08/08/19 – TTE sends SOSS to County as F-119.
10/05/19 – Bert inquires about deadline for bidding documents for this job. TTC sent review set and believes TTE can be done 10/31 with this work.
10/29/19 – Jessica send email about status of project and will be the PM moving forward on this work.
10/30/19 – Coty is onsite during afternoon finalizing access panel locations for bidding.
12/11/19 – Bids were sent out to Triton, Geiler and Debra and came back with two bids and a no bid. ThermalTech discussed the project with Triton, the apparent low bidder who seems to have everything covered. Bid tab and Bids forwarded to County for approval.
01/24/20 – Triton has submitted bid documents to the County and contract and PO paperwork is being drafted.
01/30/20 – Triton sent back signed contracts to County.
02/20/20 – Pre-Const Mtg held with Triton. Meeting notes sent on Monday, need to get Emergency Contact list sent to Jessica. Triton ready to mobilize on Monday afternoon to see the job. Background checks need to be complete before they can come on site.
03/23/20 – Triton has a couple of people with background checks and has been down on the initial field trip. Actual project start may be delayed.
04/29/20 – Triton was supposed to be on site last Monday, TTC to follow up with Brian Day on update.
05/08/20 – Project schedule adjusted for personnel availability, looking towards end of May for work.
05/26/20 – Triton and the County set the additional isolation valve work for Friday May 29,2020. Triton to arrive on our about 3pm and work in the evening for the new access panel and valving. TTC plans to be onsite for questions and answers.
05/29/20 – Met Triton onsite for the work and ran into several issues. (1) the hot water valve was not close enough the access panel to meet the dwg requirements. (2) the cold water valve location was not acceptable given the marble fa├žade that would have to be removed to install it’s access panel. We worked on other acceptable locations with Triton and BC while on site. We all decide that given these two issues, we would call off the shutdown and drain tonight and regroup with a new plan later.
06/12/20 – Triton and BC selected a new location on the second floor for the CW valve, they sent info to TEI for consideration.
06/19/20 – Went to the building twice this week to research new locations for the hot water valve. We didn’t take the Triton suggestion for the second floor but we did find a location on the basement floor where an existing valve is already installed. TEI sent emails and photos to the county for discussion and decisions.
06/22/20 – BW sent an email for an update and TEI followed up with Triton and the County on possible new location. TEI and Triton to meet onsite to discuss. County to decide about two valves in series or remove the gate valve.
06/24/20 – Talked to Triton today about getting a change order for this work and they are reporting they’ve spent $5000 in investigation extras on this job. We are coordinating our next visit down there to finalize this job.
07/17/20 – The new City Water valve was installed on 7/17. The first 4″ valve leaked and Triton had to secure a second valve at a supply house in town. That was installed and the work was complete about 11:30 pm. TTE arrived about noon to survey the piping and prove out the hot water line before Triton arrived for work. After 3 or 4 hours of additional confirming of the water lines using temperatures and more measuring the hot water and hot water recirculation lines were again confirmed to be where we thought they were from the previous fieldwork. After the building shutdown however we found the hot water was still pressurized after the main shutdown. Further investigation showed that the hot water recirc was backfeed the hot water main creating a second path through the PK water heaters (somehow bypassing the check valve, mostly likely stuck open). It as proven in the field that to shut the hot water down to the floors both the DHW and DHWR should be turn off. Ancillary to this work we found the PK heaters powered down, so we closed the valves serving the PK heaters too. We found the PK DHWR pump burned up so we powered that down as well. The new pump installed on the AO Smith heaters will serve as the new DHWR pump. When the water turn back on we tested the new CW isolation valve for the upper floors. Half of the floors were off and some were still running. After some additional field investigation, we found another valve that serve one back of public restrooms in the northeast corner of the courthouse. This valve must be shutoff in conjunction with the new valve to isolate the upper floors from lower floors. In the end there are two hot water and two water valves to shutdown the CH upper floor water systems.
07/28/20 – Triton sent a drafted letter confirming the piping found behind the walls in the 3rd and 4th-floor restrooms was indeed brass not galvanized. A change order request was sent to replace the quarter-turn valve found in the NE corner with a chain operated ball valve.
08/26/20 – Change Order #1 was processed for a deduct to the project. TTC and Bryan going to meet on new valve location tomorrow and we are working on the final schedule to wrap up this project work on the 6th and 7th floors.
09/18/20 – Triton on-site tonight finishing up the project. Jax area completed about 6:30 pm. Basement valve installed by 8:30 pm. Triton had to use one 2.5″ coupling and one 2″ cap from the plumber shop to complete the job. Water back on and everything working – no leaks.
10/28/20 – Work is complete, punchlist is distributed, another payapp was approved. We are waiting on insulation and chain operators to wrap this project up.
11/02/20 – County confirms punchlist is complete, insulation installed and chain operators installed. TEI asked Triton to close the project out ASAP.
12/10/20 – Project is completed. Final paperwork is coming in from Triton for closeout.
12/29/20 – Closeout documents from Triton came in today. TTC will review and begin closeout.