JC – Water Heater Replacement

07/11/19 – ThermalTech sends SOSS to County.
08/21/19 – County Issues SOSS and PO to ThermalTech for Work.
10/21/19 – Project Issued for Bid.
10/28/19 – Prebid is held for project.
12/12/19 – Project is in for contract and approval. County reported contract is with the vendor awaiting signature.
01/17/20 – Pre Const Mtg was held and project notes distributed. Submittals and schedules requested.
02/24/20 – Geiler started putting submittals together but we have not seen the schedule or SOV yet for this project. TTC to check in with Geiler on Schedule. The Water Heater submittals look great.
03/23/20 – Permit drawings sent to Geiler for permitting. Geiler says deliveries are running slow due to governments shutdown, getting updated delivery for this project.
04/27/20 – TTC working with StreamKey on new PK-4 heater because a discrepancy was found between the size that the original engineer had for this HTX and what the factory gave us last year when checked. The steam control pieces can be return for closer equipment. TTC to discuss with Tony.
05/25/20 – Due to a HTX failure on PK-2 the new PK heater was installed in place of PK-2 this month and is up and running (so PK-1 was installed in the PK-2 position). Which is okay because they are the same heaters. The mall gasket leak on PK-1 that can now be fixed at the County’s leisure. The new steam control valve for PK-4 is in stock and will be getting replaced shortly by Geiler. The PK-4 shell is already installed but not operational at this time PK-5 must continue to cover the load. The steam control valve upgrade for PK-7 is complete.
06/23/20 – Geiler finished the insulation last week on the final unit. All system seem to be up and running well. When the buiding reopens to TEI, we can do a final Punchlist. Reports from the bldg staff are good.
07/29/20- Approved all but final of Geiler payapps for this work. TTE awaits access to the building for the punchlist work.
08/26/20 – Punchlist for heaters needs to be distributed. TTC using Coty Groeschen field trip for writing the JC Water Heater Punchlist. I will try to get this out this week.
09/18/20 – Project is complete, ready to archive.

by Champlin Champlin

JC – Security Barrier

08/01/19 – County requests onsite meeting to review project scope.

08/13/19 – Champlin meets at Justice Center to review scope with Anderson Stafford, Scott Kerr, Bert, Sam, Kru. Pods B, C, D, in N31 and Pods F, H in N32 are part of this scope.

10/17/19 – Champlin entered Cost Estimate into Archibus.


JC – Parking Lot EV Charging Station Study

05/29/19 – Hamilton County requests SOSS for the project.

06/26/19 – TEI submits SOSS for approval.  Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.

07/24/19- Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.

08/27/19 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.

09/25/19 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.

10/30/19 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.

12/11/19 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.

01/28/20 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.

02/26/20 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.

03/26/20 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.

04/30/20 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.

05/27/20 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.

06/23/20 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.

07/29/20 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.

08/21/20 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.



JC- Press Package Rendering Services

09/05/18 – Facilities and Administration request the “Press Package”, discussed during Commissioner Driehaus’s impromptu Press Conference be generated by GBBN.

09/06/18 – GBBN meets with Facilities to discuss direction to be used for structuring the Press Package, graphics to be used and Language to be generated and added by Facilities/Administration.

09/07/18 – GBBN emails a preliminary packet of renderings for Facilities to review and comment.

09/08/18 – Administration and Facilities comment back to GBBN about suggested formatting and title direction.  The option for new window placement was selected.

09/12/18 – GBBN has internal meeting to finalize layouts and direction for titles and implementation of the language sent by Facilities.  GBBN sends proposed “Milestone” verbiage to Facilities for approval.

09/12/18 – Facilities indicates via email that GBBN’s attendance will be required at the 9/17/18 BOCC meeting for any required input needed for approval of the Press Package.

09/17/18 – GBBN is notified the Press Package was not included on the BOCC Agenda for today.

09/24/18 – GBBN is notified the Press Package was not included on the BOCC Agenda for today.



JC – Elevator Modernization Study

09/14/18 – TEI and GBBN contacted about a possible study in an attempt to obtain a budget cost for the Design Services.
09/14/18 – GBBN made contact with Otis Elevator to discuss consulting assistance for the Modernization Study if it proceeds.
09/15/18 – Otis makes request for drawing files or any other pertinent information.  GBBN reports the County has not initiated an official request for design services as of yet.
09/27/18 – TEI drafted an SOSS for cost for Bert to review.  It will delivered at the monthly partner meeting.
10/25/18 – SOSS for study is approved.  We will take out a new Archibus number for the elevator study.  The old one will be kept for reference and used for data.
11/28/18 – TEI to schedule a kick-off meeting once all parties respond with their availability.
01/15/19 – TEI met with facilities to kickoff project and will have GBBN as sub-consultant for use on this study and report. Mike Barth will lead the project with the help of an assistance electrical engineer.
01/16/19 – GBBN contacts Elevator Engineer consultant to discuss possible dates for field verification meeting in Cincinnati.
02/26/19 – Pending meeting with Elevator consultant (GBBN working to get Scheduled)
04/02/19 – GBBN contacts Building Manager about vendor contact for future site visit. No contact has been made by vendor.
04/03/19 – GBBN coordinates vendor and Building Manager site vist for Friday, April 26, 2019. Vendor to have Study input to GBBN by 04/30/19.
04/24/19 – Otis scheduled to be on site 4/29/19 for final coordination walk though and determination of needs, and then will turn over findings and costing data to GBBN.  Report will be sent to AKM upon receipt of the data from the elevator consultant.
05/09/19 – Otis Modernization sends final report and Opinion of Estimated Costs to GBBN. Copy sent to ThermalTech.
05/20/19 – GBBN sends Opinion of Estimated Costs, for Elevator Cab Finishes Installation Costs, to ThemalTech, for inclusion into the final report.
05/29/19 – TEI and GBBN drafting the report to send to HCFD for review and comment. TTC confirmed that we have added cooling to the North Tower last year but not the South tower yet. We are looking to get temperature trends for these spaces.

06/26/19 – GBBN receives final design requirements from HCFD to complete the pricing and write up of the report.  Upon receipt of GBBN information, TEI will finalize report and send to HCFD for review.

07/24/19 – TEI and GBBN finalize the report and send AKM electronic copy for review and request how many hard copies that AKM would like for distribution to the HCSO.

08/27/19 – Final report pending any comments from HCFD or HCSO.

09/25/19 – Final report pending any comments from HCFD or HCSO.


JC- Room 120 HVAC Study

09/04/18 – Pulled the original Trace Calc to show we are using 11.5 tons of a 20 ton chiller, this chiller can do more work.
09/21/18 Met Andy and took off all fieldwork in the Room #120 area tracking down the piping and ductwork associated with the new fan coil units for the 20-ton system and the single zone system.  The fieldwork showed us that there are more FCU’s than in the original PO with Motz and these are connected to the 20-ton chiller unit.  TEI is certain the old ductwork and diffusers are still in place providing ventilation to the space and the new FCU were added for additional space conditioning.  We will update the load calculation and look at expanding this system into the Employee Services area across the hall with additional FCU’s.  Bill this to the AKM General Service number.
10/22/18 – Sent Tony and Andy a full schematic design and cost estimate for Room #120 expansion and replacement project using the existing chiller.  Raw cost was about $58k and about full cost including engineering and permitting was about $90k.
11/29/18 – No updates this month.
12/31/18 – No updates this month.
01/22/19 – No updates this month, TTC has decided to archive for now.
03/08/19 – Andy contacted Terry about report and TTC reissued email to Andy and Tony with cost and floor plans.


JC – Switchgear AC Unit Project

01/08/16 – Met with Merkt on site to kickoff new AC unit in UPS room.
01/26/16 – Discussed scope of work with Tony and Joe over email today. Requested quote from Ray Weyman on Mitsubishi split at 4 tons for this room. This work may be a change to existing elevator work for cooling with Debra or owner will self-perform this work.
02/08/16 – The 4-ton unit only comes in a heat pump option but that heating can be locked out to provide cooling only. The 3-ton unit is a single wall unit with a single condensing unit. The 3.5 ton unit is ceiling cassette with a 3.5 ton condenser.
05/18/16 – Tony requested new SOSS for this work.
06/23/16 – ThermalTech was onsite performing fieldwork for equipment layout for about 3 hours today. We tracked down equipment locations for the Liebert and Mitsubishi Units and possible power sources for both.
07/18/16 – Phone conference today between Cannon, Merkt, Denton and Matre has decided to use an inline DX coil for HV-9 to cool this space similar to the work we are doing in the elevator room upstairs for additional cooling when the CHW plant is down. ThermalTech will modify the design.
07/20/16 – TTC on site for more fieldwork and duct measurements for new coil design.
07/21/16 – ThermalTech got design data from Habegger on just coil pack and we are having some airflow and discharge air temp issues with the design that we will have to work through.
07/21/16 – ThermalTech got design data from Habegger on just coil pack and we are having some airflow and discharge air temp issues with the design that we will have to work through.
07/27/16 – We changed the design of the switchgear room AC to a coil and condenser unit and started requesting new cuts from Carrier. We are updating the plans now. The Data Room AC unit was changed for low supply and top return and we will try to collect the hot aisle air with a return duct above the data racks.
08/03/16 – Some progress made on design. Cad files received from Liebert this week, we are updating outdoor equipment.
08/25/16 – Design will be complete and ready for bidding in mid September for both phases.
09/01/16 – Review drawings due Sept 16.
09/23/16 – Project set to bid on 9/29/16. Prebid Oct 6, Bid opening Oct 20.
09/28/16 – Project is issued for bidding. Switchgear AC unit is the base bid. Liebert Unit and Medical Unit are Alternate bids.
11/10/16 – Contracts are written and sent to Tony.
12/09/16 – Contracts sent to Tony for Debra Kuempel. Waiting on approval and kickoff meeting.
02/02/17 – Precon schedule for 2/8 with DK.
02/21/17 – Submittals are in for approval. We are definitely having some trouble finding the medical valves but Peck is working with us to find them.
03/09/17 – TTC to finish submittals this week.
03/21/17 – Submittals are marked up and ready to go back to Debra.
05/17/17 – Submittals returned, equipment ordered, waiting for DK to get started.
06/28/17 – Const Mtg today to restart the project.
07/17/17 – Equipment is ordered and en-route. We have agreed to use a ceiling mounted cassette on this project. DK submitted a change order allowance usage for this work.
07/24/17 – Equipment should be here next week per Debra Kuempel.
08/10/17 – Coil is installed downstairs in UPS room. Medical unit is installed upstairs.
08/30/17 – Work is progressing well, Cassette is installed upstairs. Coil is installed downstairs, balance report is short on airflow from existing unit.
09/25/17 – TTC crafted and sent the allowance usage to Dave Gleason for this project and he signed and sent back to the County. We are waiting on owner signed documents but are moving forward.
10/24/17 – Debra reports that most work is complete. TTC checking on progress on the electric and controls portion of the job.
11/28/17 – ThermalTech checked in with Debra on update on project today.
02/02/18 – Punchlist distributed to Debra Kuempel for project closeout.
04/04/18 – DK committed to wrapping this project up including controls by 4/30/18.
04/26/18 – Purchase order came out this week.  ThermalTech agreed to perform the airflow readings for Debra and will share the results with the team.  Then we will setup that conference call to discuss the results and proposed upgrades with the new motor.
08/01/18 – New motor is installed.  Balance report shared by DK, commented on by TTE and send to County.  Project is complete and DX unit is working well so far.  Project is ready to archive.
09/04/18 – Systems are working well per Facilities.  Project should be ready to archive.
10/25/18 – TTC delivered O&M’s to Tony Matre for closeout at Thursday Partner Meeting.  The final permit is not approved and closed yet on the City website, TEI email Debra instructing them to close it out ASAP.
11/29/18 – The electrical permit is ready for DK to get the final inspection for closeout on this job.
01/10/19 – Final inspection appears to still have issues according to the website. TTC contacted Debra Kuempel to resolve. 9070-FINAL INSPECTION 11/26/2018 Defective (14X) Defective: 1. Label unit on roof. 110.22 2. Accurate panel schedule. 408.4 3. Bonding bushing on 480V. 250.97.
01/22/19 – According to DK the inspections are complete and they will send in all final paperwork ASAP for closeout.


JC – Liebert Unit Replacement Sheriff Data Rm 3rd Fl.

11/14/16 – Final Addendum went out to bidders. Bid opening is schedule for Thursday.
12/07/16 – Contracts sent to Tony for Debra Kuempel. Waiting on approval and kickoff meeting.
02/02/17 – Precon schedule for 2/8 with DK.
02/28/17 – No updates from Tony on approved contract.
03/09/17 – Waiting for kickoff on this project.
03/15/17 – PO and Contracts are ready, TTC requested meeting times from contractors and owner.
03/21/17 – We are ready to have the kickoff meeting for this project.
04/26/16 – Submittals requested. Pre Const Mtg was held.
05/17/17 – Submittals approved. Equipment ordered.
06/28/17 – Const Mtg today to restart the project.
07/17/17 – Unit is on order and should arrive late July.
07/24/17 – Equipment should be here next week, DK people approved for access but some JCI people not approved yet.
08/10/17 – TTC met Debra and Andy on site to discuss break down and reassembly of the Liebert unit in the data room today. Debra not a fan of breaking down the unit, we are exploring the option of taking out the window and
08/30/17 – We are going to order the door for the replacement of the single door. TTC to work out allowance with Debra.
09/25/17 – TTC crafted and sent the allowance usage to Dave Gleason for this project and he signed and sent back to the County. We are waiting on owner signed documents but are moving forward.
10/24/17 – Piping is ran to the unit. The scaffolding is coming down this week. Insulation appears to be installed as well. Outdoor unit is set. The interior door work is underway. KFI ran into a frame issue today and is having the frame modified for a Wednesday install. Once we get the double doors installed the Liebert should be rolled into the place the rest of the job can commence.
11/28/17 – ThermalTech checked in with Debra on update on project today.
02/02/18 – Punchlist distributed to Debra Kuempel for project closeout.
04/04/18 – DK committed to wrapping this project up including controls by 4/30/18.
04/25/18 – Project is complete and I believe final training is complete.  Final payapps are being delivered to Tony on Thursday.
08/01/18 – Project is complete and running as design; ready to archive.


JC – State Grant Budget and Schedule Analysis

04/20/18 – GBBN is contacted by Facilities to convert email with estimated General Services expenses into a formal SOSS. Facilities dictates that a formal SOSS be authored for the update of the Opinion of Probable Costs and Gantt Chart for the entire four pod configuration.
04/23/18 – GBBN authors and delivers SOSS to Facilities.
04/24/18 – Facilities, GBBN, TEI and Sheriff meet to discuss displaced offices and program spaces. Design decisions were rendered concerning pod designated uses and design concepts.
04/30/18 – Facilities creates new Archibus Project Request Estimates #1966 and #1967 for design team’s use.
05/08/18 – Facilities forwards approved SOSS and Purchase Order to GBBN.
05/14/18 – GBBN sends new typical pod layout (Kenton County style) to TEI for estimating.
05/15/18 – GBBN confirms existing Corridor items, Door Ballistic Ratings, OB/GYN Room requirements with Sheriff’s Office.
05/17/18 – GBBN confirms existing slab floor coating with Sheriff and Facilities.
05/17/18 – TEI receive security grade plumbing fixture pricing from vendor.
05/18/18- GBBN sends revised Pod layout with improved sightlines and Sally Port to Administration, Sheriff and Facilities. GBBN sends status report to Administration.
05/22/18 – /GBBN coordinates interior door estimating approach with Facilities for ballistic ratings.
05/29/18 – GBBN forwards completed Archibus Project Requests #1966 and #1967 along with associated Gantt Charts to Administration and Facilities.04/21/18 – GBBN receives input for SOSS from TEI and THP.
06/27/18 – GBBN prints off both Gantt Chart Schedules and both Project Requests (Phased and Progressive) for the meeting 6/28/18.


JC – Building Envelope Assessment (THP F109)

01/22/18 – Hamilton County requested an SOSS
01/25/18 – THP provided SOSS as requested by Hamilton County.
02/15/18 – THP approved SOSS.
04/26/18 – THP scheduled field work to begin the first week of May including rappelling. Work is weather dependent.
05/02/18 – THP completed site rappelling surveys.
05/11/18 – THP completed site ground survey.
05/31/18 – THP working on reports.
06/28/18 – THP working on reports. THP verbally noted the façade did not have any safety issues that would impact a City of Cincinnati building façade inspection report.
01/31/19 – THP working on report. County draft report anticipated February 15 and final report completed February 28.
05/29/19 – THP completed internal City Draft of report and Façade section. Roofing assessment to be complete the first week of June.
06/05/19 – THP completed roof assessment.
06/06/19 – THP completed roof assessment.
06/27/19 – THP issued City Facade Application report to County for review.
02/27/20 – THP published the report to the County.
07/30/20 – Discussed at Partner meeting. Leave open for now.


JC – Video Visitation Service Agreement

03/27/18 – Final draft of RFP submitted to Sheriff’s Office for review and comment.  Issuance of RFP pending comments from Sheriff’s Office.

04/25/18 – Final draft of RFP submitted to Sheriff’s Office for review and comment.  Issuance of RFP pending comments from Sheriff’s Office.

05/30/18 – TEI receives final comments form HCSO and facilities.  RFP to be issued June 1 for bidding.

06/27/18 – RFP issued for bids.  Prebid meeting held and bids are due to purchasing on July 12, 2018.

07/25/18 – Bids received from 4 vendors and results sent to HCSO for approval and contract execution.


JC – Security System PM Bid

03/27/18 – Project is out to bid (ITB # 018-18).  Bids open on 03/28/18.

