Records Center – Façade and Roof Repairs

05/16/19 – County requested SOSS for façade and roof repair package.
06/19/19 – THP submitted an SOS for design services.
06/27/19 – Verbally approved. Need to final bids and contract by November.
07/03/19 – SOSS Approved.
07/25/19 – Project update: THP anticipated design review documents being published August 2.
08/29/19 – DD docs to be issued September 13th.
08/29/19 – DD docs to be issued September 13th.
10/18/19 – Bid Documents Published.
10/29/19 – Prebid meeting completed.
10/31/19 – Bids due 11/19/19.
11/06/19 – Addendum no.1 issued
11/04/19 – Addendume no. 2 issued.
11/21/19 – Three bids were received. Imbus was the apparent low bidder.
11/21/19 – THP discussed the bid with Imbus and issued a bid summary letter recommending Imbus complete the work alternates no1 and no3 for $353,130.00.
01/30/20 – THP project summary – Bids approved and County generate contract for execution.
02/14/20 – County Issued fully executed contract.
02/27/20 – Project update: Plan to schedule preconstruction meeting the week of March 2nd. Work is anticipated to start early April.
02/14/20 – County Issued fully executed contract.
02/27/20 – Project update: Plan to schedule preconstruction meeting the week of March 2nd. Work is anticipated to start early April.
03/03/20 – THP issued conform set.
03/04/20 – Preconstruction Meeting occurred. Construction to occur once weather allows.
04/16/20 – Imbus mobilized job site.
04/19/20 – Roofing submittals processed.
04/20/20 – Imbus began roof repairs.
05/04/20 – Pay application No.1 processed.
05/12/20 – Lintel submittal processed.
05/27/20 – Pay application No. 2 processed.
06/15/20 – THP issued updated canopy anchor requirements.
06/17/20 – Imbus subcontractor finished installing the canopy.
06/25/20 – Roof work completed. Team plans to meet and punch the roof 6/26/20.
06/26/20 – Punch list review meeting completed. Two minor items noted.
07/08/20 – Warranties submitted.
07/24/20 – Final pay application submitted.
07/27/20 – Changer order No. 1 approved.
07/30/20 – Punch list work complete. THP processing closeout paper work.
12/09/20 – Final project manual submitted.
12/10/20 – THP plans to drop off project manual and final pay request 12/11/20.
01/28/20 – THP dropped of project manual and final pay application mid December.
02/25/21 – Project can be closed.


Records Center – Building Envelope Assessment (F112)

05/01/18 – THP visited site to document conditions at rusted area of metal decking for purposes of developing SOSS.
05/15/18 – County requested Tremco be included with the assessment, because roof is a Tremco system.
05/31/18 – THP and Tremco have worked out an approach. THP to published SOSS for the County’s review.
06/21/18 – County approved SOSS for the project.
08/26/18 – THP sent consultant contract to Tremco for review.
09/25/18 – THP and Tremco finalized subconsultant agreement.
09/27/18 – THP to schedule field work with County.
10/25/18 – THP looking to start work week of November 5, 2018.
11/07/2018 – THP visited site to survey facades, roof, interior of metal deck, and coordinate with Tremco during test cuts.
11/15/18 – Tremco provided draft report.
11/29/18 – THP developing report.
01/17/19 – THP received final report.
01/30/19 – THP completed internal draft report. Final report expected to be submitted on 2/7/19.
02/07/19 – THP submitted final report.


Records Center Asbestos Study

10/20/11 – Kick-off Meeting with Pinnacle and Facilities Department

11/04/11 – Facilities Department sent list of buildings to be included in Asbestos Abatement Reporting.

03/30/12 – Meeting with Tim Schuh of Facilities Department to discuss Archibus Input Strategy

04/05/12 – Meeting with GBBN and Facilities to discuss drawing format.

05/10/12 – Meeting with GBBN and Pinnacle to discuss drawing format for reports. Tony Matre’s request for ‘General Information Notes to occur on each floor plan are discussed.

05/11/12 – Pinnacle notifies Mike Jackson that field investigation work will commence the following day.

10/27/12 – Pinnacle Engineering sent ACM list from Archibus/BRG for purposes of designation conversion from Pinnacle report to Archibus data entry.

02/28/13 – Pinnacle sends GBBN a proposed completion schedule for remaining work.

03/18/13 – Tony Matre calls GBBN to request a status check on Pinnacle’s delivery schedule.

04/05/13 – Email sent to Pinnacle Engineering inquiring about status of project reports and unmet schedule milestone goes without response.

04/20/13 – Email sent to Pinnacle Engineering inquiring about status of project reports and unmet schedule milestone goes without response. Reported to Tony Matre via telephone call.

02/24/14 – GBBN and Pinnacle Engineering met with Tony Matre to deliver the final reports and electronic copies of the reports. GBBN is completing final report drawings for Pinnacle as final preliminary drawings are delivered by Pinnacle to GBBN. All drawings are to be completed by 2/28/14.

03/26/14 – All asbestos reports and associated drawings are complete. Final drawing input into Archibus/Web Central is ongoing. GBBN was granted access to the database to complete the drawing downloads.

07/01/14- GBBN sends another email and follow-up voice mail to Pinnacle Engineering inquiring about status of billings and final completion.

8/29/14- Pinnacle Engineering sends invoices for services to GBBN.

10/29/14 – GBBN sends Tony Matre SOSS invoice status with all of the Pinnacle Engineering invoices included.

10/31/14 – GBBN pursuant to Tony Matre’s request sends letter of documentation regarding scope overruns.

02/20/15 – GBBN in communications with Tony Matre for final invoicing of these projects.


Mt Airy – Water Service Upgrade

08/31/05 – Dave stated that JFS will hold onto the next Neyer pay applciaton unitl some additional work is completed at the site. TTC said that is fine, TE will forward on the next pay app.

08/18/05 – TTC talked to Ken Neyer today and they will send the pay app directly to ThermalTech for payment. I will hold or sign it and send to Dave at the end of the project.

08/11/05 – TE stopped by the site today and talked to Robert and inspected the work to date. The new “hot box” looks good. We agree that you would advised to put bollards around the new water service backflow preventer. The pad is much closer to the roadway than I had envisioned and at it is going to need to be protected from road traffic. The trenches for the new water line are too low in some areas and too high in others. I believe Neyer is coming back to grade more in a week after another rain or two. Part of the roadway is still unfinished and according to Robert they still have some work down at the Rec Center which in looking at the site down there, I tend to agree. It appears that their pay application % are fine to me for the work they have completed. I didn’t get inside the main office to check on the electrical work for the heat tape at the time of this field trip.

08/08/05 – As of last week, I know that the PC was on site performing all site work and routing all the material into the cottages. One questions was raised and answered by the JFS. We received the first payapp on the project. TTC to hand deliver on 08/09.

06/13/05 – TE received submittals from Ken Neyer. They will be logged and sent to Dave Woodside for his use and approval.

