01/28/20 – TEI authors and submits SOSS for project upon request of Facilities Department.
01/30/20 – This in in the approved projects list.
02/26/20 – TEI receives PO and signed SOSS for project.  TEI to schedule kickoff meeting with facilities and building manager to kick off the project.
03/26/20 – TEI, County Facilities, and building manager to kick off the project.  Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, design meetings and field work at this facility have been placed on hold until all restrictions are lifted.
04/30/20 – Project pending COVID-19 restrictions.
05/27/20 – Project pending COVID-19 restrictions.
06/23/20 – Project pending COVID-19 restrictions.

07/29/20 – TEI met with Bryan Collins and Ian Zellner to re-kick off the project.  TEI contacting Joey Downs at Buckeye Power to re-evaluate the proposed solutions and add any updated recommendations/parts-pieces to develop the drawings and specifications.

08/21/20 – TEI contacts Buckeye Power to follow up on the initial quotation that Buckeye submitted.   Design has commenced and coordination with EMI equipment supplier.  We will notify HCFD once design review is ready.

09/23/20 – TEI, HCFD, and Ian meet with BPS, review the two options for the HMI replacement that BPS submitted.  TEI and HCFD requested Sole Source letter from BPS.  TEI developing Construction Documents for permitting and construction.

10/27/20 – TEI receives Sole Source letter from BPS.  Working on permitting package – will provide draft of package for HCFD review once funding is released for the project.

12/09/20 – TEI wrapping up permitting package, and will send HCFD a review set prior to holiday break for review and to prepare for a January 2021 issuance.