04/25/18 – Project bids received.  DeBra Kuempel is apparent low bid.  Contracts sent to prosecutors office for approval.

05/30/18 – Facilities to confirm if contracts have been received and returned to DK.

06/27/18 – PM Contract pending prosecutor review.

07/25/18 – PM Contract pending prosecutor review.

08/29/18 – PM Contract pending prosecutor review.


JC – Backflow Preventer Replacement

03/23/18 – TTC met with John Nester and Andy Stafford about replacing the BFP at the Justice Center.
03/24/18 – TTC talked to City plumbing department and Blue Chip plumbing about replacing the BFP and what it would take. The city is not keen on downsizing the BFP at all and Blue Chip agreed they don’t need to be dual detector check but they do need to be reduced principal backflow preventers. TTC code research agrees.
05/21/18 – TEI Issued 30% review set and begins working on 4″ BFP replacement scenario. TEI sets up additional fieldwork on site for this project, TTC & RAJ.
05/22/18 – TEI puts together equipment cost differences after receiving Vendor quotes form Watts for this project. TTC and JN discuss bidding options. TEI to further design on 4″ scenario vs 6″ scenario for backflow preventers. There are two major issues with the first being if we need a full building shutdown to do this work and the second deciding if we are going back with 4″ BFP or 6″ BFP.
05/30/18 – Review drawings are complete and ready for TTC review but fitting to fitting work not complete by TEI quite yet in TTC opinion.
06/14/18 – ThermalTech create full 3D model to try to fit the BFP in this building without a building shutdown. Nothing aside form $20,000 in additional fittings worked so far. WE just don’t have enough room.
06/24/18 – We did a lot of design and fitting work this month on this project and confirmed neither 6″ nor 4″ BFP’s fit into the existing piping without shutting down the building and removing the existing gate valves which are not holding watertight. The team came up with the idea of changing the BFP model to a smaller skinner model with less flange to flange dimensions. We are still 6″ short of keeping the existing valves installed and reusing the old valves. Dan ordered a fire hose that we can test bypassing the inlet of the water piping to the filtration units, keep one set of valves and replace one set of valves and do this work without a complete building shutdown. This will be tested prior to bidding out this work.
07/26/18 – Revised drawings are complete and ready for review by County for Small Project Bid with latest BFP and bypass design included.
08/23/18 – Prebid held on site with five bidders.  Bids are due 8/31.
08/27/18 – Addendum 1 released to bidders.
09/27/18 – PO approved, contract over at Prosecutors Office for approval.  Project is moving forward.
10/23/18 – TEI to setup kickoff meeting with DK next Wednesday at 10am.  TEI to submit small SOSS for additional services.
11/27/18 – TEI returned submittals earlier this week and equipment should be ordered for this project.
11/07/18 – Site safety plan issued for this job. Equipment is ordered. Proejct schedule should be finalized shortly.
01/22/19 – HC checked in with DK on project schedule again today. So far background checks are in place and we are awaiting on the equipment to arrive to perform the work.
01/31/19 – We are shooting for 2/14 or 2/21 for doing this work. Prework will happen that week during they day.
02/21/18 – Debra Kuempel completed the backflow preventer replacement by 1:30am and had the city water back online and the building up and running. TEI was on site from 6pm to midnight for const assistance.
02/28/19 – Debra is performing the annual test on the BFP for the city paperwork, finishing the drains off the BFP and the insulator is coming down to insulate to wrap up the project.
03/27/19 – O&M have been received and approved and sent to County for closeout. Final payapp has been received and approved. No PW rates on this project to approve.
05/27/19 – Project completed and ready to archive. Annual test is complete and passed, good until next year. It’s working great.


JC – Recovery 3rd Flr Build-Out

02/22-18 – Created new project to track the actual construction project. THP and TEI to send final proposal data to Spencer for use on this project. Our proposal will include all the assumptions taken on this project for code review, relocation of existing spaces and basic construction intent.
03/20/18 – ThermalTech met with GBBN to review schedule for project design and construction at GBBN offices.

04/13/18 – Meeting held with Administration, Prosecuting Attorney, Facilities, Sheriff and GBBN to discuss Grant Application and Gantt Chart timelines.

04/18/18 – GBBN had telephone conversation with Steve  Holland of ODRC to discuss 5 phases of State Review process for this project.  Sheriff sends email documenting names of existing spaces within Justice Center for displacement communications.

04/20/`8 – Facilities determines a formal SOSS is needed for the State Grant Budget and Schedule Analysis.  See new project Post.

04/23/18 – Sheriff sends email with displaced space designated locations within existing Justice Center and Courthouse JAX space.


JC – Capacity & Recovery Expansion

01/24/18 – Judi Boyko requests GBBN begin drafting Proposal/SOSS for Build out design services for scope of work requested in State Of Ohio Grant Application.  Copy of Grant Application emailed to GBBN.  GBBN requests same from THP and TEI.
02/02/18 – GBBN and TEI meet to discuss proposal scope and requirements for language to be contained in document.
02/04/18 – GBBN solicits  proposals for ADA Comprehensive Audit from potential consultants.
02/11/18 – GBBN also contacts potential Justice/Corrections consultants for Potential PEER  Reviews of design documents.
07/03/18 – GBBN submits SOSS based on recent meetings that have finalized all enabling projects to relocate existing staff, furniture and equipment.  GBBN completes updates to the Gantt Chart for the Progressive Project Approach.
07/25/18 – GBBN receives approved SOSS and Purchase Order.
07/26/18 – GBBN, Facilities and Sheriff meet to discuss logistics and update meeting schedule.
07/30/18 – TTE received approval for design, bidding and construction proposal from GBBN.
08/02/18 – GBBN completes updates to Gantt Chart, for the Progressive Process, adding Leadership Meeting Milestones, and forwards to Facilities.
08/20/18 – THP confirms existing shelf angle locations and construction details from original construction.  This exercise will assist the detailing and location of the new proposed security glass and glazing into the existing wall construction.
08/23/18 – TEI confirms existing MEP locations along existing long wall of proposed Recovery Unit for the purposes of locating proposed sloped ceilings.
08/23/18 – State of Ohio DRC responds to request for information concerning documentation of Enabling Project Scope within the JCC on this project.
08/27/18 – GBBN requests Room Naming protocol for the new Recovery Units and associated rooms inside.  Numbering has been discussed with Facilities and In4 internally at GBBN.
08/28/18 – GBBN meets internally to discuss design and footcandle measurement requirements for the new proposed Recovery Security Window sizes and locations.
08/29/18 – TTE has started updating our background drawings and we have finished our first pass at the final load calc for people and space HVAC loads.  We are working on the Ventilation Calculations next.
08/30/18 – GBBN, Facilities and Administration meet to discuss Media Press Release Packet of documents.
09/05/18 – GBBN and Facilities trade communications with the Sheriff about Room Naming and Numbering.
09/18/18 – GBBN, TEI and THP meet with the Sheriff’s Technical Committee for the Schematic Design phase approval.   Product selections and changes to the locker box design were made.
09/20/18 – TEI and GBBN perform field verification of all spaces affected by the scope of work.
09/24/18 – TEI sends sketches for proposed Second Floor work for plumbing under-floor work.
09/27/18 – TEI sent flush mounted SS temperature sensor cut sheets, we plan on replacing the pneumatic stats with DDC stats and new wiring in the wall, no wireless sensors unless there is absolutely no other way to make this work.  TEI ask unit prices for fixing DD boxes or replacing DD boxes if we find broken HVAC hardware.  TTC sent a new combo LAV/WC that has a smaller footprint to fit into the RR better.  We are adding trench drains to the door ways to the thresholds.  TEI asked about washer connections for security protection.
10/08/18 – GBBN and Facilities makes Press Package and Project Review presentation to BOCC.
10/22/18- GBBN and TEI send requests for information regarding shower mixing valve controls and Kiosk wiring logistics to the Sheriff.
10/22/18 – TEI sends to GBBN cut sheets on Floor Drain/sink, plumbing fixtures and plumbing routing information.
10/23/18 – Sheriff responds with answers to above.
10/24/18 – Facilities corresponds with State of Ohio ORC concerning Civil Rights Compliance.
11/14/18 – GBBN and TEI send State of Ohio Schematic Design approval drawings to Facilities for submission to the State Department of Rehabilitation and Correct.
11/27/18 – GBBN and TEI send updated Opinions of Probable Costs to Facilities.
12/19/18 – GBBN meets with Facilities to discuss State of Ohio submission and GBBN signs applicable portion of submission.
01/31/19 – Project is in review. Designers to wait until next approval phase to create DD documents and then CD documents a month later.
02/28/19 – Project is in review. We are waiting on State Review comments.
03/28/19 – Project is ins review. We are waiting on State Review comments and Grant Rebate information on this project. We could have information back on April 5 from the State.
04/21/19 – Facilities notifies GBBN of confirmation of proposed Schematic Design Meeting request from STate of Ohio.
04/22/19 – GBBN and Facilites agree 4/29/19 will be date for Phase 1 meeting, to be held in London, Ohio. Proposal is for Phase 2 and Phase 3 meeting, with State of Ohio Rehabilitation and Colrrection, has been tentatively agreed upon by the State.
06/24/19 – GBBN/TEI attend Discussion on Update of J.C. Build Out Schedule.
07/18/19 – GBBN meets with Facilities, to discuss restarting the design portion of this project. The goal is for Facilities, to have all future deliverables, related to the State of Ohio SD response packet, required from the design team, documented by August 1, 2019.
08/08/19 – GBBN confirms with KFI, additonal existing conditions from the Server Room door removal project from 2018. KFI recalls latch sides of the existing hollow metal door frame were not grouted solid, as if to leave future possibilities for electronic door hardware wiring to be added.
08/14/19 – GBBN informs design team all Rooom Numbers and Door Numbers have been added to the Base Floor Plan drawings. Door numbering forwarded to the Door Hardware Consultant.
08/15/19 – GBBN meets with Door Hardware Consultant for this project. Questions on door functioning are developed and later forwarded to the Sheriff’s Office for input.
08/15/19 – GBBN emails State of Ohio DRC with questions generated by Door Hardware Consultant related to Corrections Grade door hardware specifications.
08/27/19 – GBBN meets with THP, to finalize the Architectural-Structural interface. THP to generate additional structural detailing language, for inclusiion into the Architectural drawings.
08/28/19 – TTE committed to completing this project in September on owner deadline.
09/23/19 – GBBN recieved email, from Facilties Electrician, relating contact information, for exisitng electromechanical lockset replacement parts vendor. GBBN makes contact and is informed about matching locksets, both mechanical and electromechanical, and other peritnent vendors. Infornation is shared with TEI and Facilities.
09/24/19 – GBBN and TEI establish a meeting with the Sheriff to vist an existng LC to determine full am ount of racks and equipment to be housed in the new Pod Guard Post Obsevation desks. Meeting is set for 09/30/19 at 10:00 am.
09/25/19 – GBBN contacts Corrections hollow metal door and frame manufacturer. Details for door frame, doors, sidelights and vision windows are secured and documented.
10/25/19 – GBBN and TEI send Phase 2/3 Drawing and Specification hard copies to FAcilities for submission to the State of Ohio ODRC.
10/29/19 – GBBN delivers signed copies, of the ODRC Phase 2 and the Phase 3 Checklists, to Facilities, for transmission to the ODRC.
11/20/19 – The project teams finalizes a meeting with Christopher Darlington of the State of Ohio ODRC for the purpose of the final approval for the Phase 3 Bid Issuance.
01/30/20 – ARC must send a copy to Chris Darlington at the State for approval on this project when we issue. Grant funding and State of Ohio requirements has some additional language to be included.
02/13/20 – ITB#020-20 Bidding Documents issued to ARC Reprographics for review.
02/14/20 – ITB#020-20 Bidding Documents issued to Purchasing for BidSync uploading.
02/25/20 – Pre-Bid Meeting held at 9:00. North and South Buildings toured along with the JAX area of the Courthouse. Meeting Minutes to be authored and included in Addenda #1.
03/25/20 – Bids were opened today and appeared to be overbudget. Facilities asked the Partners to get more definition on the reasoning behind the overages and report back to the County. Facilities also indicated the BOCC will be issuing a resolution to reject all bids.
03/26/20 – GBBN has already called Triton Services, and has called scheduled for 10:30 with KFI and 11:00 with Graybach for today to discuss bid results.
06/25/20 – The County has requested a repricing for this job and updated for Covid and budget. GBBN, THP, TEI working on recollecting prices from scratch and verify availability for fourth quarter of 2020.
07/30/20 – Cost was submitted to commissioners and they are finding the money for the project. County directed us to repackage this project for last week of August to first week of September timeframe.
08/27/20 – BOCC agenda has this items on the agenda today. Rebid 9/3, Prebid 9/10 and Opened on 9/24.
09/24/20 – Rebid Project was started and this page Archived.  See JC Capacity & Recovery – REBID


JC – Administration Inmate Space Study

01/24/18 – Judi Boyko requests GBBN begin drafting Proposal/SOSS for Build out design services for scope of work requested in State Of Ohio Grant Application.  Copy of Grant Application emailed to GBBN.  GBBN requests same from THP and TEI.

02/02/18 – GBBN and TEI meet to discuss proposal scope and requirements for language to be contained in document.

02/16/18 – Sheriff Department requests copies of Grant Application drawings for presentation to Department of Corrections.  GBBN requested to appear at tour with DOC on 2/20/18 at 1300 hours.


JC – Recovery Unit Study

02/20/18  – GBBN and Facilities met at HCJC for Department of Corrections tour as requested by Sheriff’s Department.  Nobody from Sheriff’s Department were found in Lobby nor North Building Third Floor.  Email later indicated tour was brief and DOC observed required information and found all to be acceptable.


JC – Administration Space Reconfiguration Study

10/19/17 – GBBN contacted by Administration to conduct a Study.
10/20/17 – GBBN responds related to information already known and to inquire more about scope.
10/24/17 – GBBN sends preliminary schematic design sketches on applicable spaces within JCC that may be considered in the Study.
09/25/17 – Facilities visits site and confirms back to GBBN and Administration which areas, proposed by GBBN, are valid and which are not. Discussions with ThermalTech, concerning capacity and operations of existing mechanical system, are related to Administration. Facilities echoes TEI concerns about increasing occupant load inside existing buildings.
10/25/17 – GBBN sends final inmate occupant counts, for the dormitory style option, related to schematic designs, to Administration. GBBN instructed to await approval from the Administrator about proceeding into Phase II (detailed Opinion of Probable Cost).
10/31/17 – GBBN attends walk-through meeting with Sheriff’s Committee. Existing spaces in JCC Third Floor and Courthouse JAX spaces on 6th floor are reviewed and photographed.
11/10/17 – GBBN attends meeting with Public Defender Office to discuss status and deliverables.
11/13/17 – GBBN and Facilities meet to discuss all various projects and status.
11/20/17 – GBBN meets with Administration to discuss strategy for grant application submission.
11/21/17 – GBBN meets with Sheriff’s Committee to discuss applications for Administration Space Layouts and possible intended uses.
11/21/17 – GBBN submits completed design sketches, Inmate Counts (Dorm and Closed Cell) for all potential spaces and input from Sheriff’s Committee meeting to Administration.
02/22/18 – Drawings sent to County and forwarded to State for review.

03/26/18 – GBBN attends HCJC Space Augmentation Project Meeting.


