04/16/18 – GBBN, Facilities, TEI and Law Librarian meet to discuss strategy for project that came in over-budget. Proposal was made to wait until June of 2018 to observe it construction activities and pricing stabilizes.
04/17/18 – Meeting held with Facilities, Law Library, GBBN and TEI.  Decision to reject bids.  BOE Board to vote 04/18/18,  and decide to proceed or cancel project.
04/18/18 – Board votes to proceed with Facilities recommendation to proceed with generating re-bid construction documents to be reviewed by Board in June.  Original reduced scope to be represented in documents to meet original estimating.
05/08/18 – GBBN and TEI meet with Bob Martin, City of Cincinnati Head Plans Examiner to discuss needs for fire dampers at existing Penthouse Floor Structure.
05/11/18 – GBBN meets with Facilities to clarify resubmittal scope of work.
05/14/18 – GBBN sends revised Background Drawing to TEI.
05/16/18 – TEI and GBBN have conference call to kickoff rebid phase of the project. Revised design documents due in June. We don’t’ see a lot of issues with the new plan as it seems like a good plan that we can make work. WE will update all Alternates to match in number and scope to GBBN new dictates.
05/21/18 – GBBN clarifies flooring scope with Facilities.
06/15/18 – Facilities notifies GBBN that Board for the Law Library has voted to proceed with redistribution of bid documents based on Facilities recommendations for scope changes to reflect current bidding environment.
06/25/18 – Coty has updated the HVAC drawings for the rebid project. TTC to review on 6/26 and coordinate new scope and Alternates with GBBN prior to issuance. HVAC, Fire and Plumbing should be complete by end of June for review.
06/28/18 – Owner Review Meeting held with Facilities, GBBN and Law Librarian.  Revised drawings (Architectural/MEP) and Front End Specifications are reviewed.
07/26/18 – TTE kicked off rebid scope and will have drawings and specifications updated for Rebid per the schedule 8/13/18.
08/21/18 – GBBN receives final ITB information from Purchasing.
08/22/18 – GBBN sends final documents to Purchasing for Posting.08/23/18- -GBBN issues final documents to ARC for review and comment.
08/24/18 – ARC suggests minor revisions which are completed by GBBN.
08/27/18 – Purchasing Issues final bid package.
08/29/18 – Law Library Re-Bid documents are on the street.  The prebid meeting is scheduled for 9/11/18 at 1:30pm.  Purchasing makes request to GBBN, for issuance with Addenda #1, the Bid Tabulation and sole bid received from KFI, from the earlier bid process t hat was rejected due to exceeding of the Published Estimate.
09/11/18 – Pre-Bid Meeting is held at the Law Library Boardroom.  A tour of the areas to be renovated is held after the meeting.
09/18/18- Additional Questions are received by GBBN from Purchasing after the last day for Questions has past.  Answers included in Addenda #1
09/25/18 – GBBN issues Addenda #1 to Purchasing and ARC.
09/26/18 – Triton Services requests additional answers with direct email to GBBN.  Answers/clarifications were sent.
10/03/18 –  Bids are received.  Triton Services Inc (TSI) is apparent low bidder.  GBBN calls and conducts telephone bid analysis interview.
10/04/18 – GBBN authors Meeting Minutes from interview and sends to Facilities with recommendation to accept TSI.
10/11/18 – Law Library Board meets and decides to accept Bas Bid only from Low Responsive Bidder.  GBBN authors AIA Contract and sends to Facilities for review.
10/12/18 – Facilities requests two small changes.  GBBN responds and completes contract and delivers to Facilities.
11/29/18 – Contract is approved and we will be looking to have a kickoff meeting shortly.
01/22/19 – GBBN submits Permit Response Letter to City of Cincinnati.
01/25/19 – Submittals approved are now Acoustic Ceilings, Ladders, Glass, Plaster, Gypsum Board, Logo, Metal Studs, Resilient Flooring, Roller Shades.
01/17/19 – Triton delivers mock-up sample of Glass Door film.
01/29/19 – GBBN sends submittal response to Triton concerning wood door/custom cabinetry wood species and finish selections.
01/31/19 – In partner meeting we decided to remove ladder access to the mechanical spaces and take a credit for that work. County is meeting new Triton project manager, Tony, next Monday.
02/20/19 – Pre-Construction Meeting held. Agenda produced by GBBN and meeting minutes completed.
02/26/19 – TEI and GBBN attend pre-construction meeting with Triton and Spade Electric on 02/20/19.  Triton scheduled to mobilize to project on 03/11/19. Door finish samples were presented by Triton to GBBN. GBBN meets with Facilities later to make selection of approved finish.
02/27/19 – GBBN sends preliminary meeting minutes to Facilities and TEI for reveiw and comment. Facilities reponses iwth minor corrections.
02/27/19 – Facilities and Triton confirm next mobilization meeting date of 03/07/19 at 1:00 pm.
03/28/19 – Add wall to Conf Room to hide the water pipe and vacuum pipe in the Large Conference Room. The plumbing line will be rerouted as high as possible in the space. Paint to match new ceiling color. GBBN approves and transmits approved Custom Millwork submittals to Triton.
03/29/19 – GBBN sends approved Millwork Submittals to Triton. Approved Door, Frame and Hardware submittals also returned to Triton
04/01/19 – GBBN approves color for Pendant Light Fixture.
04/05/19 – GBBN finalizes the wood stain sample submittal for millwork and doors. GBBN visits site to document existing MEP lines uncovered by Demolition.
04/08/19 – Revised Lighting Fixture Schedule submitted by Triton to GBBN. Transmission of same to TEI for review. TEI confirms revised schedule contains all required revisions and modifications.
04/09/19 – Pencil copy of Application for Payument #02 submitted to GBBN. GBBN authors Construction Change Directive #1.
04/10/19 – Construction Mmeeting #01 is held.
04/11/19 – RFI on door hardware and finishes submitted by GBBN.
04/15/19 – Pinnacle Engineering requests information on Abatement for this project. A new Abatement Contractor is now on the project and has subcontracted with Pinnacle for Air Sampling.
04/18/19 – TEI approves Fire Suppression submittals. GBBN approves ans delivers Application for Payment #2 for Triton.
05/01/19 – Construction Meeting #04 held on site. Walk through of site conducted after meeting. GBBN issues sketch on steel stud framing dimensions for monitor enclosures in three new Conference Roooms.
05/06/19 – ThermalTech and GBBN answer Electrical RFI’s from Bill Spade Electrical.
05/15/19 – Construction Meeting #05 held on site. Walk through of site conducted after meeting.
05/17/19 – Glass Film sample arrived from McAndrews Glass, via Triton. GBBN visits Courthouse and receives approval for the Solar Tint version without the patterned background. Triton is notified of approval.
05/27/19 – Application for Payment #3 Pencil Copy approved for processing.
05/29/19 – Facilities reports rough-in inspection failed due to lack of Permit Drawings on site and lack of proof for the Fire Alarm Permit for the IBI Inspector.
05/29/19 – Construction Meeting #06 held on site. Walk through of site conducted after meeting.
06/12/19 – Construction Meeting #06 held on site. Walk through of site conducted after meeting.
06/20/19 – GBBN receives pencil copy of Application for Payment #4.
06/26/19 – Construction Meeting #06 held on site. Walk through of site conducted after meeting. Sample of countertop material is delivered by TSI to GBBN.
07/03/19 – GBBN performs an inspecion of the Lighting Luminaires at the Courthouse Archive Rooom for the purpose of signing and approving the latest Application for Payment.
07/05/19 – GBBN approves and hand delivers the Appplication for Payment to Facilities.
07/10/19 – GBBN attends the bi-weekly Progress Meeting. A walk-through of the site was held after the meeting.
07/15/19 – GBBN issues Construction Change Directive #002 to Triton Services.
07/16/19 – GBBN issues Construction Change Directive #2 to Triton Services via mail.
07/18/19 – GBBN issues corrected sketches for Construction Change Directive #2, with corrected outlet relocation directions, to Triton Services via email.
07/24/19 – Construction Meeting held at the Courthouse, Room #608.
07/24/19 – There was discussion at the meeting that IBI might not accept the cleaned sconces due to the old sconces not being UL listed.  The scope is to re-use them according to the approved plans, and if inspector takes issue during inspections, the team will address at that time.  Triton receives pricing from DK for FA work on this project (since DK is installing FA throughout the whole building) and has pulled FA scope from Bill Spade Electric and authorized DK to do the FA work.
08/07/19 – 07/24/19 – Construction Meeting held at the Courthouse, Room #608.
08/13/19 – GBBN and TEI review and approve Pencil Copy nof Application for Payment #005. TSI is informed to mail three original copies to GBBN.
08/20/19 – GBBN hand delivers Application for Payment #005 to Facilities.
08/21/19 – Construction Meeting held at the Courthouse, Room #608. GBBN sends detail for wall base revised to conceal new Wiremold raceway to TSI.
08/21/19 – TEI sends approval forr Altnerate Work SOSS to GBBN to initiate new work to commence.
08/22/19 – GBBN receives CCD #001/#002 pricing from TSI. Owner approves pricing with GBBN’s recommendations. GBBN authors Change Order #001 to include CCD #001/#002 and the Alternate Scopes of Work. Change Order is mailed to TSI for signature.
08/26/19 – GBBN recieves telephone call, and subsequent follow up email, from City of Cincinnati Plans Examiner approving additional Alternate Scope of Work to be issued as an “Engineering Change” to the original Building Permit.
08/28/19 – TTE reviewed and approved payapp for work completed and sent an list of items for Triton to work on for the plumbing and HVAC work on this project in regards to piping materials, ductwork connections and control valves for the VAV units. Brent is checking on these items for us but the payapp was approved for the submitted percentages.
08/30/19 – Application for Payment #6 approved and hand delivered to Facilities.
09/10/19 – GBBN and TEI submit Engineering Change to Permit #2018P09968. Both hard copy and digital submission are included.
09/11/19 – GBBN meets Triton onsite to discuss finish details including base and new wall cap at plumving extension.
09/13/19 – GBBN attends Progress Meeting with TEI. A site visit was held after the meeting to discuss issues that arose in the meeting.
09/16/19 – GBBN meets Triton Forement to discuss additional finish details including base anchorage to plaster and concrete walls.
09/24/19 – ThermalTech performed punchlist on mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire for the project.
09/25/19 – City said to finish door handle, fin coil and clean up the area, send them a picture and we can get our TCO. 98% complete for occupancy to use the space. IBI 98% done.
10/09/19 – Application for Payment #7 approved and hand delivered to Facilities.
10/21/19 – GBBN completes and issues General Construction Punch List and includes Law Librarian comemnts in list.
10/23/19 – GBBN contacts City of Cincinnati Plans Exmaminer concerning lack of approval or notification on Engineering Change submission. GBBN told verbally to correct Code Summary visuals and Ventilation Schedule.
10/24/19 – GBBN answers RFI on Alternate Scope doors, frames and hardware questions to TSI.
10/25/19 – GBBN and TEI submit required corrects to Engineering Change to City of Cincinnati Buildings and Inspections.
10/28/19 – GBBN inquiries about status of Engineering Change approval. GBBN notified Plans Examiner had been on vacation all of last week and no progress was made by the City.
10/28/19 – TSI copies Owner and Design Team on Phase 2 Suppression Permit. TTC stops in the Courthouse and still does not see where the additional sprinkler is required base don the wall locations.
10/29/19 – Triton asks about existing diffuser on face of wall. Originally TEI says to remove it, the existing diffuser have enough air for Ventilation but in a subsequent email, Bert and Terry decide to extend the diffuser into the room.
10/30/19 – GBBN answers additioanl RFI on Alternate Scope doors, frames and hardware questions to TSI.
10/31/19 – Discussed project scope at meeting and upcoming change orders with Triton for windows from original project, LL will move computer workstations, Triton will move into the computer lab next and we are waiting on a project schedule for the new offices. TTC will reissue the RFI for the HVAC duct and call the sprinkler contractor.
11/13/19 – GBBN meets with Triton at the site to clarify wall paint colors.
11/14/19 – Application for Payment #8 approved and hand delivered to Facilities.
11/30/19 – GBBN walks site to verify Application for Payment #09 from Triton.
12/06/19 – GBBN performs Back Punch List walk through with Facilities.
12/09/19 – TTC asked Triton about Controls finalizing the project and they are waiting on a switch to be installed by the County. County emailed they are working on getting this final piece installed as soon as they can.
12/13/19 – Application for Payment #9 approved and hand delivered to Facilities.
01/20/20 – Back Punch List sent to Contractor.
01/29/20 – Certified Payroll forms hand delivered to Facilities.
03/25/20 – Facilities Department indicates to the Design Team and Owner that the City of Cincinnati has signed off on the Final Inspection.
03/26/20 – GBBN sends an email, with the standard closeout document samples attached, to Trition Services, displaying those normally required for final Closeout of the project.
06/25/20 – Punchlist still needed in the alternate area of the job. TEI and GBBN to punch the Alternate Work.
09/24/20 – EC removed switch from job for new door.  Emergency switch wasn’t available for night lights.  County said that they would accept night lights.  We can forego the receptacle switch.  They also need to fix the continuous hinge on the new security door, Triton replaced with heavy duty bolts. Stay of Ohio room Trilogy lock being fixed under warranty.  New microphone in boardroom was working but the front one stopped working.  Thing being addressed now too; new controllers being replaced under service vendor.  Triton to fix plaster in CR #1, VAV leaking and now fixed.  One ceiling tile needs to be replaced.
10/28/20 – Microphone needs repaired prior to closeout.