07/16/18 – Sent Tony and updated summary of the fieldwork and load calculations associated with Room #160.  Provided basically four options for possible HVAC changes that may help with cooling issues.

  • Unit appears to size large enough for the design day load
  • Add reheat to all interior zones for additional comfort control
  • Replace the unit and add zoning
  • Add DX unit to just #160
  • Relocate Judges to rooms that match their cooling request

08/01/18 – AAB provides hard quote for work based on ThermalTech drawings; they are estimating three to four days of field work to rebalance everything and test it.
08/03/18 – Tony contacts ThermalTech about moving forward with project.
08/23/18 – TTC sent a follow up email to Tony and Rob outlining what Honeywell found while on site performing additional research.  Al the existing VAV boxes are pneumatic and any control strategy with intelligent reset design is not possible unless they are upgraded to DDC boxes.  Hot water not available on this floor but is available in the basement with the unit.  TTE provided a general estimate to upgrade the boxes and extend hot water reheat to the new spaces.  What we have not found is what temperature the hot water is disabled based on OAT and what that may do to this design.
09/27/18 – Court decided to wait for funding before they do anything and what they have now will work for the foreseeable future.
10/23/18 – This project archived by TTC.