04/20/05 – All final paperwork arrived for TE approval and submission on this project.

03/16/05 – Process will have final paperwork and payapps in this week.

03/14/05 – TTC contacted Process about final paperwork and payapps.

02/01/05 – Process contacted County to state that project is complete.

01/25/05 – Project punchlist sent out by TE.

01/18/05 – Process has completed pumped condensate work including the summer boiler relief vent. TE to stop by and punchlist on Thursday.

01/14/05 – TE approved 1-1/2″ insulation on all condensate for this project. AKM approved a $1600 invoice for Process to tie an existing summer relief vent into and existing 1-1/2″ pipe with a ball valve. Process is to submit an invoice for this work to Mike Bartlett today for approval so they will not have to pull of the job to do the work.

01/10/05 – Process came on site and began work on new piping for pumped condensate.