05/25/05 – TE had pre construction meeting today via a conference call. PC is scheduled to start in about 2 weeks. They will send submittals to TE today or tomorrow. Dave reported that the Grant is valid until May 2006.

04/19/05 – Dave Woodside reported that the prosecutor has approved the contract and it was sent to Ken Neyer on 04/19.

03/15/05 – Second bid opening is complete. Ken Neyer Plumbing was the apparent low bidder. His bid is so low that TE is questioning the validity of the bid. TTC called Ken Neyer, Jr. on both Monday and Tuesday to go over scope and get confirmation that the bid is valid. TTC left another voice mail at 8:00 p.m. in hopes that we can get an answer in the morning to pass along to Dave Woodside.

02/25/05 – Second Prebid Meeting was held. One contractor came to the prebid. No new questions were asked that required an Addendum. Bidding should proceed normally.

02/16/05 – Bid Opened and were rejected due to improper contact with the Engineer and no contractors accepted Addendum 2 which was officially released and received by all.

01/20/05 – Addendum 01 distributed.

01/19/05 – Prebid Mtg Complete. CWW contact Nancy Drexler agreed that during the city water upgrade if we provide a backflow preventer in the first office and feed the rest of the complex after the meter that this would the meet the requirements of the CWW for backflow prevention. TE will update the bid package to reflect this design change in Addendum 01.

11/04/04 – TE to provide an SOSS to Dave Woodside


Elevator Maintenance Bid

01/10/06 – TTC completed the escalator contract per Kerry’s comments and merged with previous comments. TA will hand delivery 4 copies to PBS today at 1:30 p.m.

01/09/06 – TTC delivered PBS elevator to PBS and bid tabs for their use.

01/06/06 – TTC delivered 230/800 contracts to Tony at the 237 WHT pre const mtg.

01/04/06 – Kerry returned electronic copy marked up. TTC to check over and approve.

12/21/05 – TTC returned electronic copy to Kerry for revisions.

12/12/05 – Contract revisions arrived from Kerry Dowling. TTC to make changes and send out ASAP.

12/09/05 – Kone called today to inquire about new contracts and cancelling old contracts for buildings they did not win under the new bid. Terry told them that new contracts should be forthcoming for official use by end of next week.

11/21/05 – TTC answered questions from the County about contracts. Everything appears to be in order.

11/17/05 – All contracts have been given to County for approval. TTC noted that there is no real need to have a supplementary conditions with the project manual as that is all outlined in the maintenance contract and we don’t use AIA contracts with this type of bid.

11/16/05 – TTC finished the elevator contracts for 230, 800 & PBS and sent them to Joe and Tony for distribution. This time, we coordinated issues like termination clauses, contract amounts with the combined bid savings and decided to split the savings 50/50 between the PBS and Facilities.

11/03/05 – After an initial scare that Addendum 01 did not get posted, Gina realized that the bid doesn’t open until 11/08 and therefore Addendum 01 is posted to demandstar and already has been sent from Ohio Blue.

11/01/05 – TTC is writing the Add01 for escalator project. This job should open next Tuesday. The SOSS has been signed for the escalator change order part of the job.

10/25/05 – Abell/Irvine called today to say that their office has been on Colerain Avenue since 1986. They have got their questionnaire answered and turned in with their bid. TTC ask Purchasing to fax a copy of it over to ThermalTech for review. TTC told everyone that the bid spec stated up to 5 buildings with 5 years experience. Tony called and discussed with TTC the new elevator contracts.

10/24/05 – Bids were opened. Fujitec did not bid the job. Kone didn’t their bid bond, Schindler withdrew their bid after TK’s opening bid, ThyssenKrupp and Abel/Lincoln turned in appropriate bids. TTC contacted both vendors for qualifications. TK provided a fax with all the documentation today. I have not heard from A-L but their number turned out to be long distance so I don’t consider that a good thing.

10/18/05 – The escalator bids immediately went back out on the street because no bid against Kone. Joe and Terry set the new bid estimate based on past numbers for the work in an attempt to make sure Kone didn’t try to overbid as they may be the only one entering bids on this project.

10/14/05 – The final addendum was issued to the contractors that dealt with questions from the prebid and mostly insurance and indemnity. TTC incorporated answers from the HamCo prosecutors office and risk managers for those issues. Also there is concern that one of the vendors does not have a full time office in the City as required by the bid. They also have not met the 5 project requirement of the specifications. This will have to be followed up on in the interview process.

10/03/05 – This Wednesday is the prebid meeting. I will meet Tony and Mike at 230 at 10:30 a.m.

09/21/05 – Project Manual completed and sent out for public bid. Bid opening scheduled for Oct 19th. Prebid mtgs scheduled on Oct 5th per everyone’s attendance request. Project budget estimated at $650,000.

09/20/05 – TTC completed the bid manual and sent out for review. All comments came back, TTC incorporated them into the manual and sent back to Maureen for advertising dates and SBA %. TE will turn over to County on Wednesday for bidding.

08/31/05 – Tony emailed today to say that TE is to keep the original insurance requirements from the original bid.

08/30/05 – Finalizing the bid process. Insurance requirements for Kone are final question before setting up public bid forum. Waiting on word back from Todd Dalton at Kone and AKM.

07/18/05 – Meeting went great. TTC has some work to cleanup old bid. AKM to inform TTC about 2020 building. Kone had some verbiage changes to contract. TTC has to modify bid form for combination bids.

07/12/05 – TTC setup a meeting with Tony and the elevator vendor for Friday.

07/05/05 – Project manual built by Sam. TTC has to get new information from Kone on new testing requirements. TTC talked to Sam Kinman today at PBS while on a walkthrough at PBS and was told that October’s escalator work is going to be an additional $30k on top of the standard contract. TTC will talk to Kone about new scope and testing for this bid and project manual.


ADAS – Due Diligence MEP Study

11/03/05 – TTC contacted THP for coordination and kickoff on this project. We will wait till they contact us to start working directly with Wes Miller at the site. According to Mike Stiles, the building could certainly use an electrical upgrade that could be upwards of $1mil in cost.

10/25/05 – TTC and Wes Miller setup a walk through today for Sam and Mike to gather info for the SOSS for this project.

10/24/05 – TTC contacted Wes Miller, THP and Diana Supe about finalizing the SOSS for this project. It appears to be much larger than originally thought. KLH has already visited the site and did a walk through with the Facility Director Wes Miller. TTC will re-contact and set up a field trip for TE to build the SOSS by Wednesday.


Energy Manager Project

01/16/07 – TTC compiled new format energy report and sent to Tony & Ralph. After December bills come in, TEI will present year end Energy report for Tony and Ralph.

06/01/06 – TTC sent Governors Award Application out for review. Markups will be incorporated and sent out UPS on June 2, 2006 to ODOD.

05/22/06 – TTC and Tony discussed the Governor’s Award for Energy that is due on June 02, 2006.

05/18/06 – Talked to Compass Energy about being an authorized buying agent for Hamilton County. There are so many things I like about this approach. I typed up and email to Tony to outline his benefits. We are awaiting approval to move forward.

