10/06/11 – Glen Wilhoit has asked TTC if there is a scope for this project yet. TTC asked Tony M and Bert W what the status of the SOSS is so he can reply to Glen’s question.

12/23/11 – Geiler won the bid. They are working on submitting hard copy bid documents to the county including the performance bond which they state will be over to the County the last week of the year. The contract is waiting to go over to the prosecutors office after final bid documents are received. ThermalTech will accept either horizontal or vertical unit replacement on this project and Geiler is to submit either at the pre-const meeting. There is no allowance on this project at this time because we took the PO out for the bid amount late in the year.

03/27/12 – ThermalTech received submittals from Geiler for their proposed solution. ThermalTech to review the submittals, and issue a Change Order for modifications to the electrical requirements per the submitted equipment.

04/06/12 – Permit was submitted and TTC asked Geiler to call for any inspections needed after the City approves the permit.

04/12/12 – TTC asks Geiler to have their field personnel move the humidifier back to a wall or install it in a better service orientation. Glen at the County said the plenum location their field man installed it behind the unit and he will not be able to service ti in the future. We show it on the wall in a remote mount installation – please get with your man and see if it can be fixed for Hamilton County. Mike Folck can be present to meet with in the field to help coordinate. Geiler sent a suggestion for the problem to ThermalTech. TTC responded that it was acceptable provided – 1.This location does not void the Carrier warranty in any way (mounting equipment on their case). 2. This location does not interfere with inner workings of CRAC unit. 3. This installation meets NEC requirements for electrical. 4. Greg and Glenn give their blessing too.

04/20/12 – The system is up and running and ready for an inspection. ThermalTech will punch this job out on Tuesday (4/24) after the Ameresco meeting if okay with Greg and Tony.

06/20/12 – Close out documents were sent for this project. The remaining items to take care of are: Only 1 O&M was sent, specs require 3 (TE will do the other 2), warranty letter, contact sheet for warranty or service calls, signed punchlist from Geiler, As-built markup.

Payapp #2 is approved and sent to Tony Matre. Payapp #3 is on hold pending the receipt of the above mentioned items.

06/25/12 – All closeout documents received, approved and hand delivered to Tony at Monthly Partner Mtg. ThermalTech completed O&M manuals for Geiler and inserted As-Built, warranty, contact information along with standard equipment care.

09/28/12 – TTC archived this project after the PM meeting.