Payment.

06/11/12- Riegler notifies GBBN that invoice final payment has not been made by County. Tony Matre confirms payments made and invoice requested by County has not been paid.

06/12/12/- GBBN notifies Tony Matre of math error resulting in $600 payment still not made to Riegler.

06/19/12- Riegler inquiries with GBBN about payment issue. GBBN notifies Tony Matre of issue. No response received.


HILLCREST Door Access Project

Project Lead: ThermalTech

02/22/11 – TEI received submittals on 02/15/12, and returned for re-submittal as there were many discrepancies with what was submitted. Project scheduled to kick off construction in approximately 2-3 weeks. TEI returned submittals on 2/17/12.

03/13/12 – MB spoke with John of ICS and asked where we are with this project. He still needs to re-submit shop drawings for approval before he can order materials. Submittals will be sent to ThermalTech on 3/14/12 and will be turned around immediately. Upon receipt of final approved submittals, ICS will provide a date that they will be on site, estimating about 2 weeks from approved submittals.

03/28/12 – Mike Barth sent approved submittals to John Volz. The following needs to be noted:

-Background checks need to be completed ASAP

-Anthony Matre is looking for the letter on your company letterhead discussed in the meeting re employees on site.

-We have NOT received battery calculations for the cabinets to date.

-A copy of Pre construction mtg 2 minutes were attached in an e-mail and a hard copy sent via US Mail. The hard copy needs signed and forwarded on to Anthony Matre upon receipt.

-We are in receipt of the proposed duration schedule. Please reply to all with a proposed start date (pending background checks), so Hillcrest and Hamilton County can get the information on their calendars.

03/28/12 – ICS will start ordering equipment and plan on starting installation on 4/16. The background check letter will go out today.

The following items are still outstanding and ICS will get information to Mike Barth by early next week:

-Battery Calculations

-Quote for 100 new cards

Hillcrest stated that the color orange would be the best to use for the cables.

05/30/12 – Project under construction. To date, 11 of 22 buildings have been converted to new Software House system. Tony Matre requested that individuals from Juv Court (Chris Hohmeister), Facilities (Tony Matre), ThermalTech (Mike Barth), and Rite of Passage sign off accepting installation as per drawings and specifications. This team is meeting on site on 06/07/12 at 1 PM to walk the project and sign off.

06/26/12 – Poplar cottage did not have the fiber module in the network switch. Mike Barth spoke with Mike Jackson, and according to MJ, Chris Hohmeiser had a Mr. Brisben (former Hillcrest IT manager) move the fiber module to a different building since Poplar was un-occupied at the time. Mike Barth requested pricing from John Volz of ICS to replace the network module. Tony Matre to review the pricing and give direction.

07/25/12 – Mike B. met with Tim of ICS and Anthony of ROP . They discussed the port issues and having several buildings on the un-secured Ian versus the secured Ian. Mike B. gave them 2 weeks to rectify the problem, and scheduled the final punchlist for the project on August 8th. They also scheduled the training on the system for August 14th at 9:00 AM. It is the intention that all punch list/commissioning items identified on August 8th be rectified by August 14th and all that will remain to complete the project is closeout documentation.

08/10/12 – The following list of items are still remaining for a complete functioning door access system:

1. Maple – side door-hinge has short in it. ROP maintenance to repair.

2. Cypress – Door contact issues, ICS to trouble shoot.

3. Chapel – Right side lower level door latch issue – Hardware issue – ROP maintenance to repair.

4. Chapel – Right side upper level door needs strike plate. ROP to furnish, ICS to install.

5. Evergreen – Bad card reader – ICS replaced.

6. Dining – power supply sticking – ROP maintenance to repair.

7. Dining – laundry room door card reader does not appear to work. Strike plate installed backwards. Card reader is working properly. ICS to correct.

8. Walnut – Mag lock over ride waiting for ROP to get ICS master lock core and cylinder. ICS to install upon receipt.

9. School – Card reader by room 305 not active. ICS to trouble shoot.

10. School – Electric latch by room 303D sticks. ROP maintenance to repair.

11. Admin. – Door between clinic and office. ROP to replace hardware to not allow passback.

12. Security – Install server in server cabinet. Presently door access server laying on top of server rack. ICS to complete.

08/29/12 – ICS is complete with all punch listed items with the exception of replacing the GBIC panel in Poplar cottage. ICS will install as soon as the card is received. ICS presently putting together all closeout documentation to submit for review and acceptance. In a previous meeting with Chris Neff, 2020 has the Maxxess system (similar to the demo’ed system from Hillcrest), and Mike Barth delivered the old system components from Hillcrest to Mike Jackson, who delivered them to 2020 for spare parts.

