05/11/08 – TTC faxed and emailed the original approved permit to Bert Watts at the County.

12/20/07 – TEI gave Honeywell a PO to do the FA work on the 6th Floor space. All of this work was not shown on the dwgs and Honeywell prepared a separate PO for the work and gave it to Bert. TE took it from there and will coordinate the installation to make sure it matches our drawings.

11/30/07 – This week we ironed out the Fire Alarm permit and drawing scope with Honeywell for this job. In the future, we (TEI) should be more proactive in getting this work coordinated with our work but I admit that with both Allgeyer and Richmond leaving that I let this little permit issue slip through the cracks. I appreciate Bert and Mike B helping me out on this issue with this project – TTC.

10/17/07 – CRA emailed correction for door hardware access controls code.

10/04/07 – The plumbing permit has been given to the County, the HVAC permit is approved and was emailed to the County, TTC to delivery hard copy on Friday. IBI permit is coming on Friday and then County can call for inspection.

10/01/07 – Building permit approved. CRA delivered the permit to the County Facilities Department.

09/19/07 – TTC sent the HVAC permit to the County and CRA. Don Grace called and said the plumbing permit was approved and given to Bo Blanks. He said there was one small change. TTC contacted 3 FPC firms to move the 4 sprinkler heads in the Phase 2 space. J2 called back and is ready to do the work. TTC gave this information to Mark and Mike to use whomever they wanted. The sprinkler work will not require a permit according to the contractors.

09/10/17 – TTC finished the latest drawings with Friday’s comments. TTC sent them to MD and BW and will print out the permit sets for Tuesday.

08/31/07 – TTC dropped of hard copies of the drawings to Mark Donnelly for his review. TEI is awaiting word back from him on how to proceed from this point.

08/23/07 – TTC sent plumbing fixture cuts to CRA and HamCo for approval. Our floor plans are finished and ready for review. TTC still has a visit to the CH for underslab field work with MB.

08/20/07 – CRA & TEI met with MD to discuss finalizing this project. New project direction was given to the partners. Some of the items covered at this meeting were: Paracubes will be used in the new office area, deep parabolic will not fit. The unisex bathroom has the WC and LAV flipped and TEI can coredrill the floor for the WC and new FD. We will use a floor mounted tank type WC for this job. The refrigerator will need a drip pan that will have its tube ran over to a trap primer connection on the FD. On the HVAC system we discussed removing all the VAV types and just ducting to the existing branches.

08/17/07 – TTC and NR conducted a site visit to review the work area in regards the the changes made to the plans. These changes will be discussed next week.

08/10/07 – TEI will have drawings ready for owner review next Friday, August 17, 2007.

07/17/07 – TTC discussed with MD via email today about MEP completion on this project. TTC agreed to be complete in 3 weeks with the project 2008 project use. CRA sent over a furniture plan for TEI to use for design criteria on this project.

06/29/07 – At the monthly Partnering Meeting with Hamilton County it was decided that the money to perform this work would be budgeted for a 2008 project. TE was directed to complete the design and turn over the drawings to the Hamilton County Facilities Department.

06/15/07 – Electrical field work and design on this project has been completed. Awaiting HVAC work for this project to be issued for owner review.

06/15/07 – NR created project journal and filled in back data.