02/22/10 – Joe Schamer is setting up the const work schedule and will get back to us soon. He is checking with his sub on work.

07/23/10 – TJ finish field work and sent results to TTE

07/28/10 – TTE send report to Bert recommending fix for lighting fixture 6. The only viable option is to replace the conduit between poles 5 & 6.

08/13/10 – Bert asked for paver cost. TEI to contact JB Schmitt for an estimate.

09/29/10 – New dwgs are updated. THP has a set of markups for their work. Should bid out next week.

10/28/10 – Second prebid schedule 10/29 at 11am.

01/24/11 – Pre Const Mtg was held two weeks ago. As soon as the weather warms up, we will begin our work on the plaza lights.

03/30/11- All work has been completed. TTC will check the wiring covering at the Partner meeting.

04/27/11 – TEI is holding final payapps in the hopes of getting the brass covers installed but hasn’t contacted the restorer after passing along the information. We can make this call directly for HamCo to close this out. We need to discuss with Bert extra charges on this project vs. const cost.

06/14/11 – TTC asked SECO if they have anything in warehouse that would match the light post. Have not gotten a response yet. TTC is checking some stores to see if he can find anything. TTC also came up with a new idea, but needs to check something first to see if it will work.

06/29/11 – Seco has not responded from our last communication. We hope to bring our brass cover down on Thursday to review.

07/21/11 – Spoke to local wiremold vendor. Wiremold offers brass raceway, but is a custom product with 250 ft minimum order. Local rep suggested buying standard product and field painting to match.

08/28/11 – We have purchased the materials, now we just need to install the new wiremold.

12/23/11 – Project will be archived for 2012.