10/18/07 -MD sent back final payapps for record on this project with signed change orders.

09/04/07 – The final close out documents where sent to Bert Watts this morning. These items include final pay application, close out documents, O&M manuals with as-built drawings.

08/31/07 – TEI received signed CO#01 from T.J.Williams. Final pay application was reviewed along with all close out documents. All of these items and the O&M manuals will be forwarded to HCFD on Tuesday, September 4.

08/27/07 – TEI sent final change order for signing to TJ Williams. Bert inquired and we told him they were already in the mail last week.

08/22/07 – TJ dropped off as-built dwgs from Copp on the security system work for the project. TEI will integrate into the system and asked for acad dwgs from Copp to do this, not just the hard copies.

08/14/07 – TEI received the modified final pay application along with the signed Change Order No. 01. NR forwarded pay application No. 03 and Change Order No. 01 to Mark Donnelly. TEI still awaiting the closeout documents from T.J. Williams. An email was sent to Diane Vogelsang of T.J. Williams with a list of the final closeout documents on August 8, 2007. NR will contact her again to make sure it was understood that final payment would not be issued until all of these documents were received and forwarded to HCFD.

08/07/07 – TEI received the final 2 pay applications from T.J. Williams. The close-out paperwork was not included with the final pay application. NR will contact them to let them know what is still needed.

08/02/07 – The system was tested and passed last week. T.J. Williams will be submitting the final pay application today. All of these items are being sent to TEI. The only remaining item for TEI is the as-built drawings. T.J. Williams has been told to send the drawings to TEI so that an electronic version of the drawings can be made turned in the HCFD.

07/30/07 – TEI still awaiting word on the installation of the final 2 stair treads.

06/29/07 – TEI still awaiting word on the installation of the final 2 stair treads.

06/22/07 – TEI still awaiting word on the installation of the final 2 stair treads.

06/15/07 – TEI is awaiting word on when the stair treads have been installed so that the system test may be performed. The treads are the only thing holding this project from being closed.

06/08/07 – There are two stair treads that are not installed. When these treads arrive and are installed there will be a system test scheduled. When everything is proven to operated as intended this project can be closed out.

06/01/07 – NR performed a punch list today. The items on the list will be issued today. The stairs on the north side of the building are currently being installed and when they are finished a function check of the security system will be performed by T.J. Williams. Once this is complete and the punch list items are finished the project will be ready to close out.

05/25/07 – TEI will be on site the week of May 28th to complete the punch list.

05/14/07 – Project is complete.

04/27/07 – Issues with the lock hardware has been rectified. Work is progressing as expected.

04/20/07 – Work is progressing as expected.

04/13/07 – Work is progressing as expected. Wiremold issues are still being addressed.

04/06/07 – Work is progressing as expected.

03/30/07 – Work is progressing as expected. Wiremold issues are being addressed.

03/23/07 – Project progressing as expected.

03/13/07 – A construction meeting yielded nice progress. The sprinklers are complete. TJ will use angle to support the new lights in the structure. Bulkhead issues were discussed and Legacy was instructed to have Ken Jones contact Spencer directly for project direction. TTC & PL attended this meeting.

12/04/06 – A pre construction meeting was held. PL is handling the scope on the EE side. TTC will approve the FPC dwgs for the job when they arrive. City requested response from the Architect which has been sent. No submittal data has been received yet.

09/29/06 – Waiting on contracts to be returned from County.

09/22/06 – Contracts have been written and forwarded to county. T.J. Williams was the successful contractor

09/08/06 – Prebid held. Contract is in progress.

09/01/06 – Project was rebid. New prebid was last week. New bids are expected on this job.