03/08/19 – TEI met with CMSnet for a scoping meeting on the AD Migration Project and submitted an SOSS for the project.
03/20/19 – SOSS approved by County.
04/15/19 – Coordinating design meeting times with CMSnet.
05/15/19 – Attended CMSnet quarterly PM meeting and kicked off project with departments.
05/20/19 – Sent Purchasing a review set of documents and front end with dates which they approved in general. Need to finalize bidding schedule with CMSnet.
05/21/19 – Met with Conexio after 5/15 and discussed scope, schedule and work required for bid.
05/22/19 – Found two additional Novell to AD migration experts, invited them into ThermalTech to discuss means and methods of project.
05/23/19 – Internal meeting at ThermalTech ton convert this job to a perform.
05/24/19 – ThermalTech forwarded review meeting books to Stephanie because Shannon is out.
05/28/19 – ThermalTech rewrote the specs as performance specs after meeting with CMSnet. TEI setup meeting to meet with specialist on Monday June 3.
06/20/19 – Met with specialist earlier this month and asked for some bidding data from them. Did not receive anything back. Circled back and checked with them again today.
06/27/19 – As of today nothing back from any third party vendors in the way of helping the bid but companies are interested in bidding the work. TTC will have final review specs next week for CMS review.
07/24/19 – Final RFP sent to Purchasing and CMSNet for approval.
07/25/19 – CMSNet sent back comments this morning. TTE will pick these up with the hopes of releasing this document on 7/31 as scheduled.
08/28/19 – CMSNet review book sent back with new dates and schedule. We are awaiting new comments from the department heads and approval of the new bidding schedule form CMSNet.
09/03/19 – Received email and comments back form CMSnet on the RFP document.
09/24/19 – Made comments and submitted back to CMSnet for approval.
09/25/19 – Talked to Shannon Supe to setup meeting for final schedule on Friday for bidding out this project.
10/04/19 – Project Issued for Bidding. Bid Opening scheduled for Nov 7, 2019.
10/24/19 – Add01 Issued.
10/30/19 – Add02 Issued.
12/12/19 – One bid was received and eventually rejected by the County. We have submitted a small SOSS to cover the time to solicit State Term of GSA type contracts for mid January 2020.
01/24/19 – ThermalTech making final edits for rebidding through STS currently, will send to Shannon for final review this week.
02/20/20 – Met at CMSNet PM Mgr meeting and discussed final review of revised GSA STS bidding. Ready to bid after final remarks are picked up on bid documents.
03/23/20 – Final review document sent to CMS, checked back 2 or 3 times for final comments.
04/29/20 – Final review document sent to CMS, checked back 2 or 3 times for final comments.