09/26/12 – Mike Barth recieved email copy of closeout documents from ICS on 9/26 for review and comment. Mike Barth will review and communicate with ICS any ommisions in the Closeout documents, and will get 3 sets for submission to the county.

10/26/12 -TEI received the closeout documents form ICS. They were complete except for one exception, the warranty that was submitted needs to be notarized. TEI requested for 3 copies of the resubmitted notarized warranty, which would closeout this project.

10/29/12 -Bert Watts informs Tim at ICS that the only remaining closeout item needed for the prevailing wages requirement was the afidavit, which was sent via e-mail.

04/24/13 – Mike Barth of ThermalTech contacted Tony Matre of HCFD to mention 11-month walk through of system, to determine if there are any warranty items that are needed to be picked up prior to expiration of the warranty period. Tony Matre to advise if the walk through can/will occur.


HILLCREST Security Camera Upgrade

Project Lead: ThermalTech

09/28/10 – SOSS received and project out for bidding. Prebid is Oct 4.

10/28/10 – Bids are opened. York Electric won the bid and we are taking Cisco equipment. Contract has been sent to Tony for approval.

01/24/11 – Pre Const Mtg schedule for next week. Huntwork is rejecting the first set of submittals.

02/22/11 – TEI rejected the first round of submittals and approved with comment the next round of submittals. A request for an equipment change yielded a large change order quote from the vendor. Huntwork is currently working through this issue with the contractor.

03/30/11 – Contractors and Huntwork are working out allowance usages on this project.

04/27/11 – Huntwork and Tony have bee playing some phone tag trying to work out allowance vs. change order cost on this project. There are several owner issues with equipment ordering and cottage naming that have used up some of the allowance monies on this project plus Chris is reporting that the remaining money needs to be used on the pole cameras. It’s an issue to resolve with the contractor when they talk.

06/30/11 – Waiting on revised pricing for converting outdoor cameras to IP to complete the project due to bad wiring.

08/16/11 – Received payroll sheets from York Electric. Mike H. reviewed and was then sent to Bert Watts.

08/19/11 – Change Order #1 for York Electric was signed by Mike H. and sent to Tony Matre.

02/22/12 – Mike Barth of ThermalTech spoke with York Electric. York to date has not submitted closeout documents as requested, so TE has not processed final payment. York is working on as-builts and closeout docs and should submit in the next week or so.

03/28/12 – Mike Barth received all of the final closeout documentation, and per Chris Hohmeister, all cameras are working, so final pay apps and closeout documentation was processed and sent to the county. project will be closed out .


Hillcrest Asbestos Study

Project Lead: GBBN

10/20/11- Kick-off Meeting with Pinnacle and Facilities Department

11/04/11- Facilities Department sens list of buildings to be included in Asbestos Abatement Reporting.

3/30/12- Meeting with Tim Schue of Facilities Department to discuss Archibus Input Strategy

4/05/12- Meeting with GBBN and Facilities to discuss drawing format.

5/10/12- Meeting with GBBN and Pinnacle to discuss drawing format for reports. Tony Matre’s request for ‘General Information Notes to occur on each floor plan are discussed.

10/27/12- Pinnacle Engineering sent ACM list from Archibus/BRG for purposes of designation conversion from Pinnacle report to Archibus data entry.

03/26/14- All asbestos reports and associated drawings are complete with the exception of Hillcrest. Hillcrest report was completed before SOSS authored by GBBN. GBBN awaiting drawings and sample data from Pinnacle for input to final drawings and Archibus input. Final drawing input into Archibus/WebCentral is ongoing. GBBN was granted access to the database to complete the drawing downloads.

07/01/14- GBBN sends another email and follow-up voice mail to Pinnacle Engineering inquiring about status of billings and final completion. GBBN also inquires about status of preliminary drawings for Hillcrest Campus so GBBN can complete the final drawings for insertion into final report.

8/29/14- Pinnacle Engineering sends invoices for services to GBBN.

10/29/14 – GBBN sends Tony Matre SOSS invoice status with all of the Pinnacle Engineering invoices included.

10/31/14 – GBBN pursuant to Tony Matre’s request sends letter of documentation regarding scope overruns.

02/20/15 – GBBN in communications with Tony Matre to finalize invoicing for these projects.

03/25/15 – GBBN still awaiting final invoice payment from the County. All invoices to Pinnacle Engineering have been paid with the exception of this one outstanding due to lack of payment from County.

04/09/15 – GBBN sends revised Invoice for final payment of design services.