03/30/07 – DK called today to inquire why they weren’t paid their final monies on the bsmt FCU project. TTC resent the 07/14 data to MWH.

07/14/05 – Received final invoice from Debra Kuempel today. It will be voided because of billing errors.

04/11/05 – TE talked to Michelle Combs today. DK sent an invoice in December for this project. TE does not have a record of this receipt. Michelle will resend a full invoice today for TE approval. TE will send to MWH immediately afterwards.

11/18/04 – Project complete. No punchlist items to complete. All units are running and trades finished up wall and electric work.

11/10/04 – TTC talked to Ed Enderle today. DK is hoping to be 95% complete by the end of the day on Thursday. TTC will visit the site and check on progress. DK is also going to seal up the walls during this project. HamCo will have to reconnect the electric if they haven’t already done so before units are operations

11/08/04 – TE visited the site on Friday afternoon. Fan coils are relocated and piping is in the midst of being changed over. Ductwork has been removed from through wall condition. Wall penetrations are open. Ceilings are partially disassembled for FCU relocation, ceiling tiles are stored inside the rooms.

10/21/04 – Pre Construction meeting complete. Debra-Kuempel scheduled to begin the first week of November. See notes below.

10/14/04 – TTC messed up the pre construction and it has to be rescheduled. Debra-Kuempel and TE will be onsite on October 21 at 8:30 am for the next meeting.

Bidding is complete.

County: ThermalTech is awaiting Notice to Proceed