JC – Security Camera System Replacement

06/27/17 – ThermalTech sends SOSS to facilities for approval.
07/25/17 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.
08/28/17 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.
09/26/17 – Project approved at the 09/13/17 BOCC meeting. Upon receipt of the approved SOSS and PO, ThermalTech will schedule project kick off meeting.
10/25/17 – Project kick off meeting scheduled for 11/09/17 with facilities and Kevin Horn.
11/29/17 – TEI began the field investigation audit for the existing system on 11/28/17. Field investigation to be complete prior to Christmas break, and then work directly into the SD phase of the work.
01/22/18 – TEI has completed the SD and is well in the DD phase of the project. After the pre-construction meeting for the Kiosk and Matrix project – TEI to request a 60%review meeting with facilities and HCSO.
02/20/18 – TEI has design progress meeting with the HCFD and HCSO – and scheduled a follow up walk through of the building to confirm final camera placements on 03/01/18.  ThermalTech planning to issue final review set of drawings to HCFD by mid march for review.  Anticipate issuing for bidding approx early April upon reciept of review comments.  ThermalTech sends PDF of documents to HCSO after review meeting to send to State of Ohio for approvals.
03/27/18 – TEI walked the building to confirm the camera locations, and also discussed items of the system with Sheriff’s Office IT Dept.
04/25/18 – TEI scheduled a 100% final review meeting with HCFD and HCSO for 10:00 AM on 05/08/18.
06/27/18 – Project issued for bidding on 06/25/18.  Prebid conference scheduled for 07/12/18.  Bid opening scheduled for 07/26/18.
07/25/18 – Project is currently bidding.  Bid opening date extended 1 week and new bid opening will be 08/02/18.
08/29/18 – Project bids received, and were over the published budget.  ThermalTech. Facilities and HCSO meet on 08/28/18 to discuss scope and/or budget modifications.  ThermalTech schedules meeting on 09/11 with HCSO to review the proposed revised scope (=replacement of all existing analog cameras in building, maintain existing IP cameras in building, and add POD cameras only as base bid).  HCSO tasked with creating a priority for all requested additional cameras on the project.  Anticipate issue for re-bid 1st week of October 2018.
09/26/18 – TEI, HCFD and HCSO scheduled to meet to review revised package and also discuss dates for the re-bid on Friday 09/28/18.  Issuance for rebid pending meeting results.
10/23/18 – Project is out for bidding.  Prebid meeting scheduled for 10/30/18 at 10:00 AM.  Bids will be received at purchasing on 11/15/18.
11/28/18 – Project bids received.   TEI authors contract and sends to BW to get to prosecutor for approval.  Upon receipt of contract and PO. project will begin construction.  HCSO contacts TEI and requests information for State submission.
01/29/19 – Project approved by the BOCC.  PO and signed contract approved, and JN sent the pre-construction submittal checklist to DK for initiate the pre-construction submittals.  a pre-construction meeting will be scheduled and conducted in the next few weeks.
02/26/19 – TEI hosts construction kick-off meeting at the JC.  DK slated to mobilize immediately, however there will be 2-3 weeks of programming that will be performed off site.
03/26/19 – Construction is progressing.  All racks for switches are installed in the LCs.  There is a concern about tall individuals hitting their heads on the racks, and DK to install padding and yellow tape.  Fiber system being installed and progressing.  New NVRs installed in server room and burning in.  Camera’s will be switched out starting in the next several weeks.  Programming continues to progress “behind the scenes”.
03/28/19 – Make sure we hold off on doing new work in these spaces until we get approval from ODRC and Facilities gives us the green light that all approvals are in place; very important.
04/24/19 – ODRC indicates the HCSO (verbally) that the project is approved.  HCFD states get it in writing.  HCSO stated that they are meeting on Capacity project on Monday, and will ask for the signed letter in person on 4/29 if not received prior to the meeting.  DK continues to work on the project, infrastructure in the basement and first floors of both buildings. Once that is complete, they will be working up through the north tower first and then the south tower.  Anticipate that Stanley will be on site about the time that the first tower is completed to make the switch over.  DK is in constant contact with Stanley with this project.
05/29/19 – HCSO receives letter from ODRC with project approval.  JN from HCFD states that DK can proceed with the alternate work (in the Pods).  TEI authors CO for the inclusion of a doorbell in room 110 per the HCFD request.
06/26/19 – Camera system installation moving now, working on 3rd floor of north tower this week.  anticipate that the north tower will be complete (other than housing units) by middle of July, and the south tower by the middle of August.  Housing units will be completed in September for both buildings.  HCSO wanted to confirm that project will be complete prior to October 2019, as that is when the ODRC will be on site for annual inspections.  DK indicated that would not be an issue.  The HCSO is very happy with the resolution and quality of video data that they are getting on the new cameras.   The main comment at the const meeting was that there is a Night and Day difference in quality.
07/24/19 – North tower complete on Valerus system (except elevators and PODs),  South tower Basement, 1 and 2 complete (By the end of this week).  Stanley integration will be on site the week of 07/29/19 to upload and reprogram the PLC system so that all of the touch screens in the LCs and the Central Control booths are programmed for the new system and the work arounds that have been in place during the migration can be removed.  There was an issue where the video matrix units both lost power (power blip) and determined that these are not on building UPS power.  ThermalTech and Keith Otis met on 07/24/19 to evaluate solution.
08/27/19 – North tower 100% complete.  South tower upper 3 floors remaining.  Then elevator cameras and project ready for punchlist.  TEI and HCSO scheduled to perform punchlist on 09/05 and 09/06.
09/25/19 – ThermalTech conducts punch list for both towers.  Final meeting scheduled for 10/29/19 – all punch listed items should be completed by final meeting.
10/30/19 – TEI and HCSO meet for final construction meeting.  There were a few punch list items that are still incomplete.  TEI will email the team with the final comments.  DK to submit all closeout documents per the project manual and then the projects will be closed out.
12/11/19 – Upon receipt of the closeout documentation and as-built documents, the project can be closed out.
01/28/20 – TEI and facilities request schedule of closeout documentation from DK.  In progress.
02/26/20 – DK submits final signed off punchlist.  DK states that as-built and close out documents will be delivered to TEI for review/approval on 02/26/20,
03/26/20 – DK delivers As builts and O&M manuals to TEI for review.  TEI in process of reviewing.
06/23/20 – TEI finalizing CAD process for the As-Built drawings to submit to County.
07/29/20 – TEI to have N4 convert as-builts for the IFM system, and project complete.
08/21/20 – Project closeout pending pay application corrections from DK.
08/27/20 – BW said ready to archive.


JC – Matrix Security Replacement

03/25/15 – County requested a “high level” opinion of probable cost for the Matrix system replacement at the JC. TEI submitted to BW a very high level Opinion of probable cost. BW asked for an SOSS for TEI to establish a JC specific opinion of probable cost, with the JC specific ancillary systems to confirm that all of the ancillary systems would be compatible with the new Matrix head end. TEI waiting for PO and signed SOSS.
04/29/15 – TEI receives signed SOSS and PO from HCFD. TEI emails Rocky Mullins to schedule site visit – and will make site visit pending scheduling of visit to develop complete understanding of existing system and all ancillary systems connected to the matrix.
05/26/15 – TEI met with Mark and ICS at justice center to review the existing conditions and what is connected to the existing Matrix and how the connections are made. TEI is drafting report for Facilities Department including revised cost estimate.
06/24/15 – TEI submitted the final report to HamCo. Upon review of the report, HamCo requested an SOSS for the installation of the recommended upgrades. TEI submitted SOSS to HamCo and is awaiting approval and Purchase order.
07/22/15 – SOSS and PO pending approval.
01/26/16 – TEI receives calls from Sheriffs office that the matrix is failing. TEI directs sheriffs office to contact BW for status of funding.
04/27/16 – Project on hold pending funding.
05/25/16 – SOSS re-issued – pending approval and PO (new TEI contract term).
06/27/16 – SOSS and PO pending approval. (Note – funding approved at 06/15/16 BOCC Meeting).
07/27/16 – SOSS and PO pending approval.
08/23/16 – TEI receives signed SOSS and PO (PO#568305). TEI, Sheriff’s office, and BW conducted a kick-off meeting at the JC. TEI to begin field work at completion of 2020 Matrix project.
09/28/16 – TEI had discussions with ICS re cards in existing matrix that are out and “not replaceable”. ICS located used cards and were installing them to get the blind LC’s back in working order. Fieldwork to be scheduled with Rocky Mullens/Mark Sengawald in the next week or so.
10/25/16 – TEI conducts field work and documentation of existing conditions. A design meeting is necessary to discuss features of existing system versus what is available with current technology; project is progressing.
01/25/17 – TEI completes design after Sheriff’s office assigns Kyran Weithofer as the Sheriff’s PM for the project. 100% design review meeting conducted on 01/25/17, project to be sent to purchasing on 01/31/17 for ITB.
02/25/17 – Project is out to bid, with bids due back to purchasing on 03/02/17. TEI conducts pre-bid meeting on site and has issued Addendum #1 and Addendum #2.
03/22/17 – Project received 2 bids. Based on budget, HamCo wants to reject both bids and send out for re-bid with added scope. This is to be approved at 3/22/17 BOCC meeting.
04/26/17 – Facilities instructs ThermalTech to hold on re-bid, asked for SOSS to solicit maint agreement. TEI provides SOSS – pending approval and PO. Then Facilities to have ThermalTech re-package Matrix and issue the maintenance agreement spec at the same time.
05/22/17 – Project on hold pending approval and PO for Maintenance Agreement.
06/27/17 – PO for maintenance agreement has been received, and ThermalTech to develop specs for Maintenance agreement and repackage the matrix project for simultaneous issuances (tentatively end of July)
07/25/17 – Matrix Project and Maintenance Agreement Projects are complete and are to be issued for bids on 08/01/17 (ITB – 039-17 Maint Agreement, ITB 040-17 for Matrix).
08/28/17 – Bids opened on 08/23/17 – within budget. TEI is working to validate bids and then will author contracts for both projects.
09/26/17 – TE authors contract for DK to install work for the project. Upon notification that contracts are complete, TE will schedule pre-construction meeting to kickoff construction phase of the project.
10/25/17 – Facilities indicated that contracts have been approved and are waiting on hard copies and PO to come back from purchasing to schedule pre-construction meeting. Anticipate this meeting to occur in the first couple of weeks of November.
11/29/17 – DK receives PO and signed contract on project. Since DK was awarded this project and the Kiosk infrastructure project – and the work for these areas are in same spaces throughout the building, DK to work on both projects concurrently. Pre-construction meeting to be scheduled as soon as the contract for the kiosk project is available.
01/22/18 – A pre-construction meeting was scheduled with the team and DK for 01/30/18. This project to run concurrently with the JC Commissary Kiosk Project.
02/20/18 – DK mobilized and has started construction on project.  Weekly const meetings to occur every Tuesday at 9:00 AM throughout duration of project.  ThermalTech has reviewed and approved all submittals, materials are on order and scheduled to arrive in next 2 weeks.
03/27/18 –  Construction of this project and the Video Visitation Infrastructure Project is ongoing.  Matrix equipment is on site and cameras are being programmed at DK office and brought to site.
04/25/18 – Construction underway on project.  Equipment to be installed in rack to start the “burn in” process this week.
05/30/18 – All equipment is installed in racks and burn in procedure underway.  DK waiting on Stanley to provide schedule of when the changeover to occur (when Stanley on site).   Anticipate by end of first week of June all work to be installed and running on new system.
06/27/18 – Stanley scheduled to be on site on 06/28/18 at 11:00 AM.  TEI, DK, HCSO and HCFD to meet with Stanley to discuss implementation plan.
07/25/18 –  Stanley on site for PLC programming during mid-July.  DK working to make all new cameras work in matrix – existing cameras were transferred first.  Construction progress meeting and pending issues discussion scheduled after partner meeting at 1:00 PM at the Justice Center with Facilities, TE, DK and HCSO.
08/29/18 – DK indicates that the project is complete.   ThermalTech, Facilities and HCSO conducts punchlist walk through and ThermalTech issues project punchlist.  DK working on punchlist items.
09/26/18 – DK indicated that they have to bring Stanley back to site for re-programming to get the project completed according to the bid documents.  completion of punchlist pending Stanley availability.
10/23/18 – ThermalTech and HCFD receives email from Lt. Weithofer  that nearly all of the punch list items are complete.  JN requests a date from DK when the final items will be 100% complete.
11/28/18 – Project closeout pending DK finalization of pending punch list items.
01/29/19 – Project closeout pending the complete submission of close out documents from DK.
02/26/19 – TEI finally received final close out documents from DK.  TEI to process and deliver to HamCo.
03/26/19 – TEI delivers closeout documents to facilities department. Okay to archive.


JC – Commissary Kiosk Electric

06/24/15 – TEI received signed SOSS and Purchase Order for project. Mike Barth to establish Kick off meeting with Hamilton County to start project.
07/22/15 – Design kickoff meeting scheduled for 07/23/15 at 9:00 AM at the Justice Center with HCFD and Kevin Horn of the HCSD. Design schedule get developed at 07/23/15 meeting.
08/25/15 – Design Team met on 7/23 to discuss proposed locations. HCSD (Kevin Horn) investigating cost associated with obtaining pedestal mount units so that in the larger Pods, the kiosks can be located adjacent to the columns (much better view from LC). ThermalTech waiting on final design direction from HCSD.
09/23/15 – Design is on-going. TEI met with county electricians to determine location to feed power to panels that will serve electric to the Kiosks. TEI will need to meter the power risers for a period of 30 days per NEC to determine if there is capacity on the existing power risers that are in the building. Upon the completion of the metering process, pending certification of the presumed capacity, the project design can be completed and the drawings issued for bidding purposes.
09/24/15 – Bert said to hold this on public bidding until the funding methodology is in place.
10/28/15 – Electrical capacity on feeders being metered for 30 days per the requirements of the NEC. 30 days compiling data will be complete on 10/30/15 – and ThermalTech will meet with meter installer to remove the meters on Friday 10/30/15. Final Design Meeting scheduled for 11/10/15 to discuss final design review and get bid package ready to send out.
12/07/15 – TEI issued complete document set to Bert Watts for review. Bert has reviewed, and indicated to the Commissary staff that the funds must be allocated by purchasing prior to issuance for bidding. Ready to issue for bid pending funding allocation.
12/08/15 – Project on hold until Kevin advises on funding.
01/26/16 – Project on hold until Kevin advises on funding.
02/23/16 – Project on hold until Kevin advises on funding.
03/29/16 – Project on hold until Kevin advises on funding.
04/27/16 – Project on hold until Kevin advises on funding.
05/25/16 – Project on hold until Kevin advises on funding.
06/27/16 – Project on hold until Kevin advises on funding.
07/27/16 – Project on hold until Kevin advises on funding.
08/23/16 – Project on hold until Kevin advises on funding.
09/28/16 – TEI and John Nester met with Sheriffs office (Kevin) and discussed a project for inmate video visitation, and the kiosk functions in this project could possibly be included in the Video Visitation equipment as well. Possibly looking to combine both projects into a single project.
10/25/16 – TEI issues SOSS to Facilities for study to work on kiosk/video visitation as a single project, pending approval.
01/25/17 – SOSS for study approved. TEI progressing with study – reviewed the capabilities of the Video Visitation systems, and communicating with Kevin Horn for capabilities of the original Kiosk systems to include in report.
02/22/17 – TEI finishing up the study and will issue to facilities for review by 03/01/17. Upon receipt of comments from facilities, will issue final report.
03/22/17 – TEI delivers report to BW – who presents to Sheriff’s personnel. Scope has increased and TEI to re-visit report and address additional scope items from Sheriff’s office.
04/26/17 – Work in progress. New review set anticipated to be to facilities by mid May. Facilities stated that this may get bumped if the SOSS for the matrix maint agreement is approved (that project and the matrix re-bid is higher priority).
05/22/17 – ThermalTech has revised the study to include the items from the initial feedback. TE and facilities requests a meeting with Sheriff’s office first week of June. Meeting pending feedback from Sheriffs office.
06/27/17 – ThermalTech receives signed SOSS and PO to develop the Video Visitation ITB specifications. ThermalTech developing the ITB and is estimating 4 weeks to have a review copy to sheriffs office and to facilities.
07/25/17 – TEI meets with Sheriff’s Office and Facilities. ITB pending funding being put into place. TEI will have all drawings and project manual ready for issuance by August 15. Once funding is in place – ITB # will be requested and project issued for bidding.
08/28/17 – TEI has bid package complete and ready for issuance for bids pending an ITB number and legal wrap dates, and will contact purchasing for the finalization of these pending items once facilities confirms that all funding is in place for the work.
09/26/17 – TEI has bid package complete and ready for issuance for bids pending an ITB number and legal wrap dates, and will contact purchasing for the finalization of these pending items once facilities confirms that all funding is in place for the work. TEI email PDF copies to JN to forward to Kevin Horn at Sheriff’s office.
10/25/17 – Project has been issued for bidding. Pre-bid meeting scheduled for October 27 at 10:00 at the project site. Bids due to purchasing on November 9 at 11:00 AM. ITB # 050-17
11/29/17 – Bids received and opened on 11/09/17. DK was lowest qualified bid, and contracts have been drafted and sent to prosecutors office for approval. Upon receipt of approved contracts and PO – pre-construction meeting will be scheduled with DK.
01/22/18 – BOCC approved DK contract on 01/17/18, and a pre-construction meeting was scheduled with the team and DK for 01/30/18. This project to run concurrently with the JC Matrix project.
02/20/18 – DK has mobilized to site and project is under construction.  Construction progress meetings occur simultaneously with the Matrix project.  The 2″ conduits above the mezzanines have proven problematic, and DK to utilize square wireway mounted directly to deck.  All cables in LC to utilize 4″ conduit into the top of the data rack.
03/27/18 – Construction is ongoing.  5th floor north tower complete.  4th floor, north tower complete by 03/29 EOD.  DK stated that they are on schedule for timely completion of project.
04/25/18 – Construction is on going.  North tower complete except for medical area.  South tower 2nd and most of 3rd floors complete bu the end of the week.
05/30/18 – Construction is on going, near complete.  Punchlist is scheduled for June 5, 2018 at 10:00 AM.  Facilities, HCSO and TEI to complete punchlist.
06/27/18 – Construction complete.  ThermalTech and HCSO conduct punchlist field visit, and ThermalTech delivers punchlist to team.  DK to clarify quote for fiber switches.
07/25/18 – TE issues punchlist.  There is a meeting after the July partner meeting at 1:00 PM to discuss a few remaining items on the punchlist, then a back check of the punchlist to be scheduled.
08/29/18 – ThermalTech, facilities and HCSO conduct punchlist back-check.  There were a few open items remaining on the punchlist.   DK to address and submit signed -off puchlist with closeout documents for the project.
09/26/18 – Close out of project pending the submission of close out documents from DK.
10/23/18 – Close out of project pending the submission of close out documents from DK.
11/28/18 – Close out of project pending the submission of close out documents from DK.
01/29/19 – Close out of project pending the submission of close out documents from DK.
02/26/19 – TEI finally receives the final closout documents from DK.  TEI processing an will deliver to HamCo.
03/26/19 – TEI delivers close out documents to facilities department.  Facilities requests updated pricing from DK for installation of phone upgrades to be completed as a potential CO to the project.
04/24/19 – HCFD requests possible CO pricing from DK for adding kiosks in the Reading Road and the Woodburn Avenue facilities, and the telephone pricing for all of the buildings.  Pending funding availability.
05/29/19 – TEI authors CO for DK to route cables to kiosk locations, terminate cabling with RJ45 data crimp ends, and provide the holes as necessary per the request of the HCFD.
06/26/19 – CO pending the acceptance of the contract between Inmate phone system vendor and Hamilton County.
07/24/19 – CO pending the acceptance of the contract between Inmate phone system vendor and Hamilton County.
08/27/19 – CO pending the acceptance of the contract between Inmate phone system vendor and Hamilton County.
09/25/19 – CO pending the acceptance of the contract between Inmate phone system vendor and Hamilton County.
10/30/19 – Project pending execution of the contract between Inmate phone system vendor and Hamilton County.
12/11/19 – Project pending execution of the contract between Inmate phone system vendor and Hamilton County.
01/28/20 – Project pending execution of the contract between Inmate phone system vendor and Hamilton County.
02/26/20 – Project pending execution of the contract between Inmate phone system vendor and Hamilton County.
10/28/20 – Project ready to Archive.


