02/21/08 – ThermalTech approved the generator submittals from DK on this project today. GM reviewed the Generator submittals and approved them “No Exceptions” 2 copies were mailed back to DK, Wally Gore. 1 copy was sent to Bert Watts and 1 copy was retained by TEI. TEI printed out 6 sets of stamped mechanical dwgs for Triton today and sent them to Grady Reed for permit application on this project.

12/11/07 – We have had a pre construction meeting with Debra Kuempel and Triton on this project

11/30/07 – At last report, this project was in contract approval stage with DK getting the contract on this job as the base bid winning contractor. TEI is waiting to schedule a pre const meeting for this job as soon as the contract is in place and ready to go.

09/10/07 – MD gave TEI the OK to write the contract for Debra Kuempel and Triton Services on only the base bid work for this project. TTC & LKV will write the contract on Tuesday.

09/03/07 – Bids have been opened. MD asked for company portfolios to assist in helping him decide on which contractor to use on this project. TTC called and requested project portfolios form both QCE and DK for the electrical. Triton Services appears to have the lowest price for the mechanical work on this project. TTC sent an excel bid tab to Mark to use to compare total prices on the project.

08/22/07 – TEI finished Addendum 01 to the project which constitutes all the Alternate 01 work on the project. New fuel oil piping system and new fuel oil pumps on the project. In emails, MD has directed us to use manual fill for the belly tank on the job, accept the substitute vendors who may be rejected due to specifications, double contained pipe in the trench, keep the manual fill station for the belly tank. All of this has been incorporated into our Addendum document. Bidder will have to pay and pick up drawings from Queen City Repro for the addendum.

08/08/07 – MD called to instruct TEI to issue and addendum with all the Phase 2 generator work included. TTC brought up quite a few points about this being tough to do at this point. TEI wants to discuss in further detail with Mark. Prebid is next Monday.

07/31/07 – TEI is finalizing the specs and the dwgs today. As with most projects, during the last 10% of the design we find 90% of the info we have needed to do the job all along. TTC has to add generator exhaust insulation to the piping spec and reformat all the PDF files and check the table of contents before sending it to purchasing for bidding. The job is complete. TTC answered MD that the belly tank is 435 gallons, the smallest available. 300 gallons is good for 8 hours so the new tank should last for 11.6 hours.

07/27/07 – We have finished the dwgs and specs and had the TEI QC check performed. After some final changes on Monday, TTC will send to purchasing for bidding.

07/23/07 – TTC requested ITB and SBE numbers from the County. TEI to have final documents ready this Friday for bidding. Advertising and documents should be at Purchasing by Monday July 30th according to TTC email to team on 07/23. TTC & CB to finish mechanical design on this project.

07/16/07 – JP and TA had final review mtg with MD today. New generator is being pushed back until later. For now we are going to install a replacement generator of the same size in the same space. Project is schedule to be completed by next Friday. TTC will assist in the design.

06/30/07 – A review meeting has been set up between TEI and Hamilton County Facilities Department for Monday, July 2nd.

06/15/07 – TEI is awaiting answers from the Building Officials as to what equipment needs to be on the new generator.

06/08/07 – TEI has continued investigating what equipment will be on the new generator.

05/30/07 – TEI coordinating with IBI and building department about who is going to decide if the fire pump has to be put on the new generator. No one is claiming coverage for this piece of the puzzle.

04/27/07 – Loads are being reviewed by TEI. Project is moving along as expected. TTC & TA visited the site and did some additional field work on the space. One concern TTC noted is that the existing Halon system will have to be removed and upgrade if ANY changes are made to the room. According to code officials and inspectors that Halon system must be removed if it is touched. This may cost an additional $10,000 to the project..

04/20/07 – Project is moving along as expected.

04/13/07 – Kickoff meeting was held this week. Project has moved to Design Phase.

04/04/07 – SOSS has arrived signed with a PO. TEI will schedule a kickoff meeting for this project.

03/30/07 – Project still awaiting signed SOSS.

03/23/07 – Project awaiting signed SOSS.