02/26/19 – Facilities requests SOSS for WiFi System Design based upon Study that was completed in May 2016.  TEI authors and Submits SOSS.

07/24/19 – TEI completes design. TEI has 100% design review meeting with HCFD, CMSNet, and Bradley Bedacht (Courts) and delivers copies of completed drawings and project manual for review.  TEI inquires on 07/23/19 with BB if there are any comments.  Upon receipt of comments, TEI will contact purchasing to establish ITB # and bidding dates.

08/27/19 – ThermalTech recieves final comments from the owner.  Project was issued for bidding.  The pre-bid meeting is scheduled for 09/04/19 at 10:00 AM.  final bids will be due through the purchasing department at 11:00 AM on 09/20/19.

09/25/19 – The bids opened on 09/20, Glenwood Electrical Services is the apparent low bidder.  ThermalTech is vetting the bid to make recommendations for a contract.

10/30/19 – ThermalTech has vetted the bids, and made recommendations to the HamCo for moving forward.  Once contracts are completed, a pre-construction meeting will be scheduled with the contractor and the design team.

12/11/19 – Project executed and the purchase order delivered to Glenwood electric for the project.  Glenwood sends TEI submittals for review on 12/10/19.  Glenwood developing site specific safety plan and schedule for review.  Glenwood submits list of employees for BGCs.  upon approval of BGCs, will mobilize to the project.  Anticipate mobilization early January 2020.

01/28/20 – ThermalTech rejects the submittals for non compliance – waiting for Glenwood to re-submit.  According to Glenwood – the BGCs are in progress.  Mobilization date is TBD.

02/26/20 – TEI approves and returns all re-submittals – Glenwood stated that their LV guys have the BGCs completed and returned, but the electrical crew has no BGCs returned yet.  Materials have been ordered and Glenwood to contact HCFD to schedule mobilization.  Glenwood has not gotten badges yet for any of their crew – I said to look closely at the info from HCFD – as there are only specific hours that badges can be made.

03/26/20 – Construction progressing, through the building.  Glenwood began construction in the basement and are working their way up through the building.  Glenwood’s Electrical guys will be complete by 04/01/20.  Glenwoods low voltage guys are currently working on the 2nd floor.

04/30/20 – Project installation nearing completion.  Glenwood schedules heat mapping of new system for May 15.  TEI and facilities perform punchlist.   TEI issues Punchlist.

05/27/20 – Heat mapping postponed until May 29 due to none communicating ports.  Oncce heat mapping is complete, TEI and HamCo (Facilities and courts) to review and make comments for any final adjustments.