JC – AHU Access Platform (N&S Gyms)

Partner Lead: THP

11/17/16 – Hamilton County requested SOSS.

01/09/17 – THP provided SOSS.

01/20/17 – Hamilton County approved SOSS.

02/22/17 – JC Platforms THP to meet with building operators in the afternoon for first design meeting.

03/10/17 – THP provided review drawings to the County.

04/19/17 – THP, Facilities staff, and Sheriff staff met to discuss final bid documents and construction/security requirements.

04/27/17 – Bid documents schedule to be published week of May 1st.

05/02/17 – Bid documents published.

05/08/17 – Prebid meeting occurred.

05/19/17 – No bid questions received for JC platforms.

05/22/17 – Addendum 01 for JC platforms (pre-bid mtg minutes only) issued.

05/25/17 – Bid opening schedule for June 1.

06/01/17 – JC bid opening. SSRG is low bidder at $66,170.00.

06/06/17 – THP recommends SSRG to county for JC platform job.

06/26/17 – JC Platforms waiting on SSRG to send in revised forms for contract completion with the county.

07/25/17 – J Nester requests additional contract information from SSRG. SSRG Answered yesterday. Waiting for county to finalize contract.

08/25/17 – SSRG to provide schedule. SSRG plans to visit the site to verify dimensions and complete beam scanning. The project team plans to have the pre-construction meeting with building personnel at time of visit.

09/21/17 – Pre-Construction Meeting onsite.

09/22/17 – Stamped set sent to SSRG for permit.

09/25/17 – Special inspections report sent to SSRG for permitting.

09/28/17 – Terracon scheduled (by SSRG) to scan beams for tendons.

09/26/17 – Steel shop drawings submitted. THP in coordination with fabricator.

10/18/17 – Permit drawing changes sent to HGC. Waiting on news of permit status

10/19/17 – Second round of steel shop drawings submitted and comments returned.

10/20/17 – THP Discussed shop drawings with HGC. Attempted to reach Neiheisel on behalf of HGC. No answer.

11/22/17 – HGC completed installation of frames and demobilized. THP visit the site and published field report.

11/29/17 – THP plans to review final installation with HGC.


JC – 3rd Floor Handwashing Sink

12/29/16 – TTC sent options into County on this sink, location and plumbing.  We are awaiting additional direction from owner.
01/26/17 – Bert said that estimate was sent to Kevin Horn for approval on this job to become a project.  This could get started next month.
03/09/17 – No updates, on hold for now.
04//26/16 – No updates to project.
06/19/17 – SOSS approved and TEI to meeting with County on kicking off this project.
07/24/17- Drawings are issued for Review tomorrow.  TEI requested Permit cost form QCM.
08/30/17 – QCM has submitted permit drawings for the sink.  We are awaiting the permit # to share with the County.
09/25/17 – ThermalTech has picked up permit drawings and permit and sent to John Nester for owner use.  A hard copy set of dwgs was delivered to the owner last week with equipment selections.  TEI stands ready to assist as needed during construction.
10/24/17 – Permit is issued and work should be underway.  TEI stated that HCDF can purchase an equal sink from a local vendor for this work and that should be fine.
11/28/17 – County has started the project.  DK has been contacted for coredrilling.
11/30/17 – Work has begun on this work and the pilot holes have been drilled.
02/22/18 – Project complete and ready to archive.


JC – 3rd Floor Recovery Unit Study

07/25/17 – GBBN meets with Facilities, and the Sheriff’s Department, to discuss scope and walk through spaces to be considered for this project.  The 3rd Floor North, 3rd Floor South and the Courthouse 7th Floor East are to be considered as potential locations for the Recovery Unit in the Study.
08/11/17 – THP issued SOSS for structural and building envelope support services for review of new windows in recovery unit study.
08/12/17 – GBBN authors and delivers SOSS to Facilities.
08/28/17 – Approved SOSS delivered to GBBN.
09/22/17 – GBBN and Facilities meet with Sheriff’s Department to discuss Study in greater detail.  GBBN issues Meeting Meetings and sends to Facilities.  Facilities confirms accuracy of Meeting Minutes and approves them for circulation to TEI.  THP contacts GBBN to confirm THP was original structural engineer for the JCC project and has original drawing set.
09/25/17 – GBBN send meeting notes and follow up plumbing and HVAC design inquiries to ThermalTech.
09/25/17 – THP communicates knowledge of existing building structure and floor slab construction to GBBN.  GBBN circulates structural and proposed restroom block concept design to TEI.
09/25/17 – GBBN sent and email to THP concerning JCC structural conditions and possible modifications requested by the County. THP responded the same day.

10/19/17 – GBBN finishes Architectural estimating input into Archibus Project Request module.

10/26/17 – GBBN and Facilities to meet with Sheriff’s Committee to review plan layout options.

10/31/17 – GBBN attends walk-through meeting with Sheriff’s Committee.  Existing spaces in JCC Third Floor and Courthouse JAX spaces on 6th floor are reviewed and photographed.

11/10/17 – Archibus Project Requests input is completed by TEI and GBBN for both options.


JC – Asbestos Study

Partner Lead: GBBN

10/20/11 – Kick-off Meeting with Pinnacle and Facilities Department

11/04/11 – Facilities Department sent a list of buildings to be included in Asbestos Abatement Reporting.

02/14/12 – Pinnacle Engineering requested drawing files for the purpose of documenting findings.

02/14/12 – GBBN sent drawing files to Pinnacle Engineering in pdf form.

03/30/12 – Meeting with Tim Schue of Facilities Department to discuss Archibus Input Strategy

04/05/12 – Meeting with GBBN and Facilities to discuss drawing format.

05/10/12 – Meeting with GBBN and Pinnacle to discuss drawing format for reports. Tony Matre’s request for General Information Notes to occur on each floor plan are discussed.

06/11/12 – GBBN set up conference call meeting with Facilities CAFM Department and CAFM Partner to be held July 3, 2012.

09/06/12 – Bulk drawings received from Pinnacle.

09/24/12 – GBBN completes bulk drawings and forwards to Pinnacle for use in final reports. GBBN requests final inventory drawing spreadsheets to allow completion of inventory drawings.

10/27/12 – Pinnacle Engineering is sent the ACM List from Archibus/BRG for the purpose of designation conversion for the Archibus data entry.

02/26/13 – GBBN inquires with Pinnacle for status of remaining documents to be sent to GBBN.

02/27/13 – Pinnacle reports back that progress has been made and further timetable for receipt will be coming 2/28/13

02/28/13 – Pinnacle sends GBBN a proposed completion schedule for remaining work.

03/11/13 – GBBN sent drawings for the field work to Pinnacle upon their request.

03/18/13 – Tony Matre calls GBBN to request a status check on Pinnacle’s delivery schedule.

04/05/13 – Email sent to Pinnacle Engineering inquiring about status of project reports and unmet schedule milestone goes without response.

04/20/13 – Email sent to Pinnacle Engineering inquiring about status of project reports and unmet schedule milestone goes without response. Reported to Tony Matre via telephone call.

04/25/13 – Email sent to Pinnacle Engineering inquiring about status of project reports and unmet schedule milestone goes without response.

05/29/13 – Email sent to Pinnacle Engineering inquiring about status of project reports and unmet schedule milestone goes without response. Reported to Tony Matre via telephone call.

06/26/13 – Email sent to Pinnacle Engineering inquiring about status of project reports and unmet schedule milestone goes without response. Reported to Tony Matre via telephone call.

07/24/13 – Email sent to Pinnacle Engineering inquiring about status of project reports and unmet schedule milestone goes without response. Reported to Tony Matre via telephone call.

08/05/13 – Email sent to Pinnacle Engineering inquiring about status of project reports and unmet schedule milestone goes without response. Reported to Tony Matre via telephone call.

08/27/13 – Email sent to Pinnacle Engineering inquiring about status of project reports and unmet schedule milestone goes without response. Reported to Tony Matre via telephone call.

02/24/14 – GBBN and Pinnacle Engineering met with Tony Matre to deliver the final reports and electronic copies of the reports. GBBN is completing final report drawings for Pinnacle as final preliminary drawings are delivered by Pinnacle to GBBN. All drawings are to be completed by 2/28/14.

03/26/14 – All asbestos reports and associated drawings are complete. Final drawing input into Archibus/Web Central is ongoing. GBBN was granted access to the database to complete the drawing downloads.

07/01/14 – GBBN sends another email and follow-up voice mail to Pinnacle Engineering inquiring about status of billings and final completion.

8/29/14- Pinnacle Engineering sends invoices for services to GBBN.

10/29/14 – GBBN sends Tony Matre SOSS invoice status with all of the Pinnacle Engineering invoices included.

10/31/14 – GBBN pursuant to Tony Matre’s request sends letter of documentation regarding scope overruns.

02/20/15 – GBBN in communications with Tony Matre to finalize invoicing for these projects.


JC – 2010 Waterproofing and Sidewalk Repair

Current Comments (2/24/2011)
Refer to F12 for waterproofing work at the Courthouse drive.

Prosecutor cancelled sidewalk portion of contractor work.

Past Comments

Amendment 04 issued for F12.

November 16, 2010 SOSS approved.

November 4, 2010 THP provided SOSS 19 for additional services to F12 – Courthouse waterproofing and sidewalk repair.


JC – Kitchen Trench Drain Repair Project

04/05/05 – Queen City Final Paperwork arrived at TE for review. TE to pass along to Mark Hardin soon.

01/14/05 – TTC sent out allowance confirmation with final instructions to Brian for project final payapp.

01/11/05 – Change Order Approved. TTC signed today and sent to QCM for signing. $8028.68. QCM removed 2 hours from the change order for miscommunication on the handle removal.

11/18/04 – Tiles are installed, Steam kettles are being installed by Peck, Piping is being finished by Peck, QCM will be down this evening to anchor the remaining leg holes. TE would like County to request second shift of Peck workers to complete steam piping so kettles are ready to go by 5 a.m. on Friday morning. Bernie is to call TTC back when he gets off the phone.

11/09/04 – The trench pour is not smooth enough to meet TE expectations. QCM said they will grind down to make smooth and backfill with sand based concrete to meet specs. Siemering is onsite prepping the floor for new tiles. Peck will be in next week to finish the steam kettles. The project schedule is very tight and Mark Hardin and Terry Cannon are trying to keep on top of items as they arise to meet the November 18th schedule. The kitchen should be ready for use on Friday morning November 19th.

11/08/04 – Epoxy on new concrete issue has been resolved. We have directed QCM to follow a new schedule. TE and County met Siemering tile onsite this morning to review the scope of the work. Floor tiles won’t be onsite until Monday 11-15. To accommodate this change of plans, the following new schedule is being incorporated into this project: QCM will demo forms 11-08, County will process Siemering background checks, QCM will provide new studs for kettle installation to replace the ones damaged during removal on 11-09,11-10. Siemering will prep the floor on 11-11 and 11-12, QCM will apply first coat of epoxy on 11-11, no QCM work on Friday, second coat on 11-13, attach stainless steel angles on 11-13, Siemering will begin tile installation on 11-15, finish on 11-16, QCM will install steam kettles on 11-17, Peck will finalizing steam kettle piping on 11-18. Project will be punchlisted by TE. This is our drop dead timetable.

11/04/04 – TTC visited the site. Things are going well. New schedule looks like this: 11-4 pour new trench let cure, 11-5 acid etch new conc, 11-8 apply first coat of epoxy, 11-9 apply second coat of epoxy, 11-10 start tile work, 11-11 complete tile work, 11-12 reinstall steam kettles. PHB will have to finish steam piping by 11-11 and we confirmed today with Mark Hardin that only condensate would be stainless piping. PHB can continue to work during the day while QCM works at night.

11/03/04 – PHB is on site doing steam work. QCM has found and removed the valve handle. The new concrete will be poured on 11/04/04. TE has received and is approving the Pitt-Guard Epoxy Coating (USDA and FSIS approved) for use on the trench surface. QCM is to follow the recommended installation procedures for this epoxy for proper installation including concrete preparation (acid etched or brush blasted) and pour the concrete so that it is self-priming as listed on the cut sheet. QCM is also to provide 3 vandal resistant floor drain covers on the existing trench floor drains and two stainless steel angles to support the stainless grating being put back in place.

11/01/04 – Peck reported that they are all set to begin the steam piping work and have coordinated with Tony about this project. They should be on site and ready to work in the next couple of days.

11/01/04 – Karen Draper from the City Health Department returned my call and told me that our plan to install smooth concrete with an epoxy coating in the Justice Center trench with vandal resistant flood drain grates. After my latest phone call we actually discussed the existing condition and the Health Department is very much inclined to approve our new design with the concrete and epoxy coating where we remove all instances of standing water under and around the SS trench in lieu of the concrete/epoxy hybrid. Karen said that any FDA or USDA approved epoxy adhesive and sealant will suffice so QCM can submit what they plan to do to TE and we will look it over and give it our blessing as soon as we receive it. QCM please also provide the stainless steel angle irons along each side to support the grating, attach with adhesive and i would recommend that anchors be installed in the vertical sides about every 6 ft o.c. to hold the angles in place while the grate will hold down the top. PDF

10/27/04 – QCM is on site and beginning work. TTC showed up at 8:00 to coordinate final details as all the important people took care of business from 7:30 – 8:00 p.m. QCM must submit security releases for the coring company TODAY!

10/25/04 – QCM is ready to begin work on 10/25, they need approved security checks but are planning on being on site at 7:30 p.m. as scheduled.

10/11/04 – QCM delivered the project schedule and it was forwarded to MWH and HS. TE approved the timetable for mid November completion.

10/11/04 – TTC & HS are asking contractors to give a price for replacing the insulation on the steam piping behind the steam kettles while the system is down in October/November. TE is exploring a insulation base paint that can be applied. Hy-Teach Thermal Solutions is one site for this paint that TE found. We have calls into their engineering department for information.

09/24/04 – Notice to Proceed was given by MWH via a phone call. TE to setup up pre construction mtg.

Bidding is complete.


JC – Battery Room Fan Coil Upgrade

07/12/05 – Final paperwork arrived today for this project. TTC copied the documents, signed the final pay application and dropped it into the mail for the County.

06/30/05 – Filter rack is fixed. Final paperwork has not been received. O&M’s have been delivered to the County via a hand delivery by TTC. TE contacted PHB today about final paperwork status. PHB will get out soon.

06/15/05 – O&M’s Received today. They were approved and will be held for final payapp paperwork. PHB should be down in the next day or two to fix the filter rack and then they will send in all final paperwork.

06/09/05 – PHB called to questions the $2500 allowance on this job because it was not in the contract. TTC checked the bid documents and the contract and PHB is right. The original bid of $24,400 did not leave enough room to add the allowance alternate without going over the $25k limit by ORC. We will now have to write a change order to increase the budget slightly to accommodate the newly added automatic air vents which are a necessity in a chilled water system like the one we are using at the JC. Final paperwork should be down to you in about a week.

06/07/05 – PHB reported that they would be down to finalize the punchlist about June 20 – 27 or so.

06/01/05 – TTC sent an email reminder to PHB to finalized punchlist and finish the filter box.

05/05/05 – Punchlist distributed to PHB. PDF

04/05/05 – TE stopped at site today to punchlist the FCU job. SBO did the site work. Punchlist will be distributed very soon.

03/15/05 – PHB requested a change order for the new automatic air vents. TE asked for the cost and will suggest the County accept this allowance usage as part of the project that wasn’t included in the original scope. We are awaiting a cost associated with this additional work. I can see now that the last payapp was approved for too much money because we have a $2500 allowance that hasn’t been used at all, but that is okay now because we need to pay for this additional work and that will come out of the allowance. I guess PHB didn’t break out the allowance as a separate line item on the schedule of values.

03/15/05 – TTC coordinated with Howard and Bernie since payapp only left $2300, TE wanted to make sure that controls and electric and vents were all installed and working by the end of the week so that TE can do a punchlist soon. TTC left a messages on Bernie’s cell phone.

02/28/05 – IBI Permit set in PHB hands. Fill up and startup of new FCU should happen within a week of electric hookup and IBI approval. Tentatively we could be looking at startup at the end of next week.

02/25/05 – TTC notified PHB today that the return transition is not necessary on this project as it would prohibit access to the return filters. The supply transition is being fabricated at this time and PHB should be out to install it in the next week or so.

02/16/05 – TTC checked on the status of this project today. Piping looks good. Insulation needs to be installed. Thermostat has to be installed. Unit has to be started. Pressure test has to be removed. Final piping must be filled and checked.

02/07/05 – Doug Turner was onsite making the tie-in connections over the last weekend. They drained the system and refilled it and made the tie-ins

02/02/05 – Permit has been applied for by Peck for this project.

01/25/04 – Peck was onsite to review project. TE is to provide stamped signed dwgs for permit and to discuss supply diffuser and return grille on fan coil unit.

09/23/04 – Bids Received and Posted. TE awaiting County’s approval to proceed with contract. See bid results below

09/13/04 – Bidding Underway


JC – Task Force Room Upgrade

09/18/05 – The city has approved the whole permit. This job is complete.

