02/22/10 – TTC has to meet with Greg to discuss additional AHU replacements in the Courthouse.

03/30/11 – As soon as the new contract is ready, we will be submitting an SOSS for this work.

05/06/11 – SOSS submitted for approval.

06/29/11 – Kickoff meeting

07/07/11 – We met with Spencer to gather some intel about the existing soffits in the Courtrooms this morning. GBBN knew that these soffits are left over from the old plumbing chases on the 6th floor jail and have always been part of the building. That makes a lot of sense. TEI will believes they have to be incorporated into the new design and has sent diffuser suggestions to Tony for approval. Habegger has been contacted for vendor sizing and budget quotes for the wor

07/22/11 – TTC and MAF completed fieldwork for demo of existing AHU’s and associated ductwork. Also completed fieldwork for layout of new AHU, VAV’s to serve two courtrooms / judge’s chambers on the 5th floor, and routing of hot water piping thru main hallway. Habegger has submitted two options for replacement AHU. Unit will have to be disassembled and rebuilt to fit thru existing doorway on the 4th floor.

08/09/11 – MCB and MAF completed fieldwork for demo of existing electric feeds to AHU’s and fan coil units. Also completed fieldwork for layout of new electric feeds from 5th floor south panel to new AHU, VFD, and VAVs.

08/22/11 – Mech/Elec drawings and specs in the process of TEI internal review.

09/30/11 – Review set given to TTC today for approval. TTC will have ready for bidding and request ITB for public bidding in about 2 weeks.

12/23/11 – Contracts have been approved by HamCo. The project will start in January with a pre-construction meeting.

02/21/12 – TTC has stamped 6 sets of mechanical drawings that will be delivered to Debra-Kuempel for permitting. NV is stamping 3 sets of IBI drawings that will be delivered to QCE. Proceed with permitting this week.

02/23/12 – Lead paint was found in MER. SOV approved for both contractors. Unit will be 80/80 for electric and QCE is okay with this size and feeder wires. No charge.

02/24/12 – DeBra-Kuempel will not disturb during their demo, but SCS construction will have to saw cut the new opening in for the door where the lead paint is located and the electrical and controls contractor may have some conduits, boxes, clamps etc. mounted on the same wall. They were not sure what the industry standard is for removal or remediation. Tony Matre may be able to answer some of the questions as to how the county will proceed. DeBra-Kuempel has everything going through with the background checks, AHU ordered and the permit has been submitted.

03/27/12 – During demo, Queen City found unknown circuits fed from the existing 566 fan coil unit location. These may be feeding added outlets or lights within the judge’s chamber. Depending on the use of these unknown circuits, we have the option to demo, leave in place, or re-route to the appropriate location. Mike B will be investigating further with QCE and update on this issue.

03/28/12 – Mike B met with Tim Ziebold on site. They traced the conduit and it appears to feed an outlet (with nothing plugged in) on the wall in the judges chambers. They were not able to determine if there were any downstream devices connected to this circuit. Thermaltech spoke with Greg Jennings and the plan is as follows: At a time when the courtroom is not in use, and the Judge has left for the day, we shall disconnect the power to the circuit feeding the branch circuit that runs through the disconnect. At that time, we shall go into the chambers and confirm if the circuit feeds the judges computer (via a light on the power strip). If no lights or equipment in the chambers or courtroom are affected, the per Greg Jennings it is OK to leave off at this time. Feed is to re-routed as follows. Intercept feed at corridor wall (north wall of mezz), provide a junction box above door. Route feed east on the north wall to the east wall, turn south and then down to pick up feed where it feeds up, reconnect and turn back on. Any calls or questions should be directed to Mike Barth.04/10/12 – We call for the sprinkler line to remain in the mechanical room on your 566/580 project. After the new ductwork is in and as a matter of fact even with the old ductwork configuration, that one sprinkler might not give you optimal coverage in that room. I spoke to Debra about note #7 on M200 which tells them to work around or modify that sprinkler line under their contract which will leave it in the same place. After they get the ductwork layout done, we may want to address “better” coverage of that space by extending the head up and running a horizontal line over and changing that to two heads that spray down. That was not in their contract to do but I thought we should at least discuss it now. It may come up on final inspection by the building dept if they pay close attention to this one detail. TTC asked Greg who was doing most of the sprinkler repairs. TTC also tells Greg to feel free to direct all engineering type questions to Folck, Barth or himself if he does not know the answer. TTC stopped in on the contractors and answered a few more questions and went over project progress with Clark and Greg (HVAC & Piping).

04/11/12 – The following is a summary of questions from Debra-Kuempel and clarifications regarding this Project:

– New supply/return ductwork to allow for clear access to 5th floor platform and VAV’s through existing doorway. VAV’s to be installed at working height.

– Existing transfer grille about 5th floor driveway is not necessary for current operation. Damper should be closed off and left in place.

– Existing 580 Judge’s Chamber flex return combines with 580 Courtroom return ductwork. No new ductwork needed for 580 Judge’s Chamber return, leave as is.

– New diffuser locations in 580 Courtroom were not spaced evenly in ceiling bulkhead due to existing structural supports, piping and wiring. New diffuser locations are acceptable and were approved in ceiling bulkhead.

– Existing sprinkler line within mechanical room to be worked around or relocated if necessary per note #7, Drawing M200. Existing coverage within mechanical room may not be adequate. Thermal Tech will address final sprinkler coverage with Debra-Kuempel and County when ductwork layout is complete.