05/05/06 – Strategic is very interested in bidding County work but mostly PBS. TTC sent the indemnity clause to them that County always requires and they want a conference call on 05/16/06 to discuss Q&A.

04/05/06 – After a second conference call, Tony has requested a write up from TTC outlining the possible cost and savings for bidding our dereg electric. TTC shall get this complete in a week.

03/23/06 – TEI sent Tony & Ralph the CCAO Report for 2005 updated with all the latest numbers. TEI sent Tony & Ralph the 2005 Monthly Report through December with the final CCAO numbers included. Next on TTC’s agenda is to update the yearly master and then the 2006 report for CCAO gas cost.

03/20/06 – Terry requested the Nov/Dec CCAO bills again as the latest packet doesn’t have them. TTC also contacted the CCAO for the information and talked to Amanda and she said she would fax them down to TTC but as of 3:40 p.m. they have not arrived. TEI cannot reconcile 2005 gas without this information.

03/15/06 – Talked to Joe Ewing today about Electric Deregulation Bid for county. We setup a conference call next week to discuss possibilities. TTC reconciled the 2006 Cinergy Rate schedule with an actual JC bill for February. This is a very big accomplishment towards reconciling the bills each and every month.

02/27/06 – TTC has to sign up for energy conference in Columbus. TTC and AKM discussed today on phone. TTC will drive up on Wed morning.

02/16/06 – TTC delivered the final report to Tony Matre and Ralph for use a couple of weeks ago but made one final change to the pie chart today. TTC is now working on deregulated electric and updating the individual building charts for a meeting with the bldg managers.

12/28/05 – TTC entered all the 2005 Gas data and got it input into the main spreadsheet for the County. TTC also began answering the CEC questionnaire.

12/09/05 – TTC discovered a billing anomaly in the CCAO billing for FT rate. It is a question that TTC can’t explain. The CH burnertip price is about $2 higher than the rest of the buildings for the same gas (it is all FT from the CCAO). Tony and Terry called the CCAO about the situation and left a message for assistance.

12/02/05 – TTC received the Energy Report packet today from the County that we will use as a template for LCC and this year’s report.

09/27/05 – Tony called and Terry sent our all 2004 Utility Data to Tony for his use. We sent a PDF and and excel file.

09/21/05 – First pass at Energy Star application yielded a grade of 33 for the 230 building. Passing is 75. TTC reviewed all data that Sam put into website. We believe that although we have additional data for additional months, this only hurts the ES score. Sam is removing extra months. The new score was in the mid 40’s. TTC manual calculated the buildings kbuth/sf to be 64.5 which is still lower than required for an Energy Star rating. TE is learning as we go on the application process for this website.

09/20/05 – Sam is currently entering 2004 data for 230 East Ninth.

09/16/05 – Set up user account at Energy Star for Hamilton County. We will be entering data for 230 East 9th Street for qualifications.

07/20/05 – TTC and Tom Kennedy met with Tony Matre and Mike Florimonte to discuss a proactive approach to getting the 230 East Ninth building LEED-EB certified. TE is to put together a business plan to make this work for the County

07/20/05 – TTC received the Alliance To Save Energy rejection letter for our March 2005 submission on the IT rate at the Courthouse. TTC forwarded the letter to Tony Matre.

07/19/05 – TTC finished the electric utility reports up through June 2005 and distributed to the County. TTC will work on reconciling the gas utilities next.

07/13/05 – Tony sent the CCAO summary to TTC for inclusion in to the energy files.

06/03/05 – TTC submitted the 2005 Governor’s Award to the State of Ohio. PDF. TTC submitted all 2004 energy data to Ralph for reporting.

05/26/05 – Downtown Six Pack Cinergy bills should started to arrive today at ThermalTech. There is no need to continue to copy Cinergy bills for EM work. I know will receive all the bills I need to do the monthly tracking. This should save Pat and Donna some work each week. If by chance I am missing one or two, I can request those manually.

05/20/05 – TTC has spent the better part of 3 days re-writing the TE software to accept all the new Cinergy Market Generation Riders so that I can correctly calculate and reconcile the energy bills for 2005. I estimate 2 more days of work before they are approved for use.

05/10/05 – TTC picked up Energy Authorization letter and will request data from Bill Fleisnner.

04/27/05 – TTC requested a County release for new energy data and to be authorized for the e-clips program to see Cinergy bills online, plus receive duplicate bills for the main 6-pack of buildings. The County should provide this letter.

03/31/05 – TTC sent in “Stars in Energy Alliance Application” PDF

03/25/05 – TTC startup monthly charts showing electric and gas, usage and cost and plotted on column graphs. TTC synchronized data with Tony’s local disk.

02/25/05 – TTC completed all the 2004 Energy Pulse Data Input. Graphs printed for 6 pack buildings. I am started to reconcile data vs. pulse data. A lot of energy bills are missing from 2004 and I have to contact Cinergy to get the actual bills for comparison. That request should be made on Tuesday.

02/18/05 – TTC attended the 9th Annual Ohio Energy Conference in Columbus and tabulated the 2004 237 WHT Energy Data.

02/11/05 – TTC will be working from TE and attending the Ohio Energy Conference next week for 2 days.

02/10/05 – TE registered TTC for the Ohio Energy Conference today. See you in Columbus next week.

02/08/05 – TTC collected more bills and is having Laurie at TE re-organize the bills by year, building, then service for easier updating..

02/04/05 – TTC got 230 E9th electric input for 2004. Looks like building has started using more energy and more 24/7 hours. TTC pointed out on graph to AKM.

02/02/05 – All 2004 bills have been tabulated. TTC and AKM set a schedule of having Energy Star program applied for by May 2005, having LEED-EB applied for by May 2005 and having Deregulated Electric bid on street by May 01, 2005. Cinergy has provided ALL 2004 interval electric data in an email today.

01/28/05 – TTC organized bills collected from 2004 for water, gas and electric.

01/2 1/05 – TTC organized bills collected from 2004 for water, gas and electric.

01/14/05 – TTC created water spreadsheet for 237 WHT. There are unexplained phenomena that need further investigation.

01/07/05 – TTC requested data from all current registered Cinergy Suppliers for Deregulated Electricity for County Bidding Purposes.



05/21/07 – The team presented the both phases of the Due Diligence study and the BOE move in programming and cost to Jeff Alluto, Diana Supe, Kevin Maue and John Michel and Bill Stautberg today. We went over existing conditions and possible future costs if the BOE takes occupancy of the building. Phasing plans and cost were turned over to the owner for this report. MEP wise the building is in good shape and will work for this and future needs.

05/14/07 – TE has DK on site for mechanical HVAC testing. TEI visited the site last week to get more FPC, EC and PC information. Report is due for review this Friday with MD and partners.

04/27/07 – TE awaiting signed SOSS.

04/18/07 – TE got prices from one contractor to perform Due Diligence on the AHU’s units at the site for $1900. We have a couple of request still pending.

