08/08/19 – TTE sends SOSS to County as F-119.
10/25/19 – Bert inquires about deadline for bidding documents for this job. TTC sent review set and believes TTE can be done 10/31 with this work.
10/29/19 – Jessica send email about status of project and will be the PM moving forward on this work.
10/30/19 – Coty is onsite during afternoon finalizing access panel locations for bidding.
12/11/19 – Bids were sent out to Triton, Geiler and Debra and came back with two bids and a no bid. ThermalTech discussed the project with Triton, the apparent low bidder who seems to have everything covered. Bid tab and Bids forwarded to County for approval.
01/24/20 – Triton has submitted bid documents to the County and contract and PO paperwork is being drafted.
01/30/20 – Triton sent back signed contracts to County.