– Location of existing chilled water isolation valves are unknown. Debra-Kuempel is tracing chilled water piping to find nearest location valves. Mike Folck attached pdf’s of 5th floor chilled water piping layout. Existing valves are not indicated.

– New hot water supply/return piping to be routed above ceiling south side of hallway. Proposed routing by Debra-Kuempel is acceptable and was approved.

– New air handling unit to be placed along west wall of mechanical room, allowing space for existing/new condensate drains.

– Total external static of air handling unit is 2.96 in wg. Clearance beneath unit is expected to be 4″. This should allow sufficient space for condensate trap without raising unit or removing part of existing floor.

– Thermal Tech/THP will be providing Debra-Kuempel with clarification drawing regarding new 5th floor platform. Debra-Kuempel will provide new railing along back wall openings for fall protection.

– Building permit not approved by historical conservation. Thermal Tech has contacted historical conservation for status update.

– Direct all engineering questions or comments to Thermal Tech. Contact Greg Jennings for all shutdowns and building access.

– Thermal Tech will be setting up a construction meeting for next week (4/16-4/20) once all availability is known.

04/16/12 – Terry spoke to Tony about Const Mtg setup for Tuesday. TTC attend meeting and take notes.

04/25/12 – Permit to relocate the sprinkler in the mechanical room has been approved. S.A. Comunale is the sprinkler company for the courthouse and has been quoted not to exceed $1,400 to relocate it. TTC questioned if the old head could be grandfathered in or if it needed to be changed. TTC offered to call and discuss if necessary.

05/14/12 – TTC sent out the Construction Meeting notes #1, #2, and #3.

05/30/12 – QCE on site to connect external VFD bypass switch, VFD and AHU this week.

06/25/12 – Initial punchlist complete. Inspections underway for final. Sprinkler work scheduled for this Thursday. Smoke detectors and other punchlist items to be addressed soon.

06/28/12 – TEI did walk through and the items that need to be addressed are:

1. Unit is not started. Start unit and provide all startup reports in O&M.

2. Unit is not programmed. Programmed unit to TEI and Hamco Sequences issued in the submittals. Commission unit to meet all published sequences. Demonstrate to owner unit operates as scheduled. In particular that these units operate on local occupancy sensors then by override when needed. Outdoor air is used for economizer only and VAV boxes work to representative zones. VFD on unit programmed and operating according to sequences.

3. Pain door, install hardware, lock door to master key system given by owner.

4. Touch up the condensate drain work. The hub has been cut too low. Instead only use 45 deg ell at outlet or have cond drain PVC pipe 45 into hub. Put standard hub back so water level does not crest over top of lip. Maintain air gap but don’t cut the hub drain down to achieve it.

5. Install fire sprinkler back into room where removed.

6. Conduct all inspections and test. Get final approval permits from IBI and City. Is the smoke detector missing a base or is that the full installed device?

7. Seal the wall above the existing door with fire stop where conduits and piping penetrate.

8. Clean mechanical room.

9. Clean staging area. Remove masonite, clean floors, tough up walls. Restore room to prior to project conditions.

10. Remove walk off mats and door signage.

11. Begin closeout paperwork process.

12. Provide As-Built markups for work and changes.

06/29/12 – Pretest did not happen, technician spent time repairing shorts on the system from demolition of the old systems. He has everything repaired and new parts installed and programmed. Monday the 9th is scheduled to finish checkout of fire alarm system and DDC controls on the air handler. After the test is completed the Inspectors can be scheduled.

07/03/12 – DeBra Kuempel has asked when the final for the smoke alarm test can be set up. Randy Waddell with Honeywell has verified the pretest. Joe has informed them they would like to use the courtroom on Monday 7-9. Randy is completing the controls, and our air balancers will be in on Friday 7-6 to balance. The Fire alarm permit hasn’t been submitted yet for the AHU project with the City. This has always been an easy miss because it is one little blank on the Bldg and Inspections submit App. How can this be rectified prior to Monday? Did Larry say anything about the final test because typically the fire marshal is usually here for those tests and I see on the city permit website we are still in the “not approved” section for that little bit. Reasons for items not approved: The following table lists items not approved along with the most current action taken on the Item. Items may be linked to a history of prior comments. The list of comments can be viewed by clicking on the item like if present (920-Final HVAC Inspection6/19/2012 Partial approval install ok, need test of duct detector, tied to FA system. Queen City spoke with the city building inspector a couple of weeks ago and asked if we would need to have a fire alarm permit. They explained the specific scope of work. He said that all he wanted to see was unit shutdown in a smoke condition. A separate fire alarm permit would not be required. We already have our IBI final. Now that the pre-test has been confirmed, we should be good to go.

07/18/12 – Queen City is working on closeout documents. Punchlist item 1.03 regarding the flexible conduit in question is the control’s contractor’s responsibility. It will be removed by the end of the week. We will have everything over as soon as we can.

07/25/12 – QCE emailed electronic O&M and AS-Builts to ThermalTech on 07/24/12. QCE to forward closeout package ASAP.

09/19/12 – DeBra Kuempel will drop off O&M’s to TEI today. TTC already has the As-Builts and will hold them until Honeywell’s work at the CH has been approved.

09/27/12 – TTC dropped off two 50ft extension cords for Rich to give to Courts to replaced the ones that ended up missing from the construction work.

09/28/12 – TTC discussed closeout with Rich and Tony. The County seems fine with the revised sequences and temperatures. The VFD is running at 20% minimum when occupied and will ramp up when occupancy increases. TTC delivered the O&M documents to Tony Matre by hand on 9/27. This project can be paid out in full.