12/13/07 – TEI received all the closeout paperwork, O&M’s and final pay applications earlier this week. MH, TTC has reviewed and approved. TEI will have these documents sent to Bert Watts for final closeout on this project. TTC sent an email to Copp asking about the remaining project documents for closeout because the Release of Liens, Surety, PW Affidavit were not included.

10/18/07 – TTC received and sent BW certified payroll but no closeout paperwork has been received.

10/04/07 – Terry and Bert still have not received closeout paperwork and payapps for this project. CSI is working on it.

09/03/07 – Bert sent back the final payapp because schedule of values is not itemized. TTC emailed Paul Wilson at Copp and requested new documents and signed allowance usage. TTC sent the allowance usage again by email and filed the final pay application in the HamCo Hold bin.

08/16/07 – TEI sent all final paperwork to Bert. Copp said they would finish and send their final paperwork to Bert.

08/15/07 – TTC reviewed the final payapp and closeout paperwork. Most of the closeout documents look fine. We have not received any O&M’s for approval on this work. I also don’t believe we have a signed allowance usage on this job. We also do not have a signed Punchlist. TTC sent an email to Paul Wilson outlining all the deficiencies on the project closeout scope and told Copp to send the O&M’s directly to Bert Watts. TEI will send the final signed payapp and paperwork to Bert on 08/16.

07/03/07 – TTC contacted Copp systems about closeout paperwork and job forms to use. TEI gave them until July 13 to get everything to TEI for approval.

05/14/07 – Copp submitted a final payapp on this project but it was rejected by ThermalTech for various reasons. TTC emailed Paul the correct document format and closeout paperwork for resubmission.

03/20/07 – Project ready for punchlist. Only training remains.

03/14/07 – Copp stated the the project is complete including our change order work. TTC has to punchlist this project.

02/19/07 – Paul Wilson has the new control panel in. The countertop is being refinished.

02/02/07 – TEI has not heard anything back from the County on the status of this project.

01/22/07 – Sketch was issued in PDF and DWG format to Bert Watts for Dave Spitznagel.

01/10/07 – TTC will issue a sketch based on the field trip on 01/08. TTC also to get prices to add two cameras to day holding cells on 5th floor from Copp. TTC to coordinate new cabinet dimensions with Facility trades.

01/08/07 – Work has progressed to the point where the monitors are installed on the countertop. They are really large and Mark would like to look at changing the CRT monitors to LCD monitors in this project. Dave Spitznagel has the new countertop built that might be skinnier than the old one. A const mtg will be scheduled for Wednesday.

12/28/06 – Paul Wilson called today to inquire about a quad receptacle behind the DVR recorder for this project. He could not find one on the drawings and we all believe there should be one. TTC instructed them and in talking to MWH he agreed that one should be installed. MWH also question why we didn’t spec LCD screens on this job. TTC could not answer as MS did the design but it does seem kind of odd.

12/26/06 – TTC created project journal and filled in back data from previous meetings.