07/22/05 – Steve Ossege called and said the City does not know of any approved independently support handrail system that meets code. He will however approve the platform arrangement discussed on site.

07/18/05 – Ed Enderle of DK called today and quoted $2450 to build a platform and railing for the Task Force Unit. TTC asked them to look into temporary handrails that were eluded to by Steve Ossege. More information to follow.

06/27/05 – TTC and DK have been working on getting the permit issued and closed for a week. Amit Gosh called and verbally told me that he was signing off on the permit today. TTC relayed this information to DK for finalization.

03/24/05 – JCI reported that wiring and status condition has been wired from Task Force unit to DDC. Programming is complete and task is complete.

03/22/05 – DK delivered the final payapp today along with all the final paperwork. TTC will sign and send to Diedra in the Sheriff’s Dept for project completion.

02/24/05 – Debra Kuempel (DK) deliver payapp #2 today. It was approved by TE. All final paperwork should be complete next week.

02/22/05 – DK stated that all final paperwork was sent over last week to TE. TE is going to finalize and send to Diedra Burns this week.

01/25/05 – TE contacted Ed Enderle as all work is complete and signed. TE request final paperwork and signed punchlist!

01/24/05 – TEI called DK and spoke to Michelle Combs in regards to when we may expect Pay Application #2 and final documents. Michelle was not aware that the project was finished and said that she would check with DK personnel and will call back, I told her that Ed Enderle may be of assistance.

12/15/04 – Debra-Kuempel Pay Application #1 not found at Hamilton County. Transmittal and ThermalTech records indicates that the application was mailed September 24, 2004. Doris called and left a voice message for Michelle Combs informing her that the application was lost and asking her to resubmit an original application.

10/12/04 – DK has finished project. The allowance has been used to get a new power source for the computer room unit that doesn’t shutdown the UPS system. TE has instructed DK to finalize paperwork and punchlist to complete this project. Howard reports that things are working okay to date (4 days runtime at this point)

09/29/04 – TE emailed DK for an update and schedule.

09/23/04 – TE directed Debra-Kuempel to redo their Change Order/Allowance price to re-use the existing MCC starter that use to be for a now abandoned pump to the get the cost under $5000 so we can use the allowance money without writing a change order for this project. We have $5000 in allowance money to use towards re-doing the power to the computer room unit. Once this is complete all work on this project and the punchlist items should be taken care of at the same time. Look for completion by September 30, 2004. The will coordinate all field visits with Howard Seal before starting on site.

TE has to finalize power change work with Debra Kuempel.

TE has distributed punchlist.

Compressor short cycling has been eliminated by utilizing the hot gas bypass feature to change the performance of the system.

TE to work on a new power source must be found and the unit hooked to emergency power panel instead of the current UPS connection.


JC – Exhaust Fan Upgrade

06/15/05 – TE received final paperwork and change order signed for this project. TTC will be mailing it down to Diana with final balance report for HC records. This project is complete. The County is getting $3256 back on this job! O&M’s received and forwarded to County.

05/25/05 – PHB Jerry Govert called today to organize final paperwork. TE sent out a change order to recouple the $3256 in remaining allowance money. All final paperwork should be received in a couple of weeks. PHB should include the CO Credit with final paperwork.

04/22/05 – TE does not or has not seen final paperwork on this job. The balance paperwork was marked as received but no pay applications have been received. Please submit with all final paperwork for payment. Please provide all final paperwork and allowance usage details because we did us the allowance on this job.

02/25/05 – TTC ask Ken Shad to give me final paperwork and allowance change orders to wrap this project up today. He said that he would get right on it.

02/16/05 -TTC has requested all final paperwork on this project including balance reports. PHB sent to TE office on Tuesday. TTC to review.

01/18/05 – PHB stated that all work is complete including the 2 new 5 HP motors. The exhaust % increased by 18-20%. TE is awaiting all final paperwork on this job for closeout. Rick Ahrens will stop by to take a look at a motor squeal on Thursday.

12/27/04 – Howard reported today that EF-C1 has high pitches squeal. TE called Peck, but they appear to be out of office today. TTC will try first thing Tuesday morning again.

11/26/04 – PHB has acquired all existing cfm data from the fans. TE is reviewing to provide a direction to the PHB construction team. It appears as though the allowance money should be used to replace the motor on EF-D2 from 3 to 5 HP. The wire size is sufficient. The existing 3 hp bearings will be taken out and put on EF-D1 as that fan needs a bearing replacement. PHB reported that even with the duct cleaning there are still some security grilles that are clogged with dirt and the secure design makes them virtually impossible to clean out from inside the cell area. TE to advise how to handle this situation. Sam Boehringer will be reviewing submitted data on Monday November 29 at TE and then we will setup and onsite meeting to go over the project with the owner in the coming week. We have a $5000 allowance to use for these repairs.

10/15/04 – TE has contacted PHB about and updated schedule for this project.

10/05/04 – Pre construction meeting was held and PHB plans on starting in 2 weeks. Schedule is basically one EF per month.

09/20/04 – SOSS revised for additional Champion monies and will deliver on 09/21/04.

Champion provided duct cleaning on existing systems. Hired through ThermalTech.

Peck Hannaford & Briggs won the bid ($26,050). Base Bid, Alt 1, Alt 2 and $5000 Allowance. EF-C1, EF-C2, EF-D1

Contract written and being reviewed.


JC – Boiler Room Exhaust Fan Upgrade

05/23/06 – TTC archived this project because there is no way to make this work without a lot more make up air into the room.

10/28/05 – TE still has not found a viable solution for the heating problems in the space and will look at other usages.

10/24/05 – TTC has not found a usable scheme for boiler exhaust to date. There is not enough cold air to make a dent in boiler room temperature without additional cooling.

10/14/05 – TE cannot find an exhaust fan design that works without additional cooling.

10/04/05 – TTC & SBO have visited the site and are designed the new exhaust fan design to help remove heat from the boiler room.


Justice Center – Backup Chiller Project

09/01/06 – TTC worked out final billing details with Bridgette today by phone. DK is sending over final invoices for payment.

08/30/06 – Steve and Terry finalized the number required on the final payapps. Laurie is typing up the final change order for the project. TTC has to coordinate the change order payment with Tony Matre.

08/29/06 – TTC reviewed the final pay application by Debra Kuempel. Change orders amount were added to the contract amounts and this is not correct so TTC has to contact DK to figure out the correct billing method.

04/03/06 – JC asked DK to insulated the chilled water lines to prevent pooling under the chillers.

03/24/06 – DK has not been on site doing any work. They may wait until it gets warmer outside to make the boiler changeover work. The chiller scope is nearly 100% complete.

02/23/06 – TTC was on site today to look over chiller project. New 12″ mains look great and are installed and cored drilled and anchored.

02/22/06 – We approved some small allowance work today described as: *Cut (2) 11/2″ nipples off existing thred-o-lets on Chilled Water Supply and Return piping. Weld on B/W caps on to existing thred-o-lets to cap lines off. *Install 2″ thred-o-lets with ball valves and caps at the bottom of 12″ Chilled Water Riser for drains on both supply and return piping. Total cost for the work outlined above is $642.00

02/16/06 – Howard asked about replacing valves if they don’t hold and about removing a 1-1/2″ nipple in piping when drained down. These are two agenda items for Friday Const Mtg.

02/10/06 – TTC release this email after talking to Howard this morning:

Steve, When you go to the drain the Chiller plant at the JC, it was our belief in the bid documents that the butterfly valves near the chiller will hold the water in the system and prevent a complete drain down of the mechanical plant. If this turns out not to be the case and we have to drain down the entire building, there is a concern about who is replacing the nitrate in the CHW. It is my belief that this is a condition that will be covered by the allowance we have on this project if it proves necessary. I don’t foresee this being more than $500 or so if in fact we need this. Please let me know how the valves hold next week when you begin to tie into the existing system. If you have any questions, please let me know. thx, ttc

02/02/06 – TTC contacted DK about working on the chiller project and they said they would get started.

01/17/06 – TTC held the pre construction meeting today and distributed the meeting notes. The boiler project will start 03/15/06 and last for 60 days. The chiller project will begin immediately and last for 60 days.

01/10/06 – Pre Const Mtg scheduled for 01/17. Everyone has confirmed for meeting.

12/13/05 – Contracts were returned for corrections. TE corrected, printed and returned to the County for submission to the commissioners.

11/08/05 – Tony gave TE the okay to type the contract for Debra Kuempel on this job. We are taking the base bid and $2000 Allowance.

11/07/05 – TTC opened and tabulated bids for this project. See link below.

10/28/05 – Prebid meeting was held with all contractors. Bids due Friday to TE.

10/24/05 – Drawings are complete up to TTC’s review. Prebid is set for this Friday.

10/14/05 – TTC promised final design complete on Wed 10/19.

10/03/05 – Tony approved our recommendations and we are going with the plan to put in the chilled water tie

09/29/05 – TE recommended to the County that no electrical xfer switches be included in the temporary job because the expense of putting in electric switches just isn’t cost effective to providing emergency generators on site at the time it is needed. Feeding the chillers is problematic. TE will bid the mechanical work out as a small project.

09/27/05 – TE pulled all the old designs from the archive and setup the new project. Electrical is a big issue as this will put the project over $25,000 unless we use generators.


JUSTICE CENTER – Backup Boiler Project

09/01/06 – TTC worked out final billing details with Bridgette today by phone. DK is sending over final invoices for payment. TTC sent out the change order for the job to Steve V.

09/01/06 – Tony approved the $1597 change order by phone today. TTC to advise DK to wrap up the project.

08/30/06 – Steve and Terry finalized the number required on the final payapps. Laurie is typing up the final change order for the project. TTC has to coordinate the change order payment with Tony Matre.

08/29/06 – TTC reviewed the final pay application by Debra Kuempel. Change orders amount were added to the contract amounts and this is not correct so TTC has to contact DK to figure out the correct billing method.

08/24/06 – Al Bell reported that the high pressure sensor was re-ordered and will be installed very soon.

06/26/06 – Howard reported that DK will be onsite tonight and begin the work on the final changes to the job. JCI and DK have not been in contact with each other yet on the new sensor.

06/06/06 – TTC contacted both JCI and DK again about progress. JCI came in last week but needed a different part to make it work. DK is supposed to be down this week but TTC will find out more details from Steve Vater and let everyone know. As of Monday, Howard had not heard from DK about coming back.

05/23/06 – TTC emailed both Debra Kuempel and Johnson Controls to try to get them scheduled to finish this project up. TEI will pay the JCI cost to the job and DK will bill towards the allowance to wrap this up.

04/03/0 – DK is going to be on site the week of 04/10 to finish up the boiler work. JC asked for insulation on chilled water system to prevent condensation. TTC relayed this information to Steve Vater and asked DK to coordinate their time and visits directly with Howard Seal.

03/24/06 – DK has not been on site doing any work. They may wait until it gets warmer outside to make the boiler changeover work. The chiller scope is to b nearly 100% complete.

02/23/06 – TTC visited the site today with the contractor and Howard. TTC wants to remove a check valve from the main steam supply from the courthouse because the pressure drop will be to great to keep this device in line. An existing chain operated gate valve on boiler #3 will suffice in place of the one noted on note #3 on the dwg. The non-return valve can come out as planned. At this temperature outside the steam plant from the courthouse can’t be shutdown until 7pm and it must be back online at 3am. DK will have to coordinate this with Howard and the CH staff.

02/22/06 – We approved this allowance usage today:*Install (2) 3″x21/2″ weld reducer on new 3″ pump condensate piping at tie-in point to existing piping. Existing pump condensate piping is 21/2″ in size. Debra-Kuempel quoted total cost for the work outlined above is $261.00

01/17/06 – TTC held the pre construction meeting today and distributed the meeting notes. The boiler project will start 03/15/06 and last for 60 days. The chiller project will begin immediately and last for 60 days.

01/10/06 – Pre Const Mtg scheduled for 01/17. Everyone has confirmed for meeting.

11/08/05 – Tony gave TE the okay to type the contract for Debra Kuempel on this job. We are taking the base bid and $2000 Allowance.

11/07/05 – TTC opened and tabulated bids for this project. See link below.

10/28/05 – Prebid meeting was held with all contractors. Bids due Friday to TE.

10/24/05 – TTC & SRB visited the site to pickup some last minute details about returning condensate the DA system when the Justice Center is on its own steam. Drawings are complete up to TTC’s review. Prebid is set for this Friday.

10/14/05 – TTC promised final design complete on Wed 10/19.

10/03/05 – Final design is being complete. Job is ready to bid out for small projects.

08/23/05 – TTC visited the site and found that bypass valve is already in place so that piping work does not need to be done. At this point there are a couple of viable options: 1) put in a new valve near the jc side of the bridge or automate an existing pneumatic valve in the courthouse. TTC sent an email to Tony, Howard and Mike looking to explore our options.


Justice Center North Electrical Device Identification

01/10/07 – Project completed in 2006.

08/24/06 – Drawings were delivered to Hamilton County Facilities. There are no open issues on this project.

05/17/06 – Close-out meeting; no open issues. All work by Queen City has been completed. I will be working on getting the drawings completed within the next several weeks and send (3) full sized sets to Hamilton County Facilities (Attn: Bert Watts, Jim Eby, Howard Seal). Queen City presented (2) binders, each with copies of the old and new panel schedules. On the new panel schedules the items listed in bold have been verified; the items listed in normal type are transferred over from the old schedules. The binder also includes diagrams of the MCC’s and Switchgear. A CD was also provided which contains all of the new panel schedules in Excel format.

11/15/05 – Contracts have been submitted.


JC – Replace Sallyport Sliding Gates

02/19/07 – TTC is approving and passing along all the closeout documents for this project. TTC is archiving this project today.

01/02/07 – TJ Williams submitted a letter expressing their extreme disappointment with the County not approving the Change Order for the extra work incurred during the Sallyport project. TTC forward to Mark Donnelly for the County to file with the records are address separately if they deem it necessary. PDF

12/26/06 – TTC archived the project today. Legacy has the smallest bit of paperwork to turn in on this project. Once Donnelly has that, this project is complete.

12/14/06 – Mark called today about closeout and Legacy reported: The guides at the justice center are painted. I am not sure the status on TJ Williams. Kenny is in a meeting until about 5. As soon as he gets in I will get an update and get you the information. I have been working on the close out documents and we are about 80% done. We still need to finalize the certified payroll from two of our sub-contractors.

12/04/06 – Close out meeting was held today. 3 items on punchlist were discussed. Pay App 01 was discussed. Legacy to provide a revised Payapp 01 with allowance shown. TTC signed payapp 01 for Mark D to use as soon as a revised schedule was provided by Legacy. Legacy provided one by email but TTC edited it and sent it back out to the contractor with 8% retainage per the project manual. TTC also sent Allowance Clarification 01 to the contractor for signing.

12/01/06 – TTC sent out formalized punchlist items today and reminded everyone about Monday’s meeting. PDF

11/20/06 – The project is complete. There are two punchlist items which remain: touch up paint on door frame and the control panel box that TJ damaged during construction. The doors are working, the fencing and hardware are all installed properly and TEI visited the site for a punchlist walk through. The TJ change order was denied but it was agreed that the allowance money could be used to pay for the extra expenses. TEI has asked for closeout documents on the whole job to wrap it up. We are having a closeout meeting on December 4, 2006 as a final meeting.

10/10/06 – The structures are installed the concrete is finished. We need to let it cure for about 2 days before we install the overhead doors. TJ Williams has some temporary power and control patches installed in the building that have to be replaced. Overhead door is supposed to bring down the doors on Friday of this week. TJ Williams has not started the change order work on the loop control. We are hoping they will do that this week when they come down to do the rest of the work ready on the project. Legacy has a new PM on the job. Ken has taken ill. Howard was able to get the new guy into the building for the concrete today. In a week or so we should have operation of the new doors. The Sheriff may re-stripe the parking lot and move the dumpster outside the scope of our job.

09/15/06 – Legacy contacted us today to report the steel has been ordered. 09/25 looks like a delivery date on that. The doors are in town and waiting to be installed. Legacy may be down next week to do some anchor work on the new structure and Howard confirms that all security cameras are still in operation after TJ Williams completed their partial demo. Saw cutting and more general work scheduled for mid week of next week.

09/04/06 – Change has left our office to the contractor. Project should move forward immediately. Contractor planning on being on site this week.

09/01/06 – Change Order for $3775 was approved today by Mark at meeting in his office. Sheriff will do demo of existing fencing. Legacy will sink new polls for fencing company. TTC approved stainless steel anchors for this project since galvanized were hard to order on time. TEI to write change order asap.

08/30/06 – Legacy reported an error in the change order pricing and a misunderstanding on ThermalTech’s email. New pricing was sent to TTC by fax today. TTC will forward the information to Mark Donnelly on this project for a decision.

08/29/06 – Change Order prices came back today as $1800 for fences with Sheriff demolition and $7195.00 if Legacy does everything on the job. TTC passed along to County. HS was checking with Sheriff’s for their willingness to still do their part.

08/24/06 – Today we approved the electrical submittals and asked for an immediate change order cost for the new door location on this project from Legacy. We have been waiting at least one week for this amount.

08/16/06 – We have had two kickoff meetings for construction. The first issue was the location of the new doors. The Sheriff has now put forth an edict that the busses that enter the site should be closed between the doors. This was not the case during the original design. TEI has issued a change order to collect costing information for this change order. It shouldn’t be too much money as the a lot of the scope is already included. The Sheriff is willing to provide additional demolition of the existing fencing to make this work and Howard stated that the existing dumpster fencing must remain as is, TEI said that is fine. TTC called Ken Jones today and found out that the CO cost is not ready yet and the security checks have not been sent in yet. TTC advised Legacy to move forward immediately with providing this information and the job is ready to begin. Spencer approved the submittals on his and TEI will distribute them as approved to the vendors.

