08/08/19 – TTE sends SOSS to County as F-119.
10/25/19 – Bert inquires about deadline for bidding documents for this job. TTC sent review set and believes TTE can be done 10/31 with this work.
10/29/19 – Jessica send email about status of project and will be the PM moving forward on this work.
10/30/19 – Coty is onsite during afternoon finalizing access panel locations for bidding.
12/11/19 – Bids were sent out to Triton, Geiler and Debra and came back with two bids and a no bid. ThermalTech discussed the project with Triton, the apparent low bidder who seems to have everything covered. Bid tab and Bids forwarded to County for approval.
01/24/20 – Triton has submitted bid documents to the County and contract and PO paperwork is being drafted.
01/30/20 – Triton sent back signed contracts to County.
02/20/20 – Pre-Const Mtg held with Triton. Meeting notes sent on Monday, need to get Emergency Contact list sent to Jessica. Triton ready to mobilize on Monday afternoon to see the job. Background checks need to be complete before they can come on site.
03/23/20 – Triton has a couple of people with background checks and has been down on the initial field trip. Actual project start may be delayed.
04/29/20 – Triton was supposed to be on site last Monday, TTC to follow up with Brian Day on update.
05/08/20 – Project schedule adjusted for personnel availability, looking towards end of May for work.
05/26/20 – Triton and the County set the additional isolation valve work for Friday May 29,2020. Triton to arrive on our about 3pm and work in the evening for the new access panel and valving. TTC plans to be onsite for questions and answers.