04/17/07 – TTC & TA visited the site with CRA and THP and County Officials to take pictures, look at equipment and assess the requirements to prepare the Due Diligence Report.


CMC Evaluation

05/22/09 – Report delivered. We are in question and answer phase.

04/15/09 – In progress – due 4-13-09. Pending signed SOSS for CR-107a and CR-107b.

03/18/09 – 50% draft submitted.

03/13/09 – SOSS CR-107a and CR-107b submitted.

02/18/09 – Kick-off meeting held.

01/27/09 – SOSS signed.

01/12/09 – SOSS Requested.



04/27/07 – The final report is going to be delivered to Hamilton County Facilities Department today, April 27, 2007.

04/20/07 – TE received word from Hamilton County Facilities and are currently working on the final report.

04/13/07 – TE awaiting word from Hamilton County Facilities to proceed with final report.

04/03/07 – TA turned over draft copy report to Mark Donnelly by hand for review.

03/30/07 – Project progressing as expected.

03/23/07 – Hillcrest and Patrol Hdqtrs are complete. 800 Broadway is scheduled for next week.

03/20/07 – Patrol Hdqtrs fieldwork is complete. Hillcrest is scheduled in the next couple of weeks. Whole project is scheduled to be completed by end of March 07

03/14/07 – Patrol Headquarters, 800 Broadway and Hillcrest Campus have been added to the list of buildings to be evaluated. Field work for Patrol Headquarters and 800 Broadway has been performed. Hillcrest will be completed next week.

02/28/07 – 5 out of 6 original buildings have the report completed and turned over the Hamilton County Facilities Department.

02/19/07 – TEI will wrap up this project. 3 buildings are left to complete. CH, CAB, River City, Coroner’s Office are complete.

02/02/07 – The write up is very nearly complete on this project. TA is hoping to finish today.

11/03/06 – Write up is progressing

09/29/06 – Field trip is scheduled for week of 10/02/06

09/22/06 – Field trip is scheduled for the week of 9/25

09/15/06 – 5 out of 6 buildings are complete. Working on 6th next week.



07/24/09 – The cost estimates were finished on Wed 07/22 but Bert found several that needed more work or were empty. We finished these today. TTC reviewed every project new and old for completeness. The LEED portion was difficult and I an not 100% sure the data will be totally usable by HamCo fo its 2010 needs but it is the first step towards getting greener buildings. The projects are complete. CRA will be printing manuals for the next 5 days.

06/23/09 – TTC reviewed the Rebuild America and ECM Screening Tool with Tim and issued the original cost and scope documents to the team for updating our scope items for the cost estimate project. I have found several projects that are duplicates and especially have some questions about the Hillcrest site where they appear to be repeated twice and maybe three times. Terry will call Bert to discuss.

06/19/09 – The SOSS is approved and we have begun visiting the buildings. Terry and Mike have been to the 250 WHT building. The remaining projects are being coordinate by several TE employees for field trips next week. For this project we will have Terry, Tim, Andy and Mike Folck performing mechanical estimates. Mike, Danny and George will be performing the electrical estimates. Today we had our internal TEI kickoff meeting and internal Archibus training for input.


BOARD OF ELECTIONS Third Floor Renovation

10/16/08 – Bert reports the BOE is very happy and has given Facilities a kudos for the work.

08/22/08 – Permit is in County hands for IBI. Bert said city permit was also received.

08/08/08 – According to City Permit Tracker Website this project is APPROVED.

08/01/08 – TEI has submitted three drawings to IBI for permit for this project.

09/05/08 – Permit approved in August. TEI submitted final payment for permits so final inspection can be scheduled.



02/02/10 – Cintas submitted paperwork for a change order cost to the JC work for 2010 based on building count inaccuracies. TEI may review? No word on Tony on what he needs.

12/31/09 – The only development aside from all contract being approved is that JCI will not agree to the contract published with the project. The Admin bldg is going to have to be inspected outside the scope of this project. TTC recommended Hamco take out a change order on SA Communale contract and get them to do the building for 2009. A separate agreement will have to be reached with one of our vendors to get the 2009 testing complete. Tony is working on final contracts.

09/11/09 – TTC sent final contracts to Tony for delivering to Kerry for review. We have 5 contracts on this job and everything is under budget. SA Communale got most of the buildings, Cintas, JCI and Simplex each got one of the buildings.

08/25/09 – Addendums 1-5 have been sent out and extended the bid to Sept 4. One company protested the bid and forced Addendum 5 and we published the actual service contract with the last addendum for their use.

07/29/09 – We have collected almost all of the building summary sheets for the project back from the building managers. TTC & DPC are working on the new spec, combined bid forms, etc for the large Addendum.

07/15/09 – Addendum 01 went out to bidders and extended the bid opening date to August 19th.

06/23/09 – Today was the first prebid meeting and it was less than stellar. The addendum on this project will be quite large and we have to get better equipment counts in all the buildings. The printouts that were provided do not have all the equipment the contractors want to see for an accurate bid. We will most likely extend the bid opening by one month, detail the scope of work better, combine the bids, rework the building summary sheets, take combined bids for better pricing, add an alternate for the five year required testing and add an alternate for the County workers to self perform all the weekly and monthly testing.



01/28/10 – Talk to PBS & Tony. All paperwork should be in. There are some lingering questions about contract signee’s and interval meters at several locations. As these get solved to the satisfaction of DERS these accounts will be brought on line too.

12/31/09 – Contracts are being signed. Interval meters request have been sent out. TTC forwarded the emails to hamco directors for signature and suggested everyone accept option 2 where the cost $446 each of the interval meter be rolled into the monthly bills for 24 months. Bill Fleissner is our contact at DEO for this. There was significant conversation between Matre and Cannon about us believe the entire cost was under $1000 for interval meters. DERS indicated 11 accounts required them. TTC rebuffed that by providing interval data on 9 of those accounts. DEO came back with another 19 that required it because peak demands were over 100kw not 1000kw as TTC believed. In the end written documentation is clear that the threshold is 100kw. PBS has already signed and faxed their approval to DEO. Final contracts and insurance have been worked out between Kerry, Tim and DERS. TEI provided backup savings calcs for the groups approving DERS savings estimates at significantly lower numbers (DERS numbers include cost savings and cost avoidance savings as one lump number).

10/20/09 – We have about five vendors registered and we have extended the contract question phase. We are opening the project on Nov 19. We have no contract questions yet on this project.

09/22/09 – Tony and Terry discussed insurance requirements with Tim Grabenstein for this contract. TTC sent the final copy for review to Tim. TEi asked for comments back by Friday.

09/21/09 – Contract comments came back from Tony and Kerry. Jim and Terry merged them into a final contract. We received the ITB-92-09 for this project. TEi will issue the final documents for public distribution on Oct 1. Contract questions and comments will be due Oct 15th. Bids are due in November.

08/19/09 – We completed our meeting with the Prosecutor’s office RSM will write a preliminary contract. TEI will write the end. 6 certified suppliers will be invited. Ralph will present to the commissioners for their review. Ralph, Tony, Kerry and myself have agreed to the plan.

07/20/09 – TTC sent Tony a revised SOSS for bidding out electrical services for the County. Ralph also asked about the Voltage Guard hardware which TTC and NV replied that TEI was very weary of this technology. We are doing more investigation.

06/23/09 – The report is approved and we have presented the results to the Commissioners. There are a few projects for energy savings that we should pursue in this year.


Archibus Drawing Updates

6/18/10-Met with Jack Randle of In4 and Michelle Ray of Hamilton County Facilities Department to discuss In4 scope of work verses Architectural Partnership scope of work. First Floor of Alms and Doepke mentioned. Michelle to investigate status.

6/21/10- Received email from Bert Watts with attachment documenting building drawing red-marks for correction.

6/22/10- Verified with Bert Watts the First Floor of Alms and Doepke is to be added to list of drawing corrections.

6/23/10- Submitted SOSS to Bert Watts at monthly Partner Meeting.

6/29/10- Approved SOSS delivered to GBBN.

7/02/10- Drawing updates completed and reported to Bert Watts.


2011 Project Request Estimating

4/26/10- Bert Watts discussed Estimating Project at Monthly Partner Meeting

5/8/10- Bert Watts email with attachments listing Partner and Project Manager Project List received.

5/12/10- GBBN received estimates for services from Mike Strine at Pinnacle Engineering for Asbestos Abatement Services.

5/13/10- GBBN submitted SOSS to Bert Watts.

6/23/10- Met with Walt Heckel of THP to coordinate all projects involving “All Partners”.

6/23/10- Conference call with Susan Barrett of IPM to discuss Communications Building Projects estimated earlier by IPM.

6/24/10- GBBN submits proposal requests to vendors for printing and assembly of project binders.

7/01/10- GBBN met with Bud Wells at Parkhaus Garage to discuss vegetative roof project request

7/02/10- IPM/GBBN visited Communications Center to discuss two project requests.

7/03/10- GBBN visited 2020 Auburn to discuss and document two project requests.

7/18/10- QCR delivers final binder tab revisions to GBBN to allow for final binder assembly.

7/19/10- Deliver project request binders (9 sets) to Bert Watts at the Courthouse.

7/20/10- Record set of Binders delivered to MEP Partner TEI.

7/22/10- Bert Watts delivers revisions to Binder Summaries for GBBN to insert into sets for partners.

7/23/10- Record set of Binders delivered to structural Partner THP.

7/27/10- Bert indicated the binders are to be slightly realigned from GBBN’s submission. Bert will take the 9th set of binders and realign them for GBBN’s reference. GBBN’s current office copy set of binders will be delivered to IPM for their records.

7/29/10- GBBN to received 9th set of binders from Bert Watts at the monthly partnering meeting.


Workforce Investment Board Vestibule Renovations

Current Comments (5/26/2010)

Project complete. Working on closeout documentation. CRA completing work.

Past Comments

Masonry repair work in progress.

Vestibule removed and new vestibule under construction.

New piers anticipated next week.(2/24/10)
Contractor completed demolition of vestibule.(2/24/10)
Sink Hole investigation:
Dug test well to footings and no fill below footing.
Pumped 5 yards of flash fill into void.
Plan to complete second test well on adjacent wall.
All phases of work approved.
THP subconsultant to CR Architects.



08/10/10 – Project is complete. ThermalTech made this project dormant in the TTE books this week.

07/16/10 – Project cost estimates were completed as scheduled. GBBN finalizing the books.

05/26/10 – SOSS received today. We will be starting this project next week.


2012 Project Cost Estimates

06/27/11 – Project 1208 was updated. Barth already had the cost separated as Bert wanted.

06/24/11 – Project estimates are complete. We are currently putting final touches of the estimates for this year.

05/24/11 -started field work on most estimates. Several have been input. Added one based on field work.

04/27/11 – We will be kickoff off this project next Monday and doing the work in May 2011.


Emergency Generator PM Bid

06/29/11 – Tony reported today that the contract is approved.

05/03/11 – ThermalTech turned over final paperwork to Blaine for contract writing.

04/27/11 – Engineer’s office is writing a one year contract, Comm Center asked me to looked at three year bids and Tony asked me to write a contract for five years for the Facility buildings.

03/30/11 – Bids are due Thursday at 11am. TTC will attend. Three Addendums have been sent out on this job. We are taking prices on base bid, alternate and unit prices.

02/25/11 – Project is out for bidding. Prebid Mar 11, Bid Opening Mar 24. Note: TTC has to fix bid form for more clarity on bid day.

02/22/10 – Tony and Mike have approved the project manual and TEI will be sending to Jill Williams for bidding on Friday Feb 25.



08/25/11 – Ameresco work is in final stages for contract negotiations. More controls meetings are schedule. Ameresco is presenting final report early Sept.

07/29/11 – 10 color copies of the final report have been mailed to Ralph per his request. The 2010 Report is complete.

07/07/11 – Energy Star bills have been entered for 230, Admin, and 800 Broadway. Field trips were scheduled for 230 and Admin, but have to be moved back to July 26 to coordinate with Florimonte vacation.

06/24/11 – Ralph said that he is sending Jeff’s questions over for final changes.

05/04/11 – Deliver 2 hard copies to Tony & Ralph today. Ralph said that if Jeff Aluotto approves this report, we can print these in color and be done. Also for 2011 report, he would like Hillcrest added, 237 WHT removed and the water data expanded.

04/26/11 – Delivered the final report to Ralph for 2010 including water from 2009 and 2010 completed for all major buildings. In 2011 we will add water for the remaining buildings and try to back date that information to 2007. We are trying to update the Energy Watchdog website before the final import at the end of May. It is nice to report that we saved over $1,000,000 in 2010 on our 3 major energy conservation measures.

03/30/11 – TTC finished inputting water bills. Thursday Amy will integrate into the report. Friday, Terry will finish the report.

03/14/11 – Duke has confirmed that ThermalTech has correctly included all the Administration Bldg electric into the Energy Star website. With this information, we are going to move forward with Estar approval.

03/01/11 – TTC has to add the deregulated electricity calcs to the report.

02/22/11 – TTC gave Ralph and Tony their final copy to review. Comments are back and TTC will finalize to give to Ralph for review by EOB on Friday.

01/24/11 – Folck has entered all bills that have been received. Terry and Amy are starting the Energy Report this week. Hopefully to be completed early February.

09/29/10 – All bills ThermalTech receives have been input into Watchdog. Next week have to do the bills kept at the CH.

07/28/10 – We are working on the new HamCo RFP with a couple of ESCO. RFP’s are due Aug 16.

05/26/10 – We received the 237 bills. Folck will input them. We will then generate the April bill.

05/06/10 – We modified Energy Watchdog to allow us to start entering electric commodity for Hamilton County ins 2010. Folck will enter all bills to date starting this afternoon.

04/26/10 – We delivered 10 copies of the final report to Ralph last Thursday. We delivered an updated electronic copy with the years of each project added to the Appendix today per Ralph’s request. We will continue to update bills in Energy Watchdog.

03/22/10 – Ralph and Tony have returned the Energy Report with comments. TTC will compile the final report. All previous reports uploaded to web.

03/05/10 – ThermalTech sent the final report to Ralph and Tony for commenting. TEi will compile the final report when comments are returned.

02/24/10 – Attended the 14th Annual Ohio Energy Conference with Tony & Ralph. Got the Energy Report about 50% complete. We are adding new buildings this year which means fixing the baseline model from 1997 and forward. It is harder than expected and taking longer.

02/22/10 – We have collected all utility data for 2009 and input into our worksheets

02/04/10 – Energy Watchdog data is input for 2009 for all buildings except for missing CCAO bills for Courthouse. We are working on the 2009 report and trying to finalize all the bills.

01/28/10 – Terry and Amy will be updating the report in Feb 2010. Andy is putting in the Watchdog data and Energy Star data this week.

12/31/09 – More bills are being input. The energy watchdog website should be up to date by mid January.

09/22/09 – Some bills are missing. TTC contacted Tony about Coroner’s gas bills. Jackson called about Coroner’s office water usage. TTC emailed the 2010 cost estimate report and explained the cost and program to reduce water usage.

08/19/09 – We completed our meeting with the Prosecutor’s office RSM will write a preliminary contract. TEI will write the end. 6 certified suppliers will be invited. Ralph will present to the commissioners for their review. Ralph, Tony, Kerry and myself have agreed to the plan.

07/20/09 – TTC sent Tony a revised SOSS for bidding out electrical services for the County. Ralph also asked about the Voltage Guard hardware which TTC and NV replied that TEI was very weary of this technology. We are doing more investigation.

06/23/09 – The report is approved and we have presented the results to the Commissioners. There are a few projects for energy savings that we should pursue in this year.

05/22/09 – The final report was turned over to the commissioners and we attended the commissioner meeting on 05/18. Mike Folck is updating all the water bills from 2009 and 2009. All data has been entered into Energy Watchdog through April 2008. We are not updating our monthly sheets until next year.

04/05/09 – The report is ready for TTC to review. I will get this done this week. I emailed Ralph & Tony about working with Ameresco on the 2009 energy projects.

01/26/09 – TTC & MAF finished the ECM Summary table and sent to Ralph Linne & Tony Matre. Ralph forwarded it to Jeff Aluotto for use. We are awaiting and update on how to write the SOSS for the work.


2012 Project Estimates

Current Comments (9/28/2011)
Past Comments

Project complete.

THP added 250 William Howard Taft assessment into Archibus.

June 6 THP updated Archibus entries for 1431 and 1432.

Project estimates completed and loading into Archibus June 3, 2011.

THP reviewing project estimates, deadline for data entry into Archibus is June 3.

May 5, 2011 SOSS approved.

THP developing SOSS.

March 31, 2011 requested SOSS to complete 2012 project estimates.


2012 Project Request Estimating

03/31/11- Kick-off Meeting with Bert Watts during regular monthly Partnering Meeting. Tabulation Lists to be issued to all partners.

04/28/11- SOSS delivered to Bert Watts at monthly partnering meeting.

05/16/11- Met with Scott Lemond of ARC to discuss printing schedule and deliverables.

05/12/11- GBBN and IPM visited with Greg Smorey of the County Engineer’s Office to discuss the CAB 8th Floor Phase 2 Renovations.

05/18/11- Met with Greg Smorey of the County Engineers Office to review scope of project request for the Phase 2 renovation of the 8th floor not renovated in Phase 1.

05/31/11- Meeting with Greg Gelhaussen of the County Engineer’s Office at Ripple Road Engineer’s Garage.

06/14/11- All project Request Estimating is closed and completed.

06/23/11- Bert Watts email indicating three Project Requests have been eliminated.

06/27/11- Bert Watts email indicating one additional Project Request has been eliminated.

06/30/11- Deadline for all consultants to complete any requested revisions to Project Requests.

07/05/11- Delivery of electronic files and lists of projects to ARC printing

07/27/11- Binders received from ARC printing. Bert Watts accepts delivery from GBBN

07/29/11- GBBN delivers and installs corrected spline and cover slipsheets.

08/05/11- GBBN delivers partner sets of binders to THP and IPM.

08/25/11- GBBN delivers partner set of binders to TEI and CD’s of 2011 and 2012 to all partners.


2011 General Services

01/14/11-SOSS submitted.

01/21/11- Bert Watts forwarded the new Contractor Safety and Health Specification section that is to be included in all future HCFD project manuals.

01/24/11-SOSS signed by BOCC and issued to GBBN along with Purchase Order.

01/25/11- Modified Standard Bidding Documents to indicate Christian Sigman as Interim County Administrator.

01/27/10-Attended HCFD Partnership monthly partner meeting.

01/27/11- GBBN forwarded to the other Partners the revised Master Specification Table of Contents and Legal Wrap showing the inclusion of the new Contractor Safety and Health specification section.

02/04/11- The meeting with Amy Hoh to kick-off a new project to modify the existing office partitions was cancelled.

02/14/11-Kick-off meeting with Sean Winfield of CAGIS to initiate an estimate to enlarge the CAB 10th Floor Conference Room.

02/15/11- Bert Watts agreed to perform the CAGIS work under this contract in lieu of a SOSS.

02/18/11- Drawings and estimate for CAGIS project sent to Bert Watts.

02/24/11- Attended the regularly schedule Partnering meeting at the Courthouse.

03/12/11- Met with Bert Watts to review the as-built conditions at Parkhaus Retail spaces. GBBN took measurements and photographs of space

03/15/11- GBBN sent as-builts to Bert Watts for review. Additional MEP input to be performed by GBBN due to lack of involvem,ent by ThermalTech.

03/25/11- Meeting with GBBN, ThermalTech and Duke Energy to discuss potential energy savings and partnering programs.

03/31/11- Attended the regularly schedule Partnering meeting at the Courthouse.

04/28/11- Attended the regularly schedule Partnering meeting at the Courthouse.

05/11/11- Interior Project Management performed background checks at the Justice Center. GBBN delivers results to Diana Supe.

05/12/11- GBBN staff performed background checks at Justice Center. GBBN delivered results to Diana Supe.

05/26/11- Attended the regularly schedule Partnering meeting at the Courthouse.

06/23/11- Corrections for new County Administrator made to standard front-end specifications.

06/30/11- Attended the regularly schedule Partnering meeting at the Courthouse.

– Website updated after Partnering Meeting.

07/06/11- Meeting with ThermalTech to review Courthouse Courtroom Ceilings for redesign of the soffits and ceilings with Tony Matre.

07/29/11- Attended the regularly schedule Partnering meeting at the Courthouse.

– Website updated before Partnering Meeting.

08/25/11- Attended the regularly schedule Partnering meeting at the Courthouse.

– Website updated before Partnering Meeting.

09/29/11- Attended the regularly schedule Partnering meeting at the Courthouse.

– Website updated before Partnering Meeting.


Record Center Storage Facility

Project Lead: GBBN

08/18/11 – Call from Bert Watts to discuss needs for permitting.

08/19/11 – GBBN contacts County of Hamilton Zoning. Indications are the City of Cincinnati is AHJ.

08/19/11 – GBBN contacts City of Cincinnati concerning Zoning and Permit Requirements.

08/22/11 – GBBN reports back to Bert Watts concerning permitting and structural requirements. Bert Watts requests SOSS be generated.

08/22/11 – GBBN delivers research into Use Group and Storage Code Requirements to Bert Watts.

08/24/11 – Bert Watts reports that Facilities is waiting for Clerk of Courts approval to place storage unit on site.

09/14/11 – Bert Watts sends documentation of basis of design structure to GBBN.

04/09/12 – Call placed to VersaTube for heavier gauge metal panel order to comply with Fire Rating Design.

05/04/12 – Footings poured after inspection and approval of formwork by Building Inspector.

05/25/12 – GBBN meets with VersaTube representative to take delivery of missing components.

05/28/12 – GBBN finalizes translucent panel order with VersaTube

05/30/12 – Payment send overnight for translucent panel order.

06/20/12 – Delivery service called to request fence be opened for delivery of extra panels.

06/27/12 – Graybach confirms latest extra panel delivery has been received.

07/23/12 – Inquiries to Graybach to determine when work to recommence on site.

07/24/12 – Graybach sends updated schedule for completion of project.

07/24/12 – GBBN visits site to review fallen fireproofing. Gates locked and only observation from outside gate.

07/25/12 – GBBN visits site and photographs and documents progress and remaining items to be completed. Reports to Bert Watts.

08/27/12 – Punch List site walk through performed.

08/28/12 – Punch List sent to Bert Watts and John Nester for review. After approval from both the punch list sent to Graybach.

08/29/12 – Graybach confirms final inspection approval received from City of Cincinnati Buildings and Inspections.

10/22/12 – Graybach instructed to complete as-built drawings showing actual built foundation dimensions.

10/30/12 – GBBN reports to Graybach Change Order invoice to be paid by end of this week.

03/08/13 – Graybach sends letter from City of Cincinnati Permit Office about closing out the Special Inspections on this project.

03/09/13 – GBBN contacts Thelen about logistics for completing the Special Inspections.

03/20/13 – Special Inspections visit by Thelen scheduled. Visit is postponed due to snow.

03/22/13 – Special Inspections re-visit by Thelen scheduled. Visit is postponed due to snow. again.

05/15/13 – Thelen; to send Special Inspections from to City of Cincinnati Buildings and Inspections.


Record Center Second Accessory Building

Project Lead: GBBN

09/27/12 – Call from Bert Watts requesting SOSS for second similar facility on the same site.

10/02/12 – GBBN submits SOSS to Bert Watts.

10/03/12 – GBBN receives approved SOSS.

10/23/12 – GBBN submit preliminary bid package to Bert Watts for Owner review.

10/26/12 – Bert Watts gives conditional approval of documents. Awaiting approval from Ralph Linne before final distribution to Purchasing.

10/27/12 – GBBN receives ITB information from Purchasing for Legal Wrap.

10/30/12 – Bert Watts notifies GBBN of Ralph Linne approval to bid.

10/30/12 – GBBN sends documents to Purchasing and ARC Reprographics for Bidding and Distribution.

10/31/12 – GBBN copies of bidding documents received from ARC Reprographics.

02/07/12 – GBBN receives signed SOSS back from Facilities Department.01/21/2- GBBN received stamped engineering calculations from VersaTube.

01/03/13 – GBBN submits permit application to City of Cincinnati Permit Center.

01/10/13 – GBBN delivered signed and stamped updated surveys to the City Permit Center.3. 1/15/13 Facilities sent signed contract and PO to Graybach to begin submittal process.

01/16/13 – Graybach acknowledged receipt of contract and will begin process of approvals with VersaTube.

01/02/13 – GBBN attends Zoning Variance Hearing. Preliminary approval granted.

01/03/13 – Official Zoning Variance Letter received.

01/18/13 – GBBN receives telephone call from City of Cincinnati Permit Center indicating permit has been approved. GBBN forwards information and final permit cost to Graybach.

02/18/13 – Graybach begins excavation for footing installation.

02/19-13 – GBBN reports to Grayback frozen ice is laying in footer trenches. Graybach arrives on site and pumps water out of trenches.

02/20/13 – Graybach pours concrete foundations.

02/26/13 – GBBN visits site and notifies Graybach blanketing is blown off footings. GBBN requests damaged gutter strap be repaired on existing building when new building erection commences.

03/21/13 – Graybach informs GBBN that building framing sent by building manufacturer is incorrectly sized for the 16–0″ required width.

03/22/13 – Graybach issues letter to building manufacturer to inform them of the width discrepancy.

03/27/13 – GBBN inquires with Graybach about additional information on corrective measures. Graybach responded that corrective materials were delivered by the Building Manufacturer 03/26/13 – Graybach intends to recommence work 04/01/13

04/01/13 – Graybach receives corrected truss framing members to continue construction.

04/17/13 – Graybach notifies GBBN that all four corner trim members sent by building manufacturer ware sent too short. Construction can’t continue without correct trim pieces. GBBN instructs Graybach to get correct full length trim and not piece together add-ons.

04/23/13 – GBBN sends inquiry about delivery date for correct trim members and projected date for recommencement of construction.

04/29/13 – Missing pieces received from building manufacturer. Graybach to resume work this week.

05/14/13 – Missing pieces have been installed. Interior studs and lath to begin next week.

05/15/13 – Thelen; to send Special Inspections from to City of Cincinnati Buildings and Inspections.

05/21/13 – GBBN visited the site and determined the remaining work is the spray applied fireproofing, overhead door, gutters/downspouts, painting and door hardware.

05/23/13 – GBBN visited the site and took progress photos.

05/30/13 – Interior Fireproofing studs information and details sent to Thelen for Special Inspections.

06/05/13 – Spray applied fireproofing to be installed.

06/12/13 – Graybach had spray applied fireproofing inspection with the City of Cincinnati. The overhead door was installed.

06/19/13 – Gutters, downspouts, painting and door hardware installed.

06/24/13 – GBBN visited site and noticed two downspouts, not one per the drawings, have been installed on each of the front and back of the building. This error was brought to Graybach’s attention before the drain tile was extended to receive the new building storm drainage.

07/19/13- GBBN visits site and conducts punch list inspection. GBBN forwards punch list to County and Graybach.

08/23/13 – Graybach sends proposal for proposed Site Allowance requested work by County.

08/25/13 – Graybach forwards proposed storm piping support detail to County and GBBN for review.

09/04/13 – County authorizes Graybach to order EZ Sleepers and miscellaneous materials for storm drainage anchorage. Graybach hopes to work on site Monday 9/9/13.

09/09/13 – GBBN visits site to review materials and detailing of storm drainage anchorage. GBBN sends details to County for review.

01/23/14- GBBN contacts Graybach about final closeout documents and final payment status.

01/24/14- Graybach indicates closeout documents ready to send. Final Inspection completed with the City of Cincinnati Building Department. No final Certificate of Occupancy documentation received yet.

01/27/14- GBBN contacts City of Cincinnati Building Department to inquire about final Certificate of Occupancy. Informed that former inspector has retired. Joe Luster is called to inquire about status and voice mail left.

03/07/14- GBBN receives return telephone call from Jim Zimmer of the City of Cincinnati Buildings and Inspections. He indicated the final inspection was performed by the City on 07/18/13 and all was found to be in compliance. Waterworks signed off on 02/18/14 and was last remaining department required for final sign-off. Final paperwork and project closeout is now ongoing by the City.


RECORDS CENTER Masonry Investigation

Partner Lead: THP

02/03/16 – County staff reported masonry cracking throughout the building, and requested THP investigate.

02/25/16 – THP visited the site, confirmed the conditions, and is developing a SOSS.

03/24/16 – THP provided an SOSS for review.

04/04/16 – County approved the SOSS.

05/26/16 – THP completed field investigation of the facility. THP developing analysis and final recommendations.

07/26/16 – Draft report finished.

07/28/16 – Plan to publish final report by August 1st.

08/01/16 – Draft report published to Hamilton County for review.

08/08/16 – Hamilton County Returned comments and THP published final report.


RECORDS CENTER Slab & Facade Repair

Partner Lead: THP

08/16/16 – Hamilton County requested a SOSS for all phases of work noted in THP’s report dated 8/8/16. Soil investigation, design and bidding to be completed by early December. Construction schedule anticipated Spring of 2017.

08/18/16 – THP met with Terracon to develop the soil investigation proposal.

08/23/16 – THP published SOSS for review.

08/18/16 – THP met Terracon at site to review existing conditions for purposes of receiving a proposal for geotechnical services.

09/07/16 – THP met Terracon at site to confirm and mark interior and exterior borings and test pit locations.

09/12/16 – Terracon completed exterior borings.

09/13/16 – Terracon completed interior borings.

09/21/16 – Terracon completed test pits, and THP observed and surveyed exterior elevations.

10/11/16 – THP received Terracon’s preliminary documents from field work and soil testing.

10/14/16 – THP issued documents for Owners Review.

10/18/16 – THP issued Bid Set of documents.

10/25/16 – Prebid meeting completed at Records Center.

10/27/16 – THP issued Addendum 01.

11/03/16 – THP issued Addendum 02.

11/17/16 – Bid opening. KFI and SSRG submitted bids, and SSRG was apparent low bidder.

11/18/16 – THP conference call with SSRG to review misc. questions about bid.

11/18/17 – THP issued letter to Hamilton County recommending SSRG be awarded the project with all 4 alternates accepted.

12/02/16 – THP emailed pdf of AIA Owner-Contractor agreement between County and SSRG for review.

12/06/16 – THP delivered hard copies of AIA Owner-Contractor Agreement to Hamilton County.

02/21/17 – SSRG emailed THP submittals for micropiles.

02/27/17 – THP reviewed and returned SSRG’s submittals for micropiles.

03/23/17 – Project update: SSRG working through background checks of employees and THP scheduling preconstruction meeting.

04/03/17 – THP published submittal log and sent back mortar submittal as revise and resubmit.

04/04/17 – THP reviewed and returned submittals for masonry, sealant, and coatings.

04/27/17 – SSRG working through background checks. Pre-construction meeting anticipated in mid-May (after background checks are complete).

05/01/17 – THP received and reviewed pencil copy of Application for Payment #1 from SSRG.

05/03/17 – Preconstruction meeting at site with Hamilton County, SSRG, and THP.

05/03/17 – THP visited SSRG warehouse to document steel tubes and brackets in storage.

05/04/17 – THP issued notes from preconstruction meeting.

05/19/17 – THP met SSRG at site to review sealant samples.

05/22/17 – THP approved Application for Payment #1 and delivered to Hamilton County.

05/31/17 – Progress meeting with project team, and THP site visit to document progress.

06/01/17 – THP issued 5/31 meeting notes and field report #1.

06/01/17 – THP reviewed and approved SSRG Application for Payment 2, and delivered to Hamilton County.

06/07/17 – Progress meeting with project team, and THP site visit to document progress.

06/07/17 – THP issued 6/7 meeting notes and field report #2.

06/14/17 – Progress meeting with project team, and THP site visit to document progress.

06/15/17 – THP issued 6/14 meeting notes.

06/16/17 – THP and SSRG met on site to document quantities of unit price exterior tuckpointing completed at CMU walls.

06/21/17 – Progress meeting with project team, and THP site visit to document progress and coordinate with SSRG and ECS Construction.

06/21/17 – THP issued 6/21 meeting notes and field report #3.

06/22/17 – THP emailed status of unit cost quantities to SSRG and Hamilton County for review.

06/07/17 – THP received and reviewed pencil copy of SSRG application for payment 3.

06/28/17 – Progress meeting with project team, and THP site visit to document progress, develop punchlist, and document quantities of unit price interior tuckpointing with SSRG.

07/27/17 – All work complete except punch list and power line area work. SSRG scheduling with Duke Energy a shut down.

08/02/17 – THP visited site to review completion of punchlist items, and met with SSRG to review mortar samples for tuckpointing repairs to be completed at northeast corner of building.

08/11/17 – Duke Energy interrupted electrical service.

08/12/17- SSRG began cash allowance work.

08/13/17 – SSRG finished cash allowance work, and Duke Energy re-established electrical service.

08/17/17 – THP visited site to review completion of cash allowance work.

08/21/17 – THP issued field report no. 5 from 8/17 site visit.

08/22/17 – THP received and reviewed pencil copy of SSRG Application for Payment #4.

09/05/17 – THP reviewed and approved change order #1 and contractor’s fourth application for payment, and delivered to County.

09/06/17 – THP developed as-built drawing set and emailed to County and SSRG.

09/28/17 – SSRG assembly closeout documents.

10/09/17 – THP received and reviewed project manual binders from SSRG, and requested revised warranty documentation from coatings manufacturer.

10/16/17 – THP received revised coatings warranty and updated project manual binders.

10/26/17 – Waiting on closeout documents to archive this project.

10/23/17 – THP received final application for payment from SSRG and requested additional required AIA closeout documents.

10/30/17 – THP received and reviewed AIA documents from SSRG for final application for payment, and contacted SSRG about status of lien waivers for subcontractors.

10/30/17 – THP delivered project closeout binders and SSRG’s final application for payment to Hamilton County.

11/09/17 – THP received and reviewed subcontractor lien waivers, and emailed SSRG about providing new documents with corrected information.

11/20/17 – THP received revised subcontractor lien waiver documents from SSRG and forwarded to Hamilton County.

11/27/17 – THP received approved/signed copy of SSRG’s final application for payment.