07/25/06 – We received today that the contract was approved. Pre Construction meeting scheduled for 08/02 at 2pm. TEI to contact Legacy Construction for meeting.

06/19/06 – TEI revised the contract and mailed 3 originals to Mark Donnelly for submission for approval. After approval we will convene a kickoff meeting for the owner and contractor.

06/01/06 – Contract was submitted to prosecutor for review.

05/25/06 – Contract was written for Legacy and mailed to Mark for approval.

05/23/06 – Bidding is complete. Addendums were issued. Bid were opening on schedule. TEI drafted our first contract and will give it to Mark for submissions to the prosecutor department. We luckily increased the project budget because the job came in over the estimate but within the 10% margin but still under the actual Archibus estimate.

04/11/06 – Final Client Review sent was sent to Howard and Mark including the work from CRA and THP. There are still some issues to resolve before bid issuance. Mark and Terry increased the budget to $80,000 to cover the additional work added to the job by a more extensive structural drawing set and permits being added back the project. Security Cameras and lights had to be moved to allow for new overhead door placement on project. TTC coordinate with Howard Seal on this point. TEI located the South camera and light on the dwgs and in talking with the Howard the North camera and light were also located on the plans accordingly. County comments are due back on Friday. Final set is due to Purchasing on Monday morning.

04/05/06 – A second design meeting lead to some changes in the door placement. TEI developed a new drawing showing the perpendicular arrangements of the new overhead doors and modified the drawings notes accordingly. Power will be brought from existing connections. The razor wire will be removed and replaced by the contractor. The north door shall be the first to be replaced. The old sliding gates will be completely removed from the job. TEI added special notes to allow other manufacturer’s to be submitted on but they must be approved before bid day by the engineer. The specs were updated and the ITB number and dates have been acquired. A review packages was sent to the team for initial review.

03/21/06 – TTC and Mike Haney spoke today about the project’s structural requirements and THP had some great ideas. Since these are overhead doors they can be turned perpendicular to the building and only be 15 ft wide thus making the doors smaller and the support steel smaller. This sounds like a great idea. TEI will approach the owner about this condition.

03/16/06 – Design meeting schedule on site. Sheriff has approved type of door that we will use for this project. Now we just have to finish the structural design and bid the project out.

02/10/06 – TEI release a review set for comments to the County for this project. TTC still has to discuss product with overhead door and finalize ITB. We have not requested an official ITB from purchasing yet.

02/08/06 – TEI and CR met on site with Howard and Tony and reviewed scope of work.


JC – ID & Fingerprinted Dual Duct Box Upgrade

03/15/07 – All Closeout is complete. Howard is satisfied but JCI has a bit of tweaking to do on the sensors. This project is ready to archive.

02/28/07 – JCI dropped off as-builts and O&M and final payapps for this job. TTC to approve and send to Tony. TTC approved and gave to Laurie to send to Tony.

08/30/06 – Triton has all schedules for the proejct and are putting the submittal data together right now. They are not sure about having 8 or 9 vav boxes on their PO.

08/23/06 – Construction Meeting Held. Job should be completed in 60 days. Triton to provide equipment, JCI to provide installation power and controls. PDF

05/09/06 – TTC compiled the complete state term contract and will deliver it to Tony’s office in the morning of 05/10/06. TEI is sending 4 copies of the contracts, spec book, and 1 copy of the JCI bid documents.

02/16/06 – Tony asked for final contract documents to be sent over so he can move the project forward. TEI will have these to Tony by 02/17/06.

01/10/06 – JCI has provided all contract documents for a state term contract. Sam compiled everything and TTC needs to review it. TTC will then deliver to Tony for use on this project.

12/13/05 – TTC has contacted JCI numerous times about submitted an actual state term contract. Al Bell will work with Joe Schutte and get one prepared for this job.

11/08/05 – TE heard back by email form Jill Williams and we will set up a quotewire job for this.

11/07/05 – TTC opened and tabulated bids for this project. See link below. The project bids came in over $25,000. Tony and TTC decided that the best way to get the job done at this

10/28/05 – Prebid meeting was held. Bids are due 11/04 to TE.

10/24/05 – Project is ready for TTC review. Prebid is this Friday at the JC.

10/14/05 – Project is ready for review and bidding.

10/04/05 – TTC & SRB have visited the site and are redesigning the dual duct boxes. We have contacted JCI about scope of Sheriff’s upgrade to use on this job. Drawings are done. Specs need to be finished and scope needs to be ironed out.


JC – HTX Upgrade

02/26/08 – Final paperwork, O&M’s and As-Builts have been sent to the County for closeout. This job is complete.

02/21/08 – TTC received the final pay application on this project and signed it immediately and sent it to Tony for closeout on this project. ThermalTech agreed to do the as-built drawings for Tony on this project.

12/05/07 – Today we worked on allowance cost and change order submissions by PHB. TTC asked for finalization and closeout paperwork from Bernie on the job. 3 allowance have to be finalized and TTC asked the County if there were any other tasks on this project they needed done with the remaining allowance money.

11/15/07 – PHB reported today that the equipment went in exactly as drawing except for some minor change in piping right above the heat exchanger. TTC said he would accept a markup on this change and incorporate it into the electronic dwgs for the job and give it to the County for final As-Builts. PHB is working on final closeout documents this week and should have them to TEI for final approval very soon, they only items they are waiting on is JCI sequences.

10/17/07 – JCI does not have the right sensors in the HTX system for their controls. We are investigating replacing them or using an old one. this needs to be resolved quickly.

10/01/07 – TTC & GD visited the site last week and reviewed the project installation. The job was very well done by PHB. GD requested that the strainers be installed in the horizontal position to alleviate water hammer. This is an arduous task for PHB but they are going it today. TTC approved payapp #2. JCI said they were almost finished with controls but had to add flex tight to the controls at the valves. Howard was going to run the system in manual to see how it works. TEI still must provide a punchlist for this project.

09/12/07 – Howard called with a questions about isolating the PRV for maintenance. TTC said it was isolated on the PID. TTC will stop down tomorrow to review with contractors and will setup a progress meeting with GD to go over design.

09/03/07 – In the past week we have approved a pad extension onto the front of the existing HTX pad layout to allow the piping to be connected to the existing piping easier. We have approved new butterfly isolation valves from the allowance monies and TTC approved payapp #01 for the project. In the field TTC approved a slight modification to the layout of the steam traps for easier maintenance and TTC and Walt discussed the atmospheric steam vent that is supposed to be connected to a tube inside the trap and came shipped separately.

08/23/07 – PHB asked about new steam control valves vs old. TEI directed them to the Add01 where hot water control valves are reused but not steam valves. Steam are new CV-27 types and 3″ in size. Howard asked about HTX loads and copper tube sheet strength. TTC asked GD and TZ for info. TTC scheduled a field trip on Friday to the building to review the progress of the project.

08/20/07 – PHB did get the new steam isolation valve installed. The Spence valve and 2″ gate valve was also replaced. Howard said that 2 of the hot water isolation valves are corroded and need to be replaced. TTC asked PHB to give us a price to replace this valves. These particular valves are not more than 5 or 6 years old as they were put in during the

08/17/07 – PHB is installing the steam valve, Spence valve and 2″ gate tonight after hours. TTC will check in with JC tomorrow on progress.

08/03/07 – TTC gave PHB requested information on the Spence valve, isolation valve and existing steam pressures. The Spence valve has unions on both sides for easy replacement. The isolation valve shows 6 inch on the dwgs and with the insulation on the piping, there is no easy way to confirm it isn’t 6″. The steam pressure is 65 psig max for normal operating pressure so PHB’s request to buy a 150 psig isolation valve will be fine. TTC & HS picked the location so that the HTX could be isolated from the system for this work.

05/30/07 – TTC contacted PHB about the equipment orders. The HTX vendor asked for more money for sizing the HTX at 10 psig but TEI emailed PHB and showed that 10 psig was called for on the schedule. This may hold up equipment ordering.

05/21/07 – TEI returned submittals via email to Bernie Tobergte today. Now comes the equipment order and scheduling. TEI will deliver hard copies to Tony and Howard.

05/14/07 – TEI has all submittal data and will review on 05/16/07 and return to PHB by week’s end.

03/14/07 – TM & TTC have contract and are ready for kickoff meeting.

02/01/07 – Contracts have been sent to BOCC for confirmation and then we will kick off the project.

01/02/07 – TEI has submitted all contract and bid documents to Facilities for Prosecutor review but as of this date, we have not had any information back on this project.


JC – Revolving Door Replacement

12/07/07 – CRA left message with Steve Jones regarding project status.

09/28/07 – CRA approved door shop drawings and sent to Southern Ohio Door. Next meeting to be held prior to start of construction.

09/18/07 – Pre-construction meeting was held. Notice to Proceed issued at pre-construction meeting.

09/04/07 – Signed contract received.

07/26/07 – CRA received minor comments back from Prosecutor. Contracts revised and sent.

06/21/07 – Bids received. CRA directed to accept and issue contracts.

05/29/07 – CRA reissued documents.

05/23/07 – Bids came in higher than estimated. Directed to raise the estimate to $85,000 and re-bid.

02/20/07 – Kick-off meeting was held at 9am in the Courthouse Room B-103. The possibility of installing remote lock down security revolving doors in the south building was discussed.

01/30/07 – CRA received the approved SOSS.

01/16/07 – CRA SOSS was authored and delivered.



05/22/09 – TEI has not been paid on this project yet.

03/02/09 – All work completed several months ago.

08/25/08 – Progress is being made on project. No Conf Call today.

08/22/08 – Permit has been issued and give to County (almost 2 weeks ago). Construction is proceeding. MAH is handling the conference calls.

08/07/08 – TEI submitted drawings for permit and copies of permit set to County and Andre for review and their records.

07/30/08 – TEI has been to the site several times getting additional field work for this project. Original load locations do not work for new kitchen equipment loads. 30 days panel load data is required. We will try to get permit on 3 day info.

09/05/08 – Permit obtained without metering. Work is in progress.


JUSTICE CENTER Domestic Pump Upgrade

08/24/10 – As-Builts converted and sent to GBBN and Bert.

08/13/10 – Waiting for final payapp and closeout. As-Built dwg is complete.

07/28/10 – Project is complete. TTC to delivery as-built dwgs to Bert.

07/23/10 – TTC is approved O&M’s on these jobs for Bert. Dwgs are being bound. Paperwork looks fine.

05/26/10 – Project is complete. We are awaiting closeout paperwork.

05/13/10 – I approved payapp #2 today and asked Gary for closeout documents.

04/26/10 – Project complete. TEI will release a no item punchlist and begin closeout.

03/19/10 – Corporate came down to investigate a blown fuse situation when opening the cover panel on the new pumps. JCI is looking to hook up the remaining sensors back to the new pump package for Howard. TEI will issue a punchlist on this project.

02/24/10 – QCM pumps have been verified in the shop for payapp. They will start on Monday at 6am and this is confirmed with Howard and Gary.

02/04/10 – QCM scheduled to begin work on 02/22/10. TEI asked for an updated schedule.

01/26/10 – Equipment is ordered and extra pump has been approved.

12/31/09 – Submittals have been approved and sent back to QCM. We still don’t know if Tony has approved the change order for an extra pump.

09/04/09 – Contracts submitted to the County.

08/27/09 – Bid open today. One Addendum was issued.

06/23/09 – Tony said the SOSS has been signed. We are awaiting approval and the PO. The existing Systecon domestic package is variable speed and will most likely be replaced with a new variable speed system that has readily available parts.

06/17/09 – Terry and Mike visited the building to create the SOSS.


JUSTICE CENTER – Kitchen Oven Replacement

10/28/10 – Project is complete and ready for closeout. New paperwork has been received.

10/5/10 – CBS will receive $2,150.00 allowance monies instead of the $5,000.00 due to using $2,850.00 for upgrades to both ovens.

09/29/10 – Project complete. Need closeout documents.

08/13/10 – Waiting for closeout docs. Payapps sent in as paid.

07/28/10 – Oven look good. Punchlist items look to be complete. Training should be complete. Ready for closeout.

07/23/10 – Both Ovens are installed. TTC sent an email punchlist to CBS who said they would address these issues on their next visit downtown. Several of the items on the list require adjustment when the ovens are off. They said it would be no problem. Oven #1 had an issue with a door opening switch which CBS fixed and now all seems to be well.

05/26/10 – Kickoff meeting schedule for June.

05/13/10 – We are trying to setup our next const mtg on this job. Equipment should be here soon.

05/05/10 – Ovens are ready for shipping. Project is ready to startup in two weeks.

04/26/10 – Waiting on Oven delivery to begin the project. Contract checked in and is ready when equipment arrives.

02/24/10 – Tony confirmed the submitted oven is approved by Aramark for this project. Other submittal data is acceptable.

01/26/10 – TEI owes CBS submittals on this project.

12/31/09 – Oven submittals have been received. TEI to review and approve, especially the prison option to be finalized.

09/04/09 – Contracts submitted to the County.

08/24/09 – CBS was the low bidder. TEI interviewed CBS and they seem to have everything included in the bid. The bid very aggressive and want to make sure they can sell the ovens when complete.

07/29/09 – This project went out for bid last Monday. Prebid 08/05. Bid Opening set for 08/24.

06/23/09 – Tony said the SOSS has been signed. We are awaiting approval and the PO.

06/17/09 – Terry and Mike made a visit to the building to look over the equipment and the installation. There is some electrical work and mechanical work to perform but the bulk of the cost will definitely be the equipment itself.


JUSTICE CENTER Kitchen Hood Suppression Upgrade

10/28/10 – Cintas has not sent in AIA pay applications yet for payment.

09/03/10 – The kitchen passed its final inspection. All contractors were instruction to complete closeout documents and send final payapps in.

08/13/10 – All contractors reported for work. Cintas is compete. DK is complete. QCE did not finish yet. Final fire alarm test will be schedule after QCE is finished.

07/28/10 – Work is ongoing. QCE was on site and hooking up fire alarm contact last night. Cintas was not on site but Ansul system appears to be 90% complete.

07/23/10 – Cintas & QCE electric will begin work next Monday on the systems both Fire & Elec. We are scheduling a fire test pm Friday July 30. We are trying to get DK to fix the Aqua Vent system by then.

05/26/10 – Kickoff meeting schedule for Thursday.

04/26/10 – County reports contracts are ready to be signed. Then we will begin.

03/23/10 – No updates

02/24/10 – Under contract review. QCE called to ask about status. TTC updated them.

02/03/10 – TTC sent BW the prebid mtgs notes for contract approval on this job. We are waiting for construction to begin.

01/23/10 – We continue to wait for approval to proceed with this work.

12/31/09 – All bids have been received. TEI has delivered contracts to Tony for approval. We are waiting on approval to move forward.

09/08/09 – Steve Ossege discussed the hood coverage with Terry Cannon. All hoods that cover grease producing equipment. This means that one hood in the JC kitchen must be covered. The other hoods can have the sprinkler heads removed. All hoods must keep the fusible links in place with the hand pull stations. The Aqua Vent bid is still under review at the prosecutors.

08/24/09/ – Daryl Meadows and Steve Ossege will provide city direction for TEI work. Our design is complete. We just need to bid out the Ansul system replacement.

07/29/09 – Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Upgrade is almost complete. This project is set for small bidding next week. The cost estimates show the project can be under $25,00 but not by much. The drawings are complete. The specs are complete. We will be inviting fire suppression contact

06/23/09 – Aqua Vent project in contract approval stage. Kitchen Hood project in code review and design stage. Cintas has not emailed or called TTC back about code requirements vs final design of this small project. They have given this information to the County before and I suspect they don’t want to design it for us. TEI has to update the hood suppression system, the interface to the fire alarm panel, and new relays for the remaining equipment for FA signals. This might be after the cost estimates are finished for 2009.

05/22/09 – The Aqua Vent repair has been bid out and we are awarding to Debra Kuempel for about $12k. Contracts are being written. TEI sent out the bid tab and told DK to get hard copy paper work to Tony by 05/29/09.

05/19/09 – Cintas has provided the estimate and a scope for the fire protection work on this project. TTC to use for bidding.

02/02/09 – Terry and Mike are finalizing a small project bid manual for this project this week. We are planning on bidding the 3rd week of February.

10/18/08 – Approved but new hoods not required. What upgrade is left to do? TTC to inquire with Howard.

08/07/08 – SOSS submitted for approval to County.


JUSTICE CENTER – Aqua Vent Upgrade

10/28/10 – DK sent final paperwork in for approval yesterday.

09/29/10 – Last 2 change orders were sent to Debra for closeout per Tony’s direction.

08/13/10 – All contractors reported for work. Cintas is compete. DK is complete. QCE did not finish yet. Final fire alarm test will be schedule after QCE is finished.

07/28/10 – DK finished change order work last evening. TTC check it over and was on site. All but one nozzle is working properly. We need a final approval from Howard before testing with City Friday.

07/23/10 – TTC told DK they needed to be done next week with their work. Rick returns Monday for verification. Nozzles have been replaced but 3 still need fixed. TTC will try to have DK fix these when they fix the rest of the equipment on the rinse cycle.

05/20/10 – Sent Tony and Howard final change orders with prices from Debra for wrap up. Awaiting approval.

05/12/10 – Met Debra today on final change order prices. We don’t have everything we need. I will contact Tony with questions on scope of work and change order cost. Terry sent a proposal to Tony and Howard for comment.

04/26/10 – DK sent changes orders for final repair cost to extra items such as the rinse cycle piping and solenoid. TTC and TM to decide next course of action.

