03/15/07 – TTC has received and printed out as-built drawings. The entire packet will be delivered to the Courthouse on Friday.

02/05/07 – EDI sent a revised payapp #7 in that looks fine but they also are asking for additional monies for ceiling work.

02/02/07 – EDI’s final O&M’s checked over and are fine. EDI stated that As Builts are included with them. TTC to confirm. TTC rejected pay ap 08 because it shows a negative balance due on this project.

01/22/07 – All Closeout documents received. TE set to work on as-built dwgs to turn over to County. O&M’s and closeout paperwork and pay applications to be sent directly to Tony Matre on 01/23/07. Project was archived by TTC on this day.

08/25/06 – O&M’s have been received. TTC will drop them off to Tony today by hand at the Elevator bid opening. TTC will schedule a punchlist for the job next week

08/15/06 – Payapp # 5 was received by TEI.

07/25/06 – Mike emailed today to report that balancing is supposedly complete. Honeywell needs to finish up because tenants are complaining about space conditions. TTC forwarded to EDI and will get the project completed.

05/22/06 – TTC talked to Mike and John both of whom like the proposed changes to the HVAC system for the courtrooms on the second floor of the new space. TTC will advise the EDI team that we can move forward with the revised layout. Here is a copy of the revised changes PDF

05/16/06 – TTC contacted EDI about change order on pay apps and about next const mtg with john and mike at the courthouse.

05/02/06 – TEI set a construction meeting between TTC, MB and John from EDI for tomorrow to go over project status.

04/11/06 – Const Mtg is tomorrow, TTC to have new change order drawing ready for EDI to go over changes in the space per TTC’s discussions with Mark Donnelly today at the CH site.

04/06/06 – TTC typed and sent out Const Mtg #2 notes. Mike called about fire damper locations. TTC responded that none should be required but if EDI found a certain fire wall we are penetrating that TEI will answer those conditions on a case by case basis.

03/16/05 – TTC wrote change order for EDI to do FCU relocation in basement.

3/15/06 – TTC talked to the Controls Contractor today to review the submittals data. Honeywell will field locate power supplies and provide quantities required for complete installation. They will coordinate with Mike Bartlett for power supply locations and update EDI as-built drawings for future record. Final questions was how many VAV boxes. We confirmed there are 17 new boxes. 9 on one floor and 8 on the other. The Computer room VAV is existing.

03/09/06 – Const Mtg #2 was held yesterday and the meeting notes distributed today. EDI emailed the employee list to Tony today.

02/27/06 – Pre construction minutes distributed. Submittals have been returned.

02/16/06 – TTC approved using NEBB approved balance reports on this project and in particular the sub-contractor Approved Products. TTC will send out the meeting notes later today to the contractors and owner.

12/14/05 – Contracts came back, TE edited, corrected, printed and sent back down to County for commissioner approval.

10/24/05 – Final Addendum went out on job. Other control contractors were added by Addendum. TTC answered MB’s questions about reheat temperatures in the coil locations in saying that coming off the end of the HHW loop is okay, we just need to have the coils selected properly at the time of purchase. 10/14/05 – Sam Boehringer will be handling the prebid mtg for this job as TTC has a traffic court date with his wife at the same time and day. TTC will join the party after court. Habegger called and will be added to the acceptable manufacturer’s list for this job.

10/13/05 – The project has bee publicly advertised. The ITB is 160-05. Bid Opening scheduled for 10/28/05. This is a strictly mechanical only project with Honeywell or Habegger as the controls contractor.

06/16/05 – TTC & SBO met with Diana and Mike to discuss possible scopes for this project. TE designed the full system with all VAV boxes and reheat boxes. The new cost is significantly higher with a full zoning and reheating plan ($161,000). An alternate plan that may work (only 8 boxes) was also given to Facilities ($51,000). It was decided that to half do the design would only waste money and inconvenience the tenants twice. Diana will approach Tony about the budget and doing the full job.

04/04/05 – TE and CH Facilities had first design meeting discussing scope of work and project goals. PDF