01/15/19 – TEI talked to Tony Matre about a new project to power up a new overhead door that will be installed on the attorney entrance on the back of the Courthouse including access control for the door after hours. Mike Barth will lead this project for ThermalTech since it appears to be mostly electric in nature. Overhead door will be allowed to provide equipment for this job. ThermalTech will coordinate this with facilities and the vendor and we can reach out to GBBN for door support as needed.  ThermalTech to provide SOSS for this (hand delivered at the 01/31/19 partner meeting).

02/26/19 – Project pending the SOSS approval and PO.

03/26/19 – Project pending the SOSS approval and PO.

04/24/19 – Project pending the SOSS approval and PO.

05/29/19 – TEI receives Approved SOSS and PO.  TEI contacts AKM for project kickoff.

06/26/19 – TEI has meeting with AKM, RM, and HCSO to kick off project.  RM indicated long range card reader was proposed, but only works with Bluetooth, which the HCSO does not want to use Bluetooth.  TEI sends HCFD options to discuss with team and upon reciept of direction will complete drawings for owner review.

07/24/19 – TEI gets quote from DK to install work with Overhead Door as a sub to them and sends to AKM for review/approval.  AKM to have install work per the approved design concept (issuance of RF clickers for vehicles that park in the garage, and card reader access control for those not in vehicles with approved credentials in the system.

08/27/19 – DK awarded contract to complete the work.  DK scheduling install through Rob Edwards and Tony Matre.  This all to be installed as soon as possible.  Risk Mgmt is upgrading the access control system in the CH to a Vax system by Vicon.  This new system to be Vax, and may be installed before Vax head end.

09/25/19 – DK moving forward with installation.  Ramp was trenched on 09/20 and 09/21 with conduit installed to locate reader on the east ramp wall.  DK to submit schedule to AKM.

10/30/19 – Overhead Door Company is scheduled (again) to install the door on 10/31/19.  Upon installation of the door, DK to coordinate with Risk (who is in having the new access control system installed) to tie in the new card access to the new door.

12/11/19 – Overhead door installed, and DK missed an internal CR.  TEI calls DK to inform them to install it.  AKM states that there are items on the project that are not installed.  Instructs TEI to advise DK that all work associated with his PO to be completed.  SK states that the VAX system is incomplete, and AKM says get his PO worth of work installed, and he can close out his work and then the operation of the system is dependent on the completion of the VAX project.

01/28/20 – According to DK – the install of the work associated is complete with the exception of the VAX connections.  DK has the door able to be operated with Pushbutton in the guard booth until a time when the VAX system is fully operational.

02/26/20 – HCFD stated that the door shall be interlocked with the FA system to maintain accessible egress path in the event of a FA situation.  TEI requests timing and pricing from DK for modifications to the system to interlock with the FA system.

03/26/20 – DK sends in the pricing for the fire alarm interface.  AKM asks for cost breakdown.

04/30/20 – Project pending FA interface.

05/27/20 – Project pending FA interface and over ride switch installation.

06/23/20 – Project pending FA interface.

07/29/20 – Project completion pending access control system completion and fire alarm interface.

08/21/20 – DK has been directed that all pending items to be completed prior to Labor Day weekend.  The man-trap features will not be active until the entire VAX system is up and running and programmed.  All construction work not associated with the VAX turnover to be completed.

09/23/20 – DK installs keypad and card reader so walk-ups (with appropriate access) can operate man trap doors.   DK on site on 09/23 working on programming and finalizing the issues with the system.