03/23/10 – DK reported a list of problems with the Aqua Vent operation. TTC answered several of these answers and asked the County for direction on several others. DK also asked for a sequence of the original Aqua Vents but we don’t have that.

02/24/10 – DK coordinated final work with Howard to be this week and next.

02/03/10 – DK scheduled control panel installation on 02/22/10 when Howard returns. The owner accepted one change order and rejected the extra electrical work change order. DK has not responded to the TEI email about the change orders.

01/26/10 – Aqua vents assemblies have been rebuilt at Debra Kuempel. Control panel parts have been upgraded at DK. Change orders have been submitted for new valves and shock arrestors. We have approved this work. The change order for extra electrical time has not been approved by Tony.

12/31/09 – Rick Kuethe reports the solenoid valves are in and DK will start next week provided their men are approved and Howard Seal gives him the okay to start working.


JC – 20 ton Chiller Replacement

07/29/11 – Glen reported there is no turn down on the screw compressors.

06/29/11 – Tonnage looks to be about 10 to 15 tons. Final came in 11.7 tons. TTC sent review to Tony and Glen Wilhoit for their use.

05/05/11 – Waiting on people and load count from County.

04/25/11 – TEI asked Tony and Glen for more information on the space and to mark up the existing dwgs for space and layout, then we can quickly and efficiently run the model for HamCo.

03/30/11 – No further progress yet. Tony said we might write state term contracts for him.

02/22/10 – Tony asked us to do a load calc in the Sheriff area to confirm a new chiller size for the space serving the Sheriff space for additional cooling.


Justice Center Kitchen Flooring Study

07/06/10- Attended Kick-off meeting with Bert Watts and Tony Matre.

07/15/10- Submitted SOSS to Bert Watts.

9/27/10- Meeting with GBBN, Fred Orringer (Kitchen Consultant) Jerry Vogel and Andre Tudor to discuss the logistics and operational issues for implementation of the possible flooring replacement.

9/27/10- Transcript of meeting sent to Bert Watts for clarification of scope and summarization of issues discussed in the meeting from the same day.

12/3/10- Bert Watts called to clarify questions on scope. It was determined the report would be issued to the Owner 1/18/11.

1/18/11- Final document was sent to Bert Watts electronically for review.

1/31/11- Bert Watts instructed GBBN to request color and slip resistance texture samples from the vendor for presentation to the Sheriff.

2/3/11- GBBN requested UreCon color samples from Key Resin. Key honored request to send color samples for the epoxy topcoat as well.

2/15/11- Color sample chips arrived along with slip resistance samples.

2/17/11- Color charts arrived.

2/18/11- Bert Watts sent a list of proposed kitchen equipment to be replaced in the flooring project. TEI and GBBN are to investigate possible connection and logistics costs for this equipment for inclusion into the final Study.

2/21/11- Bert Watts called to indicated the final report with modifications is due 2/28/11.

3/3/11- Delivered final copies of Flooring Study to Bert Watts.

6/28/11- Bert Watts requests SOSS from GBBN to include ThermalTech as consultant.

6/29/11- GBBN sent final scope document to ThermalTech for coordination of SOSS scoping.

6/30/11- SOSS completed and delivered to Bert Watts.


JC – Flooring Replacement

07/01/11 – SOSS is submitted to Bert Watts.

07/14/11 – Signed SOSS and associated purchase order received by GBBN.

07/22/11 – Sample Agenda for Kick-off meeting sent to Bert Watts

07/26/11 – Bert Watts returns comments to Agenda to GBBN.

08/03/11 – Kick-off Meeting held at Justice Center with Sheriff and Facilities.

08/03/11 – Original Epoxy Resinous Flooring samples delivered to Jerry Voss.

08/11/11 – Second set of samples with sand mesh variations delivered to Jerry Voss.

08/15/11 – Jerry Voss reports the final selection for the epoxy resin has been made. The original smooth version was accepted.

08/16/11 – GBBN conducted kitchen equipment survey for main kitchen and ODQ serving line.

08/17/11 – Communications with Mobile Kitchen Rental company and Andre Tudor held.

08/18/11 – Conversations held with CPS about possibility of using old SCPA kitchen or Iowa Street Bake Shop for temporary JCC kitchen held.

08/29/11 – GBBN meets with Jerry Voss to retrieve samples of epoxy flooring and to take some clarification dimensions.

08/31/11 – Conference calls with two Mobile Kitchen vendors to discuss potential units for use and technical requirements for utilities and installation requirements.

09/14/11 – Meeting with Epoxy Flooring Systems and Key Resin to discuss logistics and details for replacement of the existing quarry tile and installation of the new epoxy flooring. Requests made for additional flooring samples, mock-up and existing installations to visit by the Sheriff’s Department.

09/20/11 – Meeting with JCC Building Manager and Trades to discuss utility improvement suggestions during flooring renovations.

09/28/11 – GBBN and TEI meet with Duke to discuss temporary electrical service to Temporary Kitchen Unit to be placed either in the JCC South Parking Lot or the B&B Parking Lot.

02/23/12 – County requested change order to have steam manifold piping replaced behind the steam kettles so Trades does not have to work in this space during construction.

03/08/12- Pre-construction meeting with CBS held at the Justice Center.

03/26/12 – ThermalTech, Debra and MSDC settled on a drainage system that is compliant with current code and the Clean Water Act. We cannot use the storm catch basin on this job. A secondary plan was proposed by the county to pump the discharge to the county catch basin near the Sallyport. TEI will issue this drawing as a Bulletin to the project.

03/28/12 – Mike Barth and Spencer Johnson of GBBN met with B&J Electric, Duke Energy, and CBS on site on 03/27/12 to discuss electrical service to the modular temporary trailers. The existing abandoned wood utility pole (on parking lot side of the fence) is a duke pole, and Josh Davidson of Duke stated that Duke will remove the pole at NO COST to the project while the work is being completed. Mike and Spencer notified Bert Watts, and He stated that he would like to see the pole removed if there is no cost. This information was forwarded to the contractors. This will make the installation of the temp electrical service to the trailers easier.

04/04/12- Meeting with Kitchens-To-Go and CBS to discuss finish floor height of temporary kitchen and loading docks.

04/10/12- Bert Wats initiates requested Change Order items for repair in existing kitchen.

04/12/12 – P201-EQ-5 drawing was sent to Spencer Johnson from Terry Cannon stating it had been completed on 4/3. The only item he was not 100% clear on is where the Zoeller pump would be installed into if Debra had a concept about that. Whatever they wanted to do was okay with Terry but this shows the routing, material, and protection scheme Thermal Tech wants to use.

04/18/12- Bert Watts approves Change Order Request for temporary kitchen loading dock redesign.

04/25/12- CBS sends Change Order Requests #1-9 to GBBN.

04/25/12- CBS sends Change Order Requests #10 to GBBN.

04/26/12- CBS informs owner that Duke and IBI have approved electric service for temporary kitchen.

04/26/12- Bert Watts approves Change Order #1 for CBS.

05/01/12- CBS sends Change Order Request #11 for additional signage.

05/01/12- CBS sends Change Order Request #12 for additional plumbing repairs.

05/03/12- Bert Watts approves Change Order Request #2.

05/08/12- Temporary Kitchen Equipment training for Kitchen Manager and Kitchen Staff.

05/15/12- CBS receives existing kitchen to begin demolition work.

05/18/12- CBS initiate request for additional time on contract.

05/22/12- CBS questions response to RFI-3 for mixer electric relocation. GBBN and ThermalTech response in favor of original response.

05/23/12- GBBN meets with CBS to review existing mud slab condition in Main Kitchen and Walk-In-Coolers and Freezers.

05/29/12- GBBN meets with CBS and GILL33 representative to discuss options to specified deep fill repairs. Representative confirms modified epoxy deep fill specification is correct methodology.

05/30/12- Change Order Request #15 is rejected and GBBN directs CBS to proceed with original concept for WIC/WIF mud slab repairs.

05/30/12- CBS sends Application for Payment #2. Only one copy is sent along with electronic version and letter describing Change Order Request directions about delayed payment for time extension considerations.

06/01/12- GBBN visits site with Key Resin to investigate WIC/WIF existing mud slab condition.

06/18/12- GBBN meets with CBS/Wesselman to discuss existing mud slab repairs.

06/.21/12- GBBN meets with CBS to review mesh/chair installation before pour of slab replacement.

06/25/12 – TTC and SJ have visited the site multiple times discussing the work on the floor and hub drains. additional drains were discovered during construction and those outlets were discussed too. Basically we are following the plan that is set forth on the design documents and not doing additional work.

06/27/12- Change Order #1 and #2 authored by GBBN. COP #1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 addresses in Change Orders including time extensions.

07/31/12- GBBN performs punch list review for WIC/WIF.

08/02/12- WIC/WIF Punch List issued.

08/12/12- Main Kitchen punch list performed at JCC Kitchen. Preliminary sent to Bert Watts for review.

08/13/12- Bert Watts sends minor revisions to punch lists and approves punch list to be sent to CBS after revisions are made. GBBN sends punch lists for Architectural, Equipment, Electrical and Plumbing to Bert Watts.

08/16/12- GBBN signs Application for Payment #4 form CBS and delivers to Bert Watts.

08/24/12- Bert Watts states the refrigeration trailers are now gone from the parking lot. Trailers are sealed and ready for transport.

08/29/12- Bert Watts confirms the trailers have been removed from the parking lot. One trailer unit remains to be removed.

9/19/12- Change Order #3 authored and sent to CBS after Bert Watts approves content.

10/10/12- CBS sends list of closeout documents for approval.

10/11/12- Bert Watts sends electronic version of contractor affidavit for Prevailing Wage Compliance to be added to list of closeout doucments.

10/23/12- Application for Payment #5 received from CBS. GBBN approves pending Bert Watts approval.

10/31/12- Response received from CBS and the plumbing subcontractor on the punch list items.


JC – Sheriff Data Center FP Upgrade

08/17/11 – TTC conducted a phone interview with JB Schmitt and Dalmatian. He went over the details of the project, timelines, permitting, scope of work, contractor assignments, background checks and proposed contract. TTC felt Dalmatian really understood the project best because it is mostly a clean agent system. JB Schmitt had some trouble remembering what all their sub-contractors were supposed to be responsible for on this job but they said regardless of that whatever was on the drawings was covered in their bid. Subcontractor work will include: GC – patching all the walls and clipping down the ceilings. Agreement was made that no permit is required on this job. Fire – Dalmatian will get their fire permit ASAP after contract PO is given to JB. They are providing the clean agent system and all the ancillary equip.

Elec – Had to power up the FPC panel and provide Fire Alarm interface and shutdown for CRAC unit and power to the mech for dampers. This has to be permitted too. Mech – HVAC dampers and installation. No permit for HVAC work, too minor. TTC recommends to proceed with the contract knowing to discuss the coordination at greater length at the pre const meeting where we can request the full project team to join us for the kickoff meeting or do that at the first const meeting where we can discuss the schedule with the tenants. All work during normal work hours was agreed to. Schedule is contract and PO by mid-October or so. Construction to begin in mid-November. Project complete be end of year.

08/18/11 – Contract for JB Schmitt was written and sent to Bert Watts for review and approval.

08/25/11 – Contract has been created for JB Schmitt. Ready for review and processing.

09/20/11 – BW has approved the contracts for this project. All background checks will need to be obtained and forwarded on to Bert. They will then need to be approved to work on the sites before the project starts up. BW notes the equipment in the data room is very sensitive.

02/22/12 – Inspection complete and approved by city. Ready to closeout project. TEI to request closeout.

03/28/12 – As-builts received and TEI to approve next week and send to Bert.

04/16/12 – Closeout O&M approved by Terry Cannon. As-Builts completed by Ryan Jacimine. All documents should be to HamCo on Tuesday 04/17.

04/17/12 -TTC e-mailed Tom at JB Schmidt that O&M’s were approved and he sent electronic As-Builts to the County. He is also approving Payapp #1 for $39,330.00 and the paperwork is done. There was a $2,500.00 allowance on this project which was billed for in Payapp #2. There is no supporting documents for that allowance usage. TTC asked Tom to send over an official request for those monies or if not used then a deduct change order can be written for that amount. The 3S O&M’s are fantastic, but they reference that no building fire alarm work was included in this O&M manual which is odd. TTC asked if Tom could get with Biederman and find out if there is an as-built programming drawing or reference sheet we need to pick up the new fire alarm point on the fire alarm system so TTC can at least include a one page in this O&M so someone at the County knows what module that is landed on.

04/17/12 – TTC sent electronic as-builts to Bert Watts and will drop off the O&M’s in the morning.

06/25/12 – TTC approved final payapp and sent to Bert. This should be the final documents required.


JC – 2010 Plaza Repairs

LEED Partner: THP

03/28/12 – All work complete; except asphalt patch at Courthouse ramp expansion joint. Asphalt patch along joint needs to be replaced. Currently waiting on warmer weather.

04/25/12 – THP requested final punch list schedule from RAM end of March with no response.

5/19/12 – Ram completed asphalt repairs. Ram completing concrete injection work with plans to complete work June 1. Final work is weather dependent.
Ram completed punch list repairs. THP to review status of closeout documentation with Ram.

9/26/12 THP Reviewing closeout status. All construction activities are complete.


JC GYM AHU Fall Protection

Partner Lead: THP

08/27/12 – County requested an SOSS for the design services for RTU fall protection.09/12/12 – THP had a meeting with Rodney. After meeting Rodney not sure of specific needs for fall protection. Rodney plans to review internally.

09/25/12 – County update: HC and CMI met to review equipment and operational access. CMI will review the condition and make recommendation; but currently a direction has not been determined. THP will be notified once a direction from HC and CMI has been determined.

03/12/13 – THP received and reviewed safety report recommending a platform without a ladder to access the RTU. Does the County want THP to submit a SOSS?


JC Parking Lot Fence Study

Partner Lead: THP

05/21/13 – County complete a study of the impact of a proposed new fence/wall.

05/27/13 – THP sent an SOSS to the County for review.

05/30/13 – BW reported the SOSS is approved and he will send over paperwork soon.

06/05/13 – County approved SOSS.

06/13/13 – THP completed the study and issued a summary letter to Anthony Matre.


JC RTU Fall Protection

Partner Lead: THP

08/27/12 – County requested an SOSS for the design services for RTU fall protection.
09/12/12 – THP had a meeting with Rodney. After meeting Rodney not sure of specific needs for fall protection. Rodney plans to review internally.

09/25/12 – County update: HC and CMI met to review equipment and operational access. CMI will review the condition and make recommendation; but currently a direction has not been determined. THP will be notified once a direction from HC and CMI has been determined.

03/12/13 – THP received and reviewed safety report recommending a platform without a ladder to access the RTU. Does the County want THP to submit a SOSS?

10/31/13 – Project on hold. Hamilton County reviewing need and scope.


JC Parking Lot Improvements

Partner Lead : THP

02/15/12 – Bids received February 15, 2012. John P. Tumlin is the apparent low bidder. The bid was within budget. THP to review the bids and provide a letter of recommendation (if appropriate).

03/29/12 – County processing Tumlin contract.

05/30/12 – Project start date on hold until completion of Justice Center kitchen and use of parking lot by temporary kitchen. Tumlin scheduled to start work September 1 and submittals should begin to be arriving at THP. 2. The County has requested the drawings be updated to reflect changes in the sidewalk adjacent to the parking lot. The sidewalk changes will impact the final parking count and slightly modify the perimeter of the parking lot. 3. THP and Tumlin working through submittals. 4. Anticipated work to start mid September.

09/02/12 – ThermalTech met with THP and County to discuss additional lights and cameras for project. ThermalTech to work with THP to get biddable document and charge to BW General Fund Number.

09/24/12 – Tumlin mobilized with fencing for phase I installed.

09/25/12 – Preconstruction meeting occurred. 3. 09/25/12 Tumlin plans to begin work on site the week of October 5.

10/05/12 – HC, THP, TTE and TJ Williams had a meeting to discuss additional lighting and security camera options for the project area. At the end of the meeting, pricing for the lighting and camera was requested.

10/22/12 – Tumlin provided proposals for the camera and lighting options.

10/22/12 – Tumlin provided a proposal for an asphalt overlay vs. a sealing repair option.

10/29/12 – Bert Watts approved the camera, lighting, and asphalt overlay options.

10/29/12 – THP directed TTE to complete electrical drawings reflecting the new work. Drawings will be used for permitting.

10/31/12 – Tumlin has submitted most items to-date. The fencing and line striping submittals are still in process.

11/19/12 – Change Order #1 executed. CO #1 adds asphalt overlay and deletes asphalt coating.

11/19/12 – Change Order #2 executed. CO #2 adds security cameras and lighting to the parking lot.

11/19/12 – Change Order #2 executed. CO #2 adds concrete curbing and adjusts the site fences.

01/30/13 – Project Updates: Phase 1 Trenching complete. Phase 1 Concrete and bollards complete. Phase 2 Concrete work 70% complete. North apron and entry only remaining work. Phase 1 & 2 Asphalt and line striping on hold until spring to allow for acceptable weather.

01/30/13 – Pay Application #1 approved.

02/26/13 – ThermalTech spoke with Andy at TJ Williams, and TJ is nearing completion of the installation. Waiting on inspections and Duke to energize panel at the booth.

02/19/13 – Pay Application #2 approved.

02/28/13 – Project Updates: Trenching complete. Concrete and bollards complete. Control equipment installed. Lighting Installed. Booth Installed. Asphalt overlay and fencing work on hold until weather is more conducive.

03/20/13 – Tumlin and THP had a meeting to review fencing posts. The fence subcontractor proposed a single post at the gate connecting both the chain link and architectural fencing. THP to review with the County on 3/28/13.

03/26/13 – Pay application #3 approved.

03/28/13 – Project Update – Per information on 3/20/13 meeting, Tumlin plans to begin asphalt work between mid-April to the May 1. Phase II will remain closed until all work is complete (asphalt, striping and fencing).

04/24/13 – Tumlin, the asphalt sub and THP met to confirm asphalt repair areas and discuss the project schedule.

04/25/13 – Project Update – Architectural fencing posts installed.

05/30/13 – Project Update – Asphalt, line striping and numbering complete. Fencing, final bollards and control equipment training to be complete by the end of the week. THP anticipates completing a punch review next week and final closeout paper work by the end of June.

06/27/13 – Project Update – Work complete except punch list. THP and Thermal Tech published list and Tumlin responding.

08/28/13 – PTZ camera on sallyport wall viewable but not controllable through Viconet software. Nor-Com not authorized Vicon distributor, and can not obtain drivers to make the Bosch camera talk to Viconet. TEI working directly with Vicon to attempt to resolve.

08/15/13 – Tumlin submitted initial paper work. THP reviewed and current package acceptable. Still waiting final submittal.
10/24/13 – Tumlin submitted change order for PTZ camera ($5,000 add). Hamilton County verbally approved.

10/30/13 – Hamilton County directed THP to process final change order for execution.

10/31/13 – THP issued final change order #4 (no cost).

10/31/13 – Tumlin waiting on subcontractor for final paper work.

01/30/14 – JM said they are down to one warranty item. BW said they have some issues to seal when it gets warmer.

03/18/14 – THP sent closeout paper work to Bert.

04/03/14 – Hamilton County, Tumlin, and THP met to discuss asphalt repair warranty issues. Repairs issues are minor and Tumlin will coordinate repairs with their subcontractor. THP publish an email to document the meeting.

05/17/14 – Tumlin completed all warranty work.


JC Chilled Water Pumps

Partner Lead: TEI

10/18/13 – Small Project package Issued for bidding.

10/29/13 – Bid submitted by contractors, tabulated by ThermalTech and sent to Tony.

01/14/14 – Pre Const Mtg held with Peck.

01/17/14 – Submittals sent in by Peck.

01/28/14 – Submittal returned by ThermalTech FAC.

01/30/14 – PHB resubmitted pump package with larger impeller.

02/24/14 – ThermalTech check on status of order. No work back from contractor yet.

03/26/14 – TTC visited site to coordinate the leveling of the base of the pump vs the flange. After we discussed with the vendor, we are going to level the base, then provide a new flexible connector and spool piece as a change order to the project.

04/12/14 – Project is complete and ready for punchlist by ThermalTech.

05/15/14 – Punchlist scheduled in June. PHB working on closeout docs.

06/17/14 – Punchlist complete. PHB told to send in final payapp and close out the project.


JC UPS Replacement

Partner Lead: TEI

01/30/13 – Project issued for bids, bids received and opened, Queen City Electric is low Bid. Waiting for Purchase order and signed contracts to conduct pre-construction meeting and give notice to proceed.

02/26/13 – ThermalTech, facilities, and QCE had pre-construction meeting on 02/22/13. QCE to supply list of employees to AKM for BGC verification. QCE sent ThermalTech a pencil copy of the Schedule of values to review. ThermalTech also reviewing the UPS submittals for release.

03/27/13 – Product submittals reviewed and approved. QCE to schedule replacement pending delivery of equipment.

04/24/13 – ThermalTech Contact QCE – requested that they send in the names of all working on project and the site specific safety plan for the project. QCE to send in schedule for work based upon days after delivery of equipment.

06/26/13 – South tower UPS (80 KW) load bank test had (2) failed attempts. first the trucking company did not deliver the equipment to site. Second, the load bank that Eaton brought to the facility for the load bank test did not work. Third test was successful, except QCE tripped 400 amp fuses in switchboard. AKM to send ThermalTech costs accrued by HamCo for 2 failed attempts and fuses to for back charge.

08/27/13 – Both UPS systems are installed. Both are on line. QCE to have final inspections and provide punch list and then closeout.

08/28/13 – Barth brought up at the Partner meeting the panel location coordination between the new UPS and Heat Pump Water heaters and egress issues between the two. We will see when the inspectors inspect this installation.

10/31/13 – Project was final inspected on 8/28. TEI to do final punchlist soon. Don’t closeout without getting certified payroll from contractor.

02/25/14 – TEI contacted QCE to discuss punchlist and remainder of closeout materials necessary to close out project. TEI scheduling punchlist (tentative date = 03/05/14) with Joe Merkt.

04/22/14 – TEI conducted punchlist visit while on site for Ameresco Arc Flash project field work. Punch list to be issued by the end of the week.

05/28/14 – TEI received final pay requests from QCE, and O&M manuals. TEI to review for completeness and forward to AKM upon reciept of approved COs.

06/25/14 – TEI received approved CO’s. Upon receipt of close out documents, TEI will process documentation for project closeout.

07/30/14 – TEI received all closeout documents EXCEPT warranty. TEI contacted QCE and upon receipt of warranty, will process final closeout documents.

08/25/14 – TEI receives at the end of the week of 08/18/14 the warrantee – dated valid from 07/17/13 through 07/16/14. MB contacts AKM to see if this is acceptable to HamCo. TEI contacted QCE to question if this was a “Typo”? TEI to process final pay application and closeout documents per AKM.

09/24/14 – Project Complete. Ready to Archive. Bert to send CAD files for Archibus update. TEI to update and send back.


JC Striping Plan

Partner Lead: THP

09/17/14 – County requested meeting to review striping options at the Justice Center parking lot.

09/23/14 – County and THP met to discuss parking layout and options.

09/24/14 – THP issued layout plan to County.

02/26/15 – Project can be archived.


JC LC/Pod Intercom Upgrades

Partner Lead: TEI

10/31/13 – Issued for bidding on 10/31/13.

01/24/14 – Contracts set to Bert Watts, waiting for approval from prosecutor to schedule pre-construction meeting.

02/25/14 – Contract in Phasor’s court to be signed and returned and sent to purchasing for purchase order. Tentative pre-construction date is 03/19/14 at 2:00 PM

03/26/14 – Project went to BOCC and was approved. Waiting for contracts and PO to schedule pre-construction meeting.

04/22/14 – Project preconstruction meeting scheduled for Monday 4/28/14 at 2PM, meet in the south tower lobby to discuss schedule, background checks, etc.

05/28/14 – TEI approved all submittals on 05/27/14 and Bert Watts issued Notice to Proceed on 05/28/14. Phasor to provide schedule and notice of all BGC from ICS.

06/25/14 – ICS has all of the head end equipment at their ship and is in the process of programming all of the equipment. A project kickoff with Bldg personnel, Sheriff’s personnel, Facilities, TEI and Phasor to be scheduled mid next week. Anticipated start date is on or around July 14, 2014.

07/30/14 – Phasor mobilized to Justice Center for work on this project. Currently installing all of the head end racks in each of the LC’s. Upon completion of install of the racks, and bolting in place, then Phasor to route 120 power to each of the racks. construction meeting scheduled for Aug 6, 2014 at 1:00 PM.

8/25/14 – All racks are installed in place in all of the LC’s. Phasor de-mobilized for approximately 2 weeks waiting on the delivery of the speakers for replacement in the pods. ICS received the first shipment (approximately 200 units) the week of 08/18, and the second shipment of approx 200 units has shipped and is scheduled to be delivered the week of 08/25. The order is scheduled to be completely fulfilled no later than 09/05/14. Phasor has re-mobilized on 08/25/14 to begin the replacement of the speakers, starting with the problematic unit in George 51.

09/24/14 – In the North Tower we have 289 new installed and approximately 140 old speakers left until we determine which we are going to use the Lexan plates on. In the South building, they have went through Lincoln 52 and were able to install 51 new and 5 existing were left in. They are currently working on Lincoln 51.

10/28/14 – The north tower is 100% complete with installation. The south tower is 100% complete with installation of systems on 3,4 and 5. ICS has placed order for balance of speakers that were not included on original order (receipt of speakers is approximately 10 weeks out – first of 2015). Phasor to pull off project after 10/29/14 punchlist with ThermalTech until such a time that speakers are on site.Phasor stated that the amount of remaining lexan plates should be adequate for the remaining scope of the project.

01/27/15 – The south tower is 100% complete with installation. TEI completed punchlist on 1/26/15 of the south tower. Phasor and ICS to complete punchlist and provide closeout documentation.

02/24/15 – Phasor submitted O&M manuals and as-built drawings to ThermalTech for review and submitting to the county. O&M’s turned over at the 02/26/15 meeting.

03/25/15 – project complete and can be archived.


JC FA Workstation Upgrade

Partner Lead: TEI

10/28/13 – Issued for Review to Tony and Joe. Saving FACP for re-use on this project.

10/31/13 – Issued for bidding 10/31/13.

01/24/14 – Contracts sent to Tony Matre, waiting on approval from prosecutor to schedule pre-construction meeting.

02/25/14 – Contract in Phasor’s court to be signed and returned and sent to purchasing for purchase order. Tentative pre-construction date is 03/19/14 at 1:00 PM

03/26/14 – TEI conducted a pre-construction meeting at site with Joe Merkt and Tony Matre on 03/19. Phasor Electric submitted to John Nester the list of contractors to work on site with BGC, for approval. As soon as BGC are approved, work to be scheduled. Anticipate all work on site to be completed in one work day.

04/22/14 – All background checks except Matt Biederman have cleared. This project to commence immediately upon the approval from BGCs.

05/28/14 – Workstation installed on 05/21/14. At point of install – there were 2 ground fault troubles. Phasor returned to site on 05/27/14 to address, and Joe Merkt indicated that the troubles were clear from the panel. Phasor on standby mode to see if they return.

06/25/14 – Ground faults cleared on the system. Upon receipt of closeout documentation from Phasor, the project will be processed and closed out.

07/30/14 – The panel developed an earth ground, plus another ground fault appeared on loop 7, in addition to a mis-matched device on AHU-C7A, and the printer was locking up. TEI contacted Biederman and Matt Biederman, Phasor, and ThermalTech met on site to develop action plan for all of the trouble codes that are occurring since the upgrade to the 3030 panel. A module and a relay was replaced by Phasor (received from Biederman), and the printer program was modified, and bldg manager is now monitor the condition and report back. Joe Merkt asked Matt Biederman to provide a cost to replace the existing printer.

09/26/14 – Closeout documents being processed, no printer will be installed. Bert asked if ground faults was resolved, we said yes.

03/25/15 – Project complete and can be archived.


JC Wall Mural Repairs

Partner Lead: GBBN

01/14/14 – John Nester contacts GBBN about a Kick-off Meeting to discuss the fallen panel in the Lobby.

01/15/14 – Kick-off Meeting held with Tony Matre, John Nester and Joe Merkt. It was decided to approach the issue with two possible solutions, remove and patch the walls or to restore the murals..

01/15/14 – GBBN makes email contact with Stephen Knapp the original artist and installer. Stephen indicated he would search his files for past documentation.

02/03/14 – GBBN and John Nester meet with Kramer Feldman Inc and Joe Merkt to discuss having KFI generate a proposal for both options, removal and restoration.

02/07/14 – Kramer Feldman Inc submits the proposal for both options to GBBN. GBBN forwards on to John Nester and Bert Watts.

02/11/14 – Bert Watts requests a SOSS for the solicitation of three proposals from selected vendors to perform the required work.

02/12/14 – GBBN submits the SOSS to Bert Watts.

02/25/14 – GBBN sends an email with the mural sizes and composition to Bert Watts for discussion with Artworks as a possible restoration source.

06/26/14 – Project on Hold.

09/26/14 – Bert said he has received comments on the mural and will send out a package to get mural updated.


JUSTICE CENTER Drinking Fountain Upgrade

Partner Lead: TEI

01/26/16 – Have not made any progress on replacement drinking fountain bubblers since last meeting.

03/24/16 – TTC met with Dan Brewer and Mike Felton of Streamkey about the drinking fountain upgrades at the Justice Center. We will try to get factory replacement parts for a pneumatic style upgrade. More info to come from Acorn in the next few weeks.

03/25/16 – Streamkey sent an equipment cut and pneumatic upgrade diagram to ThermalTech for review.

03/29/16 – ThermalTech reviewed that data and sent to County for approval. We will probably go with a pneumatic assemble with a physical pushbutton arrangement that will be field installed by contractor. We are trying to get one mockup version from Acorn prior to bidding.

04/22/16 – Drinking fountain equipment specs continue with Streamkey. I believe we have worked out all the details and are ready to order one for install.

04/26/16 – Drinking fountain was going to be ordered through ThermalTech but now a new design was sent.

05/02/16 – Drinking fountain ordered and paid for by TTC.

05/25/16 – Drinking fountain is finished and should ship this week for next week arrival

06/09/16 – First drinking fountain delivered to County from Acorn. County to install in near future.

06/30/16 – Dan tried to install first retrofit kit and it did not work. Streamkey will be down next Wednesday at 8am to go over design changes on Acorn part. TTC will try to attend that meeting.

07/18/16 – Streamkey emailed County to ask for new date to meet everyone on site. County said they would contact Mike when Dan was back on site and available.

07/25/16 – Acorn sent new sketch to our standards except they denoted some pipe thread changes so the new piece will screw directly on to the old piece. New part probably 20 days out with shipping.

08/16/16 – The new part is in, Mike Felton and Dan are in email contact with each other about installing the new part for testing.

09/26/16 – This months test was a success. The retrofit works. TTC to update the original cost estimate if needed. [pic]


Justice Center Elevator Room Cooling

Building Operations Project

07/30/14 – Terry and Tony decided to use a PO from and old JC project and try to do this project with those monies. Do North building as Small Project Bid.

09/24/14 – SOSS approved. Joe on vacation. TTC to kickoff next week.

10/17/14 – Kickoff meeting complete. Mike Folck and Ryan Jacimine currently working on design and load calcs.

11/24/14 – Bids are in and the project came in at $22,038.50 for all three contracts. Debra Kuempel is the apparent low bidder on both the mechanical ($15,949.00) and electrical work ($2,247.00) and JCI ($3,842.50) for the controls scope. After bids were open Tony put the writing and awarding of this contract on hold

12/11/14 – Project on hold awaiting release from AKM.

01/27/15 – DK called about project. AKM confirms project is still on hold.

03/25/15 – Project still on hold.

04/27/15 – Project is on hold until further notice.

07/29/15 – Tony discussed starting this project up again. TTC contact original bidders to inquire if November bids are still valid. Debra and JCI.

08/26/15 – All contractors still on board with project. We are waiting to start this year.

09/23/15 – Tony approved the project and released ThermalTech to prepare the contract for Debra Kuempel and JCI for the work to upgrade the H&V unit.

10/28/15 – Contracts written for three vendors. Tony to get approval on Debra and JCI contracts.

12/08/15 – TEI contact Debra and JCI for hard copy paperwork for the contract. DK returned their immediately. We are still waiting on JCI.

01/26/16 – Contracts under review by Prosecutor and out for signature with vendor.

02/08/16 – Dave Gleason dropped off performance bond and Tony informed Nester we had the paperwork.

03/30/16 – Waiting on work to start by contractors. ThermalTech has returned all submittals.

04/15/16 – Tony says getting background check in order for work is underway.

05/20/16 – Vendors checked on status of PO for project, TTC inquired with Tony.

07/15/16 – Debra is completed with Mechanical work, Electrical work is supposed to be be completed today. JCI will be in next week to do controls and controls programming.

07/21/16 – TTC was on site Thursday to look at the installation. ThermalTech will release a punchlist to vendors. Unit is not started yet and JCI controls are not in place. Mechanical and electrical installation looks good so far.

07/27/16 – Talked to Debra and JCI. All work is complete, next step is that DK will perform startup on the unit and check refrig charge for us. The room control is the the thermostat on the wall. TTC may check OA return vs room recirculation for this unit.

08/04/16 – Unit was tested by Debra and all seems well. TTC to stop down and take measurements and check out room configuration.

09/01/16 – TTC to verify loads and check unit soon.

09/08/16 – Payapp 1 & 2 sent to tony from Debra. No payapp received from JCI yet. DK sent electric payapp #2 directly to Tony, TTC to retrieve.

09/23/16 – ThermalTech sent sequence instructions to County. Balance report from DK shows unit is running at 1400 cmf vs 2250 scheduled.

10/28/16 – JCI will be on site next Wednesday to look at programming.

11/16/16 – Debra turned in a $1000 change order which will be rejected on this project and picked up on a new project. This work was to resheave the the existing unit to speed up the fan and increase the CFM. JCI finished reprogramming the controls to match the ThermalTech sequences. TTC sent payapps #2 in for both DK mechanical and electrical for closeout on this project to Tony Matre. This project is read to archive and close.


JUSTICE CENTER Mobile Command Center

Partner Lead: TEI

09/28/16 – Kickoff discussion about electrical connections for mobile command center. They need a 50A double pole breaker for this mobile command center.

10/25/16 – TE met with trades, documents routing and connections. Project submitted to IBI for permitting.

01/25/17 – Installation complete. All inspections are complete. Project can be closed out and archived.



Partner Lead: TEI

07/22/15 – Ongoing project that was on hold. Bert Watts directed TEI to complete the study. Work on study is on-going.

10/28/15 – Work is on going. Mike Barth and John Nester are coordinating the work with this study – and completing once the switchgear PM specifications package is completed.

03/22/17 – TEI will set up meeting with John Nester to kick this project back off beginning of April.

05/25/17 – Bert said to go ahead and wrap this survey up. It will probably be asked about soon. What strategy distributed or combined EGEN equipment?

10/26/17 